Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Eyelash Perm (Before and After)

If eyes are the windows to the soul then the lashes must be the curtains! (lol) Today I'll share with you guys a very inexpensive and quick beauty procedure that I've been doing since college : EYELASH PERM!

Do you guys know the belief that when you trim a baby's lashes, he/she will grow up with full and volumized eyelashes? I do believe it since I see my cousin's eyelashes...and I envy them because they are boys. I mean, what are they going to do with those long and curled lashes? haha Too bad, my mom didn't trim mine when I was a baby. Now I have to curl my lashes in the morning and re-curl throughout the day. Sounds a bit tiring? Good thing eyelash perming was invented!

Take a look at how my lashes look before the eyelash perm :

There are lots of eyelash perming salons these days but I still go to my favorite one, Let's Face It. I like that their price is really inexpensive and the outcome is satisfying. 
This post was NOT sponsored by Let's Face It. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with their service. Let's Face It has been around for a long time. But I think they have become lax with their customer service. Also, their amenities and clinics need some overhaul, in my opinion. But because eyelash perming int heir clinic is really cheap, here I am recommending it to you! hehe

HOW MUCH : Php 280 / session

  • Do not apply any gel/ cream/ peeling solution around your eyes
  • Do not put mascara on
  • Remove your contact lenses

Here's my eyes before the perm :

Oh, one more thing I was disappointed about was the fact that I had to be a ninja just to take these photos of the eyelash perm. I mean, blogs and sns are so vast these days! Don't companies realize how they can get FREE advertisement when they allow customers to their photos in their shops/clinics? When you upload it on your sns, poof! Instant advertisement. I never say that I am a blogger when I go to non-sponsored places. In that way, I could make a real and unbiased review of the place. Let's Face It don't allow photos. I even asked the lady doing my lashes if she could keep the light on for a bit because I was going to take photos. She didn't listen and just turned the light off. And that's the reason why the next photos are dark and noisy.

Anyway, here's how the eyelash perming is done:

1. The lady will painstakingly set your lashes one by one. The white thing on my lid is a sticky pad. She takes the lashes one by one and sticks them to the pad.

2. That process will take a loong time. Grab this opportunity to take a nap! 
(That's if you can because their clinic is really noisy. And it's so small, really small. So the beds are next to each other. So I was literally rubbing elbows with the patients on my left and my right. They were both male so it was more awkward.)

3. After about an hour of separating the lashes, the lady will then apply a perming chemical and then wrap your lashes in plastic. Just to be safe, keep your eyes shut because you do not want the chemical in your eyes.

4. That will stay on your eyes for about 30 minutes. If your attendant neglects you, it may stay up to 1 hour. (lol) Just like my attendant. But I didn't mind it since the longer the chemical stays on my lashes, the more curled my lashes will become, I thought.

5. Last step is to carefully remove the lashes, again one-by-one, from the pad. She will then hand you a mirror so you could say hello to your extremely curled eyelashes!!

The lady will tell you not to wash your face, or at least your eyelashes, for 1 day. This is so the chemical will stay on the lashes longer. The next day, you could wash your lashes. 

Here's how they look in the shower!
This is perfect for Summer since you will probably go swimming! Your lashes will stay curled even after hours and hours in the water! Yay!

Now, you can go ahead and say goodbye to your eyelash curler! 

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST : If you don't rub your eyes often and take care of the curl by regularly applying mascara, it will last until 3 months.

Here's how my lashes look without curling and without mascara!!

To give you a better idea of how my lashes look before and after, I used a photo from an old mascara review post that I did where I didn't have eyeliner on. (That's why my contact lenses colors are different.)

  • Inexpensive (Php280 only!)
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • You could go in the water and lashes will stay curled

  • You can't rub your eyes
  • Applying liquid eyeliner will now become a pain since the lashes are all in the way
  • On the 3rd month, the lashes will look funny because some strands are still curled while some are already straight.

Also, there are two types of curl you cant choose from : Natural and Curly. I thought the natural was not going to be obvious so I went for the Curly one. It is extremely curly, which I like, but it made my lashes look a bit shorter than they actually are since the tips of the lashes are all the way on my lid.

Nonetheless, this is a very nice beauty treatment! I've forgotten how much I love eyelash perm. Now, I could toss away my eyelash curler. It saves me times in the morning!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Outfit Of The Days

I consider this year's birthday as one of the most fun and memorable birthdays I've ever had. My celebrations were all simple... But, I celebrated them with the people that matter and that's what's really important. I used to not care about my birthday. And now I understand why some people like making a fuss out of their natal day. It's the only day in a year where you'll get treated extra nice so why not take advantage of it? :)

It may be super late to even post this here but just in case you haven't seen the video yet, I uploaded a quick video showing what I wore to some of my celebration days. 

