Sunday, March 25, 2018

VLOGGER PR BOX UNBOXING (Libreng Makeup for Vloggers!)

One of the perks of being a vlogger (and a blogger) is that we get we stuff. Depending on which topic or genre one is blogging about, one often get items and products in that category. Because I mostly do beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts, I do get quite a number of makeup and skincare items. 

In this blog post, I will be sharing some of the sponsored items I got in February 2018.

While most brands and sponsors don't really require influencers to post all items they get for free, I personally believe there are 3 reasons why we feel we have to post them anyway.
1.) FOR THE VIEWERS - Aside from wanting to be entertained, most readers and viewers these days turn to blogs and vlogs for product updates, recommendations and reviews. Influencers post the items so their followers would know the latest trend and could also get an idea what to buy and what to try next.
2.) FOR THE BRAND - This is a personal opinion but I think one of the reasons influencers post the free stuff is to somehow thank the brand for sending them the item. It's a very simple act of thanking someone who gave you something, don't you think?
3.) FOR THE INFLUENCER - One of the top reasons why influencers exist is to "influence" their audience. What better way to do so than by recommending items and products they have recently got, tried and liked!

I personally am always grateful to brands that sponsor because I admit these are things I won't be able to get for myself had I not been a blogger. 

Do you spot any favorite brand or item in my flatlay above? If so, be sure to watch the video below for close-up look on the item and to know my thoughts about it and the rest of the items!

Here are the items I got in case you can't watch the video OR 
if you want direct link to each of the item so you could start SHOPPING! :)

L'oreal Brow Artist Expert Eyebrow Liners 
Comes in 7 shades to match all hair colors and skin tone
I did a Lazada Live on this. Click here to watch the video!

Althea Korea Box Luck Me Set (Lunar New Year)
Althea Korea shop

CHARIS Korea ROMAND Creamy Lipstick
Available on my Charis Korean online shop

CHARIS Korea Superface Lights Camera Action Cushion
This is one current FAVORITE cushion because it matches my skin tone and skin type.
It's not cakey and heavy unlike other Korean cushions I've tried. Available on my Charis Korean online shop

CHARIS Korea Cotton Candy Set.
It's what I used when I filmed the video and took photos for this post.
I love it, too!
Available on my Charis Korean online shop

ELLANA Minerals Cosmetics
This is also my recent discovery in makeup. I love it because it's safe and gentle for my acne-prone skin. I did a makeup tutorial using ALL Ellana items, 
CLICK HERE to watch the video.
I also have a DISCOUNT CODE if you want to buy Ellana. Use my code RealAsianBeauty to get Php300 off your purchase valid until April 11 only. 
CLICK HERE to go to Ellana's online shopping site!

Miss Bella Blending Sponge and Makeup Brush Set 
This is my current favorite brand of blending sponge as it is soft and blends any makeup on the skin effortlessly and flawlessly! Visit them on their IG account! 

TONY MOLY is one of the leading Korean brands when it comes to makeup.
I did a makeup tutorial using ALL Tony Moly items.
CLICK HERE to watch the makeup tutorial on YouTube. 

MAYBELLINE Matte Metallic Lipsticks 

The FACE SHOP Flat Velvet and Glossy Lipstick 

iHerb is an online shop. Personally, I don't like their shop as they are quite pricey compared to other onlines. They do offer free shipping but it would take months for the item/s to arrive. If you want the parcel to be delivered within days, you'd have to pay and it's pricey! I only ordered because I really wanted to try the Aztec Clay, which wasn't available in other online shops I know or local Healthy Options here in the Philippines.

VICE Cosmetics Lippies

Colorette Cosmetics 

Esfolio Philippines 
Check out their online shop here 

That's everything I got for free for the month of February. Like what I have mentioned above, I am really grateful to each and every item I get no matter how small it is. I hope you enjoy my haul videos as much as I enjoy filming them!

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Monday, March 19, 2018


If you find yourself sweating even after taking a bath or if you're already craving for cold and sweet halo-halo, then it's time to admit SUMMER has come once again!

How do you like spending your Summer days, though? I always feel the best way to enjoy it is to get close with nature. When I was younger, I used to spend summer vacations in the province with my grandparents. Now that I am older, I still make sure I breathe some fresh air by going on out-of-town trips. 

One of the nearest places from Manila is Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I have also blogged the Top things to do in Sta. Rosa, Laguna here. In the photo below, you see me chilling by the water in comfy outfit with my pet Fluffy.

