Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DIY Starbucks Unicorn Frapp (Sweet & Easy!)

I'm so glad you made it to my website! Unicorn Frapp by Starbucks is the trendiest thing on the internet now. People are mesmerized by the mixture of pastel colors in the drink topped with colorful fairy dust! 

It is unfortunate, however, that the drink is only available in the US! How about us in other countries? Well, you've come to the right place! Here is a simple DIY recipe to mimic the popular drink!


How the original drink taste like? According to my research, the drink is sweet at first then becomes sour because of it's "sour mango" flavor. The flavor would have been perfect but I just thought it's UNICORN we're talking about. Unicorns are supposed to be sweet, don't they? So, I twisted the recipe a bit.

-Evaporated Milk / Fresh Milk
-Purple Food Color
-Blue Food Color
-Some Toothpicks
-Ice Cubes
-Blender / Smoothie Maker
-Colored Sugar
-Recycled Starbucks Cup

The drink was easy and fun to make, especially if you love mixing fruits in your drink! 

If you're wondering where I got the Fairy Dust / Colored Sugar from, it's actually crystal / sanding sugar that bakers use for pastries and desserts. I got it from a confectioner's shop called Chocolate Lover for Php 28 per pack / color. 

I substituted the mango with strawberries because the latter is sweet and less sour than mangoes. I really despise the thought of having a unicorn in my drink yet sour taste in my mouth. Strawberries also have subtle sourness in them so I recon it's just the perfect combination of sweet, sour and cold!

I am pretty sure more than half of the people that have tried or are wanting to try the drink have on goal in mind : FOR INSTAGRAM! I can't blame you, the drink is just too dreamy! 

Now, go and make your own Starbucks Unicorn Frapp! Your followers are surely going to double-tap your photo and wouldn't notice the difference. My followers didn't think it was a DIY until I actually told them! Hehe

I hope you found this interesting and informative!

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

DIVISORIA HAUL : Makeup, Room Decor and Storage

I love going to Divisoria! The thought of bringing only one or two thousand Pesos and going home with loads of stuff really excites me! I have been an avid shopper since my college days at FEU. I remember how my BFF and I would shop for school shoes, skinny jeans and blazers. I love how I also how precious college memories at Divisoria! Hehe

I went shopping again and this time, I bought cute and girly stuff for my bedroom. Before, I used to just shop and buy whatever I see, even stuff I don't really need. But I found a better shopping technique! It's always wise to make a list before heading out and bring only enough money with you. Doing that will prevent you from over-shopping and over-spending. Sometimes, we think we save money by buying cheap stuff but we don't realize that buying LOTS of cheap stuff also equal to spending money on expensive ones. 

Here are all the cute stuff I bought! I am astonished how I was able to find everything in my list! I am starting to thing I'm becoming the queen of Divisoria! (*hehehe*)


Here's where I got everything I mentioned in the video :

-PINK COMB -  Php 20 - Gladking Old 999 Mall 1C-21
-FLOWER - Php 100 - Old 999 Mall 1V-18
-UNICORN Brush Set - Php 650 - Old 999 Mall IA-21
-ACRYLIC LIPSTICK CASE - Php 230 - Old 999 Mall IA-21
-FAKE NYX LIP CREAMS - Php 100 3 pcs - Old 999 Mall IA-19
-PINK DRAWERS - Php 70 each - 168 Mall 1N-08
-GOLD NUMBERS - Php 35 each - 168 Mall 2HB-05
-PRINCESS BALLOON - Php 50 - 168 Mall 2HB-05
-WHITE PRINCES MIRROR - Php 500 - 168 Mall 2HA-04
-LED LETTER K - Php 180 - 168 Mall 2HA-04
-PINK STRAW HOLDER - Php 180 - Tabora Street

Few of my favorites from this haul are the White Princess Mirror and the Pink Straw Holder! Ahhhhhh! I am so glad I found them in Divisoria! I have been eyeing the same mirror from IKEA but it costs Php 3,500 on an online shop. The pink straw holder costs Php 900 on another online shop! Can you imagine how much money I DID NOT SPEND because I opted to go to Divisoria instead of succumbing to online shop's steep price! Hehe

I was really intending to buy a Unicorn Balloon but didn't find one so I just bought this Princess Balloon! Hehe No one can tell me I am too old for a pink, princess balloon! Hehe (And you shouldn't let anyone tell you what you can or can not do with your life, either! It's your life so go and do what your heart desires.)

Yup, I am 31 years old! I am not embarrassed to reveal my age. Because along with that "old" age comes beloved people, friends I made, places I've been to, unforgettable experiences and important lessons learned. 

I really enjoy shopping at Divisoria! I can shop there alone but I also enjoy shopping with friends and with my BF. Hehe I hope one day I could finally push my plan of at Divisoria with me?

