Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Is The Best Christmas Gift?

Only 36 days until Christmas! Have you guys done your Christmas shopping? Coming from one of the countries that have the happiest and busiest Christmas, I've had the best and the worst Christmas shopping experiences. That's why I always try shop as early as October and November. 

So, I'm doing an early Christmas shopping for my Mom. But instead of squeezing with people at the mall and queuing in line, I decided to just buy a gift for her online. 

I chose four items for her. All of the items are things she doesn't have yet or things that she has been meaning to buy. 

Watch the video below to know more about the items I have picked.

Item 1 : Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Item 2 : Union Classic Gas Range 

Item 3 : Samsung Galaxy Grand Cellphone

Item 4 : Apple iPad 16GB (white)

I know some of you might say that "LOVE" is the best gift for our mothers. But, what's the second best thing? hehe So, please help me pick by simply leaving a comment on my YouTube video HERE

WHAT'S MORE?? One LUCKY follower could WIN THE SAME ITEM that he/she has voted for! How awesome is that, seriously?

I'm looking forward to buying the gift for my Mom so please leave your vote NOW! ^^


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Outfit Ideas For Lazy People

Happy All Saints Day and All Souls Day, everyone! I am in Tarlac as I am writing this blog and will go to the cemetery in a few hours. I am also filming some video vlogs showing how Halloween here is. So, I hope you guys stay tuned for that.

Anyway, I did a video on our YouTube channel showing some quick and easy Halloween outfit ideas for the lazy people! I say easy because none of the items I wore in the video was bought. Everything was already available in my closet and I just had to mix and match.

Watch the video below :


The first outfit is a Cowboy outfit. I am sure a lot of people have plaid polo and denim pants so this should be easy. Though, you would want to add a bandanna and high-cut boots to complete your look. I found a Cowboy hat in my Mom's closet so I decided to wear it as well. But you can go without it and would still look like a Cowboy... or a Cowgirl. hehe


Another super easy outfit is this cat woman or cat girl outfit. I was supposed to wear black tank top and black leggings but I thought a little black dress would be present in almost every closet since it's a staple item. I added a cute Leopard ears and black flats to complete the look.


This, for me, is the easiest out of all the outfits I showed in the video, It's just denim on denim paired with some red accessories. I love how sleek and classy it looks yet still modern and fashionable. This is also an outfit you could pull-off even on a normal day.

If you watch the video until the end, I am sure you have seen the 4th outfit I showed. It was just a crazy idea I had but then I decided to just go with it. If I were to go to a costume party and only has a day to prepare, I would totally wear outfit number 4!! hehe

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you have a safe and peaceful holiday with your loved ones.

Students will go back to School on the 2nd and on the 3rd of November that's tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! Hehe Good luck to my readers that are still students. ^^

Thanks for reading today!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Washi tape is probably one of the greatest inventions in the history of arts and crafts, at least in my opinion. A tiny paper that comes in colorful designs that you can use anywhere! On top of that, it is adhesive so you can stick it anywhere and everywhere and always end up with something cute, unique and creative!

Since it's still school season, I decided to make a video showing some DIY ideas using washi tapes. 

My only concern about washi tapes is that they are so difficult to find. I got mine from different stores. Some of them I got from The Landmark in TriNoma, while some I got from CDR-King and some were from a blog reader. I wish there was a store that sells only washi tapes. In all colors, sizes and designs! 

Here is the video showing some Washi Tape DIY ideas. 

Washi tapes instantly transform plain and boring stuff to cute and artsy! 

My favorite out of all the DIY's is the cord wrapped in washi tape. Since cellphone chargers are used more than once a day, they usually end up getting bent or broken. I like how this will keep my cord dirt-free and protected.

When I met up with the Star City ticket giveaway winners, I asked them what video they would like to see more on our YouTube channel. One of their suggestions was to make more DIY tutorials. Since I take your suggestions seriously, please expect more DIY videos soon!

Thanks for reading today!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Pink Sugar Cosmetics Launch

One of the events that I love going to are makeup events held at restaurants. I mean, makeup and food in one venue, how can we ever say no to that?

I was so happy I was invited to the Pink Sugar launch here in Manila! 

The brand's name sounds so cute, sweet and yummy, right? Pink Sugar is a homegrown make-up brand bound to take space on every Pinay's top shelf. It's a local label Filipina girls will be proud to have in their vanities - a product line that ranges from skin to color cosmetics, quality formulations suited for Filipina skin, and cool packaging that's fodder for any make-up junkie.

