Friday, June 19, 2015

YouTube Fanfest Manila - Tickets to the Show & Meet and Greet + Makeover with Anna Victorino, RealAsianBeauty and Camille Co!

Hey, guys! I am so excited to tell you that I will be a part of the YouTube Fanfest happening here in the Philippines on June 26, 2015! I will be there on stage along with other YouTube Stars! If you were wondering, here are some of the International YouTube stars that will be there at the YTFF!

Is it not awesome?! 

Since, it's the first ever YTFF in the Philippines, YouTube fans were so excited so the tickets got sold out easily after just few minutes of opening the line! I know that you want to be there WITH ME at the Fanfest to take pictures, sing and dance, laugh out loud and just have fun! So, I am giving away YouTube Fanfest to 14 Lucky Viewers! The best part is that you won't have to go to the event alone because we'll let you bring a friend along. The ticket will allow you to go to the Meet and Greet prior to the show and to the show proper happening on June 26, 2015 at the Marriott Hotel in Manila. 

YouTube Fanfest Ticket Giveaway

Here are the mechanics for the ticket giveaway :

1.) SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel HERE
2.) FOLLOW me on my SNS accounts - Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE
3.) POST my YTFF banner on your SNS account
4.) TELL ME why you want to be there with me and why I should pick you
(Be creative! The cutest, sweetest, the most unique and the craziest posts will be chosen!)
5.) USE the hashtags #YTFF #YTFFManila #RealAsianBeauty

* * *

Makeover with Anna Victorino, Kristine from RealAsianBeauty and Camille Co

Another awesome thing about the YouTube Fanfest is that you could win a makeover session with Ana Victorino, RealAsianBeauty (that's me) and Camille Co! Your makeup will be done by Ana, your hair will be done by Me and your outfit will be styled by Camille! You will be styled by us ON STAGE at the YouTube Fanfest show!

Makeover Mechanics

1.) FOLLOW @RealAsianBeauty and @AnaVictorinoTV on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
2.) POST a photo/collage on your Instagram / FB / Twitter to show us what look you'd like to rock for the YouTube Fanfest
(You may post a photo of you or a photo of a celebrity/model/blogger. Don't forget to tag us in the photo!)
3.) USE the hashtags #StyleForYTFF #YTFFManila #YTFFRealAsianBeauty

The contest will end on June 21, 2015 at 12 PM. We will announce the winner on the same day at 8 PM.

Don't miss this chance to attend the YouTube fanfest and get style by Ana, Kristine and Camille!

I am soooo excited for the YouTube Fanfest. To be honest, I am quite overwhelmed that I will be there along with TOP YouTube stars. I mean, who am I to be there with them, right? I guess God really is just great and He really gives awesome blessings when you least expect them!



Saturday, June 13, 2015

EB Advance Supreme Lipstick Review, Swatches + Giveaway!

One of my favorite products to review are lipsticks. I just love seeing the colorful lipsticks inside the tubes. For me, they are like crayons - a sure way to add color and to complete the canvas.

Anyway, I got 5 shades of the EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks. To be honest, these lipstick came as a surprise to me. I always prefer higher-end brands over the local and drugstore brands. But the EB Advance Supreme Lipstick did not disappoint!

PRICE : Php 195 per tube

Each tube of the EB Advance Supreme Lipstick costs Php 195 pesos. For me, that is a reasonable price considering the quality of these lipsticks!

Oh, EB Advance is local brand and is made in the Philippines. I am always proud and excited whenever I feature local brands because it also feels like showing you guys something about our country. 


If you want to see all the swatches of  the lipsticks, simply click the video below!


EB Advance and I are giving away 5 EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks to 1 lucky reader! The shades that we're giving away are the exact same shades that I showed and reviewed here. Don't worry, they are new and unopened! hehe 

Giveaway mechanics:
1.) FOLLOW @RealAsianBeauty on Instagram HERE
2.) LIKE @EB Advance on Facebook HERE
3.) COMMENT on THIS(click here) video. Tell us your IG and FB names + simply tell me which among the 5 shades you think looks the best on me.

1 Lucky viewer/reader will get 5 EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks! 
Giveaway is open for viewers in the Philippines. Winner must be willing to meet me up to claim the prize. Preferably Quezon City area, please. :)
Giveaway open until June 20, 2015.

Good luck!

Here's how the lipsticks look when applied on the lips :

I really like these lipsticks because even though they aren't very expensive, they are of good quality. I hate lipsticks that make my lips feel sticky and heavy! These lipsticks are pigmented yet are light on the lips. They also color the lips even with just 2 coats! I think the only problem I have with this brand is that it comes off the lips easily. But other than that, I like this brand and recommend it to women that are looking for a more affordable option. 

My favorite among the 5 shades are Venus and Red Twilight. What about you?


