Monday, May 23, 2016

How Much FREE Products Do Bloggers Get (in a week)?!

You know that one of the perks of being a blogger is that we get free stuff for us to blog, to try or to feature on our blog. But do you really have an idea how much free stuff we get?

Last week, I received quite a number of parcels so I decided to do another Haul video.   

I got a LOT that I was even able to write this word using some of them!

Watch the video to see how many items I got! I promise you, you will like everything!

Products and Brands I mentioned in the video:



Cathy Doll

Pink Sugar

Colour Collection

Ever Bilena

Asian Secrets

Woah! I know what you're thinking right now. THAT'S A LOT! Yes, it is! But please don't think that I posted this to brag or to show-off the things that I have. In fact, my goal here is to inspire you. Did you know that we were so poor when I was young that I couldn't even afford to buy a cute lip gloss or a cologne, let alone any branded stuff? I still remember how I used to ask my friends for some cologne or baby powder because I couldn't afford them at that time. But, look at where I got now! I now have stuff that I don't even need to ask people for or buy...because they get sent to me for free. My point here is to never lose hope no matter how hard or hopeless your situation may be now. Sometimes, life gives you a 360 degree turn and you won't be able to say no to it because it will just happen. So, always stay positive!

Ooh, I also got this BDJ Box Luxe Edition featuring... SHISEIDO! Too bad,this box arrived after I was done editing the haul video. Would have been a perfect addition to my weekly "sponsored" haul video. Oh well! I love this box so much that I decided to make a separate "unboxing" video. I hope you enjoy!


Some people say I am blessed. But more than that, I feel really thankful that all of these blessings are coming my way now! Not only material things but the gift of friendship and the gift of love... God has been showering me with a lot of those lately so I am really thankful!

I hope you enjoyed reading. (a.k.a. looking at the pictures. hehe) I am quite a busy blogger this week as YouTube Fan fest is happening on Wednesday, then I have a Nail Art Workshop on Saturday then I'll be attending a Debut Party on Sunday. In between, I still have to edit videos and update this blog. Whew! I love my job! See you guys at the YTFF and at my very first Nail Art Event!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Kodanda Archery Range at SM Mall of Asia

Last year, I went to the Kodanda Archery Range in Makati. This time, I visited their SM Mall Of Asia branch. I had so much fun shooting arrows last year that's why I was so excited to visit their newest branch!

Kodanda is an indoor shooting range that is suitable for both professional archers and newbies, like me! Since I am not a professional athlete, I appreciate indoor courts and ranges because they allow me to play the game, have fun while still in the comfort of a roof and an air-conditioned place.

Kodanda SM MOA is located along Coral Way, Annex Building of the mall.

If there is one thing I noticed, it's that the place is quite difficult to find. Not only it is located at the annex of the mall, but it is also situated inside the car park area and there are no signage outside to let people know that there is a shooting range inside. We had quite a hard time finding the place since it was our first time to visit. But frequent goers surely do not have a problem with this anymore. Though, I hope Kodanda could do something for the sake of first-timers.

Oh well, I was happy and excited when we finally spotted the shooting range!


Php 580 per hour. Includes basic instructions from a Kodanda coach, target paper and equipment rental.

I'm such a "pabebe" when it comes to situations like this.  The coach helped me put my gear on to prepare me for my shooting session.

Are you guys Team Legolas, Team Katniss or Team Daryl? I am Team Daryl all the way! 

Though I was secretly humming to "This girl is on fire! This girl is on fiii-iiire." while shooting. Haha!

There are more than 10 targets at Kodanda which means more than 10 people can shoot at the same time. 
That is just perfect for Barkada or Family Bonding session, don't you think?

Before shooting, you will be briefed by a Coach how to properly handle the arrows and the bow, explain some house rules and answer some questions from you. This was my second time at Kodanda so I didn't have any problem with the briefing.

And, YES! OMG! I am short! Haha!

Let's start shooting!

A funny yet helpful tip from me, though! If you want to come here yet you are conscious of your underarms, then be sure you wear something with sleeves! Hehe It is also advisable to wear something tight and sporty so you'd be able to move comfortably and to prevent your clothes from getting stuck on the bows.

First set! Some bows failed but I had one bullseye!

After each set, the coach will blow his whistle and you will have to leave your arrow and go to your target and reclaim/pull your own arrows.

Time really flies when you're having fun! I didn't notice our 1 hour was almost coming to an end!

