Saturday, January 31, 2015

Oily Skin Solution : Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Paper

I have extremely oily skin that it's not even funny. My skin produces too much oil even in just a short period of time. Some people could last the whole day without re-applying powder or checking their self in the mirror once but I have to do it many times in one day if I want to make sure I still look good. I won't start telling you about how oily my face is when I wake up in the morning because that is a different story. hehe

So you pretty much get an idea of how oily my face gets. Some people would resort to simply retouching their powder but it doesn't work for me because powder will just sit on my face and cake. Good thing powdered paper/oil absorbent paper were invented! Today I'll share with you guys my favorite oil absorbent paper ever!

Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Sheet

PRICE : Php 99.75 (blue version) | Php 129.75 (red version)

Where to get it : Watsons, Mercury Drugstores, SM Department Stores and other leading department stores

So this oil absorbent sheet works like other absorbent sheets - absorb oil on the face, But what sets this apart is that it is powdered so it leaves skin feeling and looking extra matte, smooth and oil-free! I prefer the blue version because it is powdered and I found that it works better on me. The red one is more expensive, too.

Some people get confused when using it. The darker smooth side is the "outside" part while the lighter rough side is the area you should stick on your face.    

Here's how ridiculously oily my skin gets in just a short period of time. So what I did was do my makeup like how I would normally do it and sat in my room for 2 hours while editing some videos. I purposely did not wipe the oil to show you how much nasty things get. hehe

I wasn't even under the sun nor doing any activities but my face still got so oily!

Now it's time to show you the magic!

HOW TO USE IT : Take the powdered rough side of the paper and gently put it on different areas of your face. Remember that you should gently dab instead of wipe. In that way you still let your makeup/foundation sit on your face undisturbed. 

Some people only use 1 sheet while I have to use 2. On days when I stay under the sun for too long or have done any sporty or tiring activity, I usually require 3-4 sheets.

You see now that the Gatsby paper absorbed all the oil on my face and left it looking matte. The best thing is that it is powdered so I won't have to bother re-applying powder anymore.


  • Absorbs oil
  • Leaves skin looking and feeling matte
  • Doesn't irritate the skin
  • You get the value for it's price
  • Japanese product (if you like Japanese products)


  • Leaves some ugly powder marks on face

If you noticed in the photo, there are some white marks on my face like on the temple and forehead area. I remember when I went to my cousins wedding in December. I couldn't go to the powder room to retouch because we were having so much fun that I just resorted to quickly and discreetly using some of the sheets while at the table. I didn't bother checking myself in the mirror and proceeded to taking more photos with my cousins. When I got home, que horror! I had some white streaks on my face due to the sheets! haha Other than that, I really love this brand of powdered paper and this is the best I have tried, ever. I really recommend this to people with oily skin like me. It really helps to remove the oil first before re-applying your pwder. It prevents caking and leaves your skin looking so fresh like you just applied your foundation.

I love it so much! And no, this is not a sponsored post! hehe

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to Remove ACNE in Photoshop

Since I always talk about acne and different ways of getting rid of it, I thought of teaching you another way to remove it. Err, at least in pictures.

These days, it has somehow become a norm to use filters and other photo editing apps to make photos for Instagram and for Facebook a whole lot better. Here is a quick tutorial on how to remove your acne using Photoshop!

Th photo that I used in the tutorial was taken in 2012 when I had severe acne breakout. However, I thought it won't be appropriate to make you guys cringe because of the sight of my ugly acne so I decided not to post the "before" picture. Be sure to watch the video to see it!

I hope you like this quick tutorial. I thought it would be nice to have a tutorial in a different genre but still has something to do with skin and acne.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by leaving a comment below.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Phone Case using Washi Tapes, Nail Polish and Color Pens

Having hard time finding cute cases for you phone? Here are some simple DIY phone cases ideas that you'll surely like! 

iPhone users always have the advantage when it comes to buying phone cases since manufacturers always make cases for iPhones first. But the situation is different for us Android users. I remember when iPhone 6 came out, the stores I went to were already selling iPhone 6 cases while still didn't have new arrivals for my Samsung S5. I was so frustrated that I just decided to make my own!

The best thing about DIY's is that you always have unique stuff. 

