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PMD Personal MicroDerm VS BANISH Dermaroller - Review and Comparison

One of the perks of being a blogger is discovering new products and getting to use them first-hand for a review. Some of the products that I was lucky enough to discover and review were the PMD Personal Microderm and the Banish Acne Scars Dermaroller. 

Both of the products work well and both have their pros and cons. So, which product works better, you ask? To answer that, I decided to put the two products side by side to show you a more comprehensive review and comparison.

Please watch the video below for the demonstration :

PMD Personal MicroDerm

PMD Personal Microderm is a safe, effective and easy to use tool that will let you uncover a more youthful, younger and beautiful skin! The idea behind this product is that if you break apart and remove the dead skin cells, the body will then interpret that as a mild injury and will rush to replace the lost cells with healthy new ones. With the removal of the outer skin layer, the skin surface's tone and texture will be visibly improved. Also, without the dead skin barrier, the products that you apply will now be easily absorbed in the skin. 

WHERE TO GET IT : PMD (Personal MicroDerm) Website HERE
DISCOUNT CODE : Use the code RealAsianBeauty to get 25% OFF your PMD purchase!
Read my review on the PMD HERE

Here is how my skin looked BEFORE using the PMD.

This is an at-home dermabrasion tool that lets you exfoliate your skin at the comfort of your own home. I've had a lot of facial treatments and I know how inconvenient it is to have to travel and be seen by people with redish or swelling face. This product is so convenient because you can use it at home!  

Here are some of the PROS and CONS of this product

  • It is a gentle skin exfoliator
  • It can be used at the comfort of your own home
  • It works without battery
  • It does not leave the skin redish or swelling after use
  • It shows result right on the first use
  • It reveals younger and tighter skin after every use

  • The sound of the unit could be too harsh/loud
  • It needs electricity to work
  • Has to be shipped from the U.S.

Here is how my skin looks AFTER using the PMD.

The PMD does wonders to the skin, however there are few reminders! Don't do more than 2 passes in one area during any treatment and never allow it to hover in one spot, always keep it moving. Also, remember not to use it on the area near the eyes as this area is particularly sensitive and has thin layer of skin. Just like any facial treatment, it is important to wear sunscreen when you go out, especially when you have just performed a treatment using this device. 

This product is great on the face but you can use it on your body, too! Each disk lasts for 2-4 treatments, depending on how aggressive you are with your treatments. Wait 6-7 days between treatments. That will allow the skin to recover before using the device again. 

After a few weeks, you will notice a change to your skin. Before I used this product, I had deep acne scars due to the acne breakout that I had. But after using the PMD religiously, my skin revealed a younger and healthier layer. I love this product because it works! However, I do not recommend this product to readers that are still young. This product is best used by people with "aged" skin or those that had acne breakout and want to remove the outer layer of the skin and are ready for a dermabrasion treatment.

If you want to know more about this product, check out PMD's website here. Don't forget to use my 25% off discount code : RealAsianBeauty!

BANISH Acne Scars Dermaroller

Banish Acne Scars is the most affordable acne scarring kit. It comes with Vitamin C Serum and Roller to get rid of acne scars, get rid of hyperpigmentation wrinkles as well as large pores. The roller works with your natural collagen to get rid of acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks and reveal smoother and clearer skin. It is one of the best scar removal treatments that you can do at your home! 

WHERE TO GET IT :  BANISH Acne Scars website HERE
DISCOUNT CODE : Use the code RealAsianBeauty upon check out for $5 OFF your purchase
Read my review on the BANISH Acne Scars HERE

Banish has small, micro needles that puncture holes into the skin. I know what you're thinking - Needles, OMG! But let me tell you how the product works. The bristles on the roller puncture micro tiny holes so tiny that it will not produce any scars. These holes dig deeper into the epidermis of the skin. To fix this "hole", the skin produces collagen and elastin. This will help new skin rebuild itself and repair the scar.

