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January 2017 YouTube Videos Roundup! - RealAsianBeauty

Do you ever feel that time and days really fly so fast? Just a couple of weeks ago, we were celebrating Christmas and New Year's and now, we woke up and just realized that Valentine's Day, too, is over! 

And because days really fly so fast, I just want to make sure you guys have seen all our uploaded videos for the month of January! I'm so happy that I was able to upload 7 videos on the first month of 2017!


In this video, I featured all the sponsored and free products I got before 2016 ended. It was a collective haul of all the free products I got for the months of October, November and December. I must admit, this is one of the biggest haul videos I have ever done. It was so huge that I had to film in 3 different days so I had to wear the same clothes thrice! hehe I also filmed the video in English for our dear International Fluffies!


Full bangs? Airy bangs? Side swept bangs? Surely, bangs is the thing now! In this video, I showed how you could cut your own bangs at home. It's really easy and quick! I always cut my own bangs rather than going to the salon and spending money. In that way, I could cut it to my desired style and length. This is also a useful skill to learn, especially when you're aiming to be a Mom to cute kids (with bangs) in the future! Hehe


In this video, I showed some of the things one could buy at Divisoria. I also took photos on my phone so I decided to include them in a blog post. I love shopping at Divisoria because little amount of money goes a long way! You can read more about what you could buy at Divisoria in this link

EXO EXO'rDIUM in Manila VIP Ticket Giveaway!

How wonderful and faithful GOD really is! Just a few days before I posted this EXO Ticket Giveaway video, I was sighing and telling myself this would be the first time EXO would be in the Philippines and I won't get the chance to see them. I've been single for 7 years so I only got all the time (and money) to myself. But now that I have a BF, I have other things to consider. My BF didn't think it was practical to spend Php 12,000 in just 1 show. So, I lost all hopes. But then, BeautyPlus contacted me and said they wanted to send me to the EXO concert for free and that they'd be sponsoring a VIP Ticket giveaway for my followers! Truly a great way to start the year!


I did a video with my friend Keren of BeautyKLove! In that video, I got the privilege to interview her and ask her few questions about her YouTube journey and how she was able to get 600,000 YouTube Subscribers! She also shared few tips and advice for aspiring YouTube Creators. She is a truly kind-hearted and humble woman and I truly admire her personality and disposition in life. If there is one Filipino YouTuber peg for me, it would be Keren!


Food parks is the go-to place now! You see a lot of food parks here and there, and honestly, how does one know if the food park is worth visiting? I went to the Marikina Food Park to find it out myself. Watch the video to see if the place is really worth traveling to and visiting or if it's just because of Facebook hype!

NAIL ART Using Water Decal Stickers!

Nail Art will forever be my baby. My first love. This is where I started and this is where most of the Fluffies found out about me. I am most confident when I do nail art videos because it's diverse. In nail art, there's no race nor social status. It's nails that you see and not someone's material belongings, speaking accent or skin color. I remember how I was able to attract viewers from outside the Philippines because of my nail arts. That is why I always enjoy making nail art videos, because to me, nail art videos are universal. They speak a language everyone understands and accepts. 

I hope you were able to watch all these videos and have enjoyed them! My ultimate goal in making videos is really to bring entertainment and knowledge to my viewers. 

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Affordable PROM MAKEUP & OUTFIT + GIVEAWAY! | Junior-Senior Prom 2017

PROM is coming! Have you prepared for your BIG DAY? It is one of the most-awaited days for the high-school students. It's the time to look good and be in glamorous gown and well-made hair and makeup. But I believe looking good doesn't mean having to spend a lot! 

Here's an affordable makeup + outfit that would "wow" your classmates' eyes but won't "ouch" your parent's wallets! (hehe)

In the video, I shared a lot of makeup tricks, especially for girls with acne-prone skin like me. I also used local products like Ever Bilena and Nichido and every household's item- Johnson's baby powder! 

