Friday, July 24, 2015

Personal : Facebook ad Instagram Question & Answer +Shout-outs!

Hello! I finally uploaded the Question and Answer video on our YouTube channel! If you are following me on Facebook and on Instagram and left a question or liked the photo that I posted, then I am sure you will like this new upload!

I posted the photo and asked you guys to leave me questions that you want me to answer in the video. The questions that were posted were all fun and interesting so I decided to just answer them all. That's why the video took forever! 

I hope you still enjoy it! I also said hi to 10 Facebook followers and to 10 Instagram followers!

Let me know if you guys would like to see a video like this more often. Personally, I think it's fun and it's almost like we're having a group chat, though it's not live. hehe I enjoyed filming the video and answering the questions so I hope you also enjoy watching it.

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Thanks for reading! I'll talk to you again soon!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Belle La Peau Eyelash Extensions Review

I often pass by this very girly waxing shop at a mall near my place. The interior of it really matches my taste so I always take a look whenever I pass by it. Last week, though, I thought of having eyelash extensions since I've never done it before. I was looking for a shop or salon that offers the service but I couldn't find one. Until I tried going to this cute place. The place is called Belle La Peau. I am a sucker for anything pink, floral, pastel, cute and girly. So I was totally attracted to this place. 

I was hesitant to have eyelash extensions there since it's not really their specialty. But because I was excited and couldn't find a better one, I just settled. 

PRICE : Php 800 for single strands (natural look)
               Php 1,250 for cluster strands (mascara effect)

These are synthetic, small and thin pieces of hair that would be glued on to your lashline. The advantage of this is that they look natural and when they fall off, the hair strands would fall one by ball rather than fall off in a cluster. The disadvantage is that they they usually fall off easily.

These are about 8 pieces of hair in a cluster. They are also glued on to the lashline. The good side to this is that you'll have full and dramatic eyelashes. The downside is that when they fall off, they fall off in chunks so you'll end up with awkward looking eyelashes.

So, here's how my eyelashes look BEFORE the session. Without curling, mascara and false eyelashes. I am quite satisfied with the volume and length of my eyelashes. My only issue is that they are straight and uncurled. I think a girl becomes more attractive when she has long, curly and flirty lashes. Don't you think?

My eyes were prepped. A.k.a. the attendant put clear masking tape under my eye to protect it from the glue. Hehe!

The session lasted for less than an hour. I just didn't like that the glue hurt my eyes. It was stingy and a bit painful!

I've never had false eyelashes before so I was really excited for the outcome!
Here's how my eyelashes look AFTER the session. 

I love how instantly flirty my eyes looked just because of my new long lashes! I feel like I can now go out without eyeliner, eyeshadow and contact lens!

My concerns were that the lashes they used seemed low quality. You can see in the picture that the length of the lashes are uneven and the tip of the clusters are too thick so my lashes look unnatural especially when I close my eyes. The glue also left a mark so you can definitely tell that my eyelashes aren't natural. But when I open my eyes and when you look at my eyes from afar, it becomes quite okay.

So, I thought I was happy and satisfied with the eyelash extensions. I asked the attendant and I clearly remember her saying my new lashes will last for 3 to 4 weeks. I do not rub my eyes nor rub them hard when I wash my face. I also do not pull the hair strands so I was confident they'd last longer. 

To my surprise, here's how my eyelashes looked after 2 days!
A lot of the eyelash cluster have fallen off and they also seem less full. The clusters near the tear duct seemed like they were about to fall off anytime.

On the 5th day, here's how my eyes looked! It was so disappointing since I spent Php 1,250 for this! This was not sponsored so I took out my own money expecting quality work. But it was just ugly and expensive!
Right after I took a bath on the 5th day, a lot of clusters fell off! There were some bald spots and my eyelashes looked really awkward because of the different length of the lashes. I didn't want to remove the remaining lashes since I didn't want to waste my Php 1,250 just like that. So I tried to fix it by applying thick coats of mascara on the bald areas. It looked fine from a far but when you go near, the bald spots were totally visible!

