Sunday, February 7, 2016

Belle De Jour MVP Bella Meet x Mystery Manila Experience

One of my traits that I am proud of is that I am very loyal. I remember good deeds and I like keeping my circle small so that I can be loyal to the ones close to me. That applies in real life as well as my blogging life. BDJ or Belle De Jour was one of the brands that believed in me when I was starting. At that time, receiving a sponsored product was so seldom! But BDJ was one of the very first brands that sponsored me. I have been a Bella for more than 3 years now! (Going 4 soon.) WOW! 

Because of that, I always remain loyal to BDJ. If I am available, I always make it a point to attend their events and join their promos. However, I am also loyal to you, my readers. I remember telling you that I will only promote brands and products I truly believe in. That still remains my standard in promoting and endorsing. The reason why BDJ never gets off my promotion list is because it really is worth all the hype and promotion! 

Because of that, I am so happy to tell you guys that I am now part of the BDJ MVP! Yay! What is it, though? Being part of the BDJ Community (Subscribing to the BDJ Box, Purchasing BDJ Planners, Attending BDJ events, etc.) means becoming a Bella. There are different stages of being a Bella : Bench Warmer, Cheer Leader, Captain and MVP. Being an MVP means being active in the community. It is the highest rank a Bella could ever be! It also means getting perks from BDJ! Yay!

BDJ organized the first-ever BDJ MVP Meet up today, February 6, 2016 at the Century City Mall in Makati. It was a relaxed day, dresses and high-heels off, where the MVP Bellas just got to bond, enjoy great company, play some fun games and munch on yummy food!

Since it was just a relaxed day I came in comfy clothes and in my current favorite Vans sneakers! Good thing I came in comfy outfit because we played a game that required running and hushing!

We went to the Mystery Manila inside the Century City Mall. It's a live escape game where a group must find clues, solve puzzles and riddles in order to make it out "alive" after a certain time! It was so fun and I was so excited because I have been wanting to try a game like this ever since I heard of it.

Mystery Manila has different branches and each branch has different games. The one at Century City Mall has : Virtual Voyage, Pym Particle, Debby's Doll, Sinister Sensorium and Crime of the Century. It costs Php 550 if there are only 2 players but it gets cheaper as more players join. If there are 5 to 6 people playing, one head would only cost Php 400.

I talked to one of the staff and he said one of the must-tries is the Rebecca's Room! I heard it's pretty scary! Hehe

All games are to be played inside the Mystery Manila room except for the Crime of the Century.

It's a game that requires team effort, mental skills, problem solving, logic and good stamina! The players would go around the mall to look for clues. It's nerve-wracking because you are pressured to be able to decode the bomb in just 90 minutes! 

We weren't allowed to bring any stuff with us so I was not able to take pictures while we were doing the challenge. But it was so fun because we were given a SWAT jacket to wear while we did the game. We went around the mall to search for clues. It was a team effort. However, since we were 7 in the group, it was kind of chaotic since everyone had opinions. For this game, I suggest having just 4-5 members. After about an hour, we answered all the riddles and questions and was finally able to enter the room where the bomb was. We spent a few minutes trying to solve the last clue, which was quite difficult. We ALMOST got the correct answer but we just failed to get the correct order. So, the bomb exploded! Sigh!

But it was fun! Definitely a bonding activity that is out of the box!

My team mates and fellow BDJ MVP Bellas.

Kate was also there but she played with another team inside the Mystery Manila room. It's too bad because her team also Almost Solved the mystery!

Photo with my team mate, Yani. She is from BDJ.

After the game, we went to Le Petit Souffle just a few steps away from the Mystery Manila. I failed to take a photo of the place but it looked so artsy! The restaurant is so picturesque! They serve fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. Because everyone was busy talking about the games, even I failed to do my blogger duties. I also forgot to ask the names of the food. I was only able to take few food photos. But we had a feast and everything was delicious! 

This one looks like a platter of fluffy clouds but it's actually soft egg on top! OMG, I can't even explain to you how soft and fluffy it is! Though, I thought it was actually dessert...

But it was actually rice meal... and it was so good! OMG. I was so busy talking that I only ate few bites. Had I focused on eating, I would have finished the whole platter! Hehe

The strawberry dessert was also so good! Though, I have to complain that the strawberries they use is sour and small. I would have appreciated it more if the strawberries were bigger, softer and sweeter.

We stayed there for a couple of hours just talking and talking... That's what girls do anyway, right? :)

Before leaving the restaurant, we made sure we took a group photo.

It was a fun day with the Bellas and definitely a fun experience at the Mystery Manila! I am looking forward to more BDJ MVP Bella Meet up!
Thank you for reading! It's almost 2:00 AM. It's probably time to sleep now. Good night, my loves!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Face Update : 9th Session of FNT (Fractional Needling Therapy) at Flawless!