I hope you watch the video until the end to find out more about this inexpensive PROM look and the giveaway!

Instead of the usual pink or blue gown, I thought red dress would also look good for prom. I also love bare-back dresses!

I got the dress from 168 in Divisoria for Php 1,000. It's still quite pricey but what I really loved about this dress is that it could be worn in 15 different ways! Actually, you could do more styles if you're creative enough! In the video, though, I only showed 6 styles because the others were too complicated to be done when you're alone. But I am sure you'd be able to pull it off when you ask for a little help from your Mom or your friend. 

I also got the dress in red because RED, especially in gowns and dresses, is such a powerful color. You could instantly look hot and fierce in red dress, even with just eye liner, red lips and sleek straight hair! 

The bouquet of flowers was from an online gift shop called PHGIFTS.COM! It was my first time ever to receive delivery flowers and now I know the feeling of having to receive flowers in a box! I felt special and I felt I won a beauty pageant or as if I'm dating a CEO of a company! Hehe (Not that I would replace my BF with a rich man. It's just how I felt!Hehe) 

This is how the bouquet looks! The flowers were still blooming when I got them and when I filmed this video But it became even more pretty after a few days when it reached it's full bloom!

Now, let's about the Makeup Giveaway! I know not everyone can afford pricey makeup. I can tell from my experience. I didn't have my own makeup set when I was in high-school. And I also know that not all parents can afford to buy full set of makeup for their daughters just for a one-night event. So, I thought if giving away a FULL SET of makeup from hair color to perfume so 1 Lucky viewer could enjoy her prom without having to spend a single cent on makeup! 

-8 Pieces Pink Brush from MyMakeupBrushSet
-Contour and Conceal Palette from Pro Beauty Exclusives
-Sponse Blender from Pro Beauty Exclusives
Revia Hair Color (shade : Light Brown)
-Colour Collection Powder (shade : Light)
-Celeteque Eyebrow Defining Kit
-Celeteque Eyeshadow Palette (Pink Shade)
-Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks Blush
-Sleek True Color Lipstick from Sleek Makeup
-Body Fantasies Perfume (scent : Wedding Day)
-Pink Sugar Eyebrow Gel (shade: Brunette)
-Colour Collection Liner (shade: Brown)
-Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat
-Lip and Cheek Tint

2. SCREENSHOT the photo (below) when you see it on the PROM MAKEUP video.
3. SHARE the screenshot photo on your Facebook and Instagram
4. Tell me WHY you want to win and USE the hashtag #RealAsianBeautyPROMGiveaway

Sample screenshot should look like this!

-The screenshot should not include any other video or any other YouTuber in the photo.
-Include the title of the video on your post.
-It is better if I see the "SUBSCRIBED" logo on your screenshot post. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful prom experience, ladies! To be honest, I didn't experience prom. Sadly, my school was a Catholic School but they didn't hold JS Proms then! Oh, hey! Have I mentioned it was the same school Liza Soberano went to? Hehe

I hope you enjoyed my simple makeup tutorial and were able to pick up some beauty tips!
Check out RealAsianBeauty on YouTube for more beauty tips and tutorials. Check out @RealAsianBeauty on Instagram for more personal stories and daily updates!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What To Buy In DIVISORIA and Where To Find Them??

I still remember when I was in High-School, I attended a school where we're allowed to wear casual (civilian) clothes every Friday. Some of my classmates wore trendy clothes and I would often hear them say "Sa Divi lang galing 'to!" That's when I got really interested to shop in Divisoria! How come these rich and cools kids at school wear trendy clothing pieces and they claim they are inexpensive?! It must really be a cool shopping place! I told myself.

Since then, Divisoria has been one of my favorite places to shop! I'm not sure of this, but I think I am one of the first Filipina YouTubers to ever do a Divisoria Haul video. I remember I did it in English because back then, I had more foreign viewers than Filipino viewers and that I wanted to show them the places we have here. Now, Divisoria has become one of the most trending topics and viral videos on YouTube. I even see some celebrities do their own version of the "Divisoria Haul". 

