Saturday, February 17, 2018

HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU SAVE IN 1 YEAR (100 Pesos Piggy Bank Challenge)

Every New Year, one of the things people often say they'd change or do is that they'd stop spending and start saving. But how many actually stick with it until the end of the year? I, too, used to find it difficult to save money for there are just so many temptations around. 

All throughout the year, we spend so much by buying things we don't really need or things we already have and then regret we didn't save when the year-end comes. Last year, however, I found an easy and stress-free way to save money!

Yup, by using the gool ol' PIGGY BANK!

I got mine from Daiso for only Php 88. If you want to try this saving method, be sure you are using something you won't easily be able to open. The one I used was sealed on each cap so it helped because it prevented me from getting tempted to open it. Sa Tagalog po, IWAS KUPIT. *hehe* If you want to be extra thrifty, you could also use an empty container of a 5-galon water. Just dry it completely, create a small hole then glue the cap. That'd also work!

Another tip is to be SMART, literally. In business, this technique works so well! But I reckon it would also work when you're trying to save more.
Specific - Set a plan on how you'd like to save money. Is it in a piggy bank or in your banl account?
Measurable - Identify how you'd like to do it. Would you save Php 50 a day, Php 100 a day?
Achievable - 
It is important to set something you yourself believe is attainable and doable. 
Realistic - This is really crucial. Be sure you set a goal that you can actually do. Instead of planning to save Php 1,000 every day, (which is almost impossible in the PH, unless you have a business) setting the goal to Php 50 or Php 100 sounds more realistic. Also, you can always increase the amount you save as you go on.
Time-bound - Decide how long you want to do it for. It shouldn't be to stress or rush you, though, rather act as a guide an also a motivation. Is it 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years?

Above all, the ultimate goal is to START! We've let our self down many times by saving we would start saving only to do it for just few weeks and then go back to our old habit of impulse buying and unnecessary spending. I used to be that person who never saves anything. But last year, I tried this method and was impressed when I found out how much I saved using just my piggy bank!

Please WATCH THE embedded video to find out more about this saving technique.
The video is in Filipino but I added English Subtitles so be sure to click CC before watching!

Ultimately, I aimed to save Php 30,000. But do you think I was disappointed when I found out I only saved Php 13,000 in the jar? NO! In fact, I was impressed!



At the start of 2017, I set a goal to not use every Php 100 bill I'd get and put it directly in my piggy bank. It was quite a challenge as for me, Php 100 bill is the most used as it's convenient to pay either for small amount or larger sum. But I had to stick to my SMART plan, right? So every time I'd go out, I'd pretend not to see every Php 100 bill I get and just keep it in my wallet. When I got home, I'd put it in the jar right away. I aimed to do it EVERYDAY for 1 whole year.

The result was not what I initially had in mind but who wouldn't be happy with Php 13,000?!

Fluffy for sure is quite stoked with the amount! *hehe*

Of course, you can change the technique depending on your need and budget. Saving every Php 20 or Php 50 daily would surely sum up big at the end of the year if you do it consistently. The key is to be CONSISTENT.


Another challenge comes when you finally have your cold cash! Don't you think it'd be funny if you saved for the whole year only to spend it in 1 day? My tip is to put it directly in your bank account so you don't randomly think of something to buy. Keep it safe in the bank then take your time to think of what you really want to do with it. If you end up wanting to spend it on something, go ahead! You deserve it after a year-long saving. But, if you decide to just keep it there, then much better! It means you have finally acquired the habit of saving in your system. You're doing so good!

 Remember the key words : SMART and CONSISTENT. It doesn't matter how much you're saving a day, what's important is that you're actually saving.

Now that we welcome the NEW YEAR, try this technique. You might be surprised at the amount of money you're spending on things you can go about without and at how good you are in saving!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

EASY VALENTINE'S MAKEUP that will make HIM kiss you! ❤

Happy Valentine's Day! While it is true, women must beautify themselves not to attract or satisfy men, but to satisfy themselves. However, one thing I have learned about men's perception when it comes to makeup is that they prefer the NATURAL look over the trendy Instagram-ish makeup look.

With that in mind, I have come up with a really simple yet attractive (and sexy) Valentine's Day makeup look!

Since I am a fan of Korean makeup, I incorporated that by using all TONY MOLY makeup items! They recently launched their LUMINOUS like which I thought would be perfect since I wanted to achieve the popular Korean-glowy skin!