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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Hey, everyone! I am sure some of you may be feeling the silence. I have been posting less videos, writing less blog posts and responding less to messages.

There are many reasons why I'm suddenly being so quiet. I thought I was the only one going through this phase. Until recently, I read Michelle Phan's interview article. Never have I thought that I would be feeling the same way as she is feeling or have felt :THE FEELING OF BEING DEPRESSED DESPITE REACHING WHAT OTHERS ARE JUST HOPING AND ARE PRAYING FOR.

I will not say I am the biggest YouTuber in the Philippines. In fact, that is honestly one of the reasons why I have been missing in action - YOUTUBE has changed and I feel like I DO NOT WANT TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE.

Before I begin, let me just say that this blog post does not mean to offend nor pin point any specific person. Any similar situation or person is just a mere coincidence.

Shall I begin by listing down the things I am anxious about?

1.) Being famous on the internet. - Some people do not know that when I started YouTube 6 years ago, the goal was not to become famous nor to get 100,000 subscribers. The goal rather was really just to upload my own videos. I didn't dream of having Meet and Greet events nor having people scream my name while I'm on the stage. Those things were honestly not in my vision. I vowed to stay true and keep my feet on the ground as I kept moving forward. But I have noticed that the more I stay, the more changes I see. These days, I would get messages ad comments from people asking me how they could become a "POPULAR" Youtuber like me. I don't know which part scares me most. People thinking I am popular or people wanting to do YouTube just to become popular. As someone who were making YouTube videos as early as 2011, it is becoming scary. Back then, Youtube was a place where people could "broadcast themselves" freely. A channel where the simple people could create their own set of viewers and followers. But these days, even the already-popular celebrities start their YouTube channel. I noticed that people want to BE POPULAR. They want to be known. I am anxious that maybe the reason why I am falling behind is because I do not want to be part of the change. Maybe I am becoming irrelevant because I am not embracing the change. 

2.) Making money out of my followers. - None of you know that since I started becoming quiet, my e-mail also started blowing up. Not because I'm getting more e-mails but because I have been slacking responding to potential clients. I have experienced a few times hearing people talk about how much money they are making on YouTube or how much money they ask for a single sponsorship, while I silently die inside because I still do videos and x-deals for free. I thought the reason why I am still poor and still have to worry about money day by day is because I do not think of money as my priority. Is it wrong to not think of money? Am I poor because I am not wise enough when it comes to making deals? These days, I question myself. Is it wrong that I still want to provide my viewers with more authentic and unpaid videos and get very little views while most are making paid videos and getting a lot of views and hype? Sometimes, I just cry.

3.) Being too close to my followers/Losing some followers. - Not everyone know that I was deeply hurt when I closed my Kakaotalk group chat with some of my followers. When I started it, I was blissful! It felt to surreal that people actually want to talk to me 24/7. For months, it became a routine for me to chat with them from morning to night. Until I have noticed how some things changed. I wanted to treat my followers as friends. The word "FANS" really just creep the heck out of me. Who am I to have fans when I was the ugly kid in school? I'd rather call them friends. But as we talked, I noticed some changes. The respect was somehow replaced with comfort. Some language have become unacceptable for me. I thought I was giving away too much information and losing their respect in return. Some chats hurt me. Some people I truly loved made me cry. I am not sure if I made them cry, too. But closing that group chat really tore my heart. I thought I had 100% loyal friends, but I lost them. Which now leads me to reason #4.

4.) Being less active on social media. - Since I closed the group chat, I felt like I couldn't keep my promise that I will respond to each and every single personal message. Not a lot of you know but I used to spend 6 hours straight twice a week just responding to messages on my FB and IG, making sure I leave no message unread. But since I closed the group chat, I felt like I had to distance myself as well. However, I still think how unfair it is to new followers who want to message me just because they want to express their happiness in finding me. But I just couldn't find the strength to respond. SCARED, maybe that's the right term. I loved so much. I LOVE SO MUCH. And when I get hurt, it's also deep. I guess I was just really hurt when I closed the group chat that I purposely distanced myself from followers, afraid I would love them dearly again. My friends who might be reading this blog post may understand why. Sometimes, the pain we feel now really comes from all the pain we had as a child. Often than not, the pain traces us back to the pain inflicted to us while we were growing up. I have loved a lot and lost a lot in my life. I have been left so many times and hurt physically and emotionally so many times in my childhood that a single, even the simplest form of pain now, shatters me to pieces again. 

5.) Being irrelevant. - I was part of the first-ever YouTube Fanfest in the Philippines and now that they are on their 3rd year, I didn't even get a notification from YouTube that they are holding it again. I am not part of the line-up nor did I get an invitation. No nothing. I only learned about it when few people asked me on social media if I'd be part of this year's roster. Again, it brings me back to reason #1. Do I want to be POPULAR or do I want to be raw? Because really, YouTube would invite the most-popular for the YTFF, it's only logical they do that. And just like that, anxiety hit me again. I received a lot of blessings, achievements and recognition on years I was not expecting them. Those years were when I was starting. But the more I stay, the more irrelevant I am becoming. Less recognition, less events, less views, less followers... 

