Monday, April 25, 2016

Hugot Makeup Tutorial! (Walang Forever!) | 5 Steps of Moving On

Hi, guys! I really apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. I'm trying to be consistent with our YouTube video upload schedule that I don't have too much time to do anything else. But I believe that once I master the art of regular video uploading, I'd also be consistent in writing posts for our blog. Please hang on a little and be patient with me. By the way, the Hugot video is in Filipino, my native language, but I'm writing this in English just to follow the format of the blog.

For readers that are not Filipino, Hugot lines are Pick-up lines but are usually more dramatic (yet meant to be punny and funny!) and typically give shade to love problems. Hugot is very popular here in the Philippines these days. I got the idea of doing this video when my friend told me that Arci Munoz did it in her latest movie, Always be my Maybe. I thought it was such a good idea and almost spanked myself for not coming up with the idea earlier!

Here is my Hugot Makeup Tutorial. Please click play to see me utter some punny pickup lines while doing my makeup in my bedroom! Hehe

I am proud of this video for many reasons. One, it's the first formal video where I used my newly purchased ring light. Did you guys notice any improvement on the quality of the video? Second, it was my first time ever to show my 100% bare face to you guys. No subtle eyebrows, lip tint not even moisturizer was applied on my skin. Truly, bare face! That's one courageous YouTuber right there! 

Since we are already talking about love, heartache and breakup, I want to share with you guys my idea of a perfect "moving on" process. I have also been through destructive relationships and painful breakups so I know how it feels and I surely know how to deal with it. Let's get started!


So what do you do when you find out that the person you have given your love and full trust to cheated on you? Or suddenly broke up with you for an unacceptable reason? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, weep. Cry! It's okay to cry. Cry as much as you can, as often as you can. It doesn't matter if you're in front of the T.V. watching The Walking Dead or in the shower brushing your teeth. What some people fail to understand is that the process could be painful but it is also important to let out the pain that you are currently feeling. Don't be scared of people judging you. Those that will judge you are most probably people that have never been in your situation. Those  that have been there will understand you and won't look at you with judging eyes.


A few weeks, or maybe even days, after crying out a river is the phase we start to feel in denial. "Nooo, he definitely can't be throwing our 3 year relationship down the drain, can he?" "No, he just needs some space. He's definitely going to miss me and will be back with me in no time!" "No, we did not break up!" Some people even go to the extent of going to the person and actually begging him or her to stay. I have done that, honestly. And I do not regret it. At least now I know for sure that second chance was impossible. It's always my fear to live my life with a lot of "what if?" I always do something when I can and then charge to experience whatever the result would be. Most of the time, I don't regret something that I have done, be it something good or something stupid... like begging an ex to stay! Hehe


After you've cried and begged the person to stay, you'd probably realize what a big jerk your ex was for hurting you and what a fool you've been for actually begging the person to come back. It's okay to be angry. For me, it's a healthy sign that you are slowly making your way out of the shadow of the person that hurt you, It's a good sign that the hopelessness has now been replaced by another emotion. The new one may not be a better one, but at least you are moving on, which is nice! Okay, girl! Time to bring out those love letters, pictures, and stuffed toys that only remind you of your ex. I'm not the type of person to actually be over-dramatic and burn stuff, I usually just tear them, throw them away or give them to people that want them. I giveaway the stuffed toys, guys! Not the mushy and cringe-worthy love letters! Hehe


Girls don't get mad, they get even... or revengeful! And what a better revenge than to beautify yourself and be a better version of you. Most women I know storm the salon to get an extreme makeover! At first, do this because you were hurt, But later, you should be doing this for the right reason-to improve yourself so you feel good about yourself! I remember when I was younger and immature, I wanted so bad to have big breasts because someone dumped me for a girl with humongous breasts. lol No, I did not get breast implants! Instead, I started working out and got myself some sexy abs. Thanks to the jerk, I had an amazing body back then!


