Sunday, October 4, 2015

Food Vlog : How to Enjoy Maginahawa Street with only P500 Budget

Maginhawa Street is famous for all the artsy restaurants and of course, the delicious yet affordable food that the artsy restaurants serve. I've been to Maginhawa Street a couple of times but I still get overwhelmed each time I go! One will never get tired of it as there will always be a new place or new food to try!

My friend and fellow blogger, Andy from, and I decided to go one time to have a food challenge. Actually, we both just like eating! hehe At first, we were just going to film another "Eating video" but I figured it would be more fun if there would be some sort of challenge.

So, challenge it is! I came up with the Php500 Peso Maginhawa Street Challenge! We wanted to see how much food we can eat and how many restaurants we can visit with only Php500 budget.

Reading is nice but watching us eat would be more fun! hehe 
Please watch the FOOD VLOG below. 

I have been wanting to try at Iscreamist for the longest time. Friuli has always been one of the top recommendations so I made sure to put the two restaurants on the list. Andy wanted to go to The Nook Cafe so I also included that on our list.

We had no idea where to start so we just looked for the nearest one from where the taxi driver dropped us off. After minutes of trying to figure out the map, we decided to go to Iscreamist first. Yes, ice cream dessert first before anything else! hehe

We got there at around 3 PM but as expected, there was already a long line of people waiting to get in. 

Iscreamist moved to a new location, but fret not as it is just right across the street from their previous location. It is now in the same area as Stuff Over Burger. It could be a little tricky to find as they are inside the building and there isn't any signage outside. 

Iscreamist doesn't have a lot on their menu, though. It was sad, too, because after about 30 minutes in line, we finally got in but when we tried to order, the lady said they were out of the Smores (Dragon's Breathe) so we couldn't get it. We didn't want to get the other Ice Cream as it is more expensive and one wouldn't really be able to enjoy the Liquid Nitrogen. 

We were sad so we just sat there for 15 minutes. Good thing, the delivery guy came so we were finally able to order!

Iscreamist Ice Cream is special because you get to dip the Smores in a glass of extremely cold Liquid Nitrogen. 7 seconds in it is enough to freeze it as cold as Elsa's snow! hehe

WHAT WE ATE : Iscreamist Dragon's Breathe Smores 
PRICE : Php 75 per 4 pieces and 1 glass of Liquid Nitrogen 

It is so fun to dip the cookie in the Liquid Nitrogen as you will really witness how it freezes! Yes, the cold *smores* never bothered me, anyway!

After that, we did a bit of walking and explored some artsy shops around the area. Our next stop was Friuli! From the outside, it may not look interesting as the cafe looks plain and boring.

As usual, we had to wait in line again! Good thing we only waited for 10 minutes. 

So, I was saying that the restaurant looks plain outside but once you get in, the smell of cheese, toasted crust and a lot of other ingredients being cooked will welcome you! The aroma smells so good, you could even eat it and go! In Tagalog, amoy pa lang ulam na! hehe 

It was our first time, as well, so we didn't know which ones to get. Of course, we had to get Pizza and Pasta!

WHAT WE ATE : Friuli Margherita and Marinara (half-half) Pizza
PRICE : Php 205

WHAT WE ATE : Spaghetti with Tuna and Mushroom
PRICE : Php 120

What we did, Andy and I added the total of the bill then split it in two! Can't believe we only paid Php 162.50 per person because we were really full and the food was really so satisfying! It's really a must-try, guys!

Another thing I liked is that the staff at Friuli are all nice, friendly and warm! I love going to restaurants with nice and friendly staff! It always makes me want to go back!

It was a bit dark when we got out of Friuli. We didn't know where The Nook Cafe is located to we kept walking. When we were a few blocks away, we got to the Artsy Cafe. I always see that cafe from the outside so I told Andy we should check it out. When I last saw it, it looked really artsy from the outside. But when we went it, there was a crazy amount of people and the place wasn't really artsy, at least in my opinion. So we just went out and tried to look for The Nook Cafe. When we finally found it, the attendant said we were going to be 14 on the list and it would take about an hour before we could go in and have coffee. What?! Ridiculous. So we just looked for another cafe where we could chill. Wait, this paragraph is too long! 

Earlier, we saw an artsy looking place called Magpie Cafe. We know it's a Korean Inspired cafe so Andy and I decided to just go there.