Please watch the video below for some quick and easy DIY phone case ideas!

I got the plain phone cases from CD R KING for only Php 20 each! So cheap, right? Some stores sell plain cases for Php 200 so I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they sell theirs for only Php 20! I have to warn you, though, that their cases aren't as sturdy as the more expensive ones. My second cousin dropped my phone (which I was so sad about because I haven't ever dropped it yet) while inside the pink case from CD R KING. The case went off the phone therefore leaving my innocent S5 with deep and ugly scars. (aka scratches) :( The screen didn't break so I still have something to be thankful about. hehe

Which one is your favorite out of the three? I like them all but my favorite has got to be the simple clear case with washi tapes. :) 

Let us know if you tried these DIY phone cases or any of our DIY projects by tagging me in your photo! @RealAsianBeauty on Instagram and +RealAsianBeauty on Facebook!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

FINALLY : Japanese Nail Art Magazines + My Favorite Kakigoori!

2 years ago, I saw this super kawaii Japanese nail art magazine at a beauty blogger's event. Since then, I've been trying to look everywhere for Japanese nail art magazines but to no avail. I went to Hong Kong and tried to find some but still didn't find any.

Until recently, I discovered an inexpensive yet authentic Japanese restaurant in Makati Cinema Square called Nihon Daidokoro. I met Akane-san, the wife of one of the owners of the restaurant. She was very kind and sweet! When she was in Japan, I showed her the picture above wondering if she could find some magazines for me.

Guess what? She was able to find not only a similar magazine but the exact same issue that I've always been wanting to have! She gave me 3 magazines + the ever famous Japanese Green Tea Kit Kat!!

I'm not being biased but I heard so many stories about Japanese people being so nice and warm. I haven't really personally met any Japanese people before but Akane-san proved that the story is true. Thank you, Akanesan~~ どうもありがとうございました!

When in Nihon Daidokoro, you must really have a plate of their Kakigoori!! YUMMY goodness! I had strawberry this time. I have a love-hate relationship with strawberries. Sometimes they are sweet but often times they are just plain sour. :(
I still prefer and really recommend the MANGO KAKIGOORI! I'll have it when I visit Nihon Daidokoro again!

Strawberry Kakigoori - Php 50 per plate

You cute thing, we meet again!

I was a bit hungry so I tried their rice bowl. This one is the Oyako Don (Chicken and Egg).

Oyaka Don - Php 100 per set

I wish there was a branch of Nihon Daidokoro in Cubao or somewhere near my area! 

Japan Japan~ hehe With some of the owners of the restaurant. The one in denim jacket is Akane-san's husband.

Happy me! I finally attracted the magazine I've always wanted. It took 2 years but I still got it so I am really happy. Law of Attraction really works! hehe

Nihon Daidokoro may be far but it's one of my favorites!

Check out this blog post to see my recent visit to Nihon Daidokoro. Or visit their Facebook page for more information.

Nihon Daidokoro is located on the 1st floor of Makati Cinema Square in Makati City.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ever Bilena Lipstick Review and Swatches

I really love lipsticks! I love how you could change your look just by changing the shade of your lipstick. Pick a light pink shade if you want a sweet subtle look. Pick a deep red color if you want to go for a sexy and bold look. 

I got 10 shades of Ever Bilena lipsticks that I am currently loving!

Each tube only costs Php 95 Pesos each! So cheap, right? If you buy other brands, you'll only get 1 tube for Php1000/$20. But if you go with these babies, you'll get 10 amazing colors! Pretty good deal in my opinion!

I failed to take a photo of each shade but I filmed a video showing all 10 shades. Please watch the video below to see how the 10 colors look when applied on lips. :)

Which shade did you like best? One of my favorites is the Dazzling Orchid which I am wearing in the photos. 

I filmed the video for 3 hours. I don't know why I always take forever when I film videos. hehe I thought it would be cute to take a photo of my stained tissues. hehe

Be sure to check out these colorful lispticks from Ever Bilena. A good alternative to expensive lip products. I was impressed because some of them are really nice and pigmented! Perfect for everyday wear since you won't have to feel guilty that you're wearing a Php1,000++ worth of lipstick to the grocery or library. 