On the 6th day, the rest of the clusters fell off! I think 3 clusters per eye remained but I had to take them off as well else my eyes would look realy ugly.  

So, there! That's how I spent and wasted Php 1,250. It was really disappointing considering the price was more expensive than other salons I saw after going to this one. But I am not giving up! I saw a shop that specializes in eyelash extensions and will give it a try soon! I'll let you know how that one goes.

But for this one, I totally DO NOT RECOMMEND going to Belle La Peau for eyelash extensions. It's a waste of money and just disappointing. Please come back here for the other eyelash extensions review!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

YouTube Fanfest Manila, Philippines 2015 #YTFF

Weeks after the YouTube Fanfest here in Manila, I still haven't gotten over the excitement and the happiness! I was able to giveaway few tickets to lucky followers but I know that a lot of you wanted to be there with us as well! So today, I am sharing the behind-the-scenes of the YTFF!

Okay, let me start by being honest. I don't know why but I was always late on almost all the events! Ana and I came late to the dinner and to the rehearsal. We left 3 hours early but still got late. We blame it on the traffic and the really awful MRT system that we have here in the Philippines. :(

Anyway, on the 26th, the day of the Fanfest, I only had few hours of sleep because I spent all night picking clothes to wear, doing my nails and packing my stuff. It's one of the bad habits that I should change, but I always like doing things on the last minute. We were supposed to leave my home at 10 AM to make it on time for the 1 PM hotel check-in time and 1:30 PM Press Conference call time. Can you guess what time my cousin and I left my house? 12 PM!

We were a bit late, of course! I still haven't done my hair and make-up when we arrived Marriott Hotel so everything was crazy and chaotic. My cousin, Noemi, became my runner as she would literally run from one corner of the room to the other just to help me get ready.

We were able to make it to the Press Conference at around 1:45 PM. Everything was organized : car service, assistants, bouncers, passage ways, etc. It felt so amazing to have to go from the hotel to the grand ballroom of the venue in nice clothes with an assistant, a car service and bouncers. They assigned an assistant and bouncers for each YouTuber because you know, some fans could get excited when they meet their idols. I understand the need for Bethany, Kurt, Caspar and the rest of the line up. But for me? Hehe I was just flattered. So that's how it feels to be a star. Yay! I got to be a star for a day! 

I was supposed to take the same car service as Bethany going to the press conference but since she was still preparing, I had to go without her. The press conference was short and straight to the point. 

Here are all of the YouTubers. I swear to you, I am in the picture!

Yeah, I was beside Bethany! Note to self : do not stand behind the Chicser boys during group photos. They might stand instead of sitting. :(

One of the boys! Caspar, Kristine, Joe and Oli. Can we now please make Jaspoli to Jaspoline? Harhar :)

After the press conference, I wanted to see the lobby because I was curious about the tarpaulins and signs they were setting up the other night. I found my name! Didn't know we're already 20,396,000 views, guys!

That's what I ended up wearing to the press conference. I heard somewhere that whatever you have kept in your closet for over a year must be thrown away because you will never wear them, ever. Could be true but it was not the case for me this time. I've had this romper that I got from for almost a year now. Glad I didn't throw it away because it was a life-saver!

After that, we went back to the hotel and I quickly headed to the Mariott Hotel cafe to have a quick meeting with the Style Haul team plus some Filipina Beauty Vloggers. The company and the food were awesome but sad I couldn't stay longer. I had to go back up to my hotel room to get ready for the 5:00 PM Meet and Greet call time.

I only had less than an hour to prepare for the meet and greet and for the show proper. I just retouched my makeup and curled my hair for a different look. The outfit that I ended up wearing to the show was also something I have kept long in my closet. I got the floral pair from When I got it, I couldn't wear it because it bares my stomach and it has cutouts on the side that reveals the thigh. I tried to cover it by wearing a white undergarment. What do you guys think of this ensemble? :)

This is getting a bit long, isn't it? To give you more #YTFF feels, I filmed a vlog for you guys! Yay!