6.) Doubting my own self. - Again, none of you knew that after a certain event, I went home crying. Luckily, my boyfriend was there to pick me up, literally. I was so down and shattered. I was not crying, I was howling. I told him how I felt so small at the event because only few people recognized me and clapped for me when my name was called out while the place roared when other people were called. I doubted my self and my worth because the people who had more followers were people who started just recently while I've been around since 2011 but only few know me. I doubted myself. I doubted my ability. I doubted my worth. Because I'm ugly. Because I'm not rich. Because I couldn't upload more videos. Because I have acne. Because I have dark skin. Because of my cringe-worthy username. I was at my lowest-point. But my Boyfriend picked me up and hugged me and whispered "count your blessings, Love". I looked up to him and said "You are my biggest blessing", though that should be in a separate blog post and not here...

7.) Getting certain number of views on YouTube. - I have been trying my best to upload videos twice a week. But the more I upload, the lesser views I get. YouTube said "Do collaboration videos with other YouTubers", so did I. But was so shocked when the one I did with 2 popular/international YouTubers only got 4,000 views! I was so ashamed of myself, I wanted to take the video down. I felt embarrassed to the 2 YouTubers for wasting their time hoping I could help them gain more viewers from the Philippines, but in the end, only 4,000 watched. When I was starting and creating videos like nail art and DIY videos, I used to be so satisfied with the numbers. To be honest, I do care about the numbers. I honestly don't care about the money but I care about the numbers. Why? Imagine spending several days editing a video and hours uploading it only for it to get few thousand views. That's heart-breaking for me, really. To me, it implies I didn't think of the concept for the video well or it makes me think my content is not interesting enough for people to click and watch. To put it simply, the fewer YouTube views I get, the more failure I consider myself. 

8.) Being compared to other people. - I think no one in this world likes being compared. The more I stay on YouTube, the more comparison I get. "Why are you imitating __?" "__ is prettier than you!" "__ makes more fun vlogs than you!" "You are so ugly! __ is the prettiest!" I could go on and on. What hurts me is that these viewers don't realize that I started YouTube even before these people did. Imagine a manager being compared to a newly-hired employee. Or a senior student being compared to a freshman. That's how it is to me. Why am I being compared? Why do they have to go to my account only to mention other people's names. I seriously do not want any competition. I do not want to be bitter. I miss my old self when I would just upload a video, check it after a few hours and respond to nice and sweet comments from viewers. These days, I avoid the YouTube comment section as much as I can. It is heart-breaking these days. For someone so fragile like me, a single comment could mean a meltdown. 

9.) Losing my international viewers. - I have soooo much to thank my international viewers for. They were the first few people who watched and subscribed to me, really. Back then, I had people from the US, France, Brazil, Africa, Sweden, UK, India, Germany, etc. Girls from different places watched me and sent me messages of admiration and support. Some of them even sent me personal gifts all the way from their countries. I value my international viewers as much as I value my Filipino viewers, to me both are precious! But the more I upload English videos, the more hate I get from some Filipino viewers about my accent being so bad and my grammar being to tasteless. I tried to succumb to their desire by making Filipino videos. But the more I upload Filipino videos, the more I lose my valued international viewers. I am trapped in the middle and don't know which way to go. For me and for my international viewers who watched me when I only had few thousand followers, my English is perfectly fine. But for some Filipinos now, it's bad and I need to resort to speaking in my native tongue else I won't be watched. Sometimes, I hate how greatly hate comments are affecting me. You guys don't know how many times I've cried for that reason. 

10.) Losing myself. - It pains me how I teach people to be positive and inspire them to always see the good in them when here I am now, all down and shattered. The recent video that I uploaded only got 8,000 views and I am stuck with 180,000 YouTube subscribers for months now. I am in the phase where I am thinking if I should just drop everything and quit or go on and continue. I know some people even have it harder. Some people are only dreaming now what I have already accomplished. 180,000, even if it took me 6 years to achieve, is really something to be thankful for. 

Should I start thinking of $$$ now and accept all sponsors and offers even though I don't really like the product or brand? "Who cares about followers when I have $$$?!" Should I be that kind of person now? Honestly, I want a car, I want a branded handbag, I want an expensive phone, I want to give my Mother more money, I want delicious food on our table every meal, I want to travel more, I want branded clothing and shoes, I want real jewelry because I only have cheap and fake ones... Things I can't afford now because I still think of being raw and do not accept all paid offers. I want people to recognize me and not hear crickets whenever I'm called out on the stage. I want to get another 100,000 subscribers in just a few months. I want people to fall in line for hours and hours just to see me so I could think of myself as someone so relevant and wanted... 

