Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fractional Needling Therapy at Flawless (Acne Scars Treatment)

As a person who once suffered from severe acne breakout, I understand the pain and frustration one feels when dealing with acne scars. Acne scars are as difficult to get rid of as acne. They are visible and difficult to conceal, especially if you're the type who doesn't like too much makeup.

One of the things I do to help me get rid of my acne scars is by going to Flawless for a Fractional Needling Therapy. FNT is a treatment that uses an automated micro-needling pen that stimulates the collagen and elastin production of the skin to treat multiple skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, dark spots, large pores, stretch marks and scars. 

FNT uses various serums formulated for specific skin needs: 

  • Retinol and Clearing to treat acne and excessive oiliness.
  • Whitening to improve skin tine and lighten dark spots. 
  • Intensive Repair Booster with HGF Moisture Defense and Super Defense to treat early to advanced signs of aging.
  • Eye Care for FNT Eye to eliminate puffiness and illuminate dark circles.
  • iHair Pro with Peptides for FNT Hair to activate hair growth.

For each session of FNT, only 1 type of serum will be used, depending on the need of the patient. Each serum also has different price tag. I always get the RETINOL serum to treat my acne scars and excessive oily skin.

I usually get this treatment ONCE A MONTH to serve as my maintenance to achieve my dream skin. See? Not everyone has the same dreams and goals. While most people dream for fame and recognition, I simply dream of having clear and smooth skin...

This is how my skin looks before the FNT.

I can't count exactly how many FNT sessions I've had. I'm thinking this is my 16th session. 

To see how the treatment is done + the development of my skin, go and watch the full video below.

I have other blog posts and YouTube videos on the FNT. You may want to read the other posts as well : Post 1, Post 2, Post 3


To prepare the skin for the treatment, topical anesthesia will be applied on the face. This usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.

After that, the micro-needling treatment follows. A pen-like device moves around the skin's surface and drops of the serum are applied regularly to allow the formula to deeply penetrate layers of the skin.

I may be smiling in the picture but it's quite painful in person. I don't want to just blog something and make it appear so good just to sell/promote. If you have high pain tolerance like me, then I am sure this is something you can tolerate. You would feel the needles actually going against the boney areas of your face like the forehead, cheeks, chin and jaw. In Filipino, we may refer to it as sagad to the bones. But for people who are vulnerable to pain, you really have to endure it. You would expect it to be painful, though, as the pen consists of many needles put together to form a circle. 

You can ask the doctor to go easy or go all-the-way hard. Whenever I get this treatment, I always make sure I have no events or occasions for the next 7 days. And then I ask the doctor to go hard. By the word hard, I mean actually going through the whole face in several rounds. Doing so might cause the skin to bleed, thus leaving marks. 

After the treatment, the skin will appear red. And will feel stingy. The Flawless attendants always deal with that by putting a fan in front of the patient. The air from the fans somehow helps soothe the stinginess. Be sure you are equipped with a jacket or cardigan.

This is how my skin looks right after the FNT.

The area treated may appear red after a few days, some clients experience exfoliation which will subside and reveal healthy and revitalized skin. A brighter and improved skin texture may be noticed in just 1 session of FNT. For best results, several sessions are recommended, depending on the skin condition. 

This is my skin the next day after the FNT.

On the 3rd day, you see that scabbing and exfoliation are visible. However, it's a relief that the dark marks caused by "going hard on the skin" are also diminished once they scab-off.

On the 5th day, I see my skin become evidently clearer and smoother. 

On the 7th day, the redness and dark spots are all gone. The skin also appears brighter! 

*Do not wash the treated area for 8 hours after the FNT session
*Always consult your Flawless MD for your aftercare regimen. It is advised to wear sunscreen at all times.
*Adhere to the recommended number of treatments by your Flawless MD to get best results. 