After everything that you've been through, you are now MOVED ON, finally! Some people take only weeks, while some take months and some even take a year to forget and move on. The length of time does not matter, really. What's important is that you have broken free from the pain. And now you have just revealed a better and stronger you! Version 2.0 for the win! And have you not wondered why people that have just moved on are always the prettiest and the happiest? I have observed that a lot on people I know that have gone through worst pain. Most of the time, after their storm, they are the sweetest and brightest people you would ever speak with. They just radiate an aura of freshness and happiness that can never be forced nor faked. It's just sincere happiness!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long post. I'm not sure if you learned something from it, I hope you did! I opened my heart to you on this blog post and shared some of my past painful experiences. Also, I find it a bit weird how we started light with this blog post and now were ending with something serious. If you are going through something right now, remember that it is not the end yet. You will overcome that pain and you will be healed one day, I want to end this blog post by sharing with you guys my favorite Christian song, Grace Changes Everything, Please click here to listen to my favorite version of the song.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Flawless Beauty Drip (IV Glutathione)

Do you want to have whiter, smoother and more glowing skin this summer to go with your skimpy and bright swimwear? Here's my answer! The Flawless Beauty Drip! It's the treatment more popular as IV Glutathione Infusion.

I have actually tried this already about a year ago and I blogged about my first Flawless Beauty Drip Experience HERE. Some people asked me for an updated Beauty Drip post so I went to Flawless to try it for the second time.

What a perfect timing because they recently re-opened their Flawless Trinoma branch! The store is one of the first Flawless stores to get a store makeover. They revamped the look of their clinic, toned down the color and changed their logo as well. We also found out that some people actually find Flawless intimidating because of the many photos of celebrity endorsers and because people think Flawless is expensive! So, Flawless thought it was time to makeover their clinics,too! So fitting for people like me that want to get a total beauty makeover!

Store Location : 1st Level of Trinoma Mall (near the exit going to SM North Edsa)

Flawless Beauty Drip is a treatment that is given through IV Infusion and will last for less than an hour. Intravenous Infusion allows greater tissue saturation and allows the body to tolerate high doses required for immune system functionality and detoxification of the cells.

Beauty Drip is a cocktail nutrients designed to deliver high antioxidant coverage, immune protection, stress defense and better skin glow. Those are important adjunct to the holistic approach to beauty. The Beauty Drip's main components are Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

I vlogged how it's done so please watch the video! 
(A famous internet celebrity and writer also made a cameo in the video so please be sure to watch it!)

The very reason why I got brave enough to try this treatment is because local celebrities here in the Philippines often get this same treatment to maintain their fair, glowing and healthy complexion! If you are not from Asia then you probably will not understand why we want to have lighter skin while people from the West adore our pretty skin color. I guess people always want what we do not have, huh?

In my case, I just want to have lighter skin because I think I would look better in a lot of clothes if my skin was lighter. I'm talking about loud prints and bright neon ensembles here! Hehe I also want to detoxify because of my acne. The problem with my acne is that the cause of it comes from inside my body. So, direct infusion of nutrients would of course make the healing process faster and more effective!

Now, let me answer some of your questions!

1.) Does it hurt?
It does not hurt. Though, one could get really nervous while the doctor is trying to insert the needle through your vein! But once it's in, it does not hurt anymore.

2.) How long does the infusion last?
The doctor said that if the vein is larger, it would take faster. Mine took about 20 minutes only. But for people with smaller veins, I am pretty sure it won't be more than an hour.

3.) How many days before the Beauty Drip takes effect?
I noticed that my skin looked best on the 1st day until the 3rd day after having the Beauty Drip. That was when my skin was really glowing and I noticed that my face almost had zero pimple! OMG, I couldn't believe it was actually my own skin! Hehe

4.) How many treatments do I need?
If you have the budget for it, I recommend having it once a month to achieve full effect! But if you are on a tight budget, then 3 straight sessions (meaning 1 session every 2-3 weeks) would surely give you noticeably lighter skin.