A lot of you have been asking me for an Updated Skin Condition post. The last time I posted about FNT was when I had my 4th session. I apologize for making you wait. Anyway, last week I had my 9th session of FNT or Fractional Needling Therapy at Flawless.

According to Flawless, Fractional Needling Therapy is a treatment that uses micro needles and it is a cutting-edge and cost-effective skin solution to scars, acne, wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks, dark spots and hair loss. By using tiny needles to penetrate hard-to-reach areas, FNT, infuses effective and safe serums that lift, smoothen, lighten, refine and restore the youth and radiance back to the skin. (Check out Flawless' website here for more information.)

F.N.T. is one of my favorite treatments to get at Flawless. Because I used to have really, really bad acne, my skin was left with dark spots, acne scars and large pores! F.N.T. helps me to somehow bring back the skin I had before all the bad acne breakout happened. To give you an idea how bad my skin WAS, here is a photo. Again, please do not use this photo to blackmail me if you hate me. hehe
(CLICK HERE to see more of my acne photos and to read my ACNE STORY!)

Then, this was how my skin looked before my 1st ever F.N.T. treatment back in February 2015. (Wow, it has been a year, I didn't even notice!)

This is how my skin looked right after my 9th F.N.T. session at Flawless last week, 4th week of January 2016. It was super red, and yes, scary!
(If you hate me, please don't use this photo to blackmail me. hehe I am only posting this photo to let my readers see how the face would look right after an F.N.T. session!) ^^

*I put watermark on my face area to prevent online shops from using my acne and skin photos to promote their products that I never use.


This photo was taken the day after I had the FNT. As you see in the picture, my face was red all over. The areas where the doctor treated well are more red compared to other areas. I have extremely visible pores on my cheeks and on the temple area so I always ask my doctor to treat those areas well. Because it could still be stingy when you wash your face, be sure you only use mild facial cleanser. Avoid using any products that have scrub beads or salicylic acid. The first day is probably the worse stage of the down period so I suggest having your FNT done on a weekend or on your day off work or school.

TIP : I use Cetaphil Cleanser whenever I get F.N.T. treatment because the cleanser is mild and gentle. It only takes away the dirt and impurities without irritating or leaving any harsh chemicals behind.

DAY 2 :

On the second day, peeling will start! This is also the day when the red spots turn dark. The peeling starts on the areas treated well. In my case, the peeling started on the chin and cheek area. I also recommend staying indoor to avoid exposure from the sun. When your skin is peeling, that is the stage where it is most susceptible to sun damage. But if you really must go outside, use sunblock with high SPF. Also, bring an umbrella or use a hat for maximum coverage. I know it is tempting because I am guilty of it! (hehe) But it is not advised to peel off your skin by force. After I took this photo, I peeled my skin by force so it left some red marks the next day. (See photo below)

TIP : Flawless will prescribe you to get the Erythromycin Post Cautery Cream after an F.N.T. treatment. It costs around Php 350 and would last until your 4th session. This cream will help ease the redness, will make it heal faster and it will also prevent irritation.

DAY 3:

On the third day, the peeling would be lesser depending on how much dead skin layer you have to shed off. I have bad skin and I didn't have FNT for few months so the peeling was quite intense. But as I have mentioned above, I peeled my skin by force so it looks better by the third day. However, if you look close enough, you will see that it left some red marks on my face. (3rd right photo, my left cheek) The peeling and dark/red spots were not there anymore but it is still reddish because of force and too much rubbing that I did the previous day. So, please don't do that!

DAY 4 : 

On the 4th day, you will be able to go out of the house without being conscious of your face. Peeling and Dark/Red spots won't be there anymore but the face would still be a bit reddish. It's still still advised to keep away from the sun and only use light makeup. Avoid foundation and powder if possible and just use a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

TIP : I like using tinted base/sunblock like this product. This is a Japanese brand and it also acts as a good makeup base. But on days when you can't wear or too lazy to apply makeup, it's good enough as a product to cover some spots and act as a good sun protection.

DAY 5 :

On the 5th day, you can already see the glow in my skin! My skin also appears tight and refreshed now. I only did my brows, eyes and lips but did not apply anything on my face. (No toner, moisturizer, sunblock, etc.) But my skin looks as if it is tight and the pores became less visible!

DAY 6:

The 6th day (or 7th for some people) is the day when you would feel the most prettiest! It is the day when all of the down time would pay off and you could say hello to a more flawless skin! Like the other photos, I only did my brows, eyes and lips but no product was applied on the skin. But if you look closer, you will see that the pores have become tighter and less visible. The peeling and dark/red spots are no longer there. You can also go back to your regular skin regimen and do your favorite makeup routine. But in my opinion, since you already have good skin this day, I suggest to keep the makeup light. Enjoy your glowing and supple skin and be proud to show it off bare! 