Enjoy the video below! I have clips of your other favorite YouTubers like Bethany, Jaspoli and Macy! Apl de Ap also made an appearance in the video!

Anyway, after the meet and greet, we were told to stay in a room so the production could easily look for us when it's our turn to go up on stage. I was not really overwhelmed with this thought since I was not really a huge fan of any of the YouTubers. I mean, I do like them and they are all pretty, handsome and nice in person. What I'm trying to say is that things would have been different if Ryan Higa was there! I really, really want to meet Ryan in person. I watch all of his videos and have been a lamp for more than 4 years now. Would have been awesome if I was part of the Fanfest along with my #1 favorite YouTuber, right? Someday, Ryan. :)

So, we had dinner and had few preparations before the show started. I'm not sure but I think we were 3rd or 4th to go up on stage. If you look close in the photo, you can see Jaspoli waiting with us.

I was excited yet nervous to go on stage! I am sure Ana and our winner, Allison, also felt that way. The screams were roaring so we were imagining the amount of people present. Personally, I was worried how the people would react once they see me. 

But when we got on stage, it was a heavenly feeling I can't explain! People were waving and calling "Kristine" and "Ana". Some were taking photos of us. I even saw a banner/fan board for me! I didn't get to take a photo of it but that was the first-ever board message someone has ever done for me. I am sure it's by one of my readers! Did you make it? I hope you could send me a photo if you have one! 

If you guys missed it, Ana and I posted on our SNS about this makeover contest. We asked to share a photo of a look one would wear to the fanfest. Ana, Camille and I picked the winner and she gets to be with us and styled by us on the fanfest! Our lucky winner was Allison.

After the short segment, we went backstage to continue with the "makeover". We had our own beauty room where everything was set up : lights, dresser, makeup, hair tools, etc. Camille Co styled the outfit of the winner. She was supposed to be there with us at the event, but due to some reasons, her appearance got canceled. The winner still got to wear the outfit that Camille picked and we were helped by her assistant, Clarisse.

Life was so much easier for me backstage because I was helped by my cousin, Patty. Have you guys seen my Cousins Do My Makeup video? She was there! hehe Anyway, Patty took pictures and videos of me, held my stuff and bag, she followed us around and made sure everything I needed was in reach. I'm thankful that she went with me to the event even though she had to come all the way from CEU. Thanks, Patty!

So our segment was divided in 3 parts. The second part was a footage of us doing her hair and makeup inside our beauty room. Hair was easy for me since I only had to curl, add extensions and braid. But I felt bad for Ana because I know how long a perfect makeup takes to get done. We only had little time so we had to rush. Good thing Ana was so good at makeup so she was still able to make our winner look fresh and pretty despite the little time.

 I think we were given only 20 minutes to do the entire makeover backstage until the "BIG REVEAL" back on stage. Here's what Ana and I were able to come up with.
Allison, if you are reading this, I hope you liked your look. We could have done better only if we had more time. 

Me, Ally and Ana waiting to go back up on stage.

Thanks to YouTube for sending us a copy of our beauty segment! Watch Ana and I on the YouTube Fanfest below! 




After our segment, we went back to the function room to have dinner. We also went to the stage area to watch the others perform. I got to see AJ Rafael, Macy Kate and Bethany Mota and Kurt Schneider's performances. Too bad I missed Apl de Ap and Abra's performance! It was also so good!
At the end of the show, all the YouTubers and other celebrities were called for a final appearance on the stage. I was always on the other side during final stages and encore stages of shows and concerts. I honestly think that that is one of the most fun part of a show. That's the part where artists usually shake off their images and just have fun with the audience. (Fan service as they call it on Tumblr and on Kpop.) 

The feeling was surreal! I wanted to slap myself on stage because it didn't feel real. (lol) I was actually on stage with these famous people and there are actually lots of fans screaming and waving! 

Everything went so fast, though. I wish the final stage lasted for at least 15 minutes! hehe

Were you there? Can you find yourself in the pictures? 