This may be our biggest splurge and biggest mistake that night. Find out why!

WHAT WE ATE : Frappuccino (times 2)
PRICE : Php 140 (times 2)

WHAT WE ATE : Chocolate Bingsu
PRICE : Php 150

The place is really artsy, as you can see in the photo! We are surrounded by cute writings on their glass wall. They also play Korean songs so that's a plus point!

The thing that we didn't like was the food! The Frappuccino that they serve, in my opinion, is too plain and normal to be selling the same price as a cup of Starbucks. It tastes like a regular coffee shake you would get from some random shake stall. And the bingsu, OMG! How do I even begin to explain how it didn't taste like a Korean Bingsu at all. There wasn't any "phat"/sticky rice balls to begin with! The whipped cream was tasteless, too. The only thing I liked were the 2 cherries! So, I'd say that's too expensive for just Php150 whipped cream in a styro bowl!

What Andy and I did, again, was to add the total of the bill and split it in half. So we each paid for Php 215. We couldn't even fathom how we spent more money on drinks and dessert than the actual food! (Pizza and Pasta) It was fine to spend Php 215 but the thing is we didn't enjoy what we ordered for Php215. We could've just gone for kwek-kwek and dirty ice cream somewhere. hehe

Anyway, I still loved their artsy wall so I had to take a photo!

Overall, we spent Php452.50 per person! We were really full and satisfied! If we had eaten at some fancy resturant at the mall, our Php500 would have only gotten us a platter of something. Maginhawa Street is really a nice food-trip place! I really recommend going there with your family and friends! I am actually craving for the Margherita Pizza and the Tuna Spaghetti as I'm writing this blog post. And it's 12:30 AM so I won't be able to do anything about this craving!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the eating video! I also dare YOU to take the Php500 Maginhawa Street Food Challenge. If you ever eat at Maginhawa Street, tag me on Instagram @RealAsianBeauty! I want to see what food you had so I could try it next time!

Thank you for reading today!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beauty Bound Asia in Manila Phase 2 Event | #BeautyBoundAsia

3 weeks after the Phase 1 of the Beauty Bound Asia in Manila, the judges and the beauty creators met again for another Phase of the competition. 

The last time, I went alone because I forgot that I am one of the judges and we are free to bring someone with us. (hehe) This time, I asked my friend Flora to come with me to the event. Good thing she agreed even though I only asked her 3 hours before the event. 

May reklamo ka? Itawag sa LTFRB! lol

We came just in the nick of time. When we got there, we went straight to the briefing room where I met Hollie, YouTube Partner Manager from Taiwan. In the picture, she is briefing me the activities for the day and how the judging will go.

This picture isn't really necessary but I just wanted to show you guys my bun and my cute, sparkly bow.

Beauty Bound Asia is powered by YouTube and SKII. Here are some of the SKII products present at the event. hehe

And food, OMG! 

Today's agenda is...

First, the beauty creators (25 semi-finalists) had their YouTube Session (workshop) with Tutu and Hollie, Partner Managers of YouTube Asia.

In the said workshop, they were taught different video ideas they could create for their channels. They were also shown some statistics showing what's hot and trending on YouTube and Google in terms of Fashion and Beauty category. You can also see my video being shown as one of the examples on the right part of the TV.

After that, we went straight to the Judge Speech and Panel Discussion. Whenever it's time to talk about tips for new beauty creators, I always like to keep it serious as I always think it is something you guys would be really interested in. I also make it sure that my answers are sincere and always come from my own experience being a YouTuber as well as being a "newbie" 4 years ago.

We're not allowed to share clips of the workshop but I am sure a lot of my readers here are also aspiring YouTubers and would love to know my answers to the questions. I tried my best to remember my answers. I also added some things that I failed to say at the live Panel Discussion. I hope my answers help, inspire and motivate you! 


1.) Was there one video that grew your audience dramatically, or was it a slow accumulation?
My accumulation of subscribers was slow at first. But when I realized the key to getting one's name out on YouTube, I started getting more and more subscribers. When I started doing unique nail arts like Newspaper nail art, Salt nail art and Gangnam Style nail art, that's when I noticed my audience and subscribers grew dramatically. It also helped to be friends with your viewers even if you only have 50 or 100 or 1,000 subscribers. Be sure that you talk to them and respond to the comments. It also helps to remind them to subscribe to your channel and come back for more fun videos. That's what I did to help me grow and build my audience.

