Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Divisoria Vlog and HAUL! ♡

I lied. 

When I told you I was going to be blogging and making YouTube on a full-time basis, I told you that I was going to be able to write more blogs and upload more videos. But I somehow enjoyed having too much time that I could not get away from it right away. Right now, as I'm writing this post, I'm listening to some Dream Sounds songs. That's something I have not done for a long time. I guess I'm enjoying being able to do the simple things in life now that I am often at home. I get to cook for my family as well and I just did my laundry the other day! 

Anyway, here's one more thing I was so excited to do - to blog in Divisoria!

I like standing out! So while other people are enjoying their loads of Givenchy and Hermes stuff, I'm here thrift-shopping at Divisoria! 

When someone tells you that it's uncool to shop for bargain stuff then give them at least $50 and take them to Divisoria. They won't believe how many things they'd be able to take home with just that little amount of money! :)

I tried to shop on a Php 2,000 ($46.5) budget. It really helps to have a list when you go shopping. Then, you'd be able to buy the things that you really need first rather than just impulsively buying the first thing you see. Everything that I bought came down to Php 2,130  ($49.50) so that means I overspent Php 130. hehe

I really enjoy thrift-shopping! 

Next, I'll take you to the clothes thrift store (Ukay-Ukay) with me so stay tuned for that!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Outfits of the Week : Monochrome

I like wearing monochrome outfit because it looks less striking as compared to bold and colorful outfits yet it still looks well put-together. Here are some monochrome ensemble ideas!

See the outfits in action by playing the video below! :)

A frequent reader, Luisa, said that she still enjoys watching my OOTW videos even though she has seen the blog posts already. She said that the outfits give a different feel  when I'm moving than when I just post in pictures. I'm kind of like her, too. Sometimes it could get a bit boring to read long texts so I prefer watching videos. Plus, hearing a nice background music adds more fun, right?

Anyway, here are the outfits. I'm sure you've seen them all, too, except for the last outfit that I did not blog because the quality of the photos were not very good.

Outfit #1 
K Print Sweater - Rosegal.com (link here)
Skirt - Rosegal.com (link here)
Kitty Heels - LightInTheBox.com (link here)
More photos and info here

Outfit #2
Black Crochet Top - Romwe.com (link here)
Aztec Shorts - Choies.com (link here)
Shoes - Primadonna
More photos and info here

Outfit #3
Black Dress - Romwe.com
Shoes - Primadonna
Leather Bag - EastideFashion.com
More photos and info here

Outfit #4
Cross Top - Choies.com (link here)
Leatherette Skirt - Choies.com (link here)
Leather Bag - EastideFashion.com (link here)
Minimalist Sandals - CMG

What do you think about the outfits?


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My office mates were my photographers but now that I am a full-time blogger, finding (and bugging) someone to take my pictures have become a bit difficult. My cousin visited me one day so I asked her to take my pictures. I never knew how hassle-free it is to shoot on a Sunday! The roads are clear and there are only a few people on the road. We walked around my neighborhood to look for a good spot for the shoot.

We found this hidden spot a block away from my house. It's kind of forest-y, though. I originally wanted to take photos in front of a mansion because the gate was just so pretty. But the guard on duty told us to go away. lol. If I were blessed enough to live in a mansion and see people in front of my house, I would never shoo them away. It only means that they think my house is nice, right? Oh well...

Kind of reminds me of Lazarus and the rich man's parable...

Skirt : StylishPlus.com
Heels : CMG
Necklace : Choies.com

What do you think of this outfit?


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life Update : Videos On Board + Meet and Greet in Hong Kong!

Months before I decided that I was going to resign from my office job and give more attention to blogging and YouTubing, I was already contacted by Spin Manila. Their offer was so good to not accept because they told me they were going to give me even more exposure (to non YouTube viewers) by showing some of my YouTube videos on their RRCG buses. Of course, I said YES! But their marketing officer became too busy at that time so we lost contact. I thought I had lost a great opportunity. But a few days after I submitted my resignation letter in my office, Ms. Pen of Spin Manila contacted me again and said they were finally going to show my videos and that we had to finally sign the contract! How perfect was the timing?!

So now, you could catch me and my YouTube videos when you ride an RRCG bus! Yay!

The buses take the Pasay route so you will surely be able to catch it especially if you work around Cubao, Ortigas or Makati! 