The secret here is to keep your arms firm, your eyes sharp and the arrow steady. In one of the sets, I got 2 bullseye that hit the same center spot!

Hahaha! I like playing around! I was pretending there was an apple on my head and the archer successfully hit it!

We had so much fun shooting arrows! Thanks to Kodanda for inviting me again. Some people ask me why I blog stuff that are not Beauty nor Fashion related. It's because I like trying new stuff. I am not really a dare-devil but I am quite adventurous! Indoor Archery is just the perfect adventure for me!

With Luis, the owner of Kodanda Archery Range.

Oh, yeah! You also get to take home your target as a souvenir. Here are our targets! Who do you think did better? Are you Team Blue Chucks or Team Red Chucks? Hehe

Here is my OOTD. Black and Red is one of my favorite color combinations!

Thanks to my newly-found photographer for this cute OOTD photo! More OOTD and Photography sessions with you, I hope!

Thank you for reading today! Don't forget to check out Kodanda Archery Range. You may check out their Facebook page here for more information.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mom's Day Out on Mother's Day (#FlawlessMom)

More often than not, our Mother's get too busy that they forget to take care of themselves. They are too busy preparing food, working for the family, taking care of the kids, attending to the needs of the family, going to the grocery, beautifying the house and a lot more! My Mom is a guilty offender of that. Sometimes, I look at her and feel that she now neglects her self. When I was younger, she used to be so vain but the vanity slowly fades as she gets older. I even feel guilty sometimes when I pamper myself and buy myself expensive stuff and then I see her at home, looking plain and dull.

Thankfully, Flawless came to the rescue! They had this awesome idea to pamper my Mom on Mother's  Day! 

Flawless is the country's preferred aesthetic beauty clinic for face and skin. They were also the reason behind my flawless skin now. They took care of my skin when I had the severe acne breakout a few years ago.

There are lots of Flawless branches in the Philippines. You can check out this link to find a Flawless clinic near you.

Actually, Flawless and I planned this surprise for my Mom. She thought she was just going to accompany me for my regular Flawless treatment. Little did she know that it was her that was going to get pampered by Flawless.

I love the colors that I see! White background and pink everywhere!

Anyway, this was our drama. So, my Mom thought that it was me that was going to have a Flawless treatment. But when we got to the clinic, I told her that she's going to have a treatment as well since I need it for my blog. She was then asked to go inside to proceed to her treatment room. When she go there, a beautiful bouquet of pink roses, a Flawless purse plus a sweet note from Flawless welcomed her.

She was so thrilled to see the pink roses on her bed. Don't you guys love it when you prepare something for your Mom and then she ends up appreciating it? The look on her face tells that she loves her bouquet so much!

Please check out this short video I took!

I asked her if it was her first time to ever receive this kind of bouquet. She said it was indeed her first time. Aww! I'm so grateful to Flawless for coming up with this surprise for my Mom!

Her first treatment was a relaxing Body Scrub

This is one of Flawless' most popular services. This treatment removes dead, dry and rough skin, evens out skin tone and improves skin texture therefore leaving a natural glow. It also restores the luster to dehydrated skin and invigorates dulled senses, leaving skin feeling smooth and younger looking.

While my Mom was being pampered, I borrowed her bouquet to take some pictures with it! Hehe

After her relaxing body scrub, she then went outside the treatment room to have a facial treatment. Oh, yes, my Mom is a gamer! In the picture, you see her playing some sort of a farm game. She also plays Candy rush, Papa Pear and other Facebook games! ^^

This time, she had the White Advanced Facial.

This facial restores the balance of the skin look through moisturizing and smoothening for a crystal clear and rosy complexion. The results include a noticeably brighter complexion, a more even skin tone, transparency in old acne scars and discoloration from the sun.

Thanks Flawless' attendant that day, Hana, for making my Mom feel pampered and relaxed! 

That is my Mom's Blogger-face pose. Hehe I want to thank Flawless for this Mother's Day surprise for my Mom.

 Most importantly, this surprise won't be possible without the mastermind, Ron Paolo Luna, Junior Brand Associate of Flawless. He is my Flawless Fairygod Brother! Hehe (Photo was taken on another day since he was too shy to take a photo with us this day.)

So how did you treat your Mom last Mother's day? If you haven't yet, it's never too late! In fact, it doesn't have to be Mother's Day just to take you Mom out. If you are a Mom yourself then you also deserve to be pampered! 

