Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sunset Boulevard

Hello! Another outfit of the day post! I want to apologize because the photos are mostly blurred. My friend and I had a hard time trying to make the lens work properly because it was cloudy when we took them. It's funny because my face also appears distorted when my photos aren't sharp. hehe Oh, well...

Sunset is one of the beautiful things the nature does but it's also gloomy and sad. Whenever I watch the sunset, I get the feeling of falling in love for the first time and the feeling of being heart broken, together and all at once. It's a paradox, actually.

But don't you think it would be less dramatic and more romantic to watch the sunset with the person you fell in love with and promised not to get your heart broken? I'm getting cheesy, aren't I? I watch too much Korean dramas! hehe

Tropical Palm Shirt -
Skirt - Vintage Thrifted
Heels - CMG
Hat - SM Accesories

What do you think?


Thanks to Flora for the photos!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Swatches and Review

I love lipsticks! Or any lip product, for that matter. If you follow me on Instagram (don't forget to follow me if you haven't yet!), you may have already seen my lipstick collection. For just one pair of lips, I'd say what I have may be a bit too much. But I really can't help it! You know, too, that I have acne-prone skin. Having lips as one of the parts of my face that is blemish-free, I can't help but stock on items that I know would highlight it.

So, I got 5 shades of Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick. I have to be honest, though. This is my first time to own an Ever Bilena Lipstick and guess what, I was not disappointed at all!

I prefer matte lipsticks over the glossy ones because the former is more wearable and definitely looks more polished. 

Here are the shades that I got :

PRICE per lipstick : Php 165

Where to get it : Ever Bilena counters inside department stores or drugstores OR you could check out their website here. 

Off beat pink is a nice shade of pink. Although it's more on the vibrant / shocking pink side. This is definitely for the ladies that prefer a daring shade of pink lipstick. 

Viva is less striking and tamer than the previous pink lipstick. This could definitely be worn by all ages. Either you're going to school or heading to the office. A nice everyday lipstick, especially for times when you want a hint of color on your lips but don't want to go extreme.

Love that Red is the most striking and the most vibrant out of all the lipsticks that I got from Ever Bilena. It has an Oriental feel to it and would definitely look good on people with lighter complexion. You may want to go easy on this lipstick, especially if you have stained teeth. Lipsticks like this could make your teeth appear yellowish.

Vamp Red is my favorite out of all the 5 shades. I love red lipsticks in this tone as it definitely compliments my "Morena" skin and also makes my teeth appear whiter! I also think this shade looks sophisticated so I always buy reds in this color. I have no complaints about this lipstick, just pure love!

Fierce Red is not overwhelming but not too striking either. For me, it's the usual red lipstick that we know of. I tried comparing it to my MAC Russian Red lipstick and it looks 95% similar to it. If you think about Mac's Php 1,000 price range and this Ever Bilena's Php 165 price tag, the latter is definitely the must-buy for the wise beauty buyers!

  • Inexpensive
  • Available locally
  • The colors are pigmented
  • Glides smoothly on lips
  • No weird scent or taste

  • Not enough staying power
  • The container isn't very sturdy
  • The red shades bleed

All in all, these are pretty awesome everyday lipsticks. Perfect for makeup lovers that are budget conscious. I also recommend this to Asian people, especially to Filipinas. Ever Bilena is a Filipino-made cosmetic brand so their products and the ingredients were all made to fit our Filipina skin, color and of course, our weather.

I hope you like this review!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

BDJ Beauty Box : September 2014 Unboxing!

BDJ box is truly awesome! I am so happy that I am subscribed to it! Every box is really worth the money. It is one of my favorite brands ever because more than half of the beauty products that I have and that I'm currently using are from it.

Their box just keeps on getting better and better each month! And what's more? They always give subscribers full-sized items! The September 2014 BDJ Box is no exemption. 

Watch me as I unbox it!

Here are some of my favorite boxes from the previous months :

Would you believe that everything is only for Php 580? I added the total amount of the products inside this month's box and it came to almost Php 2,000. What a steal!
To know more about the BDJ Beauty Box, check out their website HERE.