But what can you really buy in Divisoria? Is it really worth going there? Where do you find what you want to find? 

Here is a HAUL video showing everything that I got from Divisoria on my last visit, how much each item costs and where you could find them!

Since one of my New Year's Resolution is to SAVE MORE, BUY LESS and SPEND LITTLE, I only purchased few items. Here's everything I bought. (In case you couldn't watch the video I embedded.)

Unlike my other Divisoria shopping adventures, you can see that I only bought few items this time. But, I regret nothing! Before, I used to think I should buy everything I see because I do not know when I'd see it again or if I'd ever come across it again. But this time, I tired something different. And I am encouraging you to try it, too!


1.) SET YOUR BUDGET - Most of the time, people go to Divisoria with thousand of pesos in their wallet thinking this is the "time of their life" to go around Divisoria and buy whatever it is that looks and seems pleasing. Now, I am influencing you to just bring certain amount of money and then try to stretch it. In my case, I just bought Php 2,500 and told myself I wouldn't buy anything that I already have, don't need and is not on my list.

2.) MAKE A LIST - Speaking from experience, I used to be a "One Day Millionaire" shopper at Divisoria. Buy this, 2 of this. Buy that, and that, too. Oh, yes, pink and purple of that, please! This time, I made sure I wrote a list of all the things I need for my upcoming YouTube video and for my travel next month. Other things were items I have been intending to buy. Fortunately, I was able to find everything on my list, didn't buy any excessive clothes or cheap shoes and was able to maximize my Php 2,500 budget without having to look for a nearby ATM to withdraw money.

3,) BRING AN ECO BAG - In Divisoria, most people don't care about the environment. They give plastics, lots of them. They throw cigar butts, candy wrappers and chip wrappers on random areas. And then, come rainy season, they complain about the waste pollution and flood in the place. The problem is that not a lot of people care enough to bring their own shopping bag. Bringing your own recyclable shopping bag means one less plastic waste on the streets. If you also bring your own, you get to put everything in the bag instead of having to hold loads of plastics, that eventually mark your palms or tear up. It is also convenient to just hang the eco bag on your shoulder so you still have two hands free for more Divisoria exploring!

* * *

This Divisoria blog post is unplanned. I usually don't vlog or take pictures in Divi when I'm alone because I'm still afraid of snatchers and pick-pockets. Good thing, I had my Gionee Elfie phone. I took the photos so I could share them to my RealAsianBeauty Group Chat. Surprisingly, the photos turned out decent. I think, aside from the affordable goodies in Divisoria, me buying that Php 4,500 Slim Gionee Phone was also a great deal!

HOW I GET TO DIVISORIA : I take the LRT to RECTO Station in Manila. I then get off and take the jeepney going to Divisoria. From there, the jeepney driver would signal the passengers to get off before the corner as he would then take a turn to the other street.

This has been my usual route and it has never failed me. I always cross this footbridge to get to the other side. One of first agendas, always, is to check if the vendors have again built their shanties on this road. Thankfully, the road is still quite clear and passable. 

Some people asked me how I was able to take this selfie on the bridge Well, it was a weekday when I went so the place wasn't too busy and crowded. I was the only person on the bridge then so I quickly snapped a selfie. I won't urge you to do the same, though, if you're going on a weekend and are using an IPhone. Pickpockets love that Apple logo!

My adventures starts by walking along the street infront of Tutuban. The street is mostly narrow and crowded but I enjoy walking through it as I get to see items such as curtains, pajamas, home items, children's toys and more. 

One store that caught my attention was this store that sells acrylic cases and containers! Ahh, heaven for bloggers and YouTubers, right?

After that, I turn left and then go past this street in front of 999 Mall and 168 Mall. This road is even more narrow as the stalls are closer with each other. On the street, you will find trendy tops, curtains, accessories, kitchen wares, Christmas decorations and more.