BUT REALLY, IS THAT WHO I AM?? Are those the reasons why I started? I am so afraid of losing myself and being a completely different me just because I conformed. I really want to be the same me but why is the real, same me not relevant anymore. I want to make more videos. The truth is, I already have a lot of filmed videos on my laptop. I just couldn't find the strength to spend sleepless nights editing them because I am so damn afraid the effort in editing would just resort to 4,000 views. 

I want to find myself. I still want to be me, the same old Kristine, but BETTER. I really do not want to change what I have been doing nor do I want to quit YouTube. YouTube is something I really love. I wouldn't have stayed for 6 years if I didn't love it. I also love every single follower that I have. People that have stayed with me through thick and thin. People that saw past my imperfections and flaws. People that found joy and inspiration in my videos. I can not quit because I do not want to waste people's time. People have given me TIME when they watched my videos. They have given me something they couldn't get back. I may be down and shattered now but I hope to get inspiration and reason to get back up again. 


Monday, March 27, 2017

SURPRISE BIRTHDAY BASH! - (A Party I Was Not Invited To)

How would you like to go to a birthday bash you're not invited to, see people you did not expect wearing an outfit you least prepared for? Today, I did all three! I woke up today ready to face scorching heat in Divisoria and walk it's muddy streets. But some people apparently had a BETTER plan for me. They threw a birthday bash for me!

Anne, one of the Fluffies, messaged me if her sister could interview me for a school paper report. I said yes but when I was told it would be on a Sunday, I asked her if the interview could be over e-mail instead. My weekends are usually reserved for my BF and my family and friends. So, she had a better idea! She actually ordered from my online shop and asked for a meet-up/pick-up on Sunday around Cubao which I agreed to.  
On that day, we met in front of a cake shop. The first thing I noticed was her fuchsia dress. The next thing was that she wasn't carrying a bag with her. She then said her Mom will pay for her and that they are at Shakey's waiting because they had just finished Sunday church service. Without hesitation, I agreed. While we were walking, I quietly arranged a tita-approved greeting. "Ay, hello po! Good afternoon po. Naku pasensya na po sa abala ko sa family lunch niyo. Naku, sobrang bait po nitong anak niyo!" When we got inside, I noticed the empty plates on the table we were heading to. I wondered why her family hasn't started eating yet. A few more steps forward and I was greeted by a cheer and giggles from the other Fluffies! Poof, it was a surprise birthday bash for me! And I was wearing Divi-proof outfit, minimal makeup, connect-the-dots pimple breakout and brought no camera! 

I did not have my camera with me so we'd have to deal with these low quality cellphone photos, my friends. 

I was so surprised when I saw them, especially with the DIY banner! For me, it's the sweetest banner ever! I appreciate the fact that they put so much effort like this. And I am aware it's not cheap to print many pictures! Thank you so much!!

Everyone, meet Charyse, Anna, Anne, Cha, Dea and Rochel!

And look at the cake! Isn't so cute? I love how it was done, so cute and polished! I would have hard time cutting this one and actually getting myself to eat it. It's just so cute!!

After a few minutes, or hours (hehe), Gelai and Kylie joined us, too! 

MY MESSAGE TO THE FLUFFIES : (highlight to show the message)
It's 1:13 now, more than 12 hours after the surprise bash. Some of you may be wondering why I did not cry when I saw you guys at Shakeys with those cake, banner and balloon and gifts. Was I not touched? Truth is, I am more than touched. I am really grateful. The tears got overshadowed by my happiness! It was my fist-time ever to be surprised by my followers- my Fluffies! It's the sweetest thing ever. You don't know but the past weeks, I have been thinking about few things. Some of you know how emotional I am in real life; the needy and clingy side of me. I have been thinking about few people who seemed to have left. I may not be showing it but I really am hurt inside. But seeing you there today made me realize how blessed I really am. You are aware that we are not as many as the others. But I honestly don't need a lot, I just need few yet true. Even with my friends, I like keeping my circle small and intimate rather than big and loud. 

I am really thankful to ALL THE FLUFFIES for staying and always believing in me, even on times I doubt my own abilities and strengths. But for now, please allow me to thank few girls. :) 

Anna - I still remember clearly your PM to me after you saw me open your portrait gift. I won't say here what we talked about but I just want you to know how it still amazes me that you now feel what you feel towards me. Sometimes, life really has turning points and I am so grateful that you looked back and saw what you saw in me!

Anne - Thank you so much for planning and  organizing all of this. It's funny how it hasn't been over a year since you've become a part of my life yet it already feels as if you were with me since day 1. I really appreciate how you are always present whenever we have events and gatherings. Seeing your face in the crowd always gives me a calming feeling. I don't know how better I could put my emotions into words but that's how you make me feel each time!