One more thing I like about Tony Moly is the packaging!! They seriously have one of the cutest packagings ever! You like pink? You like panda? They have it!

How do you like this Valentine's Day treats flatlay?

This look is so easy to achieve and the tutorial, likewise, is easy to follow! 
Watch the video below for the step-by-step makeup tutorial.
It's in English so I am sure anyone can follow through. :)

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER. If you are wondering, the dots on my face are due to a recent warts removal I had at this time. If you're curious about this as well, you can click this link to watch my warts removal vlog! 

How do you like the look? This is perfect if you are going out for a date today. You can change it from day to night look if you just change your lip color. Go for natural lip tint for a fresh daytime look. Then, grab a red or wine shade lipstick for that irresistible nighttime look.

I also keep the hair down and left it uncurled. I also learned guys like it when they could touch a woman's hair. A opposed to having it all tied up in pony or bun or stiff and tangled in a curl. But you can always change it, depending on your liking. 

Don't forget to check out TONY MOLY for more Korean makeup and skin care items! They have a lot of branches in the Philippines that are surely accessible to where you are.

I hope you liked this look and enjoyed the makeup tutorial I did as well. I put my love in it! 

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a great one! If you are single, fret not! I believe beautifying yourself isn't really just to attract opposite sex. Be BEAUTIFUL today and everyday for YOURSELF. You deserve it! Cheers!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

This Company Took Me to KOREA FOR FREE & Here's What I Got In Return! (CHARIS CELEB KOREA)

You may be hearing a lot about CHARIS from your favorite Asian bloggers. 
But what really is Charis

Call it crazy, but this is the real reason why I was able to travel to Korea for FREE!!

Charis is a trendy online shop based in Seoul, South Korea. They offer wide array of Korean beauty products, skin care and cosmetics. What set's this shop from other known Korean shops is that they actually allow bloggers aka influencers be more active and take part in reviewing and promoting Korean beauty products by letting them have their own online shop! What's more, they also offer gifts, bonus and reward to loyal consumers and to loyal bloggers. One of which is sending them to SEOUL!!!

Here is my actual CHARIS CELEB SHOP! There, I feature (and also sell) all my FAVORITE Korean items! As you can see, however, my shop only has 4 followers! *sobs in corner. cries in Korean* So, if you are ready to give me some love, please come and sign up to Charis and follow my Charis Celeb shop :

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you could start using Charis and how you could follow my Charis Celeb shop!

STEP ONE : On your phone or laptop browser, go to then click REGISTER
STEP TWO : Enter your information. You only need to fill up 4 boxes! (amazing!)

STEP THREE : Personalize your account. Add more info, change photo or alter settings.
STEP FOUR : Start using Charis! You can search for Korean brands to try and shop. You can read reviews and tutorials. You can also follow your favorite Charis Celeb bloggers!

BONUS : Follow me on your Charis account -

Now, aside from taking me to Seoul, Korea for free, Charis also made sure I didn't spend any by paying for my plane ticket (airfare) and my hotel accommodation! On top of that, they even gave me a LOT of Korean stuff to take back home to the Philippines! 

I kid you not, all the stuff they gave me almost didn't fit in 1 luggage! 

In this post, I will share with you some of my FAVORITES from my Charis Celeb Beautiful Journey in Seoul HAUL! I will also include the links which you can click so you can read more information about the item, in case you see something you love as well!

If you want to see more details about the items, be sure to watch my YouTube video below. I filmed it in English so everyone would be able to understand and relate. Give it some love, guys!

Remember that you can click all the LINKS in case you like something. 

CHARIS Celeb Sparkling Bubble Cleanser 

I like it so much, I even did a short IG video!

LINE FRIENDS Character Merch 

ROMAND Pigmented Lipsticks 

DEUX YEOZA Rapunzel Hair Treatment Set 

KLAIRS Toner and Skin Care Items 

LA PALETTE Skin Care Line 

LA PALETTE Leather Handbag 

VODANA x Esther Loves You Flat Iron 

REAL BARRIER Skin Care Line 

FIORI Water-based Nail Polishes 

PAPA Recipe Natural Skin Care 

NEEPIEL Caviar Skin Care Line 

LEVELLO Cashmere Scarf 

DA MIOR Bamboo Skin Care Line 

Honest to goodness, I'm currently using most of the items I listed and they are impressive! Truly, Korean skin care products never fail and always give promising result! I am currently trying the 10-STEP Korean Skin Care Routine using 10 skin care products from my Charis Celeb shop. I will reveal the outcome soon! Please follow this blog or SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to find out!