Next question, is it safe? Banish needles are created out of Titanium. It is a strong metal and has less risk of infection compared to other metals. It is also lightweight, yet strong, compared to ordinary steel that rust easily. And last, Titanium is non-porous which is less likely to cause an allergic reaction compared to other metals.

Here is how my skin looked BEFORE using the Banish Roller

What I like about the Banish Dermaroller is that it comes with Vitamin C Serum. The serum is natural and contains no additives, parabens, sulfates or preservatives. Because of this, there is a shelf-life to the serum of approximately 6-9 months. When used religiously, the roller can do wonders to the skin. I was impressed with how tighter and visibly clearer my skin looked after using the Banish Roller.

Here are some of the PROS and CONS of this product

  • Does not need battery nor electricity to work
  • Each roller can be used up to 10 times
  • Skin is tight and clear after using
  • Dark spots and acne scars were minimized
  • It does not leave scars or wounds after use
  • Banish is less expensive compared to other rollers

  • Painful (especially for people with low pain tolerance)
  • Product has to be shipped from the U.S.
  • Leaves skin reddish after use (down time of at least 2 days)

Here is how my skin looks AFTER using the Banish Roller

Banish Roller comes in 3 different sizes to target different areas of the face/body. The 50 MM roller made my skin red-ish and it really hurt, considering I have high pain tolerance. It was especially stingy on the areas near the bones like the forehead, temple and jaw! But rolling it on the cheeks and chin were fine. After applying the serum and after a few minutes, the redness eventually faded. And in 2 days, you will notice tighter skin. After prolonged use of the roller, your skin will improve and you will notice that the pores that used to be so huge and noticeable have become smaller and less visible.

Important notes about the Banish Derma Roller :

  • Each roller should be used a maximum of 10 times only before purchasing another roller. The reason for this is to avoid any infection on the skin. Additionally, it is best to replace the needles as old needles can be dull and may injure the skin.
  • Store serum in a cool, dark place. When the serum becomes a golden yellow color, it means tit has oxidized. It is recommended that the serum be repurchased every 2 months as efficacy will fade over time.
  • Do not share the roller with anyone.
  • Please note that the scarring is damage to the skin and don't  believe any product or treatment will guarantee flawless skin overnight! It takes months, upon years, for the skin to heal.
  • Please use the Banish Dermarollers at your own risk. 

If you want to know more about this product, check out BANISH website HEREDon't forget to use the code RealAsianBeauty upon check out for $5 OFF your purchase on Banish Acne website!

* * *

Here is the side by side comparison of the 2 products 

                                   PMD           |           BANISH
Effective                      ✓                                      
Safe to Use                       
Can be used                                                   
Easy to Use                                                    
Showed Result            ✓                                       
No Pain Factor            
No Down Period         
Shipped from              ✓                                           
  the U.S. 

Overall, I think both products are great! However, each product targets different areas of the skin and works in different ways. The PMD works on the outer surface of the skin while the BANISH works on the inner layer of the skin. I recommend the PMD to people suffering from "aged" and greatly flawed skin while I recommend the BANISH to peeople with dark spots and visible acne scars. Both of the product works and they are both worth the money. The only things to be considered when buying are the skin type and skin problem.

Thanks for reading this long blog post. I hope I was able to help you decide which product works best and what you should get to help you improve your skin. If you are still having doubts or still has some questions, you can always leave them in the comments section below and expect my response in a few days. Be sure to check back for my reply!


* * *

FTC : The PMD and Banish were sponsored and were given to me for free but I was not paid nor given any amount of money to make this blog post / video. I was sent free units to be tested out and reviewed but all opinions are my own. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

1st Year as a Full-Time Blogger

August 2015 is almost over. Just one more day and we'll be welcoming the "ber" months. But do you know that something else is happening this month? I am celebrating my FIRST YEAR as a Full-time Blogger!

A year ago, I decided to leave my job as an English teacher to Koreans and decided to take another road. The road to becoming a full-pledge YouTuber. So, on the last day of July 2014, I bid goodbye to my loving students and to my friends and colleagues. I was so excited at first because I wanted to give more time to my passion. But when it was time to say goodbye, I was also sad. True enough, there's no happy goodbyes. Every single goodbye may open a new door but it will always make one feel sad. On the last day ,I even asked myself why I decided to resign from my job. 