Cha - Remember how this started? I sent you a PM on my personal  FB to greet you a happy birthday because your aunt asked me to. From then on, it was history. Thank you for letting me realize that small acts like those really matter. I am really grateful that you always make me feel loved and appreciated despite your busy life. Thank you for helping me with the comments section on our YouTube!

Charyse - In your silence, I hear so much. I hear pure love and affection even with words you don't utter. I want you to know how I really appreciate you for coming to our events and gatherings. I know, it's difficult for someone as young as you to travel and go places but you always make it a point to show up. Please thank your parents for me!

Dea - Thank you for proving to me that time is not always everything. You have only followed me early this year but have been so supportive since. Thank you so much for showing up and showing me love. I hope to improve myself so I could be a good role model to people like you! 

Gelai - Sometimes, it doesn't have to be loud and big to know it's there. You are the proof of it. You always keep me wondering "Is she here, Is she coming, Did she watch?", but in the end, ,you always prove me that you are and you do. Thank you for seeing me despite your busy schedule. I appreciate!

Rochel - Funny how a random Daiso moment could start something deep. Believe me, I was so embarrassed that day when you saw me with that limp, flat hair! Hehe But despite that, I am really thankful to you for showing up each time. I always get jumpy feeling whenever I see you just appear and say hi to me. I want to do better and be better so I could inspire more people like you.

After the lunch at Shakey's, we went to J.Co to grab dessert. 

Yehey, I'm so happy!

After this, I told my BF how happy and thankful I am that you guys exert effort for me like this and really go your way to see me, even though I have nothing to offer anymore. I witnessed that at the Fluffies Do My Makeup event and here today. I'm so touched that you guys travel and do things like this even though I don't have free products or giveaways. For me, it's so touching that you still want to see me just as me, without expecting anything in return. I want you to know how special you made this birthday for me. I actually have nothing planned this year for my birthday so thank you so much for planning for me. I am really happy!!

I would like to thank the other Fluffies who also contributed and helped the Fluffies with the preparation. I heard some contributed money and I saw that some sent photos of us. I may not know why you were not at the birthday bash but I want you to know that I wish you guys were there, too. Anyway, I am really happy and thankful that you helped even though you were not coming!

Thank you for the gift of LOVE! 

(ps. Post to be updated soon. I shall add more photos and text.)


Monday, March 20, 2017

Fluffies Do My Makeup using NYX Cosmetics

Some people like to call their followers as "fans", I prefer to call mine "FLUFFIES". I think I have told you many times that the word "FAN" really makes me cringe. It's like uplifting one's self while belittling others. Plus, I am no celebrity to have fans. The term Fluffy or Fluffies started when a few girls attended my nail art workshop a few months back. They said they want to be the soft, cuddly and fluffy clouds I could turn to when I'm feeling down or sad. I absolutely liked the idea! And besides, can you ever say the word "Fluffy" with an angry tone? I bet not! Hehe Fluffy reminds me of anything soft, cuddly, sparkly and sweet!

Because the Fluffies are the best in the world, I want to feature them in a video that is not a vlog. Vlogs are random and short, almost impaired. I want to feature them in a video where they could showcase their talent, especially when it comes to something they really love - MAKEUP!

After coming up with a video idea, the next question that popped in my head was "WHERE?!" My room is tiny and I have limited makeup so my room was already crossed out. I asked NYX Cosmetics if they would want to be a part of this and they said YES! Yay!

We filmed the Fluffies Do My Makeup video at the NYX Professional Makeup store in SM Megamall in Manila! There, we had spacious floor to move around, wide array of makeup to choose from, good lighting plus NYX also lent us their beauty ring light!

Originally, I was just going to invite 10 Fluffies. But I thought the others would want to join the fun, too. So, I also invited them to watch us! I am pretty sure they weren't bored because they also got to create different looks on themselves using all the NYX makeup available at the store.

It was such a fun day! Have you watched the video yet? Click PLAY to see what happened at the NYX store that day and to find out which among the 2 groups nailed the best look for me.

Because there were 10 Fluffies who participated in the makeup challenge, I decided to split them to 2 groups. 

The first group named themselves TEAM SHORTY. 
Say hello to Glai, Cha, Dea, Belle and Camille. 

It was chaotic yet fun! It was cute and funny how the girls tried their best to do my makeup in just 50 minutes. Everyone tried to be productive. They even attempted to do my eye brows and my eye shadow at once.

This is the makeup look done by Team Shorty. I specially liked the colors that they put in my eyes! I love how vibrant and pigmented the colors are!

While we were filming, the other Fluffies were either watching us or were doing their makeup using NYX cosmetics. I am thankful to the girls who stayed until the end of the video challenge even though they weren't part of it. 