I have been there, though. I have been a fan caught in middle of an ocean of people. And I know it's not a joke to spend hours there standing and screaming. The elbows, feet, cellphones, ipads and selfie sticks are also no joke! But I also know that everything becomes worth the effort once your favorite star finally notices you! Any fan would trade those long hours waiting in line and being squished in the moshpit just for a few seconds of interaction. I hope the people that came to the event were able to enjoy the show and I hope you guys were able to catch your favorite YouTuber's attention. I hope I was able to notice you in case you called my name or waved at me while I was on stage. ^^

After the awesome show, everyone gathered back in the room for a short meeting, round of applause for everyone and for "thank you" and for "congratulations". I also had pictures with some of these people. 

Kristine and Kurt Schneider.

Kristine and Reese. She was the girl responsible for the YouTube Fanfest here in the Philippines. She was the one that started the hashtag #BringYouTubersToManila on Twitter. Did you not wonder how sudden everything was? It was because the hastag trended worldwide that YouTube and the organizers couldn't resist the request. Thank you, Reese and to your group, for making this happen!

This picture is something. Can you imagine I was actually in a meeting with the YouTubers while I was just there, standing behind Bethany? Haha She used to be so, so far but now she's literally a few inches away! I don't know about you guys, but for me that really is something!

After the epic night, my cousins and I didn't want to leave the area yet. It's funny how I was a talent and a fan at the same time! We took pictures with every YouTube logo!

This was my gang the entire night. My two cousins, Patty and Noemi. Ally, the winner, and her cousins. And Clarisse, Camille Co's assistant. 

The final photo that I am sharing is me with the wall of stars! 

This will surely be one of the most memorable days/night of my life. Something I would want to tell my grandchildren when I'm old. I don't hope this is the last YTFF that I will ever attend but this is definitely a great way to jump start my life as a full-time YouTuber. Perfect time, too, because I am celebrating my 1st year as a full-time YouTuber. What a great gift!

* * *

Thanks to everyone that made THIS possible. Thank you, Lord. Thanks to my Mother. Thanks to friends and relatives that believed in me when I was just starting. It's funny how when I was just starting. I used to send them links to my blogs and videos and would force them to watch/read them. They were truly my first supporters. I had them when no one else was reading and watching. Finally, THANK YOU for reading this blog and for watching my videos! You are the reason why YouTube invited me to the YouTube Fanfest. Because I actually have a FAN LIKE YOU! THANK YOU! 


Friday, July 10, 2015

YouTube Fanfest Manila : Dinner with the YouTubers + Rehearsal with Ana and Camille!

June is one of the best months for me this year! Can you guys imagine that I was actually a part of the YouTube Fanfest?! I still can't! Ever since I saw the selfie Ryan Higa, Bethany Mota and Xiaxue took together at the YTFF Singapore, I never stopped wanting and wishing to be able to attend it. I mean, it's the event where I could see all my favorite YouTubers! I just honestly wanted to go. Never, even in my wildest dreams, did I imagine I'd ever be able to be on it ON STAGE! That's just crazy and beyond unbelievable!

I guess the reason why I have very few followers on my SNS is because I never put my self on a pedestal. I always like to be the "humbler" blogger and think of myself as just a regular person. (I'm saying this because I noticed that some top bloggers and YouTubers distant themselves from their fans and they have a certain aura that just radiates "I'm a star.") I never really want that. I just like to blog and do YouTube videos because I love and enjoy doing it! I don't do it to get famous or anything. If blessings or opportunities come to me, I consider them as just rewards. But it's never the main goal.

When I got the invite to be one of the artists for the YTFF, I got really, really excited! Yet, scared! Very, very scared. I kept asking myself "What if no one recognizes me there?", "What if no one cheers for me?", "What if people mistake me as a potato because I'm so short and petite?" and so on... The self-questioning got more intense as the YTFF day drew nearer and nearer. 2 days before the event, I actually wanted to back out because I got nothing to wear and because I was really scared no one would ever recognize me there. 

Sigh, sometimes I really need Blue Blink or Doraemon to give me self-confidence. What?! You guys don't know who Blue Blink and Doraemon are? (lol)

Anyway, 2 days before the YouTube Fanfest show, the organizers set up a dinner for the production staff and for the YouTube artists. I was also there and that was the first time I got to meet my fellow artists for the YTFF.