Thankfully, God gave me so much answers to my questions. He not only gave me a lot of blessings and achievements, but He also gave me a lot of TIME. Because of that, I was able to do more and achieve more! 

Let's look back in the past year that happened. If you are a new reader, then let me take you down my memory lane and tell you the things that happened on my first year as a full-time blogger.

Featured on BUS TV
On the start of the journey, I was blessed to be a part of the BUSTV Bloggers campaign. RRCG buses in Manila played some of the YouTuber's videos on board. My videos were one of the videos that they showed their passengers.

Traveled Out of the Country TWICE
I have to be honest. One of the main reasons why I left my previous job was because they din't allow me to take a one-week off from work for my Hong Kong trip. I wanted to stay in the office but when my request wasn't fully granted, I took that as a sign that it was finally time to leave and move on.

I was blessed with TIME to be able to take trips out of the country. My Hong Kong trip was my first out of the country trip ever and it was so fun and memorable!

Hong Kong


After a few months, I took another trip to Singapore! It was also fun and memorable. I would love to go back to Singapore and explore the country again.



Attended K-pop Events

Because I have so much time and leaving the house any time or any day wasn't an issue anymore, I was able to attend more blog events! Some of the memorable ones were the K-pop press conferences that I covered. (Though, I am still waiting for the day I get to attend INFINITE's Press Conference! At the Infinite Effect, Ms. Happee Sy?)



Attended Vloggers Meet-up
I was able to attend a vlogger's meet-up where I met a lot of aspiring vloggers and YouTubers. It was so nice to be able to share to them some of the things that I know and have learned about being a YouTuber.

Hit 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube
After 3 years of being on YouTube, we finally hit 100,000 subscribers! I got this Silver Play Button from YouTube as a token and it is now tagged as one of the most prized possessions I have!

Visited Tarlac Often
Since I have more time, I was able to go to Tarlac often. I was there monthly since December 2014. Thank God I did go back. The last time I was there was in 2009. I hated myself somehow because I forgot how much I loved the place and the people. Glad that I was able to go back and spend time with the people that I love!

Took Oout of Town Trips
Because I have no fixed schedule, no boss and no curfew, I am able to take more trips! I went to Baguio and to Pangasinan with my relatives. Just some of the things I know I won't be able to do if I were working full-time at an office.


Dasol, Pangasinan

Celebrated my 29th Birthday
I also celebrated my 29th Birthday with the people that are close to my heart. 

Hello Kitty Party with Friends

Pink Party with my Tarlac Relatives

Signed My First Exclusive Endorsement
I have promoted, reviewed and endorsed a lot of products and services. But none of them actually got me to sign an exclusive contract other than Flawless. I have been promoting their products and services for the past few years here on my blog. I'm glad they finally acknowledged me and got me as one of their blogger ambassadors! (That doesn't mean I will just promote their services without trying/being honest. As always, I will only review and recommend products and services that I like and believe in.)

Flawless Blogger Endorser

Took a Sponsored Trip
It is one of my dreams to be able to travel for free. Work and Leisure together! And it was made possible this year by Cetaphil. I was able to take a 3-day trip to Batangas at The Farm in San Benito.

Cetaphil's The Experience

Hit #1 on TopBlogs
I have always had this topblogs counter on my blog. I remember, though, when Camille Co and Laureen Uy also had this on their blogs, I was far back in number 56 or something. Through the help of loyal readers like you, we were able to climb up. Just a few weeks ago, we have finally reached the #1 spot!

Was Part of the YouTube Fanfest Manila
The last and final thing that happened on my 1st year as a full-time blogger was to be a part of the YouTube FanFest! It's a famous gathering of top YouTubers around the world. Last June, they had their stop here in the Philippines and I was blessed to be a part of the line up of performers on stage! I couldn't be more happy and grateful to YouTube because of this!