Hey, wait! They also sell "fake" Divisoria books now? Hehe

Always my first store stop is at the old 999 Mall Pasilio A Stall 1A7. It is the dress shop that I have featured in many of my Divi Vlogs! They sell dresses for as low as Php100! I also appreciate that the owner and the sales attendants are all nice and warm. They make me want to hoard Divi dresses!

After my "courtesy call" to my favorite dress shop, I chanced upon one of my viewers Joan! She recognized me and said "Uyy, si Real Asian Beauty!" Hehehe

Hi, Joan! It was so nice meeting you! Thank you for sasying Hi! :)

Here are other things you will find at the OLD 999 MALL. 

Colored Hair Extensions.

Mermaid Color Paddle Brush.

TOOOONS of Makeup. I don't know if fake, though. But surely, some stores sell FAKE Kylie, MAC, Anastasia, Colourpop, etc. I just didn't think it was appropriate to include (promote) them here. I would never encourage you guys to buy fake over inexpensive drugstore brands. :)


Birchkin Bags

After I go around the first and second floors of the OLD 999 Mall, I then go back to the same entrance I passed by. Eat about 10 pieces of Squid Balls that costs Php2 each and then proceed to the 168 Mall. 

On Sale Bags and Purses 

That's where I got my Php250 Black Backpack in the Haul Video. One viewer sent me a link to an online shop. To my horror, I found out that are selling the EXACT same bag for Php 1,350!! 

Polo Shirts for your BF, Hubby, Father or Brother. 

Stuffed Toys and Plushies. 

A HUGE Teddy Bear, perfect for Valentines Day!

Party Needs and Decorations for Different Occasions. 

Bedroom Decorations. 


Divisoria really is a haven for shoppers. If not only for the busy roads and crowded streets, I would recommend this as a family shopping place. They cater all sorts of merchandises perfect for every member of the family. But since women love to shop, men leave Divisoria to us. (Hehe)

So, good luck on your next Divisoria Shopping Adventure! I hope this post somehow helped you and inspired you to shop but shop wisely!

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Friday, January 27, 2017

How To Join Our RealAsianBeauty Group Chat (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Do you want to talk to me or message me personally but you're afraid because you think I won't respond? How about a message you've sent about 3 months ago but is still left unopened and unseen? It's surely because it has been buried in other personal messages that I have yet to read and respond to.

My FLUFFIES know that I really take time to read and respond to each and every personal message. But sometimes, it takes few sleepless nights just so I could respond to all the messages. I really enjoy reading and responding but sometimes I feel like I am making you guys wait for too long...

That's why I decided to open a GROUP CHAT for us! 

I thought of a way where we could chat but still keep our personal information private like complete name, e-mail, and phone number. I suddenly remembered I used Kakotalk with my Korean students because and it has one of the best features - the OPEN CHAT. (PS this is not sponsored by Kakaotalk! Hehe)

Kakaotalk allows us to openly but still making sure our privacy is kept. I love it because I could customize the numbers or participants in the group chat. We could also send photos, videos and voice messages.

I started this group chat back in November 2016. Since then, it has become one of my habits and I am online on it 24/7!

That's why, if you want to get to know me more and be able to get real-time update and bond with your fellow FLUFFIES, I am encouraging you to join our Official RealAsianBeauty Group Chat NOW! 


1.) Go to the APP STORE on your phone and Install KAKAOTALK.

2.) Once you're on it, click the YELLOW PLUS BUTTON on the bottom of the screen. Then click OPEN CHAT.

3.) On the search box, TYPE RealAsianBeauties.

4.) Kakaotalk will then show you this result. This is OUR GROUP CHAT! Click on it to enter the room!

5.) To ensure that only the loyal FLUFFIES are in the group chat, I put a PASSCODE before you can enter. But don't worry, all you have to do it to send me a personal message on either Facebook or Instagram and I shall respond to you and give you our passcode!