Saturday, September 27, 2014


Here's an outfit I wore almost 2 months ago. I reserved it for times like these when I couldn't go out to take any pictures. Or when I couldn't find anyone available to take my photos. Oh that reminds me, I want to share my uncle's Flickr account. He takes amazing photos even though he's only a hobbyist. He's from Australia and I only discovered he takes great pictures like those when they recently came back home. I wish my photos would be as vibrant and as clear as the photos he takes. hehe

Anyway, my outfit reminds me of what Greek goddesses would wear. White and Gold is simply a classic and elegant combination that it never goes out of style.

Likewise, a little white dress works like how a little black dress does. It could be styled up or styled down depending on the shoes and accessories that you match it with. 

Low-high White Dress - The Landmark
Leather Bag -
Flats - Parisian
Head Accessory -

What do you think?


Thanks to Flora for the photos! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hong Kong Trip Collective Haul! ♡

I hope you're not sick of my recent travel posts yet. Here is a short video showing you guys the things I got from Hong Kong. As you know, Cebu Pacific lost and failed to locate my luggage. So aside from not having anything to wear, I also had to keep in mind that I won't have any bags to use for when I go back home. So I had to contain myself from buying a lot. Kind of regretful because there were a lot of nice things that I saw. 

Anyway, here is the HAUL video! 

We went to three places to shop : Temple Street Market, Ladies Market and Sham Shui Po market. In terms of prices and finds, Ladies Market is the go-to place because they sell variety of items. Most of the things they sell are clothes and souvenir items. But if you are after saving some bucks, then you should go to Sham Shui Po Market. The price is definitely cheaper. I just found it weird that there were fewer clothes stalls. I was just lucky to find 2 stores that sell some good ones. But the rest were stuff that are not clothes.

I didn't buy anything that I know are available here in the Philippines already. Like Forever 21, Cotton On, Zara and other branded stuff. I could buy all those here so I didn't bother getting any. hehe

As for my check in luggage going back home, I used this :

Nice, very nice! Expensive luggage got nothing on that box! Plus the plastic straw! hehe

I hope you enjoyed this haul video!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Day In My Life : Food Tripping with Friends!

Hello! I realized that I barely update you guys with my life here in the Philippines. I mean, the usual stuff that I do. 
So I decided to blog about what I did today.

After I resigned from my job, I feel like I'm on indefinite leave and am on an all-out getaway. hehe. Not that I'm spending on anything luxurious, no. But because I have a lot of time, I get to go out with my mom, with my family, relatives and with friends whenever they want. That for me is the best thing in the world - to be able to spend time with people that matter. Cheesy? hehe

Anyway, I met up with my high-school friends and decided to go to SM Megamall Fashion Hall to try their new stores and restaurants. Because I loved the Tim Ho Wan Pork bun so much, I encouraged them to try it, too.

Some photos may be blurry because I only used my phone camera to take them.

Baked Pork Bun (Php 145/3 pieces)
Tim Ho Wan's best-seller! For me, it's a cheese bread and siopao fusion. The crust is sweet and tad crispy while the inside is soft and tasty. The taste starts off sweet and then ends salty as you bite the delicious pork barbecue stuffing!

Vermicelli Roll with Pig Liver (Php 150)
Fell in love with this food after I tried it for the first time. The pork liver, the soft wrap and the salty sauce just create a delicious taste!

Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf (Php 190)
A rice meal for the heavy eater. The glutinous rice is thick and heavy so you'd surely have a full stomach after this! It is tasty and has that distinct "Chinese" taste to it.

Prawn Dumpling (Php 160)
Yummy but kind of pricey, in my opinion. There was nothing spectacular about it. Other dumplings (that I know of) cost less than this set. 

Bean curd Skin Roll with Pork and Shrimp (Php 120)
This meal was the least tasty out of all the food, if not the most tasteless. It was just so bland, I didn't understand how it was supposed to taste.