Have a nice day! I'm going back to Manila this Friday! I'll be back to reality. My two weeks stay (+ the 4 days I spent here before New Year's) were really fun! I'll be going back to my regular schedule from then on : filming new videos, editing overdue raw videos, reviewing new products and answering your e-mails and messages. ^^


Monday, January 19, 2015

Foundation and Concealer Routine for Acne Prone Skin

I've already posted an old foundation and concealer routine tutorial last year but that was when I still had bad skin. Since some of you requested for an updated one, I decided to film one last Christmas. Which explains why there's still a tree behind me in January! hehe I got caught up with stuff that I only had the time to finally finish editing this video today.

Some people may be curious why my skin looks good in pictures and in videos. Aside from the skin care routine and skin treatments that I use, I also rely on makeup sometimes. 

Here's how my skin looks before and after applying foundation and concealer:

Watch the video here to find out how I conceal my acne spots and scars 
using my favorite foundation and concealer :

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer
Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Foundation (Bamboo)
Etude House Sponge Applicator
Naturactor Concealer (151)
Revlon Nearly Naked Powder (020 Light Pale)

Those products are my favorites because they all work together to give me better looking skin. I have tried using each product alone and with another product but I have observed that they work better when used together, especially with my skin type. Though I recently got a Beauty Blender sponge so I will try using it soon instead of the Korean brand sponge. I'll let you know which one works better! ;)


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let's Tour Baguio! : Botanical Garden and Mines View Park (Day 1)

Last weekend, I went to Tarlac to visit my Grandfather again. I went with my uncle and with my aunt. Since Baguio is just a few hours away from Tarlac, my uncle decided to take a short trip to Baguio as well. We left Tarlac at 6:30 in the morning and took the bus going to Baguio. We got there at 9:30 A.M. The weather was so nice! These days, Manila is a bit cool but Baguio is much more cooler, it's cool throughout the day!

The last time I was in Baguio was about 10 years ago when my friend, Marby, invited me to tag along with her family when they went there. It was nice to see that Baguio is still a very nice place to relax and enjoy. And the best part is that people are free to wear sweater, jacket, boots, bonnet and scarf anytime they want! 

Our first stop was the Botanical Garden. There were lots of trees and greens. There were also some gardens like the Taebaek Garden.

There were also some huge statues to take pictures with.

Key chains are one of the most common "pasalubong" that you could get from Baguio.

Then we went to The Mansion. It is the official summer residence of the president of the Philippines. 

Please watch the video below for the Baguio Day 1 Vlog :

My aunt and my uncle are from the U.S. so each time we would eat, they would always crave for Filipino foods and snacks. Like these Banana-q (Sugar coated banana on stick) and Corn on stick. 

A trip to Baguio is never complete without taking a photo with the St. Bernard Dogs in Mines View Park. This one in the photo is just 10 months old!

And of course, gotta take pictures with the horses! Each time I would go to Baguio, I'd always take a picture with the Pink horse! It's pink or never! hehe

Also gotta buy the family and the friends some sweets and delicacies from Baguio!

And. And. AND! My favorite of all is THIS! Coco jam inside small shells that we call as "Sundot Kulangot". It's gross but the loose translation for that is "Pick A Booger" because you literally pick the jam out of the shell. hehe The name of it may not be nice but it's my favorite ever! 

We ended the night with a bowl of hot and delicious Lomi! So yummy!

That's our Baguio Day 1! I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Please stay tuned for Day 2 video and blog post. 


Friday, January 16, 2015

Easy Hairstyles for Beginners

Some of you guys requested some easy hairstyles for beginners. Here are some of my favorites that are so cute yet super easy to do!

Also perfect for everyday hairstyles if you are bored of the usual straight or curly hair. ^^

Watch the video below for the tutorial :

Tucked Braid

Side Ponytail Braid

Headband and Ribbon Braid

Easy Twisted Hairstyle

Looped Waterfall Hairstyle

Looped Hairstyle

I hope you like the easy hairstyles that I showed. Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions! 

Have a nice day, everyone!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things I got for Christmas and New Year!

Hello, guys and girls! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I am back in Tarlac to spend more time with my grandfather(Lolo). They don't have internet connection so the only chance I get to stay connected with you guys is to go to our relative's house and connect to their wifi for a while. I miss you guys and I miss the constant posts and videos I make... but I know that if I miss this chance to spend more time with my Lolo, I will never have the chance again.