Every time I get questions whether I was able to reach my goal on YouTube since I started doing it full-time, the answer is always a NO. I only have 100,000 subscribers until now. Far from what I have imagined. But if you ask me if I am happy now, the answer is YES! Ask me if leaving my previous job to fulfill my dream was worth is, the answer is YES! There are some things fame can't replace and that is true HAPPINESS. For the past year, I may have achieved less than what I was imagining but what I failed to visualize was the happiness this journey would give me. I was able to go places and spend time with people that matter to me. And those things, I know, are things that I will be able to take with me until I get older. 

I am excited as I enter my 2nd year doing this full-time. This time, though, I promise to double the effort and be more passionate. I don't know for certain the things that will happen but I will always stay hopeful and positive. I hope you all stay with me and let's take this journey together!
Thank you, as always!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beauty Bound Asia : The Hunt for the Top Beauty Creator in Asia has begun!

Luxury skin care brand SK-II presents Beauty Bound Asia on YouTube – the region’s first digital search and creator cultivation program for emerging online beauty talent. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact and learn from the world’s best beauty creators, beauty brands, and digital experts. 

With exciting time-based challenges, mentorship programs and workshops curated and led by top beauty influencers in Asia and industry experts, Beauty Bound Asia is a ground-breaking initiative designed to help discover and cultivate the next generation of online beauty experts. 

“SK-II recognizes the fast paced landscape of modern beauty and the growing importance of digital beauty influencers. As part of our brand’s #changedestiny philosophy, we’re proud to be part of this opportunity to support, empower and grow the creator community further, and authentically engage with the next generation of beauty experts.”  - Seth Sandeep, Marketing Director, SK-II Global.

Beauty Bound Asia will be open to all legal residents of 11 cities where the contest is taking place including  Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, and Sydney.  As part of this program, YouTube and top YouTube stars will be supporting this initiative by offering skill-building workshops for Beauty Bound Asia finalists.

“At YouTube we’re always looking to find new ways to empower people to create, broadcast, and share. By offering YouTube workshops for Beauty Bound Asia, we hope to inspire and support the next wave of online beauty and fashion creators across Asia.” – David Powell, Director, YouTube Online Partner Development, Asia Pacific.

Coaches include the original beauty YouTube Michelle Phan with over 7.8 million followers on YouTube and over 1.9 million on Instagram. Michelle has always been a passionate supporter of the global beauty creator community. In addition to co-founding Ipsy, the world's largest online beauty focused community, she has also been a huge creative force for Beauty Bound; personally designing a number of the beauty creator challenges, and mentoring and judging the finalists from each city in the Tokyo program finale.

The rest of the region's top beauty creators have also extended their support as coaches, with talented beauty gurus like Sasaki Asahi (Japan), Calary Girl (Korea), Momay (Thailand) and Wengie (Australia) amongst many others. 


If you...

  • Are over 21
  • Are passionate about and have beauty expertise to share
  • Are creative and have original ideas
  • Have or want to grow your video creation skills
  • A legal resident of any of these 11 cities - Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta and Sydney
Then you are eligible to join, no prior experience necessary!



If you are a beauty creator, then this is a chance that you should not miss! Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build and grow your channel/audience and to work with top YouTube stars! I will be there as one of the judges to help you guys with your journey to top and be the ultimate Beauty Bound Asia Creator!

Check out BEAUTY BOUND ASIA's website for more details. 

Don't forget to join this exciting event! See you all there!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Cetaphil Experience at The Farm in San Benito, Batangas

I grew up in a crowded and hustling city so I always appreciate nature and places that make me forget the busyness of the city.  Let me tell you about my recent trip to a beautiful and relaxing place in Batangas, care of Cetaphil.

One of my favorite brands, Cetaphil, invited me to their Cetaphil Experience at The Farm in San Benito, Batangas. It's a 3Day and 2Night transformative experience at the globally award-winning health and wellness retreat venue. I was invited along with my forever-partner, Ana Victorino. Top bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand were also there with us!