Friday, June 12, 2015

Tambobong Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan

This is probably one of the best and unforgettable Summers for me. Ironic, though, how I still got to enjoy "summer vacation" though I'm not a student anymore. I did a lot of things, went to many places, experienced different things and spent time with a lot of people. How can that not be special? Anyway, one of the reasons why I enjoyed this Summer so much was because I went to a very nice beach in Pangasinan.

Don't you just love going to places that aren't well-visited yet? I got to enjoy Potipot Island in Zambales (around 8 years ago) when it wasn't known to many yet. This time, I got to see the beauty of a small island in Pangasinan!

My Grandmother's brother's family (second aunt's, uncle's and cousins) was planning a summer outing for their family. I'm quite close to them so they invited me to go with them. We were coming from Tarlac so I was expecting the trip would be shorter. We left Tarlac past 4 in the morning. I was looking forward to arriving at around 7 in the morning. But the trip was long! So, so long that even my cute nephew got tired and bored.

From the main road, you'd have to turn right to reach the beach. We thought we were close to the place already but we still had to take the road for more than an hour! The road was crooked and narrow so driving through it was quite difficult. 

Finally, we reached the Tambobong Beach!! 

To be honest, most of us were disappointed when we got there. We got there at around 9:30 AM. Yes, clear water and blue sky greeted us but those can also be found in Bolinao. And Bolinao would have taken only 3 hours, as compared to travelling to Dasol for more than 5 hours. 

Anyway, we were already there and the place was pretty on it's own anyway, so we just tried to enjoy it! 

At around 11 in the morning, my cousin and my uncle rented 3 boats for us. I had no idea where we were going but just rode the boat anyway. hehe I just heard we were going to a certain island but I didn't pay much attention.

The boat ride took about 10 to 15 minutes. We then reached this island that they call Colibra Island. 

Oh, boy! The place was so beautiful. I feel like crying now that I'm talking about it. There are really so many wonderful places in my country and they are just waiting to be explored. 

The water was crystal clear, the sand was white and fine and the island was small, just perfect for a mini getaway!

There was a sandy part on the island and then, there was also a rocky part. 

Beautiful, just beautiful! 

The boat drivers will tell you they will leave you and will come back after an hour. For me, though, 1 hour is not enough to fully enjoy Colibra Island. I regret that we only spent an hour there. 

Anyway, we were left there to enjoy, explore the island and take some photos. The sun was shining so bright but we all couldn't care less since it's not everyday that we have the energy to travel that far and to see an island as beautiful as Colibra. What's even more awesome was that there weren't many people so the beach almost became like a private area for us. 

Welcome to Yamar Family's private beach! hehehe

Too bad, I forgot that I was a blogger and failed to take lots of photos and videos. hehe I enjoyed the place so much that I wasn't even able to take photos of just the place. But you can always use Google if you want to see more of Colibra Island. 

After an hour, we were picked up by our "boat service". I thought we were going back to the shore but I found out we were headed to yet another island.
I'm such a free-loader, aren't I? hehe 

Anyway, we went to another island called Crocodile Island. Just like Colibra, the place was also special. 

However, the place is rocky so you may have to bring your slippers/foot wear with you. Luckily, I had mine on so I had no problem walking on the rocky and slippery shore.

I can't find a better picture of me inside the cave so please bear with this one. ^^ 

It was kind of creepy inside, especially for a non-swimmer like me. The water was deep and there was little water current. The cave also has some tunnels and holes that are dark and the water inside seemed scary and deep. Reminded me of those scary movies set on a beach. hehe

The outside, of course, was breath-taking .We didn't forget to take a group picture! 

You just gotta know that a thing is mine when it's in pink. hehe

We then went back to shore and swam a bit more. My cousins saw some jelly fish and star fish and caught them. After a while, they returned them in the water. Animals shouldn't be deprived from their habitat.

We left Tambobong Beach at around 4:30 in the afternoon. After a fun day at the beach, we still had to travel back and endure yet another 5 hours in the vehicle. We arrived Tarlac at around 10 in the evening. 

This was the only time I went to the beach this Summer but it was so fun and worth it! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! If you want to visit a new place, try Tambobong Beach in Dasol. Just please don't tell me I didn't warn you about the travel time and the crooked and narrow road. hehe


Monday, June 8, 2015

A Summer To Remember : Why I Love TARLAC! ❤

If you follow me on Instagram and on Facebook, you may have seen me mention "Tarlac" a lof of times. Phrases like "I'll be going to Tarlac.", "I am in Tarlac.", "I just got back home from Tarlac" and "I miss Tarlac." are often mentioned. You may be wondering where Tarlac is and why I love it so much... so I decided to make this blog post.