Anyway, after the first part, I told the Fluffies to rest and grab some food. I knew they were hungry because we were at the NYX store since morning. 

After a couple of minutes, we resumed the video challenge and went on to Team 2!

Team 2 decided to call themselves Beauty Killers. The members are Anne, Raffy, Mild, Anna and Jerralyn.

Just like with the other team, it was chaotic yet fun! I was so impressed how they were able to do my makeup all at once. There were practically 3 people doing my face and 2 people behind doing my hair! It was funny but I loved seeing the Fluffies interact. It's gives me joy when they are kind, polite and respectful towards each other.

This is the look done by Team 2. They came up with dark and sultry makeup to match my dark and street-style outfit. I love how they put gradient color on my lips which I have never tried before!

In the end, Team 2 (Beauty Killers) won because the judges liked the technique that they used. They also loved how the makeup matched my outfit of the day.

Ms. Kath and Ms. Diane of NYX Cosmetics Philippines helped me pick the winner. Or course, they also gave special loot bags to the winners and consolation loot bags to the 1st runners up. NYX is really so supportive and generous! Thank you so much, NYX Cosmetics Philippines! 

Ms. Kath of NYX Cosmetics Philippines who looks so much like a Korean. Hehe The Fluffies almost said "Annyeong Haseyo" to her. Hehe

If you think the story is already finished, think again. Before leaving the store, NYX Cosmetics handed me something special! AN ADVANCED BIRTHDAY GIFT!!!

They actually gave me a NYX Makeup Traincase! Wow! I totally wasn't expecting anything from them that day. For me, it was enough that they let us filmed at their store, used all their makeup and provided loot bags to all the Fluffies. Never had I imagined they would still give me more!

Yes, the makeup train case was not empty. They also gave me makeup products! Wow, I'm crying glitter and rainbows now because of so much joy. 

A HUGE thanks to NYX Philippines for being one of the most-generous brands I have ever worked with. I never receive any money whenever I promote them but I just love doing so because they are such a genuine brand. I also think having a good relationship with a brand is better than getting thousands of pesos and just working once and never keeping in touch. 

And the biggest THANK YOU to all the Fluffies who went to the NYX store that day. I've done a lot of Meet and Greets recently that it scares me to organize more now. I get afraid that no one would show up now that most of you have met me already. But you always prove me wrong because the sweetest Fluffies always show up at every gathering. I am truly blessed and am always grateful! Thank you, Fluffies, for spending your weekend with me!

Because I am such a clingy person, I asked some of them to stay after the event. On times like this, I usually do not get to bond and talk to everyone so I always ask whoever is available to stay for a little more bonding. 

Yup, always set a good example. Keep right when you want to stand whenever you use escalators. ALWAYS keep the left side open for those who are rushing or those who want to quickly go up. I wish I could tell that to everyone I see standing on the left. Haaay.

My favorite place to bring my Fluffies whenever we are at SM Megamall is Hobing Bingsu. Well, if they had SeolHwa Cafe, I would have taken them there. Hehe I just love Korean Bingsu and I want my Fluffies to taste it, too.

I know, asking you guys to stay a little longer was too much considering you have other things to do. But thank you so much for staying! 

I wish I could bond with all of my viewers and my readers like this. No cameras, no vlogs, just pure friendship. 

Thank you so much for reading today! I know it's taking me forever to update this blog but I am always online on Instagram. Be sure you're following me, @RealAsianBeauty for real-time updates. Mwah!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Concert Experience : EXO EXO'rDIUM in Manila 2017

EXO-L is definitely one of the luckiest fan clubs in the Philippines. Aside from the fact that EXO comes to the Philippines almost every year, they also get to watch the boys perform twice in a row per tour! How awesome is that, really? The first two-night concert tour was the EXO'LUXION and now, after just a year, they are back with EXO'rDIUM! 

I didn't know I'd be able to see EXO live in concert this time because of few reasons. 1.) I already have a Boyfriend. 2.) My BF does not think it's right to spend almost Php 13,000 in just 1 night. 3.) I don't think it's right to spend Php 13,000 in just 1 night when I could use the money to travel for a few days with my BF somewhere else.

I was already sure I had 0% hope to see EXO live this year when I suddenly got a message from BeautyPlus PH! They asked me if I would be open to host an EXO Concert Ticket Giveaway for them! Of course, who would ever say no to an offer as big as that?!
(Click here to read more about #BeautyPlusxRealAsianBeauty EXO Giveaway!)

The EXO EXO'rDIUM in Manila was held at the SMART Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City. A stadium that sits right at the heart of the metro. EXO-L's got the chance to choose between February 25, 2017 and February 26, 2017! 