2.) What do you think make your channel stand out, to secure your large number of subscribers?
For me, there is one key to stand out! What is the key, you ask? It's by doing what other YouTubers ARE NOT doing. I always, always say this whenever people ask me for tips. And it's always ONE THING. To realize where you are different and then use that as your advantage. In that way, you will be able to stand out and get your name out there. 
I also often get comments about how I am not as pretty as the other YouTubers. And that exactly is the reason why I stand out! You often see perfect YouTubers. And in reality, is everyone perfect? NO! Girls have skin problems, insecurities and things they are trying to improve about themselves. And that's what makes me stand out. I am not the typical perfect YouTuber that's why a lot of viewers can relate to me. I'm just like a friend or a cousin giving you guys beauty tips and teaching you some fun DIY's. Nothing intimidating or over-the-top.

3.) What is your favorite way to interact with your viewers?
My favorite way to interact with my viewers is through social media. I make it a point to answer sincerely to questions and messages. I also respond in a tone like how I would respond to a friend commenting on my photo on Facebook. In that way, the follower would not feel like you're someone they can't reach and can never talk to or ask a question again. When the followers/viewers know that they can always ask you anything, anytime, the tendency is that they will keep coming back to your channel. Viewers that come back generally equal to loyal viewers.

4.) How do you produce brand sponsored content? Can you give use some advice? (How to make a video that win both fans and the advertisers hearts.)
For me, it's always about honesty. I never post, review, promote and recommend products that I have never tried or don't like. I would rather promote a product I like but wasn't paid for than promote a product I was paid for but do not really like. In a sea of sponsored videos, how do you make your videos not only lovable by the sponsor/advertiser but by the viewers as well? It's when your videos have honesty in them. As a viewer, I dislike a hard-selling video that pushes me to buy a product I doubt. I'd rather buy something a YouTuber is telling me to buy because she is concerned about me and really wants to make me feel better. And not someone that is showing me products just for the money.
For starters that want to gain sponsors, I suggest showing more products and brands that you really like and use on your channel. It can be a bottle of water that you have on your table or a lipstick that you swear by. When potential sponsors see that you can actually promote a product, tendency is they will contact you to help them promote their product as well.

5.) How do you define success on YouTube?
For me success on YouTube is when you look at your videos and feel love for them like they are your babies. Because making YouTube videos require a lot of time and effort. And when you know you have done your best in each video, that's when you'd feel successful. I have stopped counting numbers since last year. (Subscribers and Followers) Number is just number. I see a lot of channels that have great content but have low subscriber count. Then again, there are creators that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers but upload mediocre quality videos. 
Another thing is when you are not afraid to show your true self to the viewers anymore. Being successful on YouTube means being able to acquire quite a number of loyal viewers. The type of viewers that would never hate or judge just because you have imperfect skin or weird accent. When you have loyal viewers, you won't have inhibitions in making videos. When you do not have inhibitions anymore, that's when you are able to enjoy making videos and treat it as something you love and truly enjoy than something you are forced to do. And that for me is success. 

*Have you ever gone to a brand to ask for sponsorship?
I have never asked for product sponsorship and I do not really recommend it. Being a YouTuber/Blogger is also about self-branding. You do not want to have an image as someone who goes around asking for stuff, right? That is just tacky. You want to brand yourself as someone reputable and would never blog something just for the sake of getting free stuff or samples. As I always mention, put your viewers/readers first before advertisers. Advertisers only work for you once or twice. But the viewers/readers are the reason why your channel exists in the first place. So always have them as your priority.

*How did you balance working full-time and doing Youtube? And when did you decide to do YouTube as a full-time job.
I used to work at a Korean school teaching Koreans speak English. At that time, I was only doing it at night when I get home and every weekends. I usually film 2-3 videos every Saturday and Sunday and would work on editing them from Monday to Friday. It was fun at first, but then I realized that if I am getting this for just the short time I spend working for YouTube, then how much more would I get if I do it on a full-time basis. So, I quit my job. I am not talking though about money. I am talking about the events and blessings and experiences YouTube has been giving me.