I have on favor, though! Would you please take a photo for me when you see my video playing on the bus? I would truly be grateful! Thank you! :)

* * *

Also, I'll be in Hongkong at the end of August and will be there for a week. I was thinking of having a very small and short meet & greet with some of the viewers and readers from Hongkong!

I am so excited for this trip! Hongkong has been mentioned as one of the nicest cities in Asia, one of the safest countries to tour and it has also been mentioned as one of the favorite destinations by my favorite people so I am even more excited!

Yes, I'll be blogging about the trip! I will also film some Vlog videos so you could see how our trip went!

A reader from Hongkong? I would love to meet you! Please leave a comment below or email me directly at realasianbeauty@gmail.com! See you soon!


Saturday, August 9, 2014


Summer is not yet over so here is a dress that's perfect for a sunny day! 

Haven't you noticed that I love wearing dresses? Aside from being perfect for the Philippine weather, I also love how having a lot of dresses saves me time in the morning. I could just pull out a random dress and pair it with nice shoes and bag. That's saving half the time instead of thinking of what to pair with pants or skirt, right?

I love this dress that I got from an online shop called StylishPlus.com. I'm not good with birds (lol) so I had to Google the birds on my dress. I came up Chickadee so I just used it as the blog title. Did you know that coming up with the title is actually more difficult than writing the blog post?

Birds Print Dress : StylishPlus.com
Bag : People are People

Did you also notice how this outfit looks the same as this one I wore weeks ago?


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Swap and Tomato DIY Your Lifestyle Bloggers Event

When I was still working as an office employee, I used to get disappointed because I always had to turn down blog event invites especially those that fall on a weekday. But it's a different story now since I have all the time in the world to attend events and other occasions. 

Here's my first event as a full-time blogger. :)

I was invited by Swap Watch and Tomato Time to attend their exclusive bloggers event where attendees could personalize Swap timepieces. 

The event was held at Tomato's flagship store in Glorietta 2. It was an exclusive event so they had to close the entire store to let the attendees fully enjoy the happening.  

I got there 30 minutes early so I enjoyed all the eye candies even before the other bloggers did. I really love colorful stuff so I was really in awe with how they decorated their store. The theme of the event revolves around things that are fresh, sweet, colorful and things that will definitely inspire goers to be more creative.

(Blurry photos were taken using my phone. I brought my dslr but it had the prime 50mm lens on it so I couldn't take full shots.)

I love how they injected sweet stuff together with their products. At first  I thought the stuff below the bags were just dummy cupcakes but when I got closer, they were real, edible cupcakes! Yummm!

They also had this super cute bicycle. I really, really want to do a sweet summer themed photoshoot with a pink bicycle as props. Tomato, may I borrow this bicycle for a shoot? 

No? Okay then, I'll just have the impromptu photoshoot with it now! hehe

Let's go to the main event, DIYing SWAP watches! 

Do you see the colorful watches? I want them all! I can already imagine outfits that would go well with all the colors!

Watches in delicious colors that are as sweet as these treats! And yes, as colorful as the lady's hair. 

Feeling hungry yet? Thought so! Here are more food pictures! hehe

These pictures don't even do justice as to how delectable they looked in person. Plus, food was really overflowing at the event! I love sweets so much but food won over me at that time. There was just a looot of sweets! I miss them now, though! hehe

What's more sweet, though? The celebrities that came to DIY watches with us at the event. I really do not get star struck a lot when I see celebrities so I rarely ask for photos. (Unless, of course, if the person is a Kpop star.hehe) But I really had to come up to Mike Tan to ask for a photo together. I rooted for him when he joined Starstruck so I've been following him since then.

We have a LOT of looms and rubbers at home because my mom is so into making loom bands... but I'm not. I told you I only know one design, and that's the simplest fishtail loom band. I kind of regretted that I can't make complicated ones. 

Good thing, there were friendly staff that were ready to guide us in making our own loom band watch strap. 

I was so into making my strap that I just sat there for about 20 minutes. 

It was so complicated at first but I was able to finally get it, thanks to Diana who helped me.

There was also the regular watch strap where you could customize the photo on it. I was so lost at first, I wanted to put a photo of my dog or my favorite Kpop star. But don't you think it would be embarrassing to have a photo of a Kpop star on my watch when people glance at my watch to check the time? So, I settled for something less embarrassing...my photos!