I secretly squeal whenever I get invited to events that are held at Araneta Coliseum. I hate the traffic jam here in Manila so I always try to avoid it. Araneta Coliseum is just 10-15 minutes away fro my house that I could literally walk from my house to the said venue!

So the date was set, outfit was chosen, cameras were charged and giveaway winner was picked! The only thing left to do was to be at the venue. I dreaded having to wait in line for hours and hours (just like my DKFC1 experience and my INFINITE Effect experience) Fortunately, PULP came up with a very smart idea of having que numbers for people with VIP Standing Area tickets. Ticket holders only need to register and get their que number online and go to the venue at around 4PM. As opposed to trying your luck to be the first in line and go to the venue to line up as early as 8AM! There's lesser chance of being in front but at least, you won't have to wait in line for 9 hours or so. (Like what I did with my previous INFINITE concerts!)

ME with our EXO ticket giveaway winner, Aleili and Ms. Bijae, Marketing of BeautyPlus PH.

True enough, we only waited in line for about 2 hours since we went to the proper gate to line up. We would've waited lesser if we went at around 5PM, which was the time they started allowing people to get inside the stadium. Our que number was 404 and 405. To be honest, I lost hope that we'd be able to get front-line area. 

This is your view of the audience and the stage if you choose the VIP Standing Area.

I heard you! Is VIP Standing Area better than VIP Seated Area when both costs the same amount? Here's my two cents. 

-You are willing to wait in line for hours
-You are tall enough
-You want see the boys closer
-You want a closer "fan-service" experience
-You want to be able to move around
-If you're okay with pushing and seeing phones and banners in front of you
-If you're okay with meddling with other Asian fans, that are mostly taller than you (if you are Filipino)
-If you want to try your luck and hand your phone over to the boys for a "selfie"

-You hate lines and queuing
-You like being seated when watching concerts
-You don't want to move around
-You aren't tall enough
-You want more stable and decent "fan-cams"
-You want to be able to enjoy the show in a bigger perspective
-You hate seeing phones and banners right in front of you
-You despise the feeling of being pushed by people behind you

Based on my experience, though, I really prefer watching K-pop concerts in the VIP Seated Area. Though, I have to get that front-line, Row 1 of the Seated Area! It's that or nothing! Hehehe

My favorite in the group is CHEN. I was extremely happy when I finally got a free CHEN banner! 

For those who haven't been to a K-pop concert yet, this is actually one of your tasks. Find and collect as many free banners as you can. Fan sites and Noona fans usually provide these for free. All you have to do is to either show them you ticket or show your phone or any proof that you really are going to the concert. If you want to ask for a banner of a specific person, some also ask for proof that your bias is the person written on the banner. 

If reading is not your thing, then go ahead and feel free to PLAY THE VIDEO below. I vlogged my concert experience. I also included few fan-cams. I did the vlog in Filipino, though. 

By the way, just like with the EXO'LUXION concert, Lay didn't make it due to some conflicts. I feel bad for people that bought tickets just to see him in person. It must be so sad and disappointing. 

At exactly 7:30 PM, the show started with a literal bang! My camera isn't really good at taking low-light photos so my photos don't give much justice to EXO'rDIUM.

It was nice to see KAI and XIUMIN finally perform on Philippine stage again! They weren't able to dance and had to be seated the whole show when they went here last year. I think Kai got injured because of skiing and Xiumin was injured because of an idol Olympic show. I'm not really sure, though, please ask Google. Hehe

Yep, so Aleili and I tried our luck and squeezed ourselves near the stage. We were able to make it to the 4th row from the stage. I thought it was a good spot but I was proven wrong when the show started. I am really short in person and most of the people in front of us were foreign Chinese, Korean and Japanese fans that are obviously taller than us. On top of that, phones were all over my head. I could only see the boys through their screens! Geez, so much for paying Php 13,000, eh?

Because of that, we decided to just back-off and let the others occupy the front area while Aleili and I just enjoy the show from the back. I reckon it's a better idea because we got rid of phones and napes and tall heads from our vision. It was also nice to be able to dance to the songs and move around and follow your bias while they move around their stage. For me, its like a 180'Degree stage experience!

We ended up being really close to the extended stage. (Hmmm, if only not for the C fan beside me who didn't want to share the space, I would've made it in front of the extended stage, which was soooo close to where they usually position when they dance. But since the tall C fan didn't want to share the space and was literally watching the show on her phone screen rather than in real life because she was too busy capturing the whole show on her phone for God know's what for, I decided to just back-off a few steps. We finally decided to just stay in front of the barricade that protects the audio section/show crew. 

It wasn't really bad because I was in the 3rd row from the stage. And the best part was that some security men saw me and saw how I was struggling to tip-toe so I could see the stage amidst the tall C ladies in front of me. One of the guards told me I could step on the barricade so I would be able to have a better view. Stepping on it actually made me 2 feet taller! 