Here's a closer look at my skin BEFORE and AFTER the FNT. The lightness of the skin is not due to the FNT but because of the difference in lighting when I took the photos. However, it is evident that my skin on the AFTER photo looks smoother and clearer. The ugly bumps were illuminated. 

Each session of the Retinol Fractional Needling Therapy costs Php 4,500. Basic facial cleaning / pimple pricking that costs Php 399 is not included in the price. Aftercare products must also be bought separately. 

My skin now is FAAAAR from my ultimate FLAWLESS skin but I am still happy and very much thankful. I like FNT treatment and it is my favorite to get at Flawless because I really see the difference after 7 days. However, if you would have this treatment, I really suggest planning the entire week and be sure you have no outdoor activities or special events as the skin will really be unflattering. 

I recommend this treatment for people used to have acne and are now dealing with acne scars. The price may be steep for some but I assure you that you will love your skin after 7 days. However, 1 session may not be sufficient so I suggest having at least 3-6 CONSECUTIVE sessions to achieve full result. 

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

WHAT'S IN MY BAG? | Vlogger Must-Haves (Teddy Blake Handbag)

It's always interesting to see what other people have in their bags, don't you agree? I mean, I surely do want to know what my favorite celeb or K-pop star carry when they go around. I wish every celeb could show us what they have in their expensive bags at least once. 

The bag that I featured in this video is my new Teddy Blake Handbag Caty Silver 12" in Dark Beige color. 

It is one of my newest bags and I am in love with it. I love the sleek design with simple yet sophisticated details! Though, it is quite a weight for everyday use, I prefer to keep it for special occasions or more formal events.  

As for me, I have the basic stuff like phone, camera, wallet and makeup retouch bag! Well, I may have few other stuff inside so be sure to watch my WHAT'S IN MY BAG video!

Did you like how I did the video? I grew tired of the usual "sit-down" what's in my bag video so I decided to give it a twist. It took me 2 days to film all the clips and 12 straight hours to edit it plus 1 hour to put it up on YouTube. Oh, a helpful hand of my boyfriend also made the video possible. I hope you like it!

How about the bag that I showed? It's a branded Teddy Blake Handbag that is impressively much more affordable than other branded leather bags. You almost get the same look, same feel yet less-empty pocket! 

You can get a chance to buy your own Teddy Blake handbag at the best price if you go to their website HERE. Mine is the Caty Silver 12" Dark Beige. But I am also eyeing the Caty Saffiano 12" in Taupe, Caty Silver 12" in Grey and the Caty Silver 10" in Soft Pink. I wish I could get them, too! Maybe soon, who knows? If you wish to purchase your own Teddy Blake bag, be sure to use my CODE TBKristine20 to get $20 discount!!!

If you want an extra, I will give it to you! Here is an Expectation Versus Reality photo of one of my flatlays. Here's how bloggers really do their artsy flatlays. It's not all glamorous and sophisticated, you know.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

My Cathy Doll Makeup Collection + JOIN the Asia's Beauty Blogger Contest 2017!

Imagine yourself winning a TRIP TO BANGKOK, THAILAND plus PHP 45,000 POCKET MONEY...

Cathy Doll and Karmart are inviting you to join the Asia's Beauty Blogger Contest 2017!
ABBC is now on it's 2nd year to find the best and new talent beauty bloggers that would create brand loyalty, brand engagement and product awareness! The contest has 3 levels of competition that would encourage creativity of the blogger participants. 

The challenges are exciting and the prizes are oh-so rewarding! The grand winner from the national round will compete in the final round that will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on August 2017!

I know you're getting excited! Watch the video for more details on the contest. 
Of course, watch it to see my Cathy Doll Makeup and Skin Care Collection, too!

-Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
-Participants must be willing to represent the Philippines in Bangkok, Thailand for the ABBC 2017.
-The contest is open to Metro Manila participants only. 

