Friday, December 15, 2017

Shooting a Commercial with Marlou aka Xander Ford! | FLAWLESS BULACAN

Would you like to know how deep my blog backlogs are? I could go as far as December 2016 and would still have tons to post with the same date stamp. 

Do you want a perfect example? Here is a blog of my shoot for Flawless with Maxene Magalona and Marlou Arizala. It was a Christmas campaign for flawless that dates back to 2016!!! On top of that, Marlou was still known as Marlou and not Xander Ford!!

As some of you may already know, I am a Flawless baby. I have reviewed, featured and endorsed some of their treatments many times. I was so happy when they featured me last year in one of their holiday ads.

The shoot was held at SM in Bulacan. I clearly remember that moment, though it was exactly a year ago, since my BF came with me to the shoot. 

That was also when Flawless celebrated their 15th ANNIVERSARY. Take note, however, that they are now on their 16TH YEAR!! Yay! Congratulations, Flawless!

Here is Maxene's backview before we proceed to the vlog video.

Getting myself done by a PRO MUA, always the best feeling!

Look who's behind the camera. :)

Here is one side of me most of you guys probably don't know - I ENJOY MY TIME ALONE. Not because I can't get along with others but because that is just really how I am. I am saying this because I noticed some viewers on YouTube tend to misunderstand this side of me. When I am at events with other Vloggers, they tend to think I distance myself... But that is just really how I am. I am somehow an introvert and more of an observer than a talker. Mostly a wallflower than a jester. We all have different upbringing and environment hence different attitude and character, right? :)

Though that side of me is misunderstood at times, I am still a very, very loyal friend. When I like you, that means I am comfortable with you and I trust you. Am I making sense now? Hehe

Anyway, here's our BTS! Flawless is really one of my favorite brands not only because they helped me improve my skin but also because everyone is just so kind and warm, even the CEO herself is. 

Oops, before I forgot! Selfie with some artistas! 

Now, do we want to touch the topic of Marlou's plastic surgery and image changing? I know for a fact his plastic surgeries were NOT done in Flawless. I also know he's been getting MORE hate after the surgery. I haven't met him since he changed his face and name but I just have to say the Marlou that I met was a funny and nice kid. I met him twice already. The first time, he was nice and funny. The second time, he was even the first to say "Hi, Ate Kristine."

It's a pity he had to resort to changing his whole identity and image... and we really won't know what is going through his mind. I am also not sure how much he has changed character wise. But I can just say that when I met him as Marlou, he was NICE.

See? He even modeled for my RealAsianBeauty T-Shirt!!! Hehehe

So, that's how our Flawless Christmas shoot went. We were in Bulacan around 6PM and left at around 6AM. Hehehe I felt soooo bad for my BF because he looked sooo sleepy but he held it up because he wanted to be there to support me.

I hope you guys have been following my ACNE STORY and my skin journey with Flawless. To READ MORE about my ACNE & SKIN, simply CLICK HERE to go to all of my acne-related posts. 

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Makeup, Clothes and Skin Care HAUL + GIVEAWAY!

With only 18 days left 'til 2018, I couldn't help but feel a bit stirred. 2017 has been one of my most-exciting years so far. With that, I can't help but have a grateful heart and to also look back and wonder if the things that happened to me this year would still happen if the things that happened in 2016 didn't?

Anyway, I know I haven't been active on this blog but I promise I am active and kicking on YouTube. Be sure you are subscribed to my channel here so you never miss a post! 

I LOVE DOING haul videos! Here is a new one that I uploaded this month, December 2017. It features some of the makeup, clothes and skin care items I got from sponsors and brand partners.

Which item or brand did you like the most?
I shall be doing separate posts and videos on most of the items I featured so be sure to check back from time to time. On top of that, GIVEAWAYS are always around the corner when you are following me so always keep your eyes peeled! 

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

MYRA Vitamin E Benefits on ACNE Prone Skin | RealAsianBeauty Acne

As someone who has acne-prone and imperfect skin, I perfectly know how difficult it is to deal with skin issues. One day, skin is clear and glowing then the next day, it's rough and dull. People who have dealt with acne will understand the struggle.

One of the advices I give to people who seek for my help regarding skin is that they should ALWAYS START FROM WITHIN. 

Starting from "within" means treating the acne where it is actually coming from and to also live healthy and stay healthy. Aside from getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and eating the right foods, it is also important we indulge our body to vitamins and minerals.

One of the MOST EFFECTIVE vitamins when it comes to helping the skin get better and become glowing is MYRA VITAMIN E 400 IU. It has many important roles in helping keep our organs and tissues well-functioning and maintaining our health. 