Frequently Asked Questions :

How much does it cost per session?
-It would cost around Php 4,500 for each session of F.N.T. The treatment would be done by one of Flawless' licensed doctors.
Is it painful?
-Yes, it is, especially if you have low pain tolerance. The pain won't be felt while you are having the needle treatment since the doctor would apply anesthesia on your face. The pain comes after the treatment but would only last 10-15 minutes. It is when the anesthesia subsides and you start feeling the sting of the pricking of needles. But you can ask the doctor to turn on the fan so the air could help soothe the stinginess.
Does it work? How many sessions do I need?
-I would suggest having at least 4-6 sessions of F.N.T. to see better results. Once may not be sufficient and the customer may just end up disappointed.
Which Flawless branch do you go to?
-I go to SM North Edsa and Cubao Flawless branches. If you see me, say Hi to me! :)
Is the result permanent? 
-Nothing is permanent just as how there's no forever. The skin does get better through the help of F.N.T., but if you still get acne spots from time to time, like me, then chances are you also get new spots and new open pores. So just to maintain your skin, I would suggest still having F.N.T. sessions at least every 3 months. 

If you want to know more, you can read my FIRST FNT session here or my FOURTH FNT session update here.

For comparison, here's how my skin looked BEFORE and AFTER my 9th F.N.T. session. You can see that the red spots are now gone, no more peeling and my skin is dewy, tight, fresh, appears ligther and the dark spots and some visible spots are less visible!

And here's how my skin looks now after NINE SESSIONS of Flawless' F.N.T.! 
The left photo was my skin before having any F.N.T. treatments. You can see that my skin was darker and I had a lot of active spots and also a lot of dark spots. The area on my forehead also had some wrinkles and the skin looks dry and flaky. 
After 9 sessions of FNT, and no photoshop, edit nor filter, my skin looks pleasantly brighter and the dark spots are lesser now. I also noticed that the birth mark near my left eyebrow has become less deeper! The forehead that used to have wrinkly, dry and flaky skin now looks smoother and tighter! My face also has that noticeably pinkish glow, especially on the cheeks area! Though, some pores on the cheeks are still open and visible, I have to say they are not as big and visible as how they used to be!

I am happy and thankful for my skin now! I know I still need a lot of F.N.T. sessions to achieve that beautiful skin that I am praying for. But the skin condition that I have now is not that bad already if you look back at how it looked in 2012! This treatment is one of the treatments that I love getting at Flawless. Whenever I have special occasions or events to attend, I count at least 8-10 days before the big day and make sure to visit my favorite Flawless clinic to get this treatment. Yes, it is pricey! Considering I already had 9 sessions, the total money I have spent already would come down to Php 40,500!!! But as I have mentioned earlier, you can have at least 4 sessions of this and then say hello to a better skin. However, I do not recommend this to younger people, especially to teenagers as your skin is still young and delicate. This treatment suits best the people that are my age or older and have serious skin condition.

I hope you like this skin update! As always, whatever worked on me may not work on some people. Always consult a doctor or expert (or your parents) first before trying any products or treatments that I review, feature and recommend. 

Don't forget to leave your comments below for any questions. I respond to comments and messages every Thursday! If you LIKE me on Facebook here, we can also have live chat on Thursdays so you could better ask me for tips and suggestions. 

Thank you for reading!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Achieve Makeup Goals with Sleek Makeup

Last Saturday, I went to Sleek Makeup's event. It was a day where Bloggers get to achieve our Makeup Goals and create our own Makeup Transformation. Sleek Makeup helped us achieve our transformation using their cosmetics.

I love going to events of brands that I really use. I use Sleek's Cream to Powder Foundation because it's not as oily as other foundations and it dries to cream so it's perfect for my skin type. I also love that it conceals my acne spots and my open pores.

Here's my face before the transformation. Before leaving the house, I only applied my favorite Sleek Cream to Powder Foundation, did my eyebrows, applied eyeliner and swiped on lipstick. This is my go-to look!

We were asked to do our own makeup. Since I usually wear light and nude makeup, this time I decided to apply dark colors on my  eyes and nude color on my lips. We were able to use all these Sleek cosmetics!

The goal was to create a look that is different from the makeup we often do. According to Sleek Makeup, my look is often K-pop and Korean inspired. Because of that, I created a look that is different from my usual look.

I was also able to try their Matte Me Lip Cream for the first time! It was pigmented but was a bit drying, in my opinion. However, when it comes to staying power, I have to say this is quite good since I applied it at 11AM and it was able to last until my friend's wedding at 4PM!