Here is the video :

If you watch the video, you may think that it's really easy to film those kinds of videos. (It's not!)  Good thing, my friends and family were all ready to help me. Karen, Marby, April and my step-dad, Tito Alex, all helped me film the video. Thank you, guys! :)

Thanks for reading this long-overdue post. I hope you enjoyed it, anyway!

New videos and post coming soon! Good night!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wing Series Contact Lens Brown Review

Hi guys! I haven't reviewed any contact lens for a long time. Actually, I haven't reviewed any product for a long time. If you look at this blog and at my YouTube channel, you might assume I'm slacking off and becoming really lazy. But to be honest, I have a lot of raw videos and raw photos and even longer to-do list. But because I have a lot to do, sometimes I end up accomplishing nothing. haha! How about you? How do you handle stress and pressure?

Anyway, let me share to you my current favorite brown contact lens!

I was sent a lot of costume lenses like blues, greens and purples... I even went extreme and picked some red and cat-eye lenses. But I always find myself reaching for my brown contact lenses the most. Not only do brown lenses look natural, they will also spare you from people who might think you're crazy for having blue eyes despite being Asian with black hair and tanned skin. lol

Diameter - 14.0 mm
Base Curve Radius - 8.40 ~ 8.60 mm
C.T. - 0.04 ~ 0.13 mm
Water Content - 38 ~ 42%
Using Cycle - One Year
Power Range - Plano (0.00) ~ -10.00
Manufacturer -  Geo Medical Inc.

WHERE TO GET THEM : www.LensCircle.com

Here's how my eyes look without contact lens :

Here's how my eyes look after putting on the Wing Series Contact Lens :

  • Very natural brown hue, no vampire eyes
  • The diameter is just right to emphasize the eyes 
  • The color is very natural 
  • I was able to wear these for 8 hours

  • If you like huge dolly-eyes, then you might not like that this is only 14.0 mm
  • If you have natural brown eyes, these lenses may not be visible anymore.

For a clearer look, here are my eyes before and after putting the lenses on:

This is a very nice variant of brown contact lens. At least, my eyes were able to rest from the loud and vampire-ish brown lenses I've been wearing. I also see a lot of Korean girls wear contact lenses like this. Koreans are very particular about being beautiful yet still looking natural. If you want to get that "natural Korean beauty" look then you might want to try these lenses, too!

Please head over to www.LensCircle.com and use the code REAL10 to get 10% off your purchase!

* * *

Also, let me share a very nice news! I didn't know that my YouTube channel now ranks as #24 most subscribed channel in the Philippines! Ah, what a blessing!


I only found out about his today when I had a meeting today with a client. I'm always curious as to how sponsors find out about me.. and she told me they picked me because of my YouTube's channel ranking. I was shocked!

I used to care a lot about numbers and rankings... That was me before! But one day I came to realize that rankings are just numbers. What's important is that I inspire you guys.. to watch, to read, to try what I tried, and to do what I did. I was told once that a good teacher is not one that teaches, but one that inspires. It's always a joy to know that I inspire you guys! Rankings and numbers are just bonuses!

Thank you! And, if you read this blog but totally clueless that I have a YouTube channel,  
please click here to visit my channel and browse my videos! :)


Romwe "GEEK" Chic Tee Sale

We are very familiar with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. When talking about them, we always come up with 1 word -- geek. In the dictionary, geek refers to a person who is preoccupied with or very knowledgeable about computing. It's about time we redefine the meaning of geek. Nowadays, a geek is a man that pursues his/her best not inly in computing but also in dressing. To achieve this, Romwe has launched a new product -- the Geek Print Grey T-shirt.

And what's more? Romwe is offering us their "GEEK" T-shirt for only $9.99 today!

This “geek” tee is surely perfect for Spring and Summer! The color of the shirt goes well with not only your denim shorts or pants, but also your skirts or leggings.

This shirt could be upstyled or down-styled, whichever style suits your personality. 

Get YOUR OWN "GEEK" T-shirt only at Romwe.com! Please click here!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type - Swimsuit Guide

Summer is here, finally! I'm not really a beach-bum kind of person but I always feel excited to go swimming every Summer! I guess the reason why I don't swim too often is because my skin is already dark. I don't need more sun tanning. lol. Anyway, I'm sure you are excited to hit the beach, too! But have you found the perfect bikini for your body type?

There are lots of body types in the world. And knowing how body conscious us girls are, I'm sure we all have one or two insecurities in our body. To help you find the best swimsuit, here are the 4 basic (and most common) body types :

Having Apple body type means the upper part of your body has more weight than the lower part. Chances are you have broad shoulders, larger bust and smaller hips and waist. When shopping for the swimsuits, avoid anything than will emphasize your upper body. Instead, try to draw emphasis on your bottoms.  