It's really that easy! 

If you've seen or read my post on the RealAsianBeauty Christmas Party, you might have noticed how we are all so close and comfortable with each other already. Take note that it was my first time to meet most of them that day! It's because we have been talking on the Kakaotalk Group Chat already! It's really one of the perks of joining this chat room!

Why you should join our RealAsianBeauty Chat Room :
*You can ask me questions anytime
*You get your response right away
*You get to know me more
*You meet new friends and bond with other Fluffies
*You get real-time updates
*You get perks and privileges like private giveaways or event invites

It's has already become a habit for me to check this group chat. I am literally on it from the time I wake up 'til I close my eyes. (Lol that sounded like a song!) I have also gotten more close with the members of the room. They were able to share with me about their life, and I in return, have also shared more details about me and personal life stories. I really hope to see you there! 

Have a nice day, FLUFFIES!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

EXO EXO'rDIUM in Manila VIP Ticket Giveaway!

Do you want to see EXO in person? How about watch their EXO'rDIUM concert in Manila and get VIP Ticket for FREE? On top of all that, you get to fangirl with me! Sounds exciting, right?

BeautyPlus App and RealAsianBeauty teamed up to give EXO-L's one unforgettable night and watch the EXO EXO'rDium concert in Manila on February 25, 2017! We are giving away a VIP TICKET to let 1 Lucky EXO-L come and enjoy the concert for free! 

Have you been an EXO-L for so long? How many times have you cried because you wanted to see the boys in person but you couldn't because either your parents won't give you money for the ticket or you unfortunately ran out of ticket? This is your chance to get lucky! 

Watch the video for more information about this EXO VIP Ticket Giveaway! 


1.) DOWNLOAD the BeautyPlus App on your smart phone.

2.) USE the ANIMECAM on the camera app. Use the filters on Animecam.

3.) POSE with anything that represents EXO. 
(Banner, Photo, CD, Magazine, Poster, etc. 
Remember that we are not after the quality of the merch. "Hindi importante na marami.")

4.) SHARE your Animecam-filtered photo on Instagram.

5.) WRITE the caption :

6.) USE hashtags #MY2017Luck #AnimeCamPh #BeautyPlusXRealAsianBeauty

7.) FOLLOW and TAG @BeautyPlus_ph and @RealAsianBeauty on Instagram

8.) TAG 3 of your friends in the photo to spread the EXO luck!

9.) MAKE your Instagram account public so we see your entry.

-Don't forget to use the Animecam on your selfie.
- The VIP Ticket is for the Standing A Area, DAY 1 concert on February 25, 2017, Saturday
-One person can post maximum 5 times, but be sure you post 5 different selfies and not just 1 of the same kind.
-Quantity of EXO merch does not matter, we are after the quality and the cuteness of the photo using the BeautyPlus Animecam filter.
-You can post your photos until February 13, 2017 only.
-We will announce the winner on February 15, 2017 on BeautyPlus' Instagram account.
-Winner will get the VIP Ticket worth Php 13,250 and will watch the concert WITH ME!

* * *

Here are sample photos using the AnimeCam on BeautyPlus. Since it aims to make you look "Anime", you will notice how BIG your eyes get when you use the cam! My favorite is the Faerie and that is what I used with my final post. But you can use other filters, too, such as Riches, Allure, Victory, etc.


(Filter used : Faerie, Makeup Level 10)

SAMPLE CAPTION : This is my lucky feels using the new Animecam on BeautyPlus! 
I want to win because ____________________________. 
#My2017Luck #AnimeCamPh #BeautyPlusXRealAsianBeauty @BeautyPlus_ph @RealAsianBeauty  
(and then tag 3 of your friends in the photo.)