Rice with Beef and Fried Egg (Php 180)
We ordered 4 kinds of rice meal but I failed to take a photo of them all. In my opinion, this rice bowl is the best because it doesn't have anything new or weird to it. If you are hungry, the least thing that you'd want to is explore a new food only to end up being disappointed because it wasn't too appetizing. This tastes like a usual (yummy) rice bowl so you won't have any regrets. It was delicious! I just wish they put it in another bowl. This size and shape of the steel bowl makes eating a bit uncomfortable.

Not artistic at all, but here's our table. We were hungry, busy talking and busy playing with the kids so I wasn't able to take a nice photo. hehe

After a sumptuous late lunch, we walked around the fashion hall to explore some new shops. 

We saw an interesting cafe earlier so we decided to go back to try it. It was located right in front of Tim Ho Wan - St. Marc Cafe!

The hardest decision you'll ever make, I swear. Everything looks so delicious, you'll have a hard time forcing yourself you could only order 1! hehe

The cafe is best known for the ChocoCro. I failed to ask their staff but I'm guessing that means "Choco Croissant"! hehe

I'm not the type to worry about diets and calories, but for those who do these could be very, very tempting and sinful!

They all look so delish!

We were four but since they have quite big (and pricey) serving, we decided to just buy 2 and share. The nice thing about this cafe is that the display are the same as their actual serving! Hooray!

We were so full but truth be told, we still wanted to eat at Ippudo and Kyochon! hehe We all haven't tried those restaurants yet so we were curious. But it was getting late and the kids were feeling tired so we decided to put the appetite away! hehe
Hehe Taking a photo with kids is difficult, don't you agree? They always end up looking somewhere else.

So, that's what I did today. When I got home, I found my mom in the garden area watching NINE. An old Korean drama we started watching recently. I responded to e-mails, ate dinner (again, my tummy u y always hungry?), fed my dog, watched TV a bit then went up to my room. So now, I am talking to you, hehe

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please let me know if you would like to read more casual blog posts like this.

What did yo do today? 


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hong Kong Travel Diary Day 4 : Shopping in Hong Kong

It's been almost a month since we went to Hong Kong but everything is still clear. I do miss Hong Kong, though. Also, I found out that there are still a lot to see in Hong Kong that we failed to go to. So I definitely want to go back!

Anyway, here's our itinerary for the 4th day! 
-Madam Tussaud's (canceled)
-The Peak (canceled)
-Find nail art magazines
-Ride a double-deck bus
-Go to Sham Shui Po market
-Eat at Tim Ho wan
-Go to the Ladies market
-Watch the symphony of lights

Were we able to do everything in the list? Find out in the video!

My friend is a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo so she woke up early to attend their service; I slept in. hehe. At around 9 AM we met around Hankow Road. First agenda was to exchange some of our money to Hong Kong dollars.

I didn't bring Philippine Peso to Hong Kong because I thought it would be difficult to find a money changer shop that accepts it. Instead, I brought US dollars. The exchange rate was US $1 = HK $ 7.6. 

After that, we went to The One mall in Nathan Road hoping we could spot some nail art magazines. But instead, we found this :

Cute decorations! I'm not sure, though, if they were meant to look like a Chinese decoration, a Japanese or a Korean. Those are patbingsu and fish bread I see...

Since they only have Subway, Bus and Taxi as their modes of transportation, getting to some places could get a bit tricky. You need to walk and walk. Here in the Philippines, if an area seems a bit far for walking, we could always take a jeepney or a tri-cycle! hehe

We then headed to a bookstore that was 3 blocks away from The One. What I love about Nathan Road are these trees that are called "Chinese Banyan". They look pretty, especially at night. 

My OOTD! Hehe Floral bottom from Ladies Market. Sandals from Ladies Market. Top and Belt were borrowed from my friend. 

Then we took a double-decker bus that took us to Sham Shui Po market. We got lost, though. We got off at a random bus stop and found this fruit store. 

Where we saw this bitter gourd in a weird shape. Here in the Philippines, they are the same shape as an eggplant.

AND PEACHES! Oh my, you just don't know how much this made me happy! My Korean students would always mention they love peach so I got so curious. But I couldn't find any fresh ones here in my country aside from those in cans. hehe I got 4 pieces for just $15!
Do you like peaches, too?