Gahhh, seriouusly though, I saw how mature and obedient Filipino EXO-L's are! I don't mean to offend any non-Filipino EXO-L's reading this but I am just so proud of my fellow PhiXo! Since I was situated close to the guards and the exit, I witnessed how a LOOOT of K and C fans were caught by guards and were led outside for questioning because they were caught with DLSRs and long lenses. I also witnessed how some J fans brought Handycams and Professional Video cameras. C fans brought huge banners that they waved the entire night without even thinking of petite fans behind them who also paid for the same amount. On top of that, some C fans even wore 12-inches-high shoes so they would have a better view of the stage. I mean, it's okay to be smart and resourceful, but your right always ends where the right of others begin, remember that. The fan is already tall to be begin with yet she still chose to wear 12 inches heels! Every security personnel that saw her actually shook head in disbelief. One even said that type of shoes must also be prohibited! 
(I'm sorry I blogged you, girl. But you and your friends were rude and inconsiderate to other fans that night. Your friend waved her HUGE KAI banner the entire night when she was already right in front of the extended stage. She didn't even think for a second that it was blocking the view of fans behind her. Everyone paid Php 13,000, girl. It's not like you paid thrice the amount to be there. The boys went to the Philippines. Why did you think they did that? Ah, yes! Maybe they wanted to perform for their Filipino fans, don't you think? If they wanted your crowd, they would have come to your place.)


Good thing, the security personnel allowed me and some other tiny girls to step on the barricade. We got a better view of the stage and the boys because of that. Take note, however, that we didn't block anyone's view when we did that as we were the last row in that area.

Another story about one security personnel, though. Ta-Tagalog-in ko nalang para hindi naman masyado masira tayo sa ibang bansa. hehe Nung pinayagan ako ni Kuya Security na tumayo sa barricade, ilang beses niya ako binulungan ng "Basta Maám, ikaw na bahala sa akin ha?" "Ikaw na bahala sa pang-meryenda ko mamaya, ha?" Ayoooooon, may lagay. Sa akin naman, naisip ko, maliit na halaga lang para sa napaka-laking pabor sa akin ni Kuya na pinayagan ako tumayo sa barricade, sa liit ko na ito kasi, lugi talaga ako. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, Php 100 or Php 200, maliit kumpara sa nakita ko ng mabuti si Chen. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, sige bibigyan ko si Kuya mamaya. Pero nung tumagal, naisip ko, MALI EH. Korupsyon ito. Kotong ito. Du-Dute-Duterte ako, Cha-change is here ako tapos ako mismo, concert lang, mag-lalagay ako. Papalitan ko yung "mabuting loob" ng pera at ng lagay. Sabi ko nalang kay Kuya nung ilang beses pa din niya ako kinulit, "Opo, mamaya after ng concert." Pero pagka-tapos ng concert, umalis ako agad at hindi ko siya inabutan. Naisip ko, mali talaga kahit saan tignan. Hindi dapat laging may kapalit na pera at "regalo" ang mabuting gawa sa kapwa. Kahit sa maliit nalang na bagay na yun, naka-tulong man lang ako sa pag-bawas ng korupsyon sa Pilipinas. SANA.

Here's a photo showing my view when on the barricade. I was able to see the boys better! Oh my goodness, Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai and Suho were mostly in that area. So, you could say I got a pretty good stare at them. 

SUHO literally exuding light from her hand. 

Sehun in a really casual jeans, white shirt and red hat ensemble. But he looked so hot, nonetheless! 

Beakhyun was funny and goofy the entire night, as always. Chanyeol was playful, too, but there's something about his permed hair that made his aura that night different. I really prefer him with straight, bouncy black or silver hair. Anything in between is a NO for me, my honest opinion, at least. 

Aleili was the type of concert companion I hoped for. She's calm, peaceful and collected even when Chanyeol was dancing with a cane right in front of her. Hehe

3 hours go by quickly, especially when you're having fun! I guess fans will never really have enough of their idols. If you had to wait for a year just to see something, few hours really won't suffice! 

I am so happy and grateful I got to experience this. I almost lost hope I'd be able to see EXO live this year but I was given a really surprising blessing. 

To EXO fans reading this blog post and are hoping you'd be able to see EXO live next time, I am here to tell you that DREAMS DO COME TRUE. It may not be now, it may not even be tomorrow, but one day for sure, you will be given what your heart trully desires. Just keep praying and keep believing. Of course, keep on saving money for that concert ticket, too! Hehe


A huge thanks to BeautyPlus Camera App for this wonderful experience! I feel humbled and blessed that I was chosen to work with you on this project amidst the rising popular bloggers in the Philippines. Thank you so much! Guys, don't forget to install and try BeautyPlus camera app now. It works wonders on your selfies and on your K-pop fan girling life, too. Hehe! 

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