Also, if you visit any Flawless branch now until May 31, 2016 and spend a minimum of Php3,000 on a single transaction, you will also get this Flawless Mom's Purse! Yay!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! I know a have a lot of Mommy readers so this greeting goes out to all of you beautiful Mommies! Virtual hugs and kisses for you, my ladies!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

YouTube Creator Day in Manila!

In case I haven't told you yet, I love my job! I even love my boss and my company! I just love being a YouTuber. It allows me to be able to do what I am most passionate about -beauty! It also allows me to meet people, go to places, try things while still being able to bring food to my family's table.

Last April 16, 2016, I was invited by YouTube to be a Panelist at the YouTube Creator Day here in Manila. Creator Day is an opportunity for creators in the Philippines to get together, connect with larger community and learn about a range of different aspects of starting and growing a great YouTube channel.

For the Creator Day in Manila, they wanted to focus on talking about growing local talent and content. The speakers focused on Creators who make content that celebrates Filipino nuance and culture. It was a day where YouTube Creators got to hear directly from successful YouTubers and got inspired by their amazing journey and stories.  The audience of the Creator Day were aspiring and emerging local YouTube Creators.

The event was held at Costa Coffee in Bonifacio Global City.

YouTube event is one of the events that I love going to. Aside from it being my favorite job in the world, YouTube also never fails to get the best venue,best food and best people to attend their events!

I'm not sure if I told you guys yet, but I am reserved and quiet in person. (Some people even mistake it as being snob. How sad!) When with a large crowd, I like to sit at the back and just observe people. I'm friendly but I'm not the typical social butterfly. In fact, I often end up being a wall flower. Hehe And that is why, I don't have a lot of friends in the YouTube and Blogging world.(That's also how I am in real life. I like to have small yet intimate group of friends. I have few friends but I stay loyal to them! Hehe) So, if you guys see me in person and I'm just quietly sitting at the back, please feel free to approach me and talk to me. I'm not snob, that's just how I am.

Anyway, that day, I made a new friend named Michelle Dy. I know her name and her face but I haven't met her until this day. She got my number and texted me if we could go to the event together since she had to come from Ilocos all the way to Manila. You know how it's like to meet someone for the first time and connect with them instantly? That's how I felt when I met Andy Centeno, Ana Victorino and Camille Co for the first time. You will never feel intimidated by them despite their fame... And that's also how I felt when I met Michelle for the first time!

By the way, we are both Casio Exilim Camera lovers! I used my Casio Exilim TR60 to take this selfie (Err, Two-fie) of us!

I'm so honored to be part of the YouTube Creators that have already surpassed 100.000 YouTube Subscribers! You see Lloyd Cafe Cadena, Ana Victorino and Alodia Gosingfiao in the picture.

Oh, yeah! I forgot to tell you guys that I was one of the panelists at the YouTube Creator Day. I spoke alongside Lloyd Cafe Cadena and Wil Dasovich. The audience was quite huge so I was a bit nervous. But I tapped myself at the back after it because I was still able to pull it off! Hehe

It's fun that the 3 of us were the panelists since we come from different genres. Lloyd does comedy, Wil does vlog and I do beauty videos. That's an all-in-one package right there!

The 4 Main Questions that were covered were:

  • What inspired you to start making videos on YouTube?
  • Who was your first subscriber?
  • Share interesting Fan stories.
  • What can we expect from you in 2016?

Su-Zen, YouTube Partner Manager, also asked specific questions to each of us based on our channel and growth. The questions were pretty casual but I  still tried my best to share my stories and experiences since my ultimate goal this day was to inspire creators to be the best they can be and to always be different than the rest! Because being different is how you stand out from the crowd. It may not get you a lot of views or followers but it will surely leave a mark to your audience and followers.

The floor was also opened for audience questions that we answered based on our YouTube journey.

It was a fun panel, especially since Lloyd made it more light and fun! He kept inserting jokes and funny comments every now and then! Such a funny person!

#SQUADGOALS! Insert my favorite girls, Ana Victorino and Keren of BeautyKLove in this picture for a really awesome YouTube Beauty Creators magazine cover picture! Hehe

It was such a fun event! Another day that I was thankful for because I was able to share my stories about my YouTube journey. It was also special because a special person accompanied me to the event. Hehe. After that, we went to McKinley to see the Gondola ride. What a great sight to end a great day!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading today!

Also, I'm thinking of having a Meet and Greet to celebrate my 5th Anniversary on YouTube. I want to know if you guys would be interested to participate in it and celebrate with me? Please comment below so I know how many people to expect and to invite!

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