The Pink Sugar launch was held at Stella Woodfire Bistro in Bonifacio Global City. I was disappointed with Google Maps because it gave me a wrong direction going to the restaurant. It took me to 1st avenue while I was supposed to go to 7th avenue. Funny thing was that the other bloggers also believed Google maps and got lost, too!

Anyway, when I got to the venue, I was welcomed by a table full of Pink Sugar cosmetics.

In the photo, I'm trying one of their most-loved products, the Sugar Tint Lip and Cheek Tint. It is so pigmented! I also love how it dries to matte and stays on even after eating and drinking.

Here are the complete 5 shades of the Pink Sugar Sugar Tint. One of the most popular shades among the bloggers present at the venue was the Purple Pleasure in the middle.

We then proceeded to the other room to have the event proper. We were welcomed by the founders of the Pink Sugar cosmetics, Laveen Mirpuri and Rohit Mirpuri! Yes, they are men!

I love the small details! On my napkin sat a cute paper mirror.

Our sumptuous lunch of the day! My seatmate for the day was Rochelle Rivera. What we did, we both ordered different dishes then split and shared.Because of that, we were able to taste 2 different dishes instead of just one, Yes, we're pretty and clever just like that. hehe

My table mates that day, fellow YouTubers and Bloggers! Yay! Hello, pretty ladies! 
Do you know any of them? 

Not sure if you know but one of my collections are Pig stuff. Take a look at Genzel's cute piggy phone case! It's a princess (or could be a prince) piggy! I want one in pink, please!

After lunch, we were handed our loot bags. Honestly, I was not expecting much from this brand. I thought we'd just be given one bag per blogger with just 1 lipstick, 1 liner, 1 blush, 1 bb cream, 1 concealer and 1 foundation. But to OUR surprise, we were all given the COMPLETE set of Pink Sugar Cosmetics! Each and every single piece and shade and color and everything! Ahh! I was so, so happy! I wanted to go home right away so I could test the products and take a photo for my Instagram. hehe

Before going home, I went to the mall to buy some stuff. While looking at clothes, some sales attendant noticed my Pink Sugar paper bags. They were overwhelmed and asked me if I bought all the stuff in the bag.
I told them that they were just given to me. They just said "WOW!". Truly, it's overwhelming! If only I had already taken photos and blogged the products, I would have given them some items. I never keep all of the items I get for free. I like sharing them! I believe that I am given these products not to be kept but to be shared. Too bad, I haven't taken photos yet. 

Anyway, here is everything that I got from Pink Sugar that day.

A photo posted by Kristine Roces (@realasianbeauty) on

Since I got a lot of products from them, I thought of doing either a makeup tutorial or a haul/swatch/review video featuring these items. Please let me know in the comment section below which of the video ideas you prefer. ^^

If you want your own Pink Sugar products, head over to your favorite SM and Watsons store now! It is also available at starting October 18, 2015. For more information, follow Pink Sugar's Facebook account HERE.

Thanks for reading!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Skin White : A Better Version of Yourself

Don't you guys want to look extra pretty and be a BETTER YOU on days when something big is about to happen or when you are going to meet someone special? A few weeks from now, I'll be going to an important event so I want to improve myself physically. That's why I am so glad to have received this love package from Skin White today!

SkinWhite, the leading and pioneer skin whitening brand in the Philippines, aims to give young Filipinas the tools they need to improve who they are -- both inside and out. They've also launched a four-month campaign called #BetterMe, to help inspire and empower teens. 

My skin is natural Morena. Though, I am proud and happy with my skin color, there are days when having lighter skin tone won't hurt. So when the big day comes, I'll be confident because I know that a better me has just been revealed! SkinWhite is one of the known brands in the Philippines that effectively lightens skin. And don't you guys love how it's in Pink? Anything that is in Pink always wins my heart! 

In the photo, you can see some of the stuff I need for that event. I have included the essentials : money, bikini, sunglasses, camera phone and our itinerary! One of the things on our to-do list is to take selfies! I dislike it when I have to use a lot of filters to edit my photo. That's why I will be using the SkinWhite Power Whitening Lotion to help my skin become brighter and radiant! 

SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Lotion (200 ml)

I want to be able to confidently wear my hot pink bikini and take unedited and unfiltered selfies on that day! To help me achieve that, I'm using this SkinWhite lotion that uses an Advanced Tripower Technology to whiten my skin instantly and continuously help reveal my whitest, better skin! Because we'll go swimming, I also need SPF to protect my skin! Good thing, this lotion has SPF20 to protect me from harmful UV rays and further skin darkening! Nothing but fun and unlimited selfie taking!