I love my straps!

Thanks to Swap and Tomato Time for my new arm candies!

You, too, could DIY your own watch! Choose your own photos for the watch's face, mix and match the color of the straps and be more creative my doing your own loom band watch strap! Check out WWW.TOMATO.PH (and here) to find out how you could DIY your own watch!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Life update : Now a FULL TIME BLOGGER!

I've been working at a Korean company for 5 years now. That's where all the craziness for anything Korean started! 

Online English Centers are very popular these days. So right after graduation, I tried my luck and applied as a Teacher in one of the Korean centers in Ortigas. I got hired and that day was one of the most thrilling days for me. You see, dealing with Koreans was very new to me then. I had a couple of Korean friends in high-school but I was not very race-sensitive then so I just viewed them like how I viewed my other Filipino classmates. It also didn't help that they spoke fluent Filipino.

In that center, I met and taught these very smart and super adorable Korean kids! They were all so smart and they made me very excited to come to work each day. 

I also made a LOT of friends! Back in 2009, our center had Native American teachers, too. And you know how crazy Americans are. Good-way-crazy, that's what I'm saying, 'mmkay? 

If you look close enough, you might also notice Epey Herher. haha. That silly friend. She won It's Showtime's That's my Tomboy. Who would ever thought that our silly friend would be popular now?

The people in the photo were the senior teachers in our company. Fast forward to 2014 and only 5 among the many seniors are still with the company. 6 if you would still count me in. 

I started making YouTube videos and back then, being popular online never entered my mind. I just wanted to see myself on that YouTube screen, really. Then, I applied for the Youtube partnership! At that time, YouTube was VERRRY strict. You needed to acquire a certain number of video views and Youtube subscribers before they accept you in the program. I think it was on the second try that I got in. I joined not because I wanted to monetize my videos but simply because I wanted to be able to customize my channel and choose my video thumbnail! Pretty lame reason, right? Lucky you because I think anyone could do those on Youtube now!

Anyway, I was able to do both teaching and Youtubing for more than 2 years. And I honestly enjoyed each day I was doing both. But one day, I woke up and realized that I wanted to focus on making YouTube videos. Teaching is very fulfilling but since I never get to see my students in real life, the response and interaction were not enough, at least for me. I want to be able to do things that I could call my "own" and make accomplishments I could be proud of. Also, I want to be able to touch more lives and inspire more people with my humble videos...

So, I decided to quit my full time job and be a full-time Youtuber/Blogger!

Friends were all excited for me but elders were all hesitant and discouraged me from quitting. They all said a stable job is better than having to risk for something still unknown. It's true, though, that listening to elders is always the best thing to do. But I am 28 and not getting any younger. Whenever I make decisions now, I always think that people do not regret the things that they did, rather the things that they DID NOT. 

I might not become successful in this field...but I could always go back to regular office jobs, right? Then I could tell people that I was happy I was able to try. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all!

So, I packed my bags, bid my friends goodbye, told me I'll see them again soon, and then walked straight ahead. 

Now that I have more time on my hands, I am just ecstatic! 

Here are few things I want to be able to accomplish soon :

1.) Learn how to bake cupcakes. 
2.) Update this blog's layout and banner
3.) Travel more
4.) Deep-clean my room
5.) Spend a week at my grandparents home in Tarlac
6.) Sleep early. Regularly.
7.) Study level 2 of Korean Language at KCC
8.) Visit my high-school alma mater and eat street food
9.) Work part time at a Korean academy/Summer camp
10.) Upload 4 to 5 videos weekly! *fingers crossed* :)

Just looking at the list excites me. I wish I could be 18 again. I would be able to do so much more if I was younger. lol. But age should never stop us from doing something or from following our dreams! I believe it's true that we define our future by the choices that we make today.

I used to be so scared of leaving... so afraid of jumping out. Leaving is always difficult until that day you decide to do so. So if there's something that you really, really want then go and follow your dreams, too! I just did!

Also, I would like to thank YOU for always coming back to this blog. What good is a blog and what's a blogger to do if there are no people reading her/his blog? It surprises me how my stories and simple videos reach you. Right where you are now. I used to be the insecured, ugly little girl when I was young so meeting all of you and having you guys as my readers/viewers amazes me, always. Thank you! :)


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