Spending time with my dogs is one of the most stress-relieving activities for me. I just love how dogs are so loyal, playful and happy yet needy at the same time. 

But as a blogger, I need to be connected to the internet so I could update my followers. I need to be productive and keep my posts up-to-date. But how do I do it even though I go out of the town? Simple! I stay connected by using my Sun Cellular phone!

Sun Prepaid recently launched the GIGASURF 50! What was once only available for SMART subscribers can now be enjoyed by SUN subscribers as well! How awesome? SUN GIGASURF50 comes with 1 GB internet, 300 MB for YouTube and UNLI text to all networks! What's even more amazing is that it only costs Php 50 and is valid for 3 days! To avail this, all you have to do is type GIGA50 and send it to 247 using your SUN cellular phone.

And just to prove how awesome the service is, I tried it when my family and I went to Tagaytay last weekend. Honestly, if you are on top of a mountain, you wouldn't expect your phone to still be working, right? But SUN Cellular proved me wrong! I was honestly impressed at how fast the internet is when I subscribed to SUN GIGASURF50 for the first time. I was able to check my YouTube videos, respond to some YouTube comments, post on my Instagram timeline and Instagram Story plus chat my friends on FB messenger! 

If you work on the internet, you will understand how important it is to always stay online. Yes, spending quality time with loved ones is more important, but who says you can't check your SNS accounts from time to time while still giving your family the quality time they deserve? I am so glad I have tried this newest service from SUN hence I am sharing it with you now. 

I feel I am at my best when I am able to relax, unwind and breathe some fresh air.

If you want to see more about my fun weekend with my family in Tagaytay, be sure to watch the video below. 
You need to watch it if you are curious what you can do in Tagaytay for 20 PESOS, too!

I feel like the best way to be productive is to multi-task. By staying connected to the internet though I'm miles away from home makes me feel I have done something productive for the day. As a blooger, you will agree this statement is rather true! Hehe

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Friday, March 16, 2018

FLAWLESS MEET and GREET in Trinoma feat. RealAsianBeauty

Flawless is one of the longest, if not the longest, brand partners I've had since I started blogging in 2011. Aside from getting free services and treatments, I've become so loyal to the brand because I feel grateful I got rid of my acne through their help. Another reason is because I've met new people and made friends around Flawless!

Flawless invited me to be one of their guests for a Flawless Meet and Greet! Of course, I couldn't let the opportunity pass so I gladly said yes! Though my name is not big and I'm not really popular, I still enjoy meeting my viewers and the people who support me behind phone screens and computer desktops. Huge thanks and shoutout to Paolo Luna of Flawless for this event!

This Fab Meet and Greet happened at the Flawless Trinoma branch in Quezon City last February 18, 2018. 

The photo on top was taken after the Meet and Greet. I asked the attendants if I could take a photo with them and that was the result. They couldn't get inside because of mall "security"...

However, when I looked at the photo, it didn't seem right. It didn't look right for them to be squishing against the glass wall while I sit comfortably. So I asked the guard if I could go out instead so I could have a photo with me.

Then this happened! More than half of the attendees already went home. But I was so happy I got to meet new people that day. All thanks to Flawless!

If you want to see more about this event, please WATCH THE VIDEO below!

After the Meet and Greet, couple of Fluffies (aka RealAsianBeauty loyal followers) and I gathered to plan for an event. I am always thankful to Anne, Anna, Cha and Charyse for always sticking by me. Nica and Paula also stopped by to help.

The night was capped off by taking cutesy group photos by the Chinese lanterns!

Here are all the lovely gifts I got from the Fluffies who attended the Meet and Greet that day! Thank you so much!!

What is the event we're planning, you ask? You will find out soon! For now, follow me on Instagram @RealAsianBeauty for updates about it!

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Monday, March 12, 2018

GLAMCON MNL 2018 | Gathering of Top Beauty YouTubers in PH!

What does it take to be a top YouTuber in the Philippines? Pioneer Beauty Content Creators tell us! If you are an avid follower and viewer, you sure have heard of GLAMCON. Glamcon is a beauty gathering of local beauty YouTubers and top beauty brands in the Philippines to unite, empower and of course, beautify women!

I was lucky enough to be a part of the first-ever Glamcon MNL that was held last January 21, 2018 at the SMX Aura.

But really, what is the formula to become known and be an influencer to thousands? 