Just for the record, this is my FIRST-EVER sponsored travel experience. I have always wondered how it feels to travel and relax FOR FREE! I only see bloggers like Camille Co and Laureen Uy do work and leisure at the same time. I can't believe it's finally happening to me! This is all because of Cetaphil! 

Here's a video preview made by Cetaphil. I wish I can make videos as beautiful and as polished as this one, though. 

The venue was at the famous The Farm in Batangas. At first, I had no idea about this place. But according to Cetaphil's description, it's famous international and has also won several awards for being a perfect and holistic health and wellness retreat venue. I was not expecting a lot from the venue, to be honest. I was just looking forward to being able to swim because I haven't swam for so long.  

But when we got to the place, it was paradise! I love how close the venue is to the main city but once you're there, you will instantly feel as if you flew to a hidden resort somewhere in Bali or Phuket. Who would ever think this is just in Batangas, seriously?

We left Manila at past 10 in the morning and got to the venue at around 1 in the afternoon. First, we were welcomed by the staff then we were guided to our own VILLA! Yes, Our. Own. Villa. So, each country has 2 blogger representatives and then 1 Cetaphil Experience Winner. Ana, our winner Rachelle and I stayed in this beautiful villa!

It has a huge bed plus another single bed, a humongous bathroom that is about twice the size as my room, a veranda that has a beautiful view of trees and a clean and clear infinity pool with jacuzzi!

Our villa is just the cherry on top. The whole place is like a tub your favorite ice cream! Oops, scratch that. This post is supposed to be detoxifying and healthy, why am I talking about ice cream?!

Anyway, this place is a detox venue so expect VEGAN FOOD! I do like vegetables a lot but I get uneasy with gourmet vegan food. I know they are pricey and come in super pretty presentation but the taste of it is just really not my taste. :(

The Farm has their own plantation of fruits and vegetables that they use to make the food they serve at their Alive restaurant. Yes, everything organic! It's also cool how even the animals, that are on large at the farm, also eat organic vegetables and coconut meat!

I had the pleasure to spend this life-changing experience with these beautiful and influential bloggers from Asia. Nutty and Amy from Thailand, Jamie and Roseanne from Singapore, Clara and Sonia from Indonesia, Charis and Emily from Malaysia, and of course, Kristine (me) and Ana from the Philippines. This was our first group photo. Everyone was sweet, friendly and humble. We all got along fast since everyone was warm and friendly. 

We didn't have a lot of stuff on the first day since our activity were just opening, introduction and a short skit-making activity regarding confidence. We had dinner at night and then we were sent back to our own villas. Ana and I took this opportunity to swim in our infinity pool. I may sound ignorant and funny but this pool is seriously the cleanest and purest pool I have ever swam in. The water is so fresh that I was able to swim under the water with my eyes open. It also felt as if it was safe to drink the water as I swim. Like swimming in mineral water, yes, that's how it felt.

Watch the video below to see more of the fun that we had. I was alone in the video most of the time, though. But I hope you enjoy and watch it until the end.


On the second day, I woke up earliest among the three of us because I take so long fixing my hair. I wanted to be the first to shower so I could dry my hair first then style it. Anyway, we had breakfast at the Alive restaurant. Again, all vegan and healthy food!

The other bloggers had their Spa Experience in the morning so the rest of the bloggers that weren't scheduled for the spa in the morning had some free time. Ana and Rachelle did their own thing while I did mine. I took this opportunity to walk around the Farm and explore it. Everything was perfect except I forgot to bring my mini tripod and didn't wear my swimsuit!

Here are some photos of me. Credits to myself for being able to take presentable pictures with just a 10-second timer and no tripod or remote. ^_^

This is one of my favorite places at The Farm. I love how perfect the view is. From the mountain, to the clouds, to the tress, to the hut in the center of the water and the body of water that reflects the beauty of nature.