5.) How much does it cost?
Beauty Drip costs Php7,000. That includes 2 shots of Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Alpha Lipoic Acid. If you want to save a few Peso, ask the Doctor for the regular Glutathione IV. It is pure and solely Gluta that would be infused to your veins.

Because I was on my period when I had the Beauty Drip, my skin was not in a really good state. I had 2 big bumps on my left cheek that I wanted to eliminate. Because of that, I also had the Flawless K.I. Pimple Injection. I have a detailed separate blog post on that treatment. Please click HERE to read it on a new window.

Anyway, each injection costs Php150. That is the price per injection per pimple spot. This treatment is the bomb when it comes to instant pimple treatment, It dries out a pimple the next day, no fail! Though, take it easy having this treatment. As always, I want your safety over anything else. Only get this treatment when it is necessary or when you have a big event the next day. I noticed that this treatment changed the structure of my jawline and my cheeks. I used to get this treatment in bulk order.(lol) I used to have many shots of this in a day because I wanted to get rid of my horrible cystic acne before. Now that my skin is better, I noticed that my cheeks appear bumpy and have an imperfect shape especially when you look at me straight upfront. So, safety first, children! Hehe

With Ron Paolo Luna, Junior Brand Associate of Flawless. He's also responsible for everything that has something to do with RealAsianBeautyXFlawless. Hehe So, thanks for all the help, Paolo! (Follow his Instagram because he goes to nice events as well and takes some darn cool photos!)

Have you ever experienced knowing a name but never a face? Well, that's how I would explain what Marcelo Santos is to me. A  name so familiar yet a face I have never once seen before. Until this day! Yay! I met Marcelo Santos right after having my pimple injection! Hehe How awkward that I shook hands with him with the 2 small pieces of tissue on my face!

And because some people might not believe it's actually him because I covered his face with his caricature, then here! Here is our original selfie. Hehe It was nice meeting you, Marcelo. I hope we could do a collab YouTube video someday. When I get my name to be as big and as famous as yours! :)

So that is my beauty makeover for today! I am sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I am currently on a roll making and editing YouTube videos for you guys since we already have a schedule for our videos. So, please don't forget! New RealAsianBeauty video on our YouTube channel every Wednesday and every Saturday at exactly 3PM!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 Must-Try Korean Beauty Products

I love Korean beauty products! They not only come in super cute packaging, but most of their products are also good and effective!

You say you have tried almost every Korean product there is, but have you really? Today, I will show you 5 Must-try Korean Beauty Products that I discovered recently.

By the way, the 5 products I will be mentioning in this blogpost were from an online shop called Althea. Althea is an online shop based in Seoul, South Korea that sells authentic Korean beauty products. What I noticed is that they have lower price compared to other online shops and definitely have way cheaper prices compared to Korean store franchises here in the Philippines!

These products are really hot these days! So hot that they are being raved by bloggers and YouTubers! I hope you enjoy my video!

Here are more details regarding the products that I mentioned!

This is a face pack, pore cleaner and a facial cleanser in one! This removes dirt and sebum on your skin and allows it to breathe. It is perfect for enlarged pores, dry and flaky skin, too much oil and people that wear makeup as it removes makeup residue that sometimes causes acne breakout. What I liked about this product is the packaging, to be honest. The plastic container plus polka-dots print on it make it perfect for Instagram sharing.Hehe Kidding aside, this product is nice, especially for people that have oily skin, like me. After using this product, my skin felt fresh, tight and moisturized but not oily. The black color of the product also helps to eliminate the skin impurities.