MYRA VITAMIN E is the leading brand of Vitamin E here in the Philippines. 
It helps the body produce red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body. It boosts the immune system therefore helping us fight infection and others. Also, vitamin e is an important antioxidant that helps stabilize free radicals. When we are exposed to these toxins (or sunlight), it could lead to skin aging. 

Daily intake of Myra Vitamin E may help avoid some diseases and it may also prevent skin degeneration. In lay man's term, taking Myra Vitamin E may help in achieving our ultimate dream of having clear, radiant and glowing skin!

To show you a true-to-life transformation, here are my Before and After photos:

Before taking MYRA Vitamin E, I could say I looked like sh*t. My hair was dry, my skin was rough and it looks so bad. You will also see acne-breakout going on. 

After finishing 1 bottle of the Myra Vitamin E, here's how my skin looked. Yes, in the photo, I did my brows, applied mascara and some lip tint. But my skin is 100% bare. Though my acne scars are still visible, you will notice that my hair appears healthier, my skin has that unexplainable glow and the acne breakout somehow lessened. You will notice that there is a certain kind of glow. Like, the glow of being sincerely happy and extremely in love. (If you like cheesy lines, that's for you!)

If you are a first-time reader, allow me to give you an overview of my skin. I used to have extreme acne-breakout. You can read more about it if you go to my ALL ABOUT ACNE blog section. Anyway, my skin was so bad, it looked impossible to heal. So, if you compare my skin before and then my skin after taking MYRA Vitamin E, you will see how greatly it has improved!

For more details about my MYRA VITAMIN E experience and 
to see my skin in motion, please watch the video below!

Here are other things you want to know about MYRA VITAMIN E

Each Myra E 400 IU 30 capsules cost Php 355 per bottle. 

Each bottle comes with 30 capsules which you can take 1 a day. To allow the vitamin to take full effect on the body, take it before bed time with luke warm water. Doing so will allow it to be fully absorbed by your body while it regenerates while you're sleeping.

Myra E's first function is to act as an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals in the body. It could help you by giving you cleared and glowing skin but it does not directly whiten the skin. 

Certain vitamins are good for pregnant women. But high dosage of it may be harmful to pregnancy therefore it wise to avoid it.  

Overall, I am really happy with how MYRA VITAMIN E helped me achieve cleared skin and a glowing complexion. For only Php 355 monthly, I would say this is a pretty good skin maintenance, especially if you are dealing with acne and other skin conditions. 

My last advice would be to take lots and lots of water with it. Water is the universal solvent and trust me when I say that there is nothing water can't do.

Don't forget to check out MYRA VITAMIN E's website for more info about their products. Check out my unique link and feature on their website HERE.

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Monday, October 30, 2017


Finally, your ultimate guide to shopping in Taytay, Rizal is here! 

Taytay, Rizal is the Garments Capital of the Philippines. With that being said, one could really expect clothes and apparels to be extremely cheap yet trendy here! Taytay videos have been making buzz on YouTube that even though my house is located far from Taytay, I braved everything and just decided to go. I really wanted to see for myself and share with you guys why it is so raved! 

The most asked question about it is the schedule. What days is Taytay open? What is the best day and time to go to Taytay? And so on...
For the record, you can go everyday from 6 AM to 5 PM, however BEST DAY and TIME to go are really on Monday and Thursday at 6 PM until 10 AM the next day!!

Taytay, Rizal tiangge is located near Club Manila East. For first timers who are coming from QC or far places, I would suggest asking someone to go with you. If you are going alone, I reckon the best way to go on your first visit is by Grab or Uber. If you have a car, prepare your Waze app to be sure you don't get lost.

There are many ways to get there. But on my first-ever visit, I asked my friend, Flora, to go with me. We took Grabshare and booked 2 seats. From Cubao to Taytay, we paid Php 365 pesos. Pretty pricey but we didn't want to take the risk of getting lost. 

Here are other options :

Using Google Maps or Waze - pin Club Manila Eeast

Public Transportation - 
Commonwealth : take UV express or jeepney going to Sta. Lucia. From there, ride jeepney going to Taytay/Angono/Binangonan.
Cubao : take UV express or jeepney going to Angono/Binangonan. You may also opt to take LRT get off at Santolan Station and then ride jeepney going to Angono/Binangonan.
Quaipo : take bus, jeep or UV going to Taytay.

Ask the driver to stop for you at Taytay Tiangge. You surely won't miss it because you will see the stalls of clothes.