The dinner was at Crisostomo Restaurant inside Resort's World Manila. I was actually craving for steak that night but we had Filipino food instead. I forgot I was going to dine with people that are visiting Philippines for the first time so of course, we would have Filipino food! hehe

The table was overflowing with food! There were only 6 of us but look at the amount of food on our table. There were more food to my right but the photographer failed to capture them. There were just to much food that night! Food won, I lost!

I took pictures with my fellow artists for the first time.

Ana Victorino, Caspar Lee, Thatcher Joe and Kristine. (That's me!)

Kristine, Macy Kate and the funny guy from Bogart the Explorer.

Kristine and AJ Rafael.

With my event partner, Ana Victorino. It was also my first time meeting Ana. We talked on YouTube before but I never really got to meet here in person until that dinner night. She is kind and sweet in person and she smiles a lot. She also gives makeup and beauty tips every now and then! hehe

The next day, we had a rehearsal on stage with the production staff and the rest of the artists. It was also the day Ana and I decided to take the MRT so we'd be early for the rehearsal. But to our dismay, we were still an hour late for the rehearsal. Sigh, MRT. What to do with you?

Anyway, please watch my vlog video below! :)

I'm not sure if you guys know but I am a big fan of Camille Co. I used to read her blog a lot when I was still working as a teacher. Her blog would always be my stress-reliever in the office. hehe I have also been wanting to meet her in person. I've heard a lot of good stories about her so I wanted to know for myself.

And they were all true! Camille is such a sweet and humble person. She also has a cute voice that is quite too small for her height. hehe She didn't give me that "I'm a top blogger." vibe. She was really sweet and even asked me "Are you tired?" when she saw that I was a little quiet while eating dinner. 

Anyway, when we got to the rehearsal, Jireh Lim was rehearsing his stage! What a nice background music!

Camille Co styled the outfit of our Makeover winner, Allison. Camille was supposed to be with Ana and I on the show proper, but for some reasons, her participation was canceled. The winner still got to wear the outfit, though!

After the rehearsal, we went to the Marriott Hotel to have dinner with some of the people from Stylehaul. I was sick that week because of stress and lack of sleep so I was coughing like crazy. Good thing the food was good and the cute stuffed toy the staff gave me made me feel a little better.

I got home at around 11 PM that night. It was crazy because I still didn't have clothes for the show proper so I was really anxious! I went shopping for clothes but when I got home, none of them seemed proper and good enough for YTFF. Watch the video below to find out the stuff I bought just for the YTFF!

I will be blogging about the Youtube Fanfest soon so please be sure you come back for it! I will also show you what I wore to the event. ^^

Thank you for reading today! Please follow me on Instagram if you are there! I would be the happiest if I could get 5,000 followers by the end of July. It's @RealAsianBeauty.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Intravenous Glutathione : Flawless Beauty Drip (IV Gluta for Skin Whitening and Anti-Oxidant)

Wow! I've been away from this blog that long?! Time really flies when you're having fun, huh? I didn't realize it was weeks ago when I last posted an entry on this blog. Are you guys still here? I hope you are!
Anyway, you know that I was a part of the first-ever YouTube Fanfest here in the Philippines. I was nervous and excited to be onstage along with top YouTube stars! One of the things that I worried about was my skin. I love my natural complexion but since I was going to be onstage, with all of you guys watching me, I wanted to do something to my skin so that it would look better for the YTFF!

Flawless has been my skin and beauty partner for years now. You guys already now my acne story and how Flawless was one of the reasons why I am ACNE FREE now, right? (You haven't read yet? Please click THIS to read my acne story.) I've had quite a number of treatments from them but I've never done anything really major. I wanted an instant glow and had to avoid any "down time" since I only had 3 days to prepare. 

My solution? The Flawless Beauty Drip!

The Beauty Drip is a treatment that will be given by IV Infusion and will last for less than an hour. Intravenous Infusion allows greater tissue saturation and allows the body to tolerate high doses required for immune system functionality and detoxification of the cells. 