*What keeps you motivated to continue YouTube? 
I am not sure if you guys know Caspar Lee, but he mentioned at the YTFF Manila that he only joined the YouTube partnership to be able to customize his banner on his YouTube channel. I had the same reason! YouTubers now are lucky because everything is customizable! From the banner to the thumbnails! When I was starting, the thumbnails of the videos can not be changed unless you are a YouTube partner. I was doing nail art videos then and I wanted to have the final nail art look as the thumbnail. So I strived and worked hard to be able to enter the YouTube partnership. Getting in was NOT easy, though. I was rejected once then re-applied again... then, that was the time I got in. I didn't know I would be able to earn or receive product sponsorship or be able to attend events and meet new people because of YouTube. I just really wanted the darn thumbnail!  
And that, my friend, is what you call MOTIVATION. You see, motivation could be a simple thing! Never mind the big things and the perks and privileges one could get from doing something. Because when you focus on big things, you neglect the small steps that actually become your foundation to being able to build a huge career. Focus on the small details then work your way up. It does not matter how long it takes you to get up there, but just believe that someday you will also make it there. 
Do not do YouTube just for the money. For me, YouTube has never and will never be about the money. Yes, I earn from it. And I use the money for food, electricity, water and internet bills and some clothes shopping... But I never create a video thinking "Oh hey, this is for our October internet bill." Instead, I think, "This video is for my fans that like K-pop! OMG, they will love this!" When you are doing something with love and passion, it will never be forced and you'd never have to spend a single minute thinking what your motivation is. It will come naturally.


After the Judge Speech and Panel Discussion, we went straight to the Hackathon Challenge : Workshop , 30-Minute Makeup Challenge and Skin Lab.

Not related to the BBA but here are my accessories for the day! hehe All things shiny, glittery and silver!


They discussed a lot more about how to make it big on YouTube. I actually learned a lot even though I've been here for 4 years. Life really is a never ending process of learning!


Here, you can see me bugging the beauty creators while they were putting their makeup on. hehe I wanted to see closely how they do their makeup and what makeup brands they use. I saw a lot of them have the LA Girl Pro Conceal Tube, though. Do you also use it? They say it's good. I shall try it soon! hehe


Next was the Skin Care workshop with Ms. Wendy of SKII. She taught and demonstrated techniques and proper way to use the SKII products that were given to the creators.

And because the lighting was perfect, let me take a selfie!

The event organizer was SAGA Events. My friend, Mei, has been working for the company since we graduated back in 2009. It was so nice to see him there! He told me he was actually looking for my name on the list of contestants. He said he wasn't expecting I'd be one of the judges. He was so sweet because he sent photos to our college friends and told them he's proud of me for making it this far on YouTube. Thank you, Mei! BTW, Mei has also come so far on his chosen field. I am also proud of him because he has produced some of the most popular shows for Bench Show, Cosmo Bash and PFW!
True, though, 4 years ago, no one would ever expect I'd be a judge of a competition and an event this huge! 

After that, it was time to judge what the creators did. I was honestly impressed how they were able to flawlessly do their makeup despite very limited time. I would have only done my foundation and concealer and eyes in that short 30 minutes! hehe

The Beauty Creators outside our room were also eager to see their Before and After photos!

After calculating the scores from the 3 judges (Me, Say and Ms. Wendy because Ana was sick so she couldn't make it to the event) it was time to reveal the 3 winners!

Congratulations to Raiza, Shebby and Kristine! We were honestly impressed!

Then, it was time for a short interview. 

I failed to take a photo with everyone since they were all leaving while I was having my interview. But I got to take photos with some people!

Here's Ally looking fab in her white dress and white sandals!

Beauty Bound Asia Team Manila, Kristine, Tutu, Say, Hollie and Ms. Wendy. We miss you, Ana!

And final picture with the ever helpful people from YouTube, Hollie and Tutu! I hope to see you guys again at the finals in Tokyo!

And the final photo is grabbed from Yette's Instagram! hehe It's the whole Beauty Bound Asia Team Manila! Yay! All the 25 Lovely Beauty Creators, 2 Judges, 2 YouTube Managers and 1 SKII Skin Expert!

It was really a fun event! We finished late than the estimated time but it was surely fun! Congratulations to everyone for making it this far and congratulations to the 3 winners of the Hackathon Challenge. Are you guys on your next video challenge now? Good luck making it and I cant wait to watch and score your next videos! I am soo excited to find out the people that will make it to the finals in Japan! I hope to see YOU there!