Just don't make the same mistake I did when I went to Taytay. My friend and I knew the stalls would close at 5PM. But we left Cubao at 1 PM hence we got there around 3 PM. We didn't have enough time to see all the stalls and to hoard for cheap clothes! Too bad! 

But for 2 hours shopping, I'd say my haul is not bad at all!
Please watch my YouTube Vlog for the complete Taytay Tiangge Shopping Experience.

Here are some interesting things you'd see in Taytay,..

PROS of Shopping in Taytay : 

  • SUPER CHEAP CLOTHES (as in mas mura kesa Divisoria)
  • Lots of stalls to choose from
  • Trendy and timely designs
  • You support local garment industry when you shop there

CONS of Shopping in Taytay :

  • Far from QC and Manila
  • Stalls are not air conditioned and are contained in covered areas
  • In short, mainit
  • I find it difficult to shop and choose when I have so much to choose from

SHOPPING TIPS in Taytay (from a Tiangge expert!)

  • Look simple, don't look rich - sellers tend not to give discount to people who look rich.
  • Wear cool and comfy clothes as the place could get hot, especially if you're coming in the afternoon.
  • Must-haves : Fan, something to wipe your sweat, bottled water, biscuits or crackers
  • HAGGLE. Don't look too interested YET. If you think the price is still steep, pretend you're walking away looking sad that you can't afford their price. This ALWAYS works, I promise!
  • Check for damage, missing buttons, etc, before leaving the stall. 
  • Bring loose change and small bills. It would be difficult to buy that Php 50 top when you have Php 1,000 bill.
  • Bring your own bag. Also, I urge you guys to STOP taking plastic bags from tiangge and palengke. Haven't you noticed these stuff only gets thrown away once you get home?! My tip is to bring an eco-bag with you, pay for the item and toss them in the bag-WITHOUT the plastic. It won't make a difference to you or to the clothes BUT a big difference to the WORLD.


It always breaks my heart to see dogs being sold in places like this. I also see stuff like this in Divisoria. I can't help but notice how stressed, tired and thirsty the dogs look... :(

This was around the time President Duterte signed the EO 26 or the SMOKING BAN in public places. It disappoints me how some smokers have no regard for those who CHOSE not to smoke. We all can choose to smoke, right? But we opted not to because of personal reasons. And them blowing us 2nd-hand cigarette smoke is truly unfair. 
Smoking in PUBLIC PLACES has since become rampant again. It's really heart-breaking that even simple rules like this still can't be abided by some citizens.

Clearly, no matter which side you are on or what color your flag is, if we don't follow rules and laws, the Philippines would really still need decades just to improve. Sad but true.

Anyway, it was a long and tiring day but nevertheless fun and fulfilling. 

WHO should shop at Taytay

  • People who are trendy and fashionable but would like to be on budget
  • Moms who have several kids
  • People who have tiangge business in QC, Manila or Province
  • People aiming to start an online business and work at home
  • Basically, people who want to save money on clothes!!!

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Monday, October 23, 2017

VICE COSMETICS Phenomenal Lip Kit Review + Swatches

Vice Cosmetics is making waves in the beauty industry. I decided to buy some to test if they are really worth the money or if everything is just based on hype.


I have the typical Morena Filipina skin tone hence nude and neutral lip colors suit me best. I like that Vice came out with shades that are perfect for Pinays.

MY SHADES : Benjamin | Pony | Showtime | Star

PRICE : Each Vice Cosmetics Lip Kit costs Php 295 each

Please watch my YouTube video for the FULL review and swatches!

WHERE TO GET IT : I'm not sure about other malls but I got mine from Farmer's Plaza in Cubao, 2nd level.

I also blogged my Vice Cosmetics shopping experience. Please watch the video!

Here are the swatches of the Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Lip Kit 

And here's how they look when applied on the lips :







  • Beautiful nude and neutral shades | Perfect for us Pinays
  • Lip cream smells like chocolate
  • Suuuper lightweight | I was impressed
  • Doesn't dry quick therefore you can still correct mistakes
  • The sponge applicator is easy to use
  • Comes in clear tube so you see the product inside
  • Comes with a lip liner in the same shade as lippie
  • Affordable at Php 295

  • It is DRYING. 
  • After a while, it chaps on the lips
  • Doesn't stay | Not long-wearing compared to it's promise

This is my HONEST and UNBIASED review of the popular Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Lip Kit. The lippies I have weren't sponsored, not sent for free nor was I paid to do the review. :)

What do you think of the Vice Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick? Love it or Dislike it? Let me know in the comments! :)

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