They also had hair stylists at the event that helped us complete our transformation.

Yes, I have wide forehead! Hehe

After a few hours, this is the look I came up with. What do you think? I used purple and dark brown colors on my eyes and the Matte Me lip cream in Birthday Suit.

Before and After.

With my fellow bloggers : Joyce, Shebby, Say and Bing. 

This is not a look I'd wear on an everyday basis since I have flawed skin. Yes, it's my very nice Casio camera that works wonders on my skin! Hehe But, because I have flawed skin, I noticed that thick makeup only makes it look worse. So, I always prefer to look natural. But for special days like this, it's nice to have a bit of change, right?

We also had a quick photoshot! Wow, I feel like a celebrity here already! Hehe

I haven't gotten the HD copies from Sleek Makeup but here are some LQ photos that the photographer took using my camera.

It was a fun day! After that, we were given a loot bag with some Sleek Makeup goodies inside to let us play with at home... or maybe, use in a tutorial? I am excited to try the Translucent Powder and the Blush Palette!

After this event, I went straight to Intramuros for my friend's wedding! Wow, a wedding in Intramuros! And even , SUNSET! It was so beautiful. Should I blog my friends wedding? Speaking of weddings, a lot of my Facebook friends have been getting engaged and married... while I? Still remain single! That is why I don't look at my Facebook Timeline these days. What I don't know won't hurt me, right? Hehe I'm now praying for my Mr. Right Guy. Where are you??

Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday, everyone!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Daiso Japan Makeup Haul + Tutorial and Review!

Daiso has been around for quite some time already. But I used to not be a fan of it since all I can remember was me getting dizzy each time I would enter the store when  was younger because they had a lot of stuff inside! But 2 years ago, my Mom and I went to Daiso store in Robinson's Magnolia just to kill time. I was so impressed at how many cute, unique and cheap stuff they sell!

Since then, I have never been to a mall that has a Daiso store in it without me going inside the Japanese shop. I just have to see what new items they have! My room now is filled with a lot of stuff I got from Daiso for just Php 88! I am still organizing my room but I can't wait until I'm able to film my very own ROOM TOUR video! Yes, you heard it! ROOM TOUR! Hehe I'm excited to show you the cute stuff in my room that were from Daiso!
Aside from room decorations, kitchen utensils, toys and toiletries, they also sell some Japanese Makeup. I got intrigued one day and decided to buy a few items. After that, I thought you would want to know if their makeup is good so I decided to film a tutorial / review video!

Here is everything that I got from Daiso! It's surprising how their make-up line is complete from BB Cream, Eyeshadow, False Eyelashes to Highlighter! 

I know you are curious. I got 15 items and each item costs Php 88 each. So in total, I spent Php 1,320 (~ USD 28) for this video tutorial. 

Here is the video. Enjoy! 
(I'm sorry if the video quality is low because I still haven't taken my DSLR to the repair shop.)

I liked almost half of the items I reviewed. But some of my favorites are the false eyelashes and the eyelash glue. They remind me of Dolly Wink products!

Such pretty flat lay! So cute, girly and organized! You're most certain that the background is also as nice, organized and cute as the stuff on the feathery cloth, right?

WRONG!! Hehe This is what most followers of Bloggers and YouTubers don't know. Sometimes, for just a single flat lay photo, we turn our room upside down, sometimes even inside out! 

And that, my friends, was also how I lost my 32GB Memory Card! I was taking a flat lay photo one night when my 16GB memory card got full memory. I took my 32GB and put it inside the camera. I removed it, transferred the photo to my laptop, tried to de-clutter my room then went to bed. The next morning, my 32Gb memory card was nowhere to be found! OMG! It has some raw videos that I need for my YouTube videos and some memories of my 2015... I already looked in my room, searched the trash, put the bed up, searched inside drawers... but it's nowhere to be found. I don't know how it got lost when the 1 Peso coin under my bed that was there unmoved for a year was still there when I went searching for the card! *sigh*

Anyway, here is the look that I came up with using all Daiso makeup products!

What do you guys think?

I recommend trying :

  • Eyelash Glue
  • False Eyelashes 
  • Eyeshadow Palette
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Bb Cream

Don't buy! :

  • Eyebrow Mascara
  • Blush
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Lip Balm / Gloss
  • Blending Sponge

I am still trying to improve my makeup skills. But I hope you like the look I came up with.

Also, I wish I could travel Japan this year! I am sure they have awesome stuff there! I want to hoard Japanese eyelashes, eyeliners, anything that has cute packaging, all flavors of KitKat and other things I don't need but would buy anyway just because it's cute! ^^

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