Here's a sample photo showing my legs Before and After using the product.
The left photo is my legs without the product, while the right photo is after I applied the SkinWhite lotion. I noticed that it does instantly whiten the skin and leaves it smooth and moisturized. Don't you guys love instant effects like that? Though you should be careful in applying this as it does have the tendency to be flaky or to form white spots on the skin when not applied evenly.

SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser (135 ml)

I am one of the believers of the saying "Washing your face with ordinary soap and water isn't enough." Because I have oily skin, dirt and dust get absorbed by my face easily. Because of that, I always need a cleanser that will remove any excess oil, dirt and dust off my skin. I also need a cleanser that will help me get rid of makeup residue. This cleanser has Hazel Extract that helps banish acne and helps prevent dryness with it's Vitanourish Formula. 

SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Soap

After a long day, I need to freshen up and stay clean. SkinWhite Whitening Soap is mild and smells so good! The perfect product to end a long yet fun day! This bar soap suppresses melanin production and prevents release of melanin to the uppermost layer of the skin thus preventing darkening. It is also infused with Vitamins A, B3, C and E for intense moisture. 

So now I am ready for my "big day" with whiter and smoother skin! Definitely a better version of myself!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

HUGE HAUL!! September 2015

One of the videos that I enjoy filming are haul videos! I mean, shopping and then turning on the camera just to talk about the things I bought, how can that not be fun? I know you guys also enjoy watching haul videos so whenever possible, I make it a point to film one. 

Here is another haul video showing the things that I got for the month of September! And this, my friends, is possible the biggest monthly haul you will ever watch!
I showed the items in 2 parts : first half of the month and then latter part of the month. 



I know you are curious to see everything I got so please click the play button now! :)

I also have no idea why I got a lot of items for this months, usually it would just be 10-15 items in a month. I guess staying in Tarlac for 5 weeks made me crave shopping and new items. 

Here is a closer look to some of the items I mentioned in the video.

SKII Products from the Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 Event here in Manila. Read more HERE.

The newest Whisper Skin Love delivered to me by a handsome delivery guy. Read more HERE.

A TON of Biore Makeup Remover products, sunscreens and BB Creams. Read more HERE.

Some bags, YouTube stuff and skin care products.

Super KAWAII stuff I got from my favorite Japanese store, Daiso.

Some apparels. I noticed I have been buying a lot of blue stuff lately.

Some items from my favorite shopping mall ever, TriNoma.

Pasalubong from my friend who went to Japan. You know who you are. Thank you!

So, that's everything I got for this month. Please note, however, that this post/video is not intended to brag or show-off the stuff I have. I do haul videos to help you guys decide which stuff to buy on your next shopping. It's also my way of somehow reaching out to you guys as I know girls like talking about the stuff they went shopping for, right? 

How I wish it's like this every month! I would love to have stuff as plenty as this on a monthly basis. BUT I also need to save money for my future and for my kids. hehe So, we will see next month. 

Thank you for reading today! Please do not forget to follow me on Instagram for some daily hauls and behind the scenes of my life. It's @RealAsianBeauty.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Whisper Skin Love is now in the Philippines!

One of the things that are important for us women, but also too often we don't give too much attention, is our sanitary pad. When I was younger, I used to just grab any pad I see at the grocery or use random brand that my mom would buy for me. Now that I am older, I have come to realize how important it is to use quality sanitary pads. Because menstruation is not something that happens once a year, it happens every month!

Whisper has been around for a long time. The brand is known for it's quality and absorbency. Whisper recently launched Whisper Skin Love, the newest technology of sanitary pad from Japan. Today, I'm happy to announce to you guys that Whisper Skin Love is now here in the Philippines!

It's so exciting because my own Whisper Skin Love Pampering Kit was delivered to me right at my doorstep by a handsome delivery guy!

Who wouldn't be excited to receive a package when delivered by a good-looking delivery guy? I'd definitely love to receive a package every day, then! hehe

What I got was Whisper Skin Love Pampering Kit! It has the Whisper Skin Love for Day and Whisper Skin Love for Night use. It also came with some good-smelling Body Lotion and Hand Cream to complete the kit!

What I noticed about the Whisper Skin Love pads is that they smell so, so good! I just hate sanitary pads that smell weird right off the bat. I mean, don't you guys, too? The Whisper Skin Love, especially the pink one smells so good, I'm not even kidding! 

You may be wondering how Whisper is different from other sanitary brands in the market? 

  • It is the only pad with Breathable protection
  • It has 3X absorbency
  • It is less bulky as it had 1/3rd thinness to create differentation
  • It has soft feel and no stuffy feeling

The lotion that came in the kit also smells good and feels light and soft on my skin. Perfect way to pamper myself, especially on that "time of the month"! 

