Saturday, August 30, 2014

Don't mock me

I'm writing this while I'm still in the Philippines. My flight is later but I still haven't packed my stuff and still hasn't decided which clothes to wear. Sometimes it's such a headache to decide what to wear but it's also difficult to chose especially when you have a lot to choose from. I'm not trying to say I have a lot of clothes, though. In fact, I only have a few. But I just prepared a lot of clothes for this trip. Now I have about 12 ensembles to choose from when really I only need to bring 6! haha

I'm travelling with my friend Shermaine. Unlike Flora, Karen and April who already know how to take my photos and videos perfectly, Maine is still a beginner. I begged her to take my photos and videos while in HK so we met one Saturday to have a mock photo shoot. Here are some of the good photos!

Top - Cotton On
Jumper - Basic House
Leather Bag - EastideFashion
DIY watch - Swap Watch x Tomato

What do you think? I'll come back home with a lot of OOTD photos on Tuesday! Yay! See you then!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Liese Bubble Hair Color Tutorial and Review

By the time you are reading this, I am probably on the plane or may have already landed in Hong Kong. I'm so excited because this is my first time to travel outside the Philippines. May sound primitive, but this is also my first time to ride an airplane. hehe. First time's are always thrilling because you really don't know what to expect.

Just like using this product! I've heard a lot about bubble hair color but I never got the chance to try it, until today. So I got this Japanese Liese Bubble Hair Color from, Read on to find out more about it.

What makes bubble hair coloring different is that you are actually applying fluffy "foam" on your hair as compared to the creams and liquids that we know of. It makes hair coloring fun because you lather it up and it won't drip! It is simple to use so you could evenly apply the foam on difficult to reach areas such as the nape and back areas, all by yourself! 

Liese products are made in Japan. Plus point if you like anything Japanese! The kit contains solution #1, solution #2, foamer cap, gloves and treatment cream. 

The solution contains Amino acid and Royal Jelly Extract that promises to give hair a shiny, silky finish after application. 

Watch the tutorial here :

In the video, I used two Liese products :
Liese Bubble Hair Color in Chiffon Beige (buy it here)
Liese Frizz-Free Styling Milk (buy it here)

Here are the Before and After photos : 

  • It is a Japanese product
  • You use foam so it does not drip
  • Does not stain skin at all
  • Does not hurt the scalp
  • Very easy to use

  • Strong smell (gave me a headache even after a day of using it)
  • Made my hair dry and course after
  • Color is not as vibrant as I thought it would be

The part that I did not like the most was that it made my hair dry and course. 5 days before using this product, I went to the salon to have a hair treatment called Brazilian blowout. That treatment makes hair healthier, bouncier and shinier. My hair was really gorgeous before coloring. No need for conditioner or hair iron. Reference here. But right after coloring, it's like the magic of the treatment was washed away because my hair went back to it's normal dry and course state. Sigh. I really have yet to come across a hair coloring product that won't damage the hair. All products and brands that I've tried makes hair rough and dry.
I also did not like that the scent was too strong after I washed it. I couldn't take the smell so I had to wash my hair 3 times and put conditioner 3 times as well but the scent was still there.

Anyway, aside from those 2 points, I actually like bubble hair color! It's sooo much easier to use because it does not drip and does not stain the skin or clothes at all. As a first timer, I was not disappointed much. I'm glad I was finally able to try it!

Here's a final photo!

Have you tried Bubble hair color?


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cut it Out

I love cut-out dresses because they always give a really nice surprise. Just like this dress that I'm wearing. It looks plain and simple when you look at it from the from the front but looks cool and sexy once you I turn around. I got this dress from a website called

I mistakenly ordered this dress twice so I have two pieces of this. Good thing I changed my mind the second time so I got it in red instead. Imagine what I'd do with 2 dresses of the same kind! hehe. I'm excited to wear the red one, though!

Blue Backless Dress -
Leather Bag -
Body Chain - RabbitFoot
Watch - Aldo
Rings - Forever 21

Readers outside the Philippines (and some parts of Asia) are probably anticipating the coming Autumn season. While us here would be wearing dresses like this all year round. hehe Do you think that's a PRO or a CON?