Tarlac is a province in the Philippines. It is located in the North Luzon area. It is also my father's parents (my grandparents) hometown. It has become my playground, a relaxation place and a destressor. Going to Tarlac from my home takes 3 to 3 and a half hours of travel. It's far so why do I always go back? 

Ever since I was young, I'd always spend my summer vacations there. I used to go there with some of my first cousins. But when they migrated to the US, I started going there alone. It was still fun since I got to spend time with my grandparents and with my relatives and second cousins. We'd bake cookies with our grandmother, make some sweet Halo-Halo, climb trees, pick fresh fruits, run around our compound, play hide and seek and some other fun Filipino street games. When we got a little older, we started going to swimming resorts, enjoyed movie marathons, talked about boys and also started to hang out more at night in our family compound. It was a yearly summer routine until I graduated college and started working as a teacher to Koreans. They only allow 2 and a half days of approved vacation per year so I made sure I used them wisely. That's why I wasn't able to spend summer vacations there since 2009. The last time I was there was in 2011 and that was only for 1 night. It has been a long time since I last spent a whole week (or even month) there that I already forgot how much I loved it. So, when I quit my job and became a full-time blogger, I got more time and more freedom so I was finally able to go back again to the place I love! It was funny, though, because I used to go there just once every year but this time, I go there once a month! I've been doing it since December 2014 and am planning to do it until the people there start getting tired of me. (hehe) On a more serious (and sad) note, I am going to be in Tarlac as often as I can as long as my grandfather is still there. 

I can list 1001 reasons why I love the place and the list still won't be enough to give you an idea of how much I love it. So, I'm just going to tell you some of the most important reasons.

I love traveling 3 hours from Manila to Tarlac to the nice view of NLEX. Blue sky, beautiful clouds and green fields.

I love my grandparent's little home. I have so much fun memories there. They built it almost 40 years ago. 

I love that I celebrate my birthday and ask them to wear pink and they all show up wearing pink.

I love our "food trip" every time my cousins and my nephews and I would gather. There was one time when the "milk tea" incident happened. We all craved for milk tea but since we were all scared to buy, I just made milk tea for them using grass jelly.

I love this boy! He is my second cousin's son which makes him my nephew. The last time I remember seeing him was in 2011. He was still so small and young then. Now he's a little man already and is also a very sweet nephew! He makes going back to Tarlac exciting and leaving difficult. 

I love the kid so much that I bought him a bracelet when I went to Baguio last January. His snapped so he asked me if I could buy another set. After coming back home from the Singapore trip, I did buy another set for us. I love how he really wears the bracelet I gave him.

I love when he does my hair - braid it, twist it, etc. Sometimes, he even irons and curls it for me. :)

I love playing with these 2 boys. They are my second cousin's sons. Yes, already my nephews. (Tita!!) I enjoy going to their farm with them to see their pigs and the cute piglets!

I love when the kids shout "Tita!!" in the afternoon just to call me so we could all play together. We'd ride bike, play Chinese garter, I'd buy them their afternoon snack or we'd watch the sunset in the field.

I love how I witness real-life Farmville here! My uncle grows some crops and fruits.

I love how I don't need to go to the Zoo anymore just to see animals because they are everywhere in Tarlac. OMG, especially the frogs!!

I love that I can make my own Mango shake anytime of the day! We have lots of Mango trees that have abundant fruits in our backyard.

I love the Tupig! (Sticky rice cake with coconut strips wrapped in banana leaves then grilled) I always buy a pack whenever I'm on my way back home to Manila.

I love it every time these kids and I would gather. We don't have the same grandparents but we treat each other like first cousins. Sometimes, we also hang out with the nieces and the nephews and treat each other like friends! Just this summer, we spent a lot of nights playing hide and seek and laying on the ground staring at the stars. This photo was taken when we played hide and seek after my party. Since we played in pairs and it got difficult to catch the pairs, we decided to tie the partners together. lol

I love how the blue sky and the green trees always make a perfect backdrop for pictures!

I love 10 AM's in Tarlac because that's also the exact time the ice cream vendor comes. Such a life-saver, especially on those scorching hot days!

I love this cute swing that my uncle did in front of their house. It's nailed on a Guava tree so sitting on the swing while munching on a guava is always a perfect combination.

I love the hammock and the Nipa Hut (Kubo) that serve as our hang-out places. The Nipa Hut is in our backyard while the hammock is in my second cousin's backyard.

I love that our houses are located right beside a wide field. The place is perfect for pictorials! Here are my two cousins taking photos for a "baby announcement". I just feel sad that I couldn't bring my clothes and shoes here. I'd love to take some OOTD photos in the middle of the field, too!

I love that I can just go out of the yard and be able to grab fresh fruits anytime of the day! We have trees of Mango, Guava, Guyabano, Kaymito, Chico, Calamansi, Makopa, Aratilis, Duhat, Banana and many more!!