I know you are curious so go ahead and check out Lazada's website HERE to avail of Whisper Skin Love's 50% OFF offer!

Thanks for reading today!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hair Rebonding at Cedar Salon

One of the things I can't live without, aside from food, is definitely hair rebonding! Hair Rebonding is a chemical hair straightening treatment that "bonds" the hair to leave it looking straight, soft and shiny. It can straighten even the curliest or kinkiest hair! I used to have beautiful black and straight hair as a child but I remember my hair got so damaged when my aunt did a lot of treatments on my hair back in elementary school. Since then, my hair never became healthy and naturally straight again. When I was in college, I discovered the magical hair rebonding treatment! Since then, it has become my routine to get this treatment once or twice a year.

I have tried many salons, some of them were great while some of them were a miss. This time, I tried Cedar Salon's Hair Rebonding treatment for the first time! Was it a hit or a miss? Keep on reading to find out!

Cedar Salon is located at 200 Wilson Street, San Juan, Quezon City. It is a few blocks away if you are coming from Greenhills. What I like about this salon is the calming vibe. The ambiance is sophisticated and calm, truly a great place to get pampered!  

Anyway, I knew the treatment was going to take at least 5 hours, so I made sure to bring a book with me. 

And speaking of long hours on the hair, one would definitely get hungry and thirsty. Cedar serves one of the best-tasting iced tea that I have tasted. I have asked twice but the staff said they don't know what brand it is. huhu

Back to the treatment, if you've never had it I am sure you are wondering why the treatment takes such a long time. It's because the hair stylist needs to work on your hair intricately. The hair must be ironed in tiny sections to ensure that the entire hair is sleek straight!

Good thing, two people worked together on my hair. Here's Cedar Salon's hairstylist, Jake and his partner for the day, Belen.

I am embarrassed to show this photo to you guys, to be honest! Since I mostly check my front view in the mirror, I didn't know that my hair was actually this worse! Ackk! The last time I had hair rebond was in January 2015, so of course, regrowth would be dry, frizzy and ugly again!

FIRST STEP : The first step is to wash the hair to make sure there are no hair products prior to the treatment. Then, it will be blow dried and then will be divided into sections. The hair straightening cream will now be applied on it. This will be left on the hair for about 20 minutes.

If your hair is "virgin", the stylist could treat the entire hair with the straightening cream. If you had hair rebond before, it is suggested that you only have your roots or regrowth treated to prevent any further damage to your hair.  

SECOND STEP : The second step is to wash the hair thoroughly and then to blow dry it once more. Again, it will be divided into small sections and now the stylist will proceed to ironing the hair. I have never tried rebonding someone's hair before but I do iron my hair and I know how painstaking it could get to try to straighten each section to make it look perfect! That is why this part takes the longest to do.

What I don't like, though, is perfectly straight hair without shape or volume. I just hate the "broom" look on hair! So, I asked the hair stylist to iron my hair inward so the tips get some shape. 

THIRD STEP : The next step is to apply "neutralizer" on the hair and leave it on for another 20 minutes. After that, the hair will be rinsed once more. If you availed of any hair treatment, this is the time where the stylist would apply it on your hair and then leave it for some 15 minutes.

What I liked about Cedar Salon is that it is a Schwarzkopf salon. Meaning they only use the famous brand for all their hair treatments! None of the creams hurt my scalp or stung my eyes and nose! It was so good!

FINAL STEP :The final step is to blow dry the hair. Some stylists might even iron it a bit to achieve the final shape or straightness that you desire. You will then be asked not to wash your hair for at least 3 days to make the chemical "bond" your hair further.

And, voila! Here's my hair after 5 hours being on the chair! Perfect, beautiful, flawless straight!

I love that the hair stylists listened to me and gave my hair some volume. As I have mentioned before, don't you guys hate it when you have to fight with a hair stylist just because he/she won't listen to what you really want to do with your hair? 

I am so glad that I liked the result! Straight crown and bangs yet volumized and shaped ends!

How do you guys like it? I do like it, for sure!

If you are interested to avail any of Cedar Salon's Services, kindly click on the photo to see the prices of their treatments. Follow them on Instagram, @CedarSalon if you want to know more. 

I definitely give this salon a thumbs up! I really liked their hair rebonding service and would definitely go back for another hair treatment!

Thanks for reading today! I want to know what you think of my new hairstyle. Oh, I noticed that the hair rebonding kind of made my hair color ligthen a bit. I would like to know if you guys prefer me with my old light brown/blonde hair (Balayage, perhaps?) or if I should go dark and black all the way? I will re-color my hair soon so please let me know your suggestion!

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