DO's :
  • 1 of the two pieces should printed (and the other plain) to keep balance
  • Go for tops that have flattering cuts
DON'Ts :
  •  Avoid tube-tops and beandeaus
  • Don't pick shapeless and unflattering tops

1.) Printed top and plain bottom
2.) Halter / loose fitting top and plain bottom
3.) Topshop black and white bikini - (link here)

Pear body shape is the opposite of the Apple body shape. This means your lower body is larger than you body. Hips and buttocks are wider than the chest and shoulders. More often than not, your buttocks are big but your chest are small. For this body type, remember to draw emphasis on the top and downplay the bottom to make the shape of your body look balanced. 

DOs :
  •  put emphasis on the top (halter or string)
  • high-waist bottoms in plain 
  • printed top and plain bottom
  • Draw attention on top by choosing details like halter or cleavage revealing
DON'Ts : 
  • Boyleg bottoms (it will emphasize hips)
  • Bottoms with huge/loud print (it will emphasize hips)

1. ) Tomato high-waist bikini - (link here)  
2.) Roxy fringe bikini - (link here)
3.) Bon Marche 1-piece swimsuit

An hourglass figure is the most coveted body type of all, of course! If your body is like this, ikaw na! lol. Having hourglass body type means your upper and lower body are similar in width and your waist is more on the narrow side. You shouldn't have a problem choosing the best bikini since you will probably look good in anything. But to accentuate your figure, bikini in solid color or small print is the best since it won't distort your proportions. Monokini that has thin string will also accentuate your shape.

DOs :
  • You will surely look good in bikini, so go ahead and flaunt your body! :)
  • Swimsuits that have slim/thin strings 
  • Monikinis that have slim strings
DON'Ts :
  • Avoid swimsuits that have thick strings as they will draw attention

1.) Zalora white bikini - (link here
2.) Roxy strapless bikini - (link here)
3.) Black Monokini 

This means your hip and shoulder's width are the same. I regret to say this, but this body type has very few curves because the bust, waist and hips  have same measurements. There are two options. The first one is to choose a swimsuit that would fake some curves! Or go all the way and wear a skimpy bikini. 

DOs :
  • Monokini's (to fake curves)
  • 2-piece swimsuits
  • String bikinis 
  • Fake curves with padding
DON'Ts :
  • Unflattering 1-piece swimsuits
  • Bikinis with thick straps
  • Swimsuits that are heavy on the waist 
  • Avoid bandeau or tube-tops

1.) Zalora 1-piece monokini - (link here)
2.) Tomato high-waist bikini - (link here)
3.) Topshop scallop bikini - (link here)

Now, I know being aware of your body type isn't enough as some have hourglass figure but have a problem with the chest area. There are also that that aren't confident enough to flaunt their bodies. 

Here are some of the most common body problems that women have :


Most Asian women have small chest. That's why no matter how curvy our bodies are or how flat our stomachs are, we still won't be half as sexy as the Brazialians and Mexicans! (lol) Anyway, to conceal small chest and make them seem a bit bigger, finding the right bikini top is the key!

(Roxy Floral Swimsuit | Tomato Fringe 2-piece | Purple Shore Pink Gingham | ILoveKoi Floral Swimsuit )

DOs :
  • Printed tops
  • Bikini tops with under-wire / bustier tops
  • Fringes are your best friend
  • V-cut tops that push the breasts a little
  • Choose bikini tops that have volume on the top

I don't know why this should be a problem in Summer. I mean, Summer is the only legit time where we get to flaunt our bodies without looking tacky or anything. But, in case this is really a problem then fret not, because choosing the right top will also lessen the probability of you being the center of attention at the beach. 

(Forever21 Baroque Print 2-piece | Tomato High-waist swimsuit | ILoveKoi Swimsuit )

DO's :
  • Tops that don't come in V cut
  • Tube tops and Bandeaus are perfect!
  • Find a top that can support your chest (We do not want any of those waldrobe malfunction!)

Most people I know that have problem with their tummies are those who have given birth already. Most mommy friends I know are very conscious when we go swimming because they worry about their stretchmarks. 

( Tomato 1-piece swimsuit | ILoveKoi high-waist swimsuit | unknow brand of Tankini )

DO's :
  • 1-piece swimsuits are back in trend, take advantage of it!
  • High-waist bottoms
  • Tankinis!
This is also one of my problems! I'm not very confident to expose my buttocks area. Cover-ups are very helpful but once you get in the water, cover ups get wet this exposing the areas you'd rather not allow other people to see. Good thing, pin-up girl inspired swimsuits are back in trend!