The Beauty Drip is a cocktail of nutrients designed to deliver high antioxidant coverage, immune protection, stress defense and better skin glow! Those are important adjunct to the holistic approach to beauty. The Beauty Drip's main components are Glutathione, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin B Complex and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Watch the video to see how the Beauty Drip is done!

Filipinos, and most Asians, are obsessed with lightening our skin tone. But I do agree that there are still many that love and embrace their natural skin color. It's just a matter of choice, I say. In the Philippines, though, there are two popular ways of lightening our skin : Papaya soap and Glutathione!

Glutathione is the antioxidant that is prevalent in every cell in the human body to promote normal cell function and is primarily synthesized in the liver where it is abundantly present. Glutathione increases our body's immune system and a detoxifier. It increases the potency of Vitamin C and E. Aside from these functions, glutathione is known to do the following  reduce tiredness, have more youthful look and rosy white skin and it also prevents premature aging.

I know you have questions! Is it safe? Can anyone have that treatment? 
According to Flawless, the suitability of each patient for this procedure is determined by the doctor. Currently, this cocktail of nutrients should not be given to diabetic patients with poor/unknown control of blood sugar or undergoing active maintenance of medications, pregnant women and known anemic patients. Known hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drip is a contraindication. Some of the common side effects include, but are not limited to : pain, irritation, inflammation or bruising at the injection site; sensation of warmth and flushing; vitamin taste in the mouth; change in urine or odor shortly after completion of an infusion session. Some patients may feel some lightheadedness or slight dizziness during and after the procedure, owing to the reaction of the body to the adjustment of the intravascular fluid compartment to the infusion. Systematic allergic reactions can occur, but are rare.

My experience

I'm not really the type of person that would faint with just the mere sight of needles and blood. But I do admit it was kind of scary to have an IV infusion. It was my first time to ever have such treatment so I did not know what to expect. I was not injected any anesthesia prior to the infusion but I did not feel the needle going through my vein at all! Though, it is scary to actually have a needle stuck in your vein. I'm talking like this because I have never ever been confined in a hospital nor have had any blood or IV infusion. The session did not last long and it was quite comfortable to be laying on the bed. I actually had my facial treatment while the infusion was on going. 
As for the after result, I did not notice a sudden change to my skin tone but I did notice that pimples did not occur on my face and my skin was smooth, moisturized and glowing! I came from the province the week before the YTFF but the tan that I'd always have whenever I would come back home was shed off! It was not ground-breaking since I only had 1 session but the result was amazing! No wonder celebrities love to get this treatment!
For the price, though, it was kind of steep! Especially if you have limited amount of money. I'd rather direct you guys to have Flawless Easy Peal or FNT Treatment. But if you have already done those treatments and is now looking for an "inner glow" then this one is for you!

And what's good is that they have a running 3 + 2 PROMO! That includes the Beauty Drip plus other amazing beauty treatments and services! If you avail 3 sessions of the Beauty Drip, you will get 2 MORE sessions for FREE!! How amazing is that offer??

Visit a Flawless clinic near you to know more about this Beauty Drip infusion and other Flawless services! Check out their website for more details!

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below so I know that you guys are still reading this blog. I'm sorry I was gone for too long! :(


Friday, June 19, 2015

YouTube Fanfest Manila - Tickets to the Show & Meet and Greet + Makeover with Anna Victorino, RealAsianBeauty and Camille Co!

Hey, guys! I am so excited to tell you that I will be a part of the YouTube Fanfest happening here in the Philippines on June 26, 2015! I will be there on stage along with other YouTube Stars! If you were wondering, here are some of the International YouTube stars that will be there at the YTFF!

Is it not awesome?! 

Since, it's the first ever YTFF in the Philippines, YouTube fans were so excited so the tickets got sold out easily after just few minutes of opening the line! I know that you want to be there WITH ME at the Fanfest to take pictures, sing and dance, laugh out loud and just have fun! So, I am giving away YouTube Fanfest to 14 Lucky Viewers! The best part is that you won't have to go to the event alone because we'll let you bring a friend along. The ticket will allow you to go to the Meet and Greet prior to the show and to the show proper happening on June 26, 2015 at the Marriott Hotel in Manila. 