This is the ultimate pore management product for troubled nose area. It removes excess sebum, gets rid of dead skin cells and also minimizes blackheads and whiteheads! What makes this special is that it comes with a silicone brush tip that eradicates impurities on your nose as you use it. So, no need pricking your nose that only results in making it appear reddish and sometimes, even worsens the skin condition! Although, I have to be honest that I don't have a lot of problem on my nose so I didn't see much difference after I used this. I have only used this once (for the video) and since I think it didn't work on me, I'll just give this away to my friend or cousin. Hehe

3.) Piolang 24K Gold Mask - Php 800

Out of all the 5 must-try products, this gold mask is my favorite! How about trying Cleopatra's beauty secret at the comfort of your own home while living in the modern era??hehe This is a luxurious and pampering treatment that helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores for a youthful looking complexion. It also soothes and calms the skin, locks in hydration and promotes skin renewal and evens out skin tone.
I just love this product! I have tried a lot of masks already but this one is my favorite! It leaves the skin looking glowing right as soon as you peel it off. The smell is also nice and relaxing! What's even good is that it does not break out my skin! That is the number 1 factor for me everytime I try or recommend something. This product is truly a must-try, guys!

4.) Chico-Y-Chica Topping Star Mask - Php 1,000

Bubble mask is really popular these days! For me, I got this because of it's packaging!Hehe The advertising photos on the website of Althea even make this product even more enticing! Anyway, bubble masks are so popular that I even see local facial centers here in the Philippines offer it. This is apparently a deep cleansing mask that promises to clean the pores, remove waste on your skin, tone-up the complexion and control dead skin cells. The ultimate difference of this from other masks is that it turns really foamy while you have it on your face. Thick and foamy, guys! It also has popping sound that is so cool!
But since I always give you honest reviews, I have to tell you that this mask broke me out SO BAD! Like really, really bad! If you watched the video, you definitely noticed my skin was better and glowing. This product was the last product I filmed and used. Right after it, my skin felt itchy. The next day, I woke up to horrible spots. I know that this product was the one that broke me out because I used the other 4 alone and didn't have any breakout. I tried using this again, just to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it just most certainly did break me out! But I had my mom to use this and she said she loved it. She has dry skin, though. I guess people with acne and oily prone skin are not meant for this famous bubble mask.

5.) Blingsome Lip Tattoo - Php390

This is the hottest thing right now in the world of beauty! Everybody is raving about peel-off beauty products! From masks, eyebrows, to lips! I personally love this product because of the color payoff and because it saves me time from retouching my lips every now and then. Since it's also summer, this is the perfect lip product to avoid smearing and melting makeup! I'm also thinking of using this when I go swimming since it is waterproof. So then, I'd have red and kissable lips even under water!Hehe

Which among the 5 items I mentioned do you think is the most interesting to try?

I got all these products from Althea Korea so be sure to checkout their website for more awesome Korean beauty stuff! Thanks for reading today and have a great weekend, loves!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Nature Republic Store Launching at SM Mall of Asia

I don't always go to blogger events. So when you see me post about one, it's either the event seemed so interesting to me or because I love the brand so much that's why I went.

It's the second reason with this event. Nature Republic is one of my favorite Korean brands. Not because EXO is the endorser of it, okay? Hehe! I just love their nature theme and I love their products!

Anyway, Nature Republic recently opened their branch at the SM Mall of Asia. I was one of the lucky people present at the event.

Nature Republic's branch at the Mall of Asia can be found at the Entertainment Mall, 2nd floor, near the Premier Cinema.

Don't you just love how their store screams "NATURE"?! It's mostly green you see everywhere!

I love informal blogger events! The kind of event where I can just be myself. I especially like it more when there's not a lot of people around. I don't know, guys. I guess I'm just really too reserved for big blogger events.(And now, you're wondering why I am even a blogger! I'm too shy and reserved! Hehe)

Anyway, the agenda for the day was simply to SHOP! How cool is this event?Hehe I was given a certain amount of gift certificate to choose whatever Nature Republic products my heart desires!

Guys, who else is in love with Korean face masks??