It's so weird that my grandfather is bed ridden, can't walk, can't stand and can't barely speak and open his eyes yet he's still able to teach me some lessons. Just this morning, I wept because I was so touched when I saw two barbers that came to our house to cut his hair and trim his mustache. I realized what a good man he was when he was still able that people still go out of their way like that just to do simple things for him like trim his hair. I realized that it's not about giving money or luxurious gifts that will determine how people will treat you when you get older. It's actually about how you treat them when you are still able. Now that my grandfather is weak, the only words I hear from people here in Tarlac are about how kind and good-hearted he was back then. It hit me. All the sincere good things and good deeds you do when you're young will be all be repaid sincerely when you reach your nightfall. I am so thankful that I was still given the chance to spend time with him. Even for a while...

There are really lots of things to be thankful for in this life! All you have to do is to feel from your heart and be truly grateful, always.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Some of them are material things... like these things I got for Christmas and for New Year. This post may be 15 days behind but better late than never, right?

Please watch the video here to see all the things I got :

I like all of them, but my favorites are the YouTube Tumbler from my Mom, the personalized Forever Flawless dog tag with my name on it from Forever Flawless Clinic and the Beauty Blender from my cousin in California, Em Em.

I remeber when I was still teaching Koreans at my old office... Koreans are generally busy and stressed most of the time. At times, I would speak to an adult student and he'd/she'd tell me about how stressful life in Korea is and how there's nothing to be happy about. I would always tell them to get a notebook and a pen and each night, write a thing or two that they're grateful for that day. At first, it could be hard to commit doing that, especially if you're not really that type of person. But it really helps to open your eyes, look around and appreciate the little things in life. For when years go by, we never know that those little things could be the great things that would really impact us.

It's a warm and sunny day here in Tarlac.Thanks for reading today!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Wedding - Province Vlog 2

One of the greatest things in being a woman is getting married to the man that she loves. When I was young, I used to think that finding the right guy was so easy... These days, however, I have come to realize that it was the other way around so walking down the aisle to meet your man is like winning the lottery already. There are some women, though, that are lucky enough to meet the right guy at the right time at the right age. (I can't believe I'm actually talking about age now. lol)

One of those lucky women is my cousin in Tarlac that recently got married. 

I can't believe she's actually married now. She's one of the cousins that I used to climb trees with and run around under the sun in the province. We also made a promise to attend each other's wedding come the right time. 

Here's how her gown looks!

Watch the video here so see more things that happened at the wedding.

The theme of the wedding was "vintage". Her wedding looked like those wedding photos and ideas that I see on Pinterest and other lifestyle blogs. So beautiful!

Her groom waiting for her down the aisle.

The place was very beautiful! It was funny because it was located in the suburb area of our province so one wouldn't really expect to see a place as beautiful as that there. The sound of the birds, tree branches and cool breeze made the wedding even more perfect!

I like the outfit of these cute kids, Gabriel and David! (With my cousin, Marita, too!)

My cousin, the beautiful bride, walking down the aisle as slowly as possible. Each time I attend a wedding, I don't know why I tear up when the bride walks down the aisle.

Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Castillo!

The reception was intimate and was so fun! Also, instead of releasing 2 doves, they handed us papers with butterflies inside. The bad thing was that we didn't know that a butterfly was inside it, so we shook it/pressed it...

So when it was time to release the butterfly, mine didn't fly and went straight down to the floor. I felt so bad for the butterfly. :(

Other than the butterfly not flying, everything else was perfect! I have attended a lot of weddings and have participated a lot of times in the games. But never have I gotten/caught the bride's bouquet, until that day!

It was so fun because the game was not conventional but my partner was somehow gentleman and didn't take advantage of the game. (That or maybe he just didn't find me pretty at all. lol) 

The bouquet was sooo beautiful, but not as beautiful as the bride. hehe I would have brought the bouquet back home to Manila but I had to travel 3-4 hours so I just left it at my grandfather's home. 

It was really a fun wedding and I was so happy for my cousin that she finally tied the knot with a very good man. 

I just wish it's me SOON. :)

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