1.) Create a video blog of Cathy Doll products. It can be a combination of short product review and makeup demo. You  may include other brands but majority should be Cathy Doll products. Your video must run for a maximum of 8 minutes only with 1080 resolution and should not include a watermark.
2.) Upload the video on YouTube and email the link to with the subject title Asian Beauty Blogger Contest 2017 - Philippines. Attach the ABBC 2017 Application Form. 
3.) Deadline of entry submissions is until July 12, 2017. Only one video entry per contestant will be accepted.
4.) Announcement of winners will be on July 13, 2017 thru Cathy Doll Philippines official Facebook page. They will select the TOP 5 Video Blogs and winners will receive a Cathy Doll gift set.
5.) The GRAND WINNER will represent the Philippines in the Asian Beauty Blogger Contest 2017 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 20-22, 2017. 

-All TOP 5 contestants will be entitled to a personalized kit of Cathy Doll Makeup items worth Php 3,000 and a stylist to help with your wardrobe. 
-The TOP 3 winners will be selected by Cathy Doll Philippines' appointed judges.
-The WINNERS will take home the following CASH PRIZES

  • GRAND WINNER - Php 45,000
  • 1st Runner-up - Php 30,000
  • 2nd Runner-up - Php 15,000
  • Consolation Prizes - Php 5,000
-In addition, the Philippines' grand winner will be invited to every product launch and will receive new products every launching
-He/She will also hold the title of Cathy Doll Philippines Ambassador/Ambassadress 2017!

Oooh, I am so tempted to join! The prizes at stake are so inviting! But, I would have to concede to other bloggers, especially the younger generation! This is your chance to be known in the BLOGGING world and also win amazing prizes, travel and get sponsored by an amazing brand such as Cathy Doll! If I were really YOU, I would join right now!

Now, on to the makeup! Cathy Doll is one of my favorite brands ever! I just love their cute packaging, the affordability and effectivity of their products plus the generosity and sincerity of the brand to it's consumers. 

I have some Cathy Doll products that I collect that I thought would spark your interest. 

Do you see how CUTE the packaging is? That is why I never throw the boxes of my Cathy Doll products even though I've used them already. 

Some of the products I recommend you guys to try are the AA Auto Aura Cream, the Tattoo Tint Peel Off Brow, the new NUDE ME Matte Lip Creams and the NUDE ME eyeshadow palette! Those items are great and worth your money, I tell you.

When I am finally finished filming my MAKEUP COLLECTION video, I will giveaway and sell some of the items that I haven't used and don't use anymore. However, I don't intend to let go any of my Cathy Doll products! Because I told you, their packaging is to die for! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! 

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Back To School Vlog : College Life in FEU!

Far Eastern University: one of the top universities in the Philippines, home of the Tamaraws and the place I am proud to call my Alma mater. 

8 years ago, I graduated AB Mass Communication at Far Eastern University. College is one of the most memorable phases in someone's life. For me, it was colorful and remarkable. I wore the green and gold plaid skirt from 2002 until 2009. (It's 7 years because I entered the university in 2002 but had to stop college for 2 years after my second year since we didn't have enough fund for my tuition. I had to work to earn money. After working for 2 years, I went back to FEU but I had to go be on the 2nd year again because of the change in syllabus. I finished in 2009.)

Kukurtinahin skirt was LIFE for us back then. For me, really, headband was life! Hehe

8 years after I graduated, I was invited to be a speaker at one of the events of my beloved institute - the Institute of Arts and Sciences. Back in college, I was never the "pabibo" or studious type. I am not a lethargic student but I am not the over-achiever either. Back then, standing in front of the class was a taboo for me, let alone in front of the whole batch. I had many insecurities when I was younger so standing in front made me anxious that I'd be exposing myself to scrutiny. 

But tables have turned. I can safely say I have come to a point where speaking in front of people makes me feel excited and gratified. I know how it feels to be insecure, unpretty and unhappy that is why I feel joyful each time I'm given the chance to share my own life experiences, hoping somehow I could give inspiration and hope. I am so honored I got the chance to do so at my alma mater! 