Have you guys tried any Korean brand nail polish?You must try it! Most are good quality and super pigmented! I am in love with Nature Republic nail polishes in particular! They have a lot of colors to choose from! And the best part, each bottle only costs Php95 each!(About USD2 each.)

Though I have to warn you that Korean polishes usually take too long to dry on the nails and get thick and tacky in the bottle easily!

OMG! I fell in love with this corner of the store. While the other bloggers were looking at the beauty products, I was at this corner, spazzing over the cute boxes! What are these boxes you ask?

Oh, nothing! Just super cute EXO hand creams and lip balms that would make any EXO FAN seriously crazy! I know for sure because I am not really a hardcore EXO fan but I fell in love with these cute boxes! Nature Republic gets an A for Creativity!

Though, the drawing on the box don't look like them 100%...

The Lip Balm costs Php365 while the Hand Cream costs Php395. The hand cream comes with 2 tubes and a signed photo card!

If you know me, you know which EXO member I picked and bought!

With my fellow blogger, Kaycee... or Kat! Hehe

Tris, Bing and Joyce were also there! Notice how 3 of us were all wearing long and flowy skirts! How cute?!

After shopping, I was about to leave the store when Ricamille of Nature Republic handed me this huge tote bag. When I looked inside, it's filled with Nature Republic goodies!!

And because I am such a tease, I won't show you what products I got from Nature Republic just yet. Instead, I will show them to you in another Haul Video! Yay!

Our new YouTube video schedule is every Wednesday and Saturday at 3:00 PM sharp, that is GMT +08:00! It's Saturday tomorrow so that only means our new video will be up. Please stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and good night, my loves!


Monday, March 21, 2016

Daily Routine: Life of a Blogger! ❤︎

Ever wondered what full-time Bloggers/YouTubers do on a daily basis? A lot of "Routine" videos are going around on YouTube. But instead of doing the morning routine or night routine, I thought of doing a Daily Routine Video! Yay!

There are many Pros and Cons in being a full-time blogger. But if I were to mention just one Pro, that would be the part where I get to do the things that I love when I want to do them! That is like absolute FREEDOM! I know I may sound like I am bragging, but please trust me when I say that I am not. I'm just really grateful that I'm able to experience this while I'm at the prime of my age. ❤︎

I really enjoy being a full-time blogger and as of now, I really can't imagine myself doing anything other than this. I was wondering if I could still do this when I get married or have my children... Hehe! Will you guys still watch my videos and read our blog then? I hope so!

What's your favorite day of the week?

I really put a lot of effort filming and especially editing this video. I hope you watch and enjoy it!

So, what did you think of the video? Did you like how I edited it? Hehe

A lot of people commented that they think I have luxurious life. I don't. Trust me. Thinking of it now, I should have included the part where I did the laundry, washed the dishes, mopped the floor and made dinner for my family! Hehe

I know what else is on your mind! You noticed my room and you want me to do a Room Tour video! Hehe I am working on that, so please stay tuned! I just need to add some more decorations and arrange some areas of it then we're good to see a room tour video!
However, my room is super tiny. Would you be okay with that? Please let me know below. I don't want to get negative comments for having a tiny room,you know. Hehe

Don't forget to leave a comment often! Because this is my face everytime I get a nice and sweet comment from you guys! I especially love it when you guys talk to me as if we're friends in real life! Be sure you are Following me on Instagram @RealAsianBeauty and have Liked RealAsianBeauty on Facebook!

Also, remember to leave a comment on this blog post and all our other posts. Because for this month, I will be picking the winner of the giveaway from this blog. The person with the most number of comments on this blog will get all these Green Stuff from me!

Thanks for reading, my loves!


Friday, March 11, 2016

Vlog: Junca Hair Salon + New Camera (Casio TR60)

I recently discovered a new salon, it's the Junca Salon near ABS-CBN. It's a high-end Japanese salon that recently opened. I'm happy that I got to try it first. Today, I'll be sharing my experience at Junca.