(Tomato 2-piece boyleg swimsuit | Unique Vintage Floral High-waist , more here | unkown brand pin-up girl inspired | ASOS Nautical boyleg swimsuit )

DO's :
  • Boylegs bottoms
  • Printed bottoms
  • Swimsuits that have volume on the bottom like ruffles, cuts, fold or embellishments

And that's it! Everything you need to know about choosing the perfect swimsuit!
Ahhh, I spent the whole day doing this post! haha. Now, I am so tired that I can't spell and grammar check this post anymore. I'll do that tomorrow! I usually take 1-2 hours to finish a post but this one took me 7 hours! I painstakingly tried to search the entire net for these swimsuits! Then, I made the collages.. then I studied the different body types. haha!  I hope this post was helpful. 

Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to leave a comment on this blog (without Disqus account)

Hello! Some of my readers are my real-life friends. And when I see them, I jokingly ask them why they never leave a comment though I know for a fact that they read my blog. Most of them tell me that they have no idea how to do so. And I thought some of you guys also don't know how to leave a comment here so I thought of doing this very quick tutorial! :)

1.) When are you on the home page, comments will not be visible. So what you want to do is go at the end of the post where you want to comment. There's a very small word in pink that says 'xx Comments'. Click that word and then you will be re-directed to a new window.

2.) Then, that page should load shortly. If it doesn't, just go ahead and scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom of the page and see a box that looks like this :

3.) Click on the box, and more boxes will appear. Then, click on the Pick A Name box.

4.) Enter your Name, E-mail address and E-mail's password. You need not worry because this is totally safe. Your password and e-mail won't be shown nor sent to me. You just need to enter it for registration and identification.

5.) Don't forget to click the I'd rather post as guest button!

6.) After a few seconds, your comment should appear on my blog! Yay!

So, that's how you leave a comment! Now, you don't have an excuse to not leave a comment here anymore. lol! I love reading your thoughts about my posts and I like responding to your comments so be sure to leave a comment when you can!

By the way, registering with Disqus is free and fast! It's also very convenient to use! You could keep track of your comments and you could also see when a blogger responds to you! In that way, you won't have to go back to their site anymore just to check back if they commented back already. Perfect for people that like to read and comment on a lot of websites! Ready to create your own account? Click here.


Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY Beauty Remedies - Calamansi, Ice Cubes, Mayo, Olive Oil

There are lots of inventions and innovations these days that promise to restore beauty. They are effective, yes, but most of them come with a heavy price tag. Why spend a lot in beautifying yourself when everything you need is right in your kitchen? 

Today, I'll be sharing some easy and inexpensive beauty regimens using stuff (and food) that you can find in the kitchen.

These beauty remedies are not new to me. My mom, who is also a beauty lover, thought these things to me. These are some beauty regimens that I see her do ever since I was young. Amazingly, they all work! 

To know how to use each item, please watch this video :

Here's how each of the stuff works :

Calamansi is a tried and tested natural skin whitener. This secret has been passed on from generations to generations. Some actresses even swear by this tiny fruit. It's really a safe and inexpensive way to whiten skin and lighten acne scars. 
Apply this on the area that you want to lighten once or twice a day, every other day, and see visible results in just 2 weeks! 
I also use this to lighten my underarms the natural way! (lol) I apply it at night, every night, before I go to bed and leave it on. The next day, my underarms feel smoother, less chicken-skin and also it prevents body odor and excessive sweating. 

This is perfect for the hooot weather that we have in the Philippines now! Ice cubes will tighten the skin and make pores less visible. Don't have budget to buy expensive face primers and pore minimizers? How about natural blushy-cheeks? This is the solution! Do this everyday, twice a day, and see results in no time. Aside from it's beauty benefits, it will also make you feel cooler especially now that Summer heat is killing us again.

Some people think putting mayo on hair is gross. (It is, kinda. lol) But it's really effective! Do you remember Thalia when she played Marimar? Yes, those glorious long and curly locks! She was asked once and said her secret was applying mayonnaise onto her hair. Do this once or twice a month then leave on hair for 30 minutes and your hair will be shinier and smoother, parang nagpa-salon lang! lol

Olive oil is a miracle oil as it has a lot of health and beauty benefits! Not only does it make our food healthier and cholesterol-free but it also makes our skin softer and moisturized. Olive oil can be applied from head-to-toe as it moisturizes and softens hair, skin, nails and even feet and toes. My mom and I also use this as make up remover! It's perfect as it removes make up and dirt while moisturizing the skin. Best part of all? Olive oil is not expensive!

Those are just some of the many DIY beauty remedies using items that can be found in the kitchen. I will post some more in the future. But for now, I hope you found those useful!

Thanks for reading!

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