Good luck, Pinoy EXO-L's! This is definitely a chance you shouldn't miss! I am so thankful to BeautyPlus for sponsoring us this giveaway! Also, I just want to share how great GOD really is. About 2 weeks ago, I posted on Instagram that I really wanted to watch the EXO EXO'rDIUM concert but I couldn't because my BF wouldn't allow me to spend Php13,000! (*lol) But I really wanted to watch! After a few days, BeautyPlus suddenly contacted me and asked if I wanted to host this EXO TICKET giveaway! Of course, I said YES right away! So, thank you so much to BeautyPlus!

EXO-L's, don't forget to join NOW! We will only accept your selfies until February 13, 2017. If you know someone who is a huge fan of EXO, don't forget to share this great news to them as well!
See you at the concert!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

EL NIDO, PALAWAN - 3 Days, 2 Nights Itinerary and Budget (Travel Guide!)

So, you want to travel to El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines but don't know where to start or how to plan your trip? This blog post will show you how we were able to tour El Nido, Palawan for 3 days and 2 nights without going to a travel agency and with only a couple of thousand pesos in our wallets!

Destination : El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Point of Origin : Manila, Philippines
Travel Date : August 26 - August 28, 2016
Season : Wet (Rainy) Season
PAX : 2 Adults
Tickets Purchased : Urgent!
Our Budget : Php 20,000

Ideally, one would book tickets for a flight at least 2 months before the travel date. Doing so ensures cheap airline flights. This also allows the traveler to save ample amount of money for the trip. For one must be prepared physically, mentally and financially. But our story is different! We booked our plane tickets just a week before the flight! Crazy, I know!
The reason for this is because last July 2016, I got an offer from a Korean company to go to Seoul for a Blogger's event - all expense paid! I was 100% sure my passport expires May 2017. So, I was confident I still had a few valid months until my passport expires so I didn't feel the need to renew it before the Korea trip! I thought I was being smart! Actually, no! It was a crazy move! On the first week of August, I took my passport to comply with the requirements for the trip. Loe and behold, my passport expires January 2017!!! I tried to set an appointment at near DFA centers : Aseana, Alimall, Megamall, Manila mall branches, but to no avail! I even tried to book an appointment at DFA Pampanga and Baguio, but every office was fully-booked until October 2016! OMFG! I was so close to hitting myself for the stupidity until my BF told me "You know what, Korea is your dream destination and I always want to support you. Let's fly to Palawan so you could go to DFA Palawan!" He checks the DFA Palawan website and poof! Available slots 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks of August! Next thing I knew, we were all set for Palawan! And since we were already traveling, my BF told me we're going to El Nido as well!

After my DFA Puerto Princesa appointment, which last for about 30 minutes, we booked a van going to El Nido. Next thing we knew, we were all dizzy and hungry while on the van going to El Nido! Yup, true story! *wink* KUDOS to DFA Palawan, too! Their customer service is exceptional! 

By the way kids, always renew your passport at least a year before it expires, even if you don't have plans to travel yet. You will never know when a travel opportunity would come and find out your passport is invalid. It's always best to have it and not need it. Than to need it and not have it. 

* * *

Now that I've told you our story, let's move on to how YOU could make your own story in El Nido!


AIRFARE : Round Trip tickets for 2 people 

Our tickets were bought through AirAsia online. Since we secured them just a week before the trip, the tickets were expensive! We paid Php 11,106.80 for 2 PAX. (Or Php5,553.40 Each) Travel time from Manila to Puerto Princesa is short thus we didn't bother ordering food on the plane. We also traveled light and didn't have any luggage or bags to check in. Skipping those saved us from extra charges on the total cost of the tickets! 

If you were to ask me which cheap airline to take between AirAsia and Cebu Pacific, I'd strongly suggest you take AirAsia. The latter being one of the best low-cost airlines. And why I didn't choose Cebu Pacific? Simple, bad experience! Ohh, nothing... They just lost my luggage when I touchdown Hong-Kong in 2014! Read my Cebu Pacific LOST BAGGAGE story HERE.