After some "alone time" with nature, I went back to our villa to change clothes and freshen up. I then wore a floral dress that I got from Bugis Market in Singapore. (Oh, I miss Singapore!) We had lunch then went to the Meditation Area for our turn to experience The Farm's Spa.

I love how there are lot of pools in the Venue! And almost all of them are infinity pools! Too bad we didn't have a lot of time and I didn't want to look soaked up while my fellow bloggers were all dolled up so I had to resist the water. Though, I always wanted to jump in each swimming pool!

Now, it's time for our SPA! This flower arrangement, though. I'm pretty sure they change this every morning and I could only imagine the time and effort they put in just to finish this arrangement.

Outdoor bathtub, anyone?

Ahhhhhhh! Exactly what we all needed! This is one o the highlights of the whole Cetaphil Experience. It seriously was one of the best spa treatments I've had in my life. It was so calming, relaxing and refreshing!

Each spa treatment costs Php 5,000++, though. ^_^

After the spa, we were given a cup of calming tea. It was seriously so good, I even tried to remake it when I went back home to Manila the next day. It was a light and calming tea with pandan and mint leaves!

I wish life was just about taking walks, having massages and drinking tea.

After the spa experience, I hurriedly went back to our villa to freshen up. They used coconut oil for the massage so I was as slimy as an eel and my hair was too greasy. I had to hurriedly freshen up and make my self up since the other bloggers who had their spa in the morning were all dolled up already. 

Here's a mirror OOTD with Ana!

We went to the convention area of The Farm for a seminar with Ms. Martina Fink. 

It was short but it was seriously one of the best and inspiring talks I have ever attended. Martina was able to deliver Cetaphil's message to us clearly. We talked about self-acceptance, loving one's self and confidence!

We had dinner at night at the Alive restaurant. It was July and several of my fellow bloggers celebrated their birthday that month so we had a mini party! They prepared cake for the birthday girls. Good thing it was REAL CAKE! Oh my goodness, we had vegan meal the entire time, we got so hungry and craved for real food!

After dinner, we went back to the convention area for a short facial cleansing and relaxation using Cetaphil products. 

It was our last night some of the bloggers decided to had a small "house party"! We went to the Malaysian blogger's villa for a swimming. The Indonesian bloggers were there, too, along with Ana and I.


On the third and final day, our first activity after having breakfast was to go straight to the convention area. We had a final seminar with Martina Fink where we talked about the things that we have learned from the 3-day Cetaphil Experience. I, for sure, did learn and discovered a lot of things. Not only about me but also about my fellow bloggers as well. The most important part of it was that I was able to remember why I should love my self first and why I should be confident about being me!

After the talk, we were given some Cetaphil goodies to take back to our homes. I love the travel case they gave us! Here is a photo of me and Ana, together with our Philippines winner, Rachelle. 

We also had an interview where we shared our thoughts and feelings regarding the Cetaphil Experience.

Here is my banner with my kiss mark on it!

It was surely an experience I will never forget. I was fun to attend an event of a product that I really use and believe in. I don't just use it, by the way, I also recommend it! Cetaphil was one of the products that helped me improved my skin when I had the acne breakout. Now that my skin has cleared up, it was so humbing and overwhelming to be able to share my "healing" story to other women. I know I am confident about myself but there are times when I forget it. There are times when I would feel insecure, especially about my skin. There are times when I would wish I had prefect, flawless skin like some girls I see. But Cetaphil made me remember my reason. I don't have perfect skin because I went throught a battle and won it. Now, my (acne) scars are here to tell other women that they, too, can overcome what they are going though. That YOU can overcome what you are going through. I always open up to you about my skin because I want to be that someone you guys can run to when you need acne and skin tips. I want to be able to answer you guys honestly, without inhibitions,without you doubting me, because you know that I have been there and I have overcome it. And you, too, WILL overcome it!

Thank you for reading this long blog post. And thank to Cetaphil for taking me to this life-changing experience. I will never forget the people I met, the lessons I learned and the whole experience!

I hope you enjoyed reading and please do follow me on Instagram for live updates and to stay connected! @RealAsianBeauty 

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