Thank you for reading today! Please don't forget to follow me on Instagram -@RealAsianBeauty.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lola Nidora Makeup Tutorial (How to Look Like Lola Nidora) #ALDUB

This is definitely one of those I-don't-want-to-do-it-but-still-I-want-to-do-it moments. 

Lola Nidora is a popular T.V. character being played by Wally Bayola on Philippine's longest running noontime show, Eat Bulaga! Kalye Serye and ALDUB are probably some of the most popular terms for the year 2015. It's such a hit that the characters in the said "T.V. series" became loved by millions instantly! I, too, have fallen for their charisma, realness and comedic-stints. Hence this makeup tutorial. lol

I was a bit skeptical because the character actually wears thick makeup. I am not a fan of thick makeup, at all. Especially not this kind of "thickness", if you know what I mean. I was afraid I'd regret ever doing this tutorial and posting pictures of me online looking like this.

But, I realized that I have posted way more embarrassing photos than this. My ACNE photos being the #1 example. So in the end, I just took a deep breath, turned on my camera and started filming the video. Here's what it looks up close in high definition. 

Here is the tutorial. Enjoy! :)

Did you know, though, that I filmed the video for 6 hours? I'm not sure if that is considered long for makeup YouTubers. But I also film my nail art videos for that long. I also edited the video for 3 days. Only to come up with a 5 minute video. Yes, I am an OC like that. hehe How long do you usually film and edit your videos?

I'm laughing right now because you probably have your jaw on the ground or are probably laughing out loud as well because of my photos and how I look in them. Add to that the fact that I chose to put the pictures in full-size! Go ahead and laugh, I can't blame you. hehe

I am more a supporter of this "serye" and the love team and the T.V. show. I guess it's my loyalty that's still taking over. I'm not sure if you know but I had my O.J.T. at Eat Bulaga! and am also a long-time fan of it along with my Mother. (My mom that can't stop watching AlDub videos on YouTube 24/7. Oh, its was her birthday yesterday. I even had her to be greeted on the show's H.B.D. segment!) So yes, I like this more over it's competitor. I like original things and I like people than are humble and seem more real. :)

Oh, if you were wondering, here are the makeup that I used in the video:
-Maybelline Baby Lips Lip gloss
-Dong A Glue Stick
-Sleek Makeup  Creme to Powder Foundation (shade Bamboo)
-Beauty Blender Sponge
-Naturactor Concealer (shade 151)
-Revlon Nearly Naked Powder (020 Light Pale)
-Sedona Lace Makeup Brushes
-Nichido Pencil Eyeliner
-K Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner
-Etude House Styling Eyeliner Black
-Fashion 21 White Eyeliner
-Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette 
-Etude House Eyelash Glue
-Serseul Highlight/Conceal/Contour Palette
-Zoeva Sun Powder (Blush/Contour) Palette
-Ever Bilena Blush (shade Honest)
-Etude House Soft Touch Lip Liner (shade #5)
-MAC Lipstick (shade Russian Red)

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching and thanks for not judging! ^^ 

By the way, I did this video just for fun. Please no negative comments and no bashers. Spread love, not hate. hehe :) Paolo Ballesteros even liked the picture on Instagram so what's there to hate about it? Oh, please follow me on Instagram if you haven't yet. My username is @RealAsianBeauty.

So...... what do you think of the look and how I re-created Lola Nidora's Makeup? Do you think I was able to give justice to it? Do you think I should make more makeup tutorials now? Please let me know in the comments section. 

Thank you for reading!


Monday, September 21, 2015

Biore Launch in the Philippines! (Japan's #1 Makeup Remover Brand)

Before anything else, let me teach you how to properly pronounce Biore. It's /bee-your-ray/. 

Okay, now that we got that right, let me now share with you guys a fun event I went to last week. So, Biore, the #1 makeup remover brand in Japan, is now officially in the Philippines. I was lucky enough to be a part of their fun event at the Spatzle Euro Cafe in Shangri-La, Mandaluyong. 

Another issue - don't you guys sometimes feel lazy whenever it's time to remove makeup? Especially those layers of foundation, powder, waterproof mascara, heavy eyeliner, matte lipstick plus oil and dust? I honestly do! I also dislike when I have to rub my eye area with soap, cotton and makeup remover just because my thick waterproof mascara just won't let go. I have tried a lot of makeup remover brands that promise to remove makeup quickly but I was left disappointed.