ACCOMODATION : Centeno Inn, El Nido, Palawan for 3 days and 2 nights

We wanted to spend the entire time in El Nido, so we didn't book any hotel in Puerto Prinsesa. Honestly, I do not go for fancy hotels when traveling. To me, all I ever need is a place I could sleep, take a shower and leave my stuff. We settled for an inexpensive inn by the bay called Centeno Inn. We paid Php 3,557.96 for our 3 Days and 2 Nights stay. We booked the place through Agoda. You couldn't expect too much from the Inn, though. Considering the price you're paying. Í have to admit it was scary booking the inn at first since they didn't have a lot of reviews on Agoda.

The place looks like an apartment with only 4 units/doors. To some, it could be a downside, but we liked it better, really. Since there are only 4 units, the place is small and peaceful. It is also located right in front of the beach, only 5 steps away, so you sleep and wake up next to a beautiful view. The rooms are small, but decent, fully-air conditioned, has own bathroom with shower, TV, and Free Breakfast for 2! If you are coming as a family or group, it would also be a great idea to just get all the rooms so you have the place all to yourselves! Honestly, that sounds so much fun!  

Though, I reckon the door locks could still be improved for better security. I was worried the entire time someone would just kick it and be able to open because it only has one lock - a push-button door knob.

TRANSPORTATION : Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido back to Puerto Prinsesa

We took the plane from Manila to Puerto Prinsesa. From Puerto Prinsesa, it would take 5-7 hours travel by land. You have 2 options : either go by BUS or by VAN. We chose to go by van since I have motion sickness and easily feel dizzy on the bus. Van is more pricey but it would take you to your destination faster. Bus could take up to 7 hours while van, if the driver is alert enough, would only take 5 hours. Trip starts as early as 5 AM and the last trip is at 12 midnight. Van costs Php 500 per person, 1 way. So, from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido, we paid Php 1,000 for 2 persons. And from El Nido, going back to Puerto Prinsesa, we paid another Php 1,000.

Just like with the plane tickets, we played a little game and didn't book any shuttle service ahead of time. We went for the "book it when you get there" thing. But I suggest you book yours ahead of time, especially if you're coming in Summer/Peak season! Here is the link to their website

The VAN ride was comfortable, thought it still made me feel dizzy. Be sure you pack few tablets of Bonamine to avoid motion sickness. Though, it would be a shame if you rode with someone that has strong body odor as you're stuck with the smell in a small vehicle for hours. Kids, don't let friends die of foul smell! The Philippines is a hot and sunny tropical country, please use deodorant before the trip. Hehe 

Getting around the town is easy, you only need to spot the tricycles. Though they tend to make the fare steep for foreigners and tourists. The standard fare is Php 10 per person. But they raise it to Php 50 or even Php 100!! 

Good thing is that there is little to no traffic in Palawan. Getting around town in a tryk is fun!

ISLAND TOUR: Island Hopping Tour A

There are 4 ways to enjoy the beauty of El Nido! That is through the 4 Island Tours that they offer. The tour costs Php 1200 - Php1,400 each. Since we were going for the "hipster" book-it-when-you-get-there trip, we didn't book our trip online, either. Instead, we just asked the owner of the inn where we stayed the night we got to El Nido. Yes, we love taking risks like that. (hehe) Since we didn't have enough time, we could only tour 1 day so we went for TOUR A. We paid Php 1,200 per person. 

You can book your Island Tours ahead of time HERE.

If you are staying for couple of days, they say the best Island Tour combo is Tour A and Tour C!

The use of safety jacket, goggles, snorkeling gear and towel are included in the Island Tour package worth Php 1,200 per person. It also comes with FREE Island lunch which I'll be talking about later. 

If you are taking TOUR A and are going to the Big Lagoon, you may be lured to renting a Kayak so you could explore the deep parts of the water. Kayak rental is Php 300 per boat for 1 hour use. 