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain - Swatches and Review

Revlon is one of the my favorite brands. Their products come in good quality but still very affordable. Add to that the fact that they keep on surprising their consumers by always coming up with new products. Have you tried their Revlon Parfumerie scented nail polish? I love them! They actually smell like candies on your hands. Anyway, I got new Revlon products to review today and these are the newest Revlon Colorstay Lip Stains.

These ultra-light lip stains are infused with Vitamin E and Aloe to color and moisturize the lips without the stickiness, unlike most lip glosses.

They come in 12 amazing shades and the thing about these lip stains is that the name of each bottle feels like you are travelling to different cities and giving you the vibe that the women in each place have.

I got them in 4 shades ranging from a pretty pink shade to an alluring plum one.


 These lip stains are Revlon's newest products that they have just launched this month. Each bottle costs around Php 600 each but I'm not yet very sure so I'll check with Revlon and will edit this post.


Rio Rush is a very subtle yet pigmented pink shade. I can imagine wearing this shade on a daily basis. The lip stain is creamy in formula so it glides on the lips very smoothly. The shade is not over-powering and will suit any skin tone. The scent is also very mild so you won't have any problem with that. 2 layers is perfect for achieving the perfect pink shade!


Shanghai Sizzle is a very oriental reddish-orange shade. It's perfect for the Summer to give that fresh and vibrant look. Though, I'm not really a fan of orange lippies, but this one is subtle enough and also has that red hint to it. It is also creamy in formula and is one of the most pigmented out of the 4 shades that I have.


New York scene is my favorite out of the 4 shades because I just love red lip tints. The other 3 are pigmented but this one has the most lasting power. Even if you eat or drink, it will still stain your lips and leave some color so you won't have to worry about rushing to the powder room to retouch. It is very pigmented and creamy and the scent is also mild. No chemical scent, whatsoever. Though, I noticed that the stains somehow have that very little glue-ish scent, but that could just be me,

Parisian Passion

Parisian Passion is a very pretty and sophisticated looking plum shade. I often see this kind of lip color on women with lighter complexion like Emma Stone and Anne Curtis. As the name suggests, it gives that Parisian vibe. This color will surely match those berets and ankle boots. I just have an issue with it's formula. It's not as pigmented as how it looks in the bottle so you may want to apply 2 or 3 layers to achieve the perfect look.

For comparison, here's how the colors look and how they differentiate. 


  • Comes in 12 lovely shades
  • Pigmented
  • Glossy
  • Creamy and Moisturizing
  • No overpowering smell
  • No annoying taste
  • Glides on lips smoothly
  • Does not make teeth look yellowish


  • Other shades could be less pigmented than the others
  • Has that very little glue-ish scent 

Overall, I'm glad that I discovered Revlon's newest product. I was looking for a replacement for my old favorite creamy lip stain from a Korean brand and this could be a perfect new favorite. I'll go check out the other 8 shades!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

3 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair! (Using the NuMe Titan 3)

Have you ever gone on a date or to a special occasion but felt a little under-dressed just because you failed to curl your hair? For most women, dressing up and putting make-up on are as important as having the hair done. There's something about gorgeous-looking locks that just completes our look!

But I only have the traditional curlers like the hair straighter/curler and the ConAir curling stick. So, I could only do the same styles over and over. But, I received this very nice set of curling wand from NuMe!

And this could change my hair's story forever. I was able to do 3 easy hair curls using the same set! The best part is that the wand is so easy to use as it is lightweight, made of Titanium and heats up so fast so it lessens the waiting time and the actual curling time.

Watch the tutorial here :


Get the NuMe Titan 3 Curling Wand set (comes with 3 interchangeable barrels) + FREE shipping to U.S. and Canada for ONLY $99! Click HERE!

Originally sells at $250 so you get $150 savings!

The set comes with 3 barrels in different sizes to suit your every hairstyle need!

1. LARGE 32 MM Barrel
The largest barrel allows you to create soft, loose curls. This hairstyle was the easiest to do out of the three since I only had to take random hair sections and then twist it on the barrel. The titanium barrel heats up fast therefore lessening the time than when I did this using another hair curler.

Curls-piration : Kim Kardashian

2. MEDIUM 25 MM Barrel
The medium barrel could also be used to create slightly smaller hair curls. I, however, found that it is perfect for creating Mool Gyul (물결웨이브) inspired by the pretty Korean women. Though Koreans usually do theirs softer and less dramatic. You could also achieve that by running your fingers along your hair to make the waves softer.