I was excited when I found out that Biore will now be available here in the Philippines because I have heard so many good reviews about it. Also, I told you guys how I am starting to like Japanese stuff these days, right? Cheesy, why didn't I believe you right away?! I want to go to Japan, somebody please take me to Japan! hehe 

Aside from the overflowing Biore products at the venue plus awesome food and crowd, it was also graced with the presence (and makeup tutorial) of Jigs Mayuga! He is a well-known makeup artist of celebrities here in the Philippines. He demonstrated 2 makeup styles that day : Night Glam Makeup and No Makeup Makeup.

I really want to learn more about makeup because I believe I still have a lot to learn so I payed close attention. It's not everyday that I get to listen to and watch a live tutorial by a famous makeup artist so I didn't want to waste the chance.

I have learned a LOOOOT from Jigs! I also asked him a question while he was doing the makeup. I noticed he always uses a fluffy brush to apply foundation and powder to his models. That doesn't work for me because when I try to do that, the makeup becomes cakey and thick and my spots and acne just become more visible. He told me that the best way to apply foundation on my skin type is to use a flat brush and to apply it in one direction so as not to diffuse the product. On powder, he said it's best to apply using a flat sponge and to do it in dabbing motion so the foundation won't get disturb. He even talked to me after his demo and taught me more tricks! He said my question challenged him. hehe Thanks for the tips, Jigs! Btw, you probably won't appreciate this but you are so handsome! hehe

After the demo, Ms. Christabel Low of Biore talked more about the Biore products. She talked about how Biore works and why it is super effective and popular in Japan. She then demonstrated how to use the Biore makeup removers.

Here are some hard-to-remove makeup like Revlon Lipstick, MAC concealer and Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner.

I love liquid eyeliners that stay all day but I dislike it when they are soo hard to remove.I remember there was one time, some of my eye lashes fell off because I used a super waterproof eyeliner and then a waterproof mascara. I rubbed hard so my lashes fell off. Boo!
What sets Biore Makeup Remover from other brands is that it really works. Look at the example below. I applied the products on my hand and then squeezed Biore Oil Makeup Remover. Do you see how the products melted on their own? I did not even rub yet and they were already melting!

And the reason why there was a makeup demo earlier? It's actually for the Biore Makeup Remover demo. So the model had smokey eyes, right? She also used the Biore Oil Makeup remover and applied it on her eye area. Within seconds, her thick makeup was gone! Amazing!

Of course, I took the #TakeItOffWithBiore challenge as well. But I couldn't do my eyes because I was going somewhere else after that. Instead, I removed my MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick. It's a matte lipstick that stays for hours. But when I removed it using Biore Makeup Remover Wipes, it was gone in seconds!

With Ms. Kris of Biore and my ever partner, Ana. I love working with Ana because she's easy to get along with. I hope we have more projects together! The most memorable ones were the YouTube Fanfest, Cetaphil Experience and the Beauty Bound Asia. Now, we met again for the Biore launch!

Just some of the amazing people present at the Biore Launch!

My favorite event partner, Ana Victorino. Brown hair, MAC lips and black top!

Also took a photo with Jigs Mayuga and the event's host, Karel Marquez.

My seatmate for the day, Rochelle! Yay, more Biore products! Now we have a year supply of Biore goodies! hehe
Also took a photo with the other bloggers present at the event.

A quick OOTD before I left the event. Meow or Never top from H&M, Leopard print skirt from Forever 21, Hoop earrings from Forever 21, Thrifted Cardigan and Celine Booties. The last time you'll see me wearing these booties, though. They died after the event. So sad because I wore them for 5 times only. Don't you guys get sad when one of your shoes die? :(

Yay for a good makeup remover that is now available in the Philippines. You won't have to order it online or go to Japan just to buy some. They are now available at Watsons and other drugstores here in the Philippines!

And yay for a year's supply of makeup remover! Thank you, Biore! This is not even half of all the Biore products I have in my room. I have a LOOOT but I decided not to include all the pictures. I'm thinking of doing a Biore giveaway, though! I know you want it! hehe

Check out Biore official Facebook page HERE for more updates and more beauty tips!

Thanks for reading, everyone! 

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