What's your favorite from this haul and which one would you try/buy? Comment below and share your thoughts!


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Thursday, February 8, 2018

5 Effective Ways to Avoid BODY ODOR!

Because of the tropical climate that we have in the Philippines, we often experience hot and sunny days that cause unpleasant smell to the body such as body odor! In this vlog, I shared my TOP 5 tips to avoid body odor!

Body odor is the unpleasant smell caused by bacteria on the skin coming from sweat. Anyone can produce body odor, most especially those who sweat a lot! That is why it is important that we take good care of our body and maintain proper hygiene.

Please WATCH THE VLOG to reveal my tips!

  1. Shower Daily
  2. Use Deodorant 
  3. Wear Light Clothes
  4. Avoid Stress
  5. Decrease Spicy Food

To keep me feeling and smelling fresh, I use SILKA Deodorant! I love it because it keeps my underarms sweat-free, it comes in several variants with different scent, is affordable and smells so good! The natural smell of the deo helps me smell fresh all-day, as if I had just gotten out of the shower.

I really can not stress enough how important it is to smell good. Not only for other people, but also for yourself. Because when you smell good, you feel good. And when you feel good, the possibilities to what you can do, where you can go and what you can achieve are endless! 

How about you? What is your secret to smelling and feeling fresh all day? 

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Monday, January 29, 2018


If you are looking for a weekend gateway that's near Manila, you should definitely check out Sta. Rosa, Laguna! I used to think Laguna was all trees and fields until I finally got to explore the place and eventually fell in love with it. Admit it, Manila is becoming more and more congested. Having been raised in Manila, I sometimes crave for tranquility that "provinces" offer. 

The best thing about Laguna, aside from the fresh air, uncrowded places, and cool spots, is that it only takes about an hour of travel from the metro! In this quick blog post, I will be sharing my personal favorite things to do in Sta. Rosa.


Contrary to my initial perception, Sta. Rosa is actually modernized and developed! They have numerous shopping malls, which I have to mention are all spacious and quiet. Vista Mall and Nuvali are my favorite places that I really recommend you guys check out! Those places are developed that taking photos for your next IG #OOTD is a must! 

Take this photo below as an example. I went as far as Nami Island in South Korea to find grasses like those but I failed. Who would have thought I'd find them only in Laguna? Shookt! Now I have the perfect Autumn-ish #OOTD!


Another thing to love about Laguna is they incorporate modern and nature. If you love having picnics with your family or friends, you will surely love it there. It is situated along Tagaytay Road which also gives you a bit of that fresh Tagaytay air, especially at night or during our "cooler" 'ber months. 

This man-made stream in Nuvali is where you could feed Koi fish or even ride their mini-speed boat. It truly is relaxing! 


Fed up with the overly-hyped and crowded Manila shopping malls? You will surely love their malls in Sta. Rosa! You have wide array to choose from : Solenad, Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Nuvali, Vista Mall and a whole lot more!

What you will find special about these malls is that they are spacious! If you like shopping without the fuzz of traffic or long ques for the cashier, this is the place to be! Fret not about what to buy because stores that you see in Manila also exist in Sta. Rosa. They even have few brands and shops that you will only find there. 


Aside from the usual restos that also exist in Manila, there are also must-visit restos and cafes. Some of my favorites that I really recommend you guys try are Coffee Project and Paluto, both in Vista Mall. Yes, there are Coffee Projects in Manila, too. But the one here is one of the firsts and also one of the best interiors I've seen. I just have to note that their Wi-Fi sucks. So, don't go there for it. *hehe* Rather, go for the ambiance and the experience. You'll love it. 


This is a little personal but when I posted my photo taken in Laguna on my Instagram, couple of followers mentioned they are from Laguna as well. So, if you guys come around the area, you might spot me and we could take a selfie together! *hehe*

Kidding aside, Sta. Rosa is really a relaxing place to visit. I always miss it's fresh air, hip places and it's calmness whenever I feel stressed in Manila. 

Try visiting one weekend to experience for yourself. 
If you come visit, don't forget to snap a photo of your favorite thing or place and tag me in the photo! 

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