I love watching sunsets in Tarlac. The view is just spectacular! These photos were taken on different days plus they were unedited and unaltered! How awesome?!

I love my relatives in Tarlac! Though, they are just my grandmother's brother's family, they all treat me like I'm their own niece/granddaughter/aunt/cousin. They are all so warm and kind and always, always make me feel welcomed. 

AND most of all, I LOVE MY LOLO! (Grandfather) He is the main reason why I keep on going back to Tarlac. It breaks my heart to see him in his state right now and I don't want you to see him looking like that, either, so I am not going to post a photo of him here. Instead, I want you all to imagine a very pleasant, loving and kind picture of a grandfather. He was so kind to me when he was still strong. I don't remember a single time he ever made me feel bad, got mad at me or ever humiliated me or said no to my wish or request. He did not spoil me but rather made me feel very loved. That's why I was so sad when I saw him for the first time after 3 years back in December 2014. I promised I would do my best to be able to spend time with him often while he is still here. I regretted that my Mother's father died and I was not able to spend a lot of time with him on his last days. I don't want to have the same regret with my Father's father. I'm not quite sure if Lolo still has clear memory but he does know my voice and still remembers my name. I'd take those as signs that he still appreciates my effort to visit him often in Tarlac.

* * *
As I am writing this blog post, my eyes are actually swollen because of too much crying and lack of sleep. Summer is over and the kids have to go back to school. Have you ever had such a wonderful time somewhere that you feel so, so sad when it was over? That's how I feel right now. Whenever I am sad or whenever I'm going through something emotional, I always stay in bed either looking at photos, watching video clips or venting out my emotion through blogging about it. I have mentioned quite a number of reasons why I love Tarlac but I feel the list is not even 10% of how I truly feel. It pains me, though, knowing I won't be able to go back there when my Lolo leaves... If only I could buy a small lot there and build my own house, I would. But, I don't have money for that now. (hehe) For now, I am happy that God has given me this chance to be able to spend more time with the people I love and at a place I really like. 

I hope this blog post didn't bore you. I was actually skeptical in writing this since I'd be giving a lot of private information and revealing a lot of my relative's faces. But I am sure a few years from now, I'd read back this blog post and feel happy that I actually wrote it. I hope the people in Tarlac also know how much I love them and how much I appreciate the love they are giving back to me. 

Thank you for reading! If you have a similar story and a place that you love, please do share them in the comments section below! I'd love to hear about your favorite place, too!


Friday, June 5, 2015

VEET Hair Removal Cream Review

Summer is definitely the time to bare our skin. I received a package from VEET so I decided to give their products a try.

The package came in a really girly, pink box with a cute pink bow. 

Inside the box were 3 variants of VEET products. 
Have I mentioned that I love receiving packages with personalized messages or those that have notes with my name written on it? It just means the sender gave extra time before shipping the parcel to me. I just love that!
Anyway, I was never really a fan of hair removal creams. Nor am I a fan of plucking! (hehe) For me, the best way to get rid body hair is to shave. I like some things done fast, pain-free and easy. I used to think hair removal creams were ineffective and painful. But then I tried the Veet Hair Removal Cream and found out that it is actually effective and it doesn't hurt. 

VEET Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

VEET Hair Removal Cream for Normal Skin

I purposely grew my hair on my legs just so I could see how well the product works. I had to endure weeks of ugly legs just for this review! (hehe)

The first step is to apply some of the product on the curved part of the spatula. Using the spatula, apply generous amount of the cream on the area that you want the hair to be removed. Leave the cream on the skin for 3 minutes. Then, using the inverted part of the spatula, scrape the cream upward and see the hair get removed easily without force and pain!

I was actually impressed and amazed how well this VEET Hair Removal Cream works! When I was younger, I tried another hair removal cream brand but it didn't work and just left my skin feeling itchy. The VEET cream did not irritate nor hurt my skin. Here's how my skin looks after using the VEET Hair Removal Cream. 

VEET Hair Removal Wax Strips 

Then, I tried the VEET Hair Removal Wax Strips. Unlike the cream, this product disappointed me because it didn't work and just left the sticky gel on my skin even after washing it for many times. I don't know if I just used it incorrectly or it's just not effective. The part that I hated the most was the gel that it left on my skin. You can still see the sticky part of my skin on block 6 below. 

Overall, the VEET Hair Removal Cream is a nice and effective product and I recommend it especially to people that are are looking for better ways to remove body hair other than plucking or shaving. I also love how my legs feel smooth after using the cream. Unlike the stingy feeling that shaving (or plucking) gives. It's also nice that this product is not expensive so anyone can afford it. However, I do not recommend that wax strips because it was painful and downright ineffective! Both of the products fall in the same price range so I suggest going for the hair removal cream instead.

I hope you found this product review helpful!

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