FOOD : Lunch on the Island 

If you want to experience real island life, you must have your lunch on the island! Another thing to worry, you say? Actually, it's not! The lunch will be provided to you and is already included in the tour package. You get steamy rice and freshly grilled seafood for lunch! The seafood was fresh and delicious! I would have eaten more of the grilled chicken and steamed prawns if not for my fellow island tourists that were also starving. Hehe

Another thing less to worry is breakfast. Centeno Inn offers free breakfast to their tenants which I thought was a good deal. They serve toast, bacon, egg,  jam and butter, banana bread, banana and coffee! ll

Other than the island lunch, you have to pay for everything else. Seafood is heaven in El Nido so you may want to consider having some by the beach. If you are allergic to seafood, I warn you that there are no fast-food chains (and no ATM) in the island yet. What you can do, instead, is to buy food from Puerto Prinsesa then stuff it in your bag before heading to El Nido. This will also save you few bucks.

Here's everything that we spent!

The TOTAL cost may seem over-whelming. And that's because we splurged on the urgently booked airplane tickets. There are also few things you could skip or change to help you save a few bucks!

What you can do to lessen the expenses :

  • Book your plane tickets at least 2 months before the travel date
  • Look for cheaper accommodation without air-condition
  • Take the bus instead of van
  • Skip pricey food, go for the basic meals
  • Opt out buying over-priced souvenirs
  • Haggle with the tryk drivers and pretend you're a local 

Here's our complete EL NIDO, PALAWAN 3 Days and 2 Nights ITINERARY!



  • 3:30 AM - NAIA Airport Check In
  • 5:55 AM - NAIA Departure at 5:55 AM >> Puerto Princesa
  • 7:15 AM - Arrival at Puerto Princesa Airport
  • 8:00 - 10:00 AM - Breakfast at Jollibee Puerto Princesa 
  • 12 Noon - DFA Puerto Princesa Palawan appoitment 
  • 1 PM - Booked VAN Service to El Nido 
  • 2 PM - Rode the VAN Service to El Nido
  • 7 PM - Arrival at El Nido, Palawan
  • 7: 30 PM - Check in at Centeno Inn
  • 8:00 PM - Dinner by the beach
  • 11:00 PM - Lights off 

  • 8:00 AM -  Free breakfast at Centeno Inn
  • 9:00 AM - Picked up by the Island Tour service from the inn
  • 10:00 AM - (1st Island Stop) 7 Commando Beach
  • 11:30 AM - (2nd Island Stop) Shimizu Island
  • 12:00 Noon - Island Lunch at Shimizu Island
  • 1:30 PM - (3rd Island Stop) Big Lagoon
  • 3-5 PM - (4th and 5th Island) Small Lagoon and Secret Lagoon
  • 5:30 PM - Back to the El Nido shore
  • 6:30 PM - Dinner at Habibi
  • 9:00 PM - Back to Centeno Inn
  • 10:00 PM - Lights off

  • 8:00 AM - Free Breakfast at Centeno Inn
  • 9:00 AM - Free Island Swimming at Marimegmeg Beach
  • 12 Noon - Back to the hotel
  • 1:00 PM - Booked the VAN Service back to El Nido, Palawan
  • 1:30 PM - Rode the VAN Service
  • 5: 30 PM - Arrived at Puerto Princesa
  • 5:30 - 7:30 PM - Shopped for souvenir at Robinson's Palawan
  • 7:45 PM - Departure of plane going back to Manila (We almost got left by it!)
  • 9:05 PM - Back in Manila!

For more travel tips and to see our El Nido, Palawan experience, 
go ahead and watch the 2 Vlogs below!

I hope you enjoyed this ultimate El Nido, Palawan Travel Guide. 

If you want to see my YouTube El Nido travel vlogs, then please head to to see my videos. I am on Instagram! @RealAsianBeauty!

Last travel tip is to just ENJOY! Life is like a sunset, so chase it before it's gone!


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