We were still lost and couldn't find either Sham Shui Po (fashion) market or Tim Ho Wan so we just kept on walking and walking. Until we found this interesting shop...
Sad that it was closed! I wonder what goods they sell. I'm thinking food, or stationery or souvenir shop. 

Then we randomly saw a small grocery that sells all sorts of snacks. I bought a lot from that store. It was funny because we also saw these Filipino snacks. I guess these snacks are what our fellow Filipinos miss... 
If I were working in Hong Kong, though, I'd miss Tortillos Red, Hansel biscuit and tusok-tusok Fish ball and Squid ball! hehe

I DON'T REMEMBER how we ever found Sham Shui Po market but I do remember that we were a bit disappointed. There were less shops and less stuff to buy. Well, they do sell things but we didn't need any of those at that moment. They sell stuff that are mostly for elders and children. But I did find 2 stores where I was able to get a cute top and white shorts. Both of which I wore to Disneyland the next day. I also got more clothes from those shops.

Then, we went back to our guesthouse because we were already exhausted. It also started drizzling so we waited for it to stop. 

At around 3 PM, we went out again. We explored some random streets because I remembered that I wanted to look for a certain camera brand! My new dream camera : Casio Exilim ZR1500 from Japan!
I did find it but they sell it for $2,000. I was hoping I could find a store that sells it for only $1,500. hehe
I love this camera! I've read a lot of good reviews. It has a beauty face feature, wifi capable, art and hdr mode and a lot more! On top of all those, it comes with a flip screen! 
It's so hard to find a store that sells this here in the Philippines... But SOON you shall be mine, Casio!! :)

Because we were not able to buy a lot from the Sham Shui Po market aside from my clothes, my friend and I decided to go to the Ladies Market. The rain stopped but the roads were wet so it was a bit difficult to walk around.

We were in a hurry to shop because we wanted to make it to the Avenue of Stars before 8PM for the Symphony of Lights. We left Ladies Market at past 6 PM.

Look at the moon! I used my Canon 240 HS to take this photo. The same camera I bring to K-pop concerts! hehe. The zoom is just amazing!

The place was so beautiful! I wonder if a local from a certain country still appreciates the places around her/him... Say, does a Parisian still find Eiffel Tower breath-taking or does a Korean still get awed by the Han River or does a Greek person still fall in love with Santorini? 

One thing is for sure, my friend and I fell in love with Hong Kong since day 1 and it just made us more in love with it each day.

It was a long strip of Skyline! The show itself was not very spectacular, though. Just some spot lights dancing plus some Chinese Musical. One would surely appreciate the Victoria Harbour at night, with or without the show.

Me! hehe. I just wish my friend raised the camera a bit so you could see the buildings and lights behind me.

At around 8:30 PM, we headed to the Temple Street Market because my friend still needed to find a set of Jade jewelries for her mother. 
Exhausted, we still dragged our body to the market. This day was one of the most tiring day for me. I was more tired this day compared to how I felt coming back from Macau. 

I was also dead-hungry so I asked my friend if we could eat first. But she said she would like to shop first before eating. Before I died, we were finally able to make it to the nearest food stall. We wanted to try an authentic Chinese noodle so we ordered this bowl of Wanton noodle.

We still had to walk a few more blocks to get home. It felt like my feet were going to be dislocated and just get crumbled, though! hehe

We got home at around 10 PM! We were tired but we definitely made the most out of this day, I miss Hong Kong and walking on it streets at night. It just feels safe. 

LIKES and OBSERVATIONS of the day :
-I did not see a single fly or mosquito during my stay
-The roads aren't slippery nor muddy even after a rain
-Double-decker bus is awesome
-FINDS : Ladies Market > Temple Street > Sham Shui Po
-PRICE : Sham Shui Po > Temple Street > Ladies Market

We had to sleep early because we were going to Disneyland the next day!
The video and the blog post in Disneyland will be up in a few days!

Today is my Mom's birthday! I think she reads my blog so please greet her for me by leaving a comment below. hehe Thank you! :)

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