Curls-piration : Korean Mool Gyul Wave (Girls Generation)

3. SMALL 19 MM Barrel
The smallest barrel could be used to create perfect tight curls. Think Goldilocks and Taylor Swift! Ahh, I've been dying to try that kind of hairstyle but it's difficult to achieve if you don't have the right tool. I'm glad I could do that now using the smallest 19mm NuMe barrel.

Curls-piration : Taylor Swift

So those are the 3 hairstyles that you could do with this iron Of course, that does not stop there. There are still a lot of hairstyles and hair curls that you could do using this set. But I found that these 3 are the most common.

Want to order now? Here are the links and discount codes :

Get the NuMe Titan 3 and NuMe sets + Free shipping to U.S. and Canada
LINK : here
Use the code : AsianBeauty

Get other NuMe products for 50% OFF + Free U.S. Shipping
LINK : here
Use the code : ILoveCurls


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Divisoria Vlog and HAUL! ♡

I lied. 

When I told you I was going to be blogging and making YouTube on a full-time basis, I told you that I was going to be able to write more blogs and upload more videos. But I somehow enjoyed having too much time that I could not get away from it right away. Right now, as I'm writing this post, I'm listening to some Dream Sounds songs. That's something I have not done for a long time. I guess I'm enjoying being able to do the simple things in life now that I am often at home. I get to cook for my family as well and I just did my laundry the other day! 

Anyway, here's one more thing I was so excited to do - to blog in Divisoria!

I like standing out! So while other people are enjoying their loads of Givenchy and Hermes stuff, I'm here thrift-shopping at Divisoria! 

When someone tells you that it's uncool to shop for bargain stuff then give them at least $50 and take them to Divisoria. They won't believe how many things they'd be able to take home with just that little amount of money! :)

I tried to shop on a Php 2,000 ($46.5) budget. It really helps to have a list when you go shopping. Then, you'd be able to buy the things that you really need first rather than just impulsively buying the first thing you see. Everything that I bought came down to Php 2,130  ($49.50) so that means I overspent Php 130. hehe

I really enjoy thrift-shopping! 

Next, I'll take you to the clothes thrift store (Ukay-Ukay) with me so stay tuned for that!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Outfits of the Week : Monochrome

I like wearing monochrome outfit because it looks less striking as compared to bold and colorful outfits yet it still looks well put-together. Here are some monochrome ensemble ideas!

See the outfits in action by playing the video below! :)

A frequent reader, Luisa, said that she still enjoys watching my OOTW videos even though she has seen the blog posts already. She said that the outfits give a different feel  when I'm moving than when I just post in pictures. I'm kind of like her, too. Sometimes it could get a bit boring to read long texts so I prefer watching videos. Plus, hearing a nice background music adds more fun, right?

Anyway, here are the outfits. I'm sure you've seen them all, too, except for the last outfit that I did not blog because the quality of the photos were not very good.

Outfit #1 
K Print Sweater - (link here)
Skirt - (link here)
Kitty Heels - (link here)
More photos and info here

Outfit #2
Black Crochet Top - (link here)
Aztec Shorts - (link here)
Shoes - Primadonna
More photos and info here

Outfit #3
Black Dress -
Shoes - Primadonna
Leather Bag -
More photos and info here

Outfit #4
Cross Top - (link here)
Leatherette Skirt - (link here)
Leather Bag - (link here)
Minimalist Sandals - CMG

What do you think about the outfits?


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My office mates were my photographers but now that I am a full-time blogger, finding (and bugging) someone to take my pictures have become a bit difficult. My cousin visited me one day so I asked her to take my pictures. I never knew how hassle-free it is to shoot on a Sunday! The roads are clear and there are only a few people on the road. We walked around my neighborhood to look for a good spot for the shoot.

We found this hidden spot a block away from my house. It's kind of forest-y, though. I originally wanted to take photos in front of a mansion because the gate was just so pretty. But the guard on duty told us to go away. lol. If I were blessed enough to live in a mansion and see people in front of my house, I would never shoo them away. It only means that they think my house is nice, right? Oh well...

Kind of reminds me of Lazarus and the rich man's parable...

Skirt :
Heels : CMG
Necklace :

What do you think of this outfit?

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