There were different inspiring and motivational talks at the event. Celebrities who are great influences were also invited to conduct talks and speeches. Local singers were also invited to grace the event with their talent.

But one of the most awaited parts are the MEET and GREET and PANEL TALK with our TOP YouTubers! The stage was divided in two - Early and Late session. The early session was participated by half of the YouTubers. I was included in the Late session which I shared with 6 other fellow creators. 

We all shared how we started on YouTube, how we've changed since we started, our YouTube struggles and of course, the perks and privileges of being on YouTube. We also shared some tips and advice for those who attended that are creator-aspirants!

I shared my journey as a YouTuber and how I started as a fan who used to create videos as a hobby. 

If you want to know more about the Glamcon MNL 2018, be sure to watch the video below! 

This was around the time I wasn't really in a great state. For those who follow me on Instagram @RealAsianBeauty, you know what happened. Anyway, I really appreciate when followers go out of their way to come see me. These people are people who have met me before but they still exert effort to come to show love and support! These people are just some of the many (JUST LIKE YOU) who have been so loving and so supportive since my early YouTube days! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Also, huge THANKS to my friend, Flo, who has been supportive since my Korean-online-teaching days. 

AND TO MY BOYFRIEND who is always supportive no matter what. That day, he surprise me with bouquet of flowers which I greatly appreciated! I wasn't expecting anything at all but he came in and handed it to me at the event! *heart heart*

Here is my GLAMCON 2018 HAUL! The video of it is at the latter part of the vlog I embeded above. Be sure to watch it if you are curious what I got that day!

After the event, my BF craved for some Korean Samgyupsal. Luckily, there was one samgyupsal resto in SM Aura. We capped off the night with sumptuous Korean dinner!

I feel so honored and blessed I was included in the first-ever Glamcon MNL. I hope they continue this event and I hope more followers and YouTube enthusiasts attend next time! I have been vlogging since 2011 and it feels great to still be appreciated and included in events like this until now, 2018!

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

MIRIAM COLLEGE Vlog Talk + Campus Tour!

One of the things I enjoy doing is conducting talks at schools and universities. There is this gratifying feeling I can't even put to words each time I talk in front of college students. 

I guess one of the main reasons is that I used to be a hushed student. I wasn't the achiever type. I was always the one who watched my batch mates perform and clapped my hands as they excelled. But I was never the one on stage. Now that I am older, I have this desire to lead and inspire students... most especially students who may be like me - silently sitting and listening at the back but may also have the same passion and the same drive as I do.

I recently held a talk at the Miriam College in Katipunan. I used to be so curious about this school as I would always pass by their campus when I was younger. Coming from a regular school, I used to wonder what it is like inside the campus of an exclusive school. 

Now, I have been given a chance! I'm thankful to the students of MC, most especially to this girl, Nicole, for recommending me to their organization to be the guest speaker for their event. 

Also thanks and shoutout to the Marketing students of Miriam College for having me!

If you are also curious about their school and their campus and if you'd also like to listen to my talk, watch the video below!

I really like the campus of Miriam. I love how it is spacious, clean and green. One of my favorite areas, though, is their locker room! It felt like I was in High School Musical, Pitch Perfect and Glee!

It's also amusing how the students who toured me didn't realize their locker room is "Instagram worthy" until after I took this OOTD! Hehe Really, sometimes we don't realize the beauty of the things that we have until after someone else appreciates it and voices out how amazing it is, right?

Do you like my OOTD? I haven't done any OOTD posts since forever so let me quickly try if I can remember how it's done!

Beret Hat : Lazada
Black Top : Tiangge (yasss!)
Jumper Dress : UKAY-UKAY (yasss!)
Watch : Daniel Wellington
Bag : Coach
Sunnies : Shop by Nicole Syjuco
Socks : Mumuso
Boots : Zalora

Thanks so much to Miriam College for having me and for believing in what I could share to their students! :)

If you are also a student and are looking into inviting me to your campus for an event or for a talk, please do note that my services are free however I do ask for little amount for Uber/Grab fare and for Food allowance just to compensate the expense and the time I would have spent working. But the rest is offered pro-bono. You may e-mail me at Please e-mail at least 2 weeks before your event to ensure that my schedule is still unmarked on the said day. Also, I humbly ask students who would contact me in the future to kindly practice proper decorum. I have had a lot of experiences from college students who contacted me and asked for my service but after I responded, I never heard from them anymore. Let us practice how to be professionals as early as our college days, shall we? :)

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