This is what I saw when I went to the salon. I thought there was a press conference but turned out, this is just the usual set up at Junca.

LOCATION: 58 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City

This is the interior of the salon. I was impressed because it doesn't look like the other salons I've been to. I really like the simple and modern interior that they did.

I know you missed our vlogs so I decided to film a video. I also got a new camera that I am very excited to review for you guys! It's my dream camera, the Casio Exilim TR60!
I hope you enjoy the video.

Let's be honest, one of the things that people want is to be treated as a VIP. Junca Salon has a VIP area for their VIP customers. It looks so cozy! I also like bright rooms with natural light from the sun so that's one of the things I appreciate about Junca Salon.

Because it's a Japanese Salon, of course they offer new hair technology to their customers!

Hey, girls and guys! I'm on Instagram! Please follow me if you haven't yet! User name is @RealAsianBeauty!

One of the new treatments that I've tried is this hydrogen infusion that infuses nutrients to the hair in a safe and non-damaging manner.

Have you guys heard of COLD HAIR IRON?! I tried it for the first time at Junca Salon! Instead of ironing hair using heat, they use cold/frozen treatment. This is called the Amino Acid hair treatment. 

They will apply the cream on hair and then they will iron the hair to let the hair absorb the cream. What makes this different is that they uses cold hair iron! How amazing is that?? I was impressed when I tried this new hair technology at Junca!

I really appreciate service workers that are eager about their work. My attendant that day, Rose, was very nice. I liked how she took care of me and made me feel really pampered.

By the way, a lot of you guys have been asking about the contact lenses that I use these days, It's the World Series Lenses that I got from I just alternate the colors Brown, Gray and Blue. I love it because though it does not look very natural, it looks subtle compared to lenses that have thick, dark circle around it. It also comes in three-tone color so the lenses pop against my dark brown eyes.

I had my haircut, too. Though I have to be honest that I did not like my haircut. It was plain and wasn't very appealing. I wish the stylist put more layer or curve to my hair when she cut it. I also think she should smile a bit more so her customer would feel more comfortable with her.
Looking at this picture, don't you agree she needs to smile more at her clients?

This is the final result of my hair makeover at Junca Salon! Yay! What do you think?

Because my nails were already ugly, I also decided to get my nails done.

Though I am a nail artist, I have to admit I haven't tried gel nail polish before. It's not because I am way behind the trend but maybe because I am not yet ready for that kind of commitment. I mean, 2 weeks with the same color is too much for me! I need to change it at least every 4 days!Hehe

I was excited to try the gel nail polish service at Junca!

If there is one color I can stand being with for 2 weeks or so, that color would definitely be PINK!

This is how it looks on my nails. The brand is not Orly but I just decided to put the nail polish around my hand to make the photo picturesque! Hehe

Thanks so much to Junca Salon for having me over as one of the first bloggers to ever visit their salon! Yay!

Here is a mini OOTD picture! Hehe
A photo posted by Kristine Roces (@realasianbeauty) on

Do you guys miss me doing OOTDs?I miss it, too! I wish I could get my DSLR from Canon back and meet a new fiend that would be willing to take my photos so I could post outfits for you guys again!

And in case you have not heard yet, I GOT A NEW CAMERA!! I've been announcing this everywhere so it's impossible that you missed that one great news! Hehe

It's my dream Casio Exilim TR60! You see Xiaxue and Cheeserland use this camera and now you will see me with it, too! Yay! I used this camera to film this Vlog video and to take all the photos in this blog post! How impressive!

I got my Casio Exilim TR60 and my other Casio Exilim cameras from Camerahaus! Such a relief that now, I won't have to go abroad or order online just so I could get the latest Exilim cameras! And you won't have to, either. Camerahaus now sells Casio cameras! Yay!

For more details about Casio Exilim cameras, check out Casio Philippines Facebook Page HERE.

Thank you for reading today! Please stay tuned for a new video that I am editing now. Should be up Saturday or Sunday this week.

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