YouTube Fanfest Ticket Giveaway

Here are the mechanics for the ticket giveaway :

1.) SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel HERE
2.) FOLLOW me on my SNS accounts - Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE
3.) POST my YTFF banner on your SNS account
4.) TELL ME why you want to be there with me and why I should pick you
(Be creative! The cutest, sweetest, the most unique and the craziest posts will be chosen!)
5.) USE the hashtags #YTFF #YTFFManila #RealAsianBeauty

* * *

Makeover with Anna Victorino, Kristine from RealAsianBeauty and Camille Co

Another awesome thing about the YouTube Fanfest is that you could win a makeover session with Ana Victorino, RealAsianBeauty (that's me) and Camille Co! Your makeup will be done by Ana, your hair will be done by Me and your outfit will be styled by Camille! You will be styled by us ON STAGE at the YouTube Fanfest show!

Makeover Mechanics

1.) FOLLOW @RealAsianBeauty and @AnaVictorinoTV on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
2.) POST a photo/collage on your Instagram / FB / Twitter to show us what look you'd like to rock for the YouTube Fanfest
(You may post a photo of you or a photo of a celebrity/model/blogger. Don't forget to tag us in the photo!)
3.) USE the hashtags #StyleForYTFF #YTFFManila #YTFFRealAsianBeauty

The contest will end on June 21, 2015 at 12 PM. We will announce the winner on the same day at 8 PM.

Don't miss this chance to attend the YouTube fanfest and get style by Ana, Kristine and Camille!

I am soooo excited for the YouTube Fanfest. To be honest, I am quite overwhelmed that I will be there along with TOP YouTube stars. I mean, who am I to be there with them, right? I guess God really is just great and He really gives awesome blessings when you least expect them!



Saturday, June 13, 2015

EB Advance Supreme Lipstick Review, Swatches + Giveaway!

One of my favorite products to review are lipsticks. I just love seeing the colorful lipsticks inside the tubes. For me, they are like crayons - a sure way to add color and to complete the canvas.

Anyway, I got 5 shades of the EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks. To be honest, these lipstick came as a surprise to me. I always prefer higher-end brands over the local and drugstore brands. But the EB Advance Supreme Lipstick did not disappoint!

PRICE : Php 195 per tube

Each tube of the EB Advance Supreme Lipstick costs Php 195 pesos. For me, that is a reasonable price considering the quality of these lipsticks!

Oh, EB Advance is local brand and is made in the Philippines. I am always proud and excited whenever I feature local brands because it also feels like showing you guys something about our country. 


If you want to see all the swatches of  the lipsticks, simply click the video below!


EB Advance and I are giving away 5 EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks to 1 lucky reader! The shades that we're giving away are the exact same shades that I showed and reviewed here. Don't worry, they are new and unopened! hehe 

Giveaway mechanics:
1.) FOLLOW @RealAsianBeauty on Instagram HERE
2.) LIKE @EB Advance on Facebook HERE
3.) COMMENT on THIS(click here) video. Tell us your IG and FB names + simply tell me which among the 5 shades you think looks the best on me.

1 Lucky viewer/reader will get 5 EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks! 
Giveaway is open for viewers in the Philippines. Winner must be willing to meet me up to claim the prize. Preferably Quezon City area, please. :)
Giveaway open until June 20, 2015.

Good luck!

Here's how the lipsticks look when applied on the lips :

I really like these lipsticks because even though they aren't very expensive, they are of good quality. I hate lipsticks that make my lips feel sticky and heavy! These lipsticks are pigmented yet are light on the lips. They also color the lips even with just 2 coats! I think the only problem I have with this brand is that it comes off the lips easily. But other than that, I like this brand and recommend it to women that are looking for a more affordable option. 

My favorite among the 5 shades are Venus and Red Twilight. What about you?

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