Blogging has become so popular now that some people, like me, do it as a full-time job. The Communication Society wanted me to impart my knowledge and my experience on how I went from Blogging as a hobby to Blogging as my bread and butter. 

I shared tips on how they could start their own blog and their own YouTube channel. I also discussed the difference between being a Blogger and being a Vlogger, the skills one needs to start an internet life, the pro's and con's of opening one's life to the public, handling bashers and haters and so much more! 

It was such a pleasure because the students were so engrossed with our topic. It was also flattering to know that some of them actually watch my YouTube videos. I also feel grateful each time I speak in front of students and they would show respect and would lend their ears. It just shows how well-bred they are and how effective the learning system in that institution is. 

After the seminar, I took the chance to rekindle my memories with FEU. I wanted to go around the campus to visit the buildings I used to have my classes in and the spots where my friends and I used to hang out. 

I met one of my batch mates in 2009, Francis. He is now a professor in the said university, imparting his knowledge to new breed of practitioners and teaching them Speech. I feel so happy for my friends and for my batch mates, especially now that we are taking our own roads towards what we really studied and worked hard for in college.

I asked him if I could sit-in in one of his classes so I could observe. That day when I visited, they did a familiar activity. He asked his students to recite Justin Bieber's Love Yourself as a speech rather than a song. I clearly remember we were also given the same task by our speech professor some 9 years ago.

After sitting in at my friend's class, I wanted to explore the campus so I asked Cathy to go with me. She is FEU MassComm Society's current vice president. 

A new work of art spotted inside the campus. I know for sure this wasn't present when I was studying there. I asked Cathy what this symbolizes and she said this is for the victims of unjust killings and those who have lost their loved ones in this battle that we have now against crime, corruption and drugs in the Philippines. 

Whew, such an intense thought for the green and serene surrounding of FEU!

Of course, who could ever forget the infamous HEPA LANE!!!

Hepa is short for HEPATITIS. This street is a "life-saver" for students who have little money as assorted to-go food are available : affordable burger, fish balls, litid, taho and other Pinoy street food! It is called so because one could acquire hepatitis because of the not-so-sanitized food preparation and serving. I clearly remember eating burgers, fish balls and mango with bagoong on this street! 

An added attraction, though, was the TAMS CAFE located inside the FEU gymnasium. It is a green-and-gold-themed cafe where they highlight the sports achievements of the university. They display the trophies and medals, they have photos of the popular alumni athletes, and of course, they serve food!

I am so proud of my university and I wouldn't live my college life any other way, even if I was the given the chance. FEU is so close to my heart. It is the place where I learned a lot, honed my skills and of course, met lifelong friends! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! 

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


One of the perks of being an established blogger is that you get free products from sponsors and known brands. 

When I was just starting 6 years ago, it wasn't like this, really! I didn't receive any free item until I was on my second year, to be honest. I guess as years go by, we earn more trust from readers and from brands that's why the sponsors keep growing. And that is one of the many things I am thankful for.

Let me show you the FREE STUFF that I got for the months of APRIL and MAY. Unlike my other haul posts where I show a mix of skin care, makeup and clothing items, I decided to focus on just the makeup and cosmetics!

I don't mean to brag or to show-off on this post. I just want to give a bit of inspiration to whoever is reading this. I grew up poor. When I was in high-school, my classmates and friends all had cool stuff I couldn't afford. Hypo-allergenic powder in pastel cases, fruity lip gloss, etc. In college, I was able to afford some but they were unbranded, literally "tyangge" items! I remember buying tube concealer, lipice gloss and compact powder from a stall inside Isetann Recto near FEU!

Anyway, here is the video showing ALL the items! Enjoy watching!

Some of the items I featured in the video were from :


COLOURPOP (Birthday gift from my BFF)


NICOLE Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

SLEEK Makeup

What is your favorite brand or item among everything I showed in the video? 
Would you want to see a review or a tutorial? 
If so, please comment it on the description box so I could write it on my to-do list! 

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