Wednesday, June 20, 2018

BLOGGERS UNITED 2018 | I Sold My Stuff For Cheap!!

They say someone else's trash is another man's treasure. I also believe that a little amount of money, when put together, will definitely sum up to something big. I was able to prove these 2 proverbs when I joined the Bloggers United for the second time. Blogger's United is quite known in the blogging world but if you don't know it yet, it's an annual event where top bloggers and influencers gather to sell their pre-loved, mostly unused, items for much cheaper price. It could also be considered a great gathering and a meet-and-greet where followers and avid fans could meet their favorites all in just one place!

I was first invited to the BU last December 2017. I've been blogging for 6 years but only got invited then. I was so happy and excited when I finally got the invitation! 6 months later, I was invited again. The first time, I didn't really know what to expect and I even crammed as I wasn't able to prepare all my items so I just sold everything for Php 150 to Php 20 per item. This time, I was more prepared!

To be honest, I felt skeptical to sell items that came from brand sponsors. I thought they would be disappointed if I sold items that I just got from them for free. But recently, I have been seeing a lot of my items expire. I thought it would be wiser to sell the items for much, much lower price and let other people use them than to just throw them away when they expire. 

On my first time to join, I only brought 2 luggages and 2 huge bags. On my second time, I brought 2 luggages and 7 huge bags, all filled with items to sell.

We got to the venue around 10 AM and did our best to set up in just 1 hour. I wasn't able to prepare a stand-up tarpaulin but I was able to prepare few things so my followers could easily spot me. Hehe Yes, because an 8"x 10" picture frame would stand out in the crowd. *hehe*

The only thing I have to mention is that though the event is fun and exciting, it could get really busy. Did you know that I was only able to eat my first meal of the day and was able to go to the restroom for the first time the whole day when we packed up our stuff at around 8:00 PM?!

I put label to all the stuff I sold. I put the original price and then the price I'm selling it for. Most of my items we sold at 80% OFF!! My ultimate goal was to go home without having to bring the items back. We weren't able to take a photo at the start of the bazaar since things got a little rowdy. This photo was taken when I sold more than half of the items.

Oh, yes! Dogs and pets were also welcome at the event. I wanted to bring mine but I assumed it would be difficult to attend to the buyers and take care of my dogs at the same time. Speaking of dogs, it was so amazing how much money I made selling stuff that were just laying around at home. But it's even more amazing where I used the money!

My first pet, Fluffy, got sick 4 days after the Bloggers United. We rushed her to the Vet and found out she has gallstone and needs to undergo surgery right away to save her. I will tell you more about this... But to cut the long story, ALL the money I earned selling my stuff at the BU went to Fluffy to pay for her Vet and hospital bills. I am so thankful to each and every person who bought my stuff because I never would have been able to take Fluffy to the Vet and have her surgery right away if I didn't have any money on hand at that very moment!

Anyway, such a cute dog, don't you agree? This is not Fluffy, rather a dog one of the people who went to BU owns. Super adorable!

Shoutout to Ana Gonzales and Aisa Ipac for inviting me to Bloggers United once more! I love these 2. I've been seeing them on the internet since I started blogging in 2010 but I only got to personally meet them when I went to SUN CELLULAR's event in Cebu. They are one of the the sweetest and most-humble people in the blogging industry!

Of course, shoutout and thanks to my friend, Flora, for going to the BU with me. I never would have come if I was alone since I was worried I won't be able to carry all the stuff and attend to the needs of the buyers. Luckily, Flora is always present to save the day! hehe

I was so happy when we packed up the stuff and saw that we only needed to fill 3 bags. Note that they weren't full anymore unlike when we brought them to the venue. I'm pretty sure we were able to sell 85% of the stuff we brought. It felt so satisfying and rewarding. Not because I earned money but because I felt like I was able to give the products to those who really want them. I also felt good that I was able to lessen the stuff I have at home. I'm thinking of trying to live a minimalist lifestyle... Hehehe

My Outfit Of The Day
Beret Hat - Lazada
Jumper - SM Dept. Store
Stripes Top - Farmer's Tyangge
Socks - Japan Home
White Sneakers - Zalora
Purse - Micahel Kors

We left the World Trade Center around 9 PM feeling tired but fulfilled!

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Sunday, June 10, 2018


People have different dreams and different aspirations. They also have different reasons and different goals for wanting to do something. Don't you agree? That's why I feel skeptical when some say the world is now saturated so not all of our dreams will come true. In fact, I believe there is enough resources and enough ways for us to achieve what we want.

Is there something you've been wanting to do but kept shoving to the side because you think it's difficult or nonviable? In my case, I have always wanted to be fluent in reading, speaking and understanding Korean Language. Now before you call me a Koreaboo, let me tell you the TOP 3 reasons why I want to speak it fluently.

Let me give you a flashback 5 years ago. In 2013, I was so motivated and determined to learn Korean Language. First, I self-studied how to read, how to write and how to pronounce basic expressions. After few months, when I felt I was ready to go to a proper Korean school, I went ahead and enrolled. Luckily, I got a slot! 

After just 3 months of persistently studying, I finished the class and ranked 3rd out of 30 students. That same time, I also took the TOPIK (Test Of Proficiency in Korean) and passed it!

Back then, I really had to enroll at a Korean school because I couldn't find enough websites, applications and tutorials that would help me improve. These days, however, there are hundreds of phone applications, helpful websites and easy tutorials that anyone could access through the internet on their mobile phones! What a relief!

I believe it is important that we have data connection on our mobile phones because it not only allows us to stay connected with our family and friends, but it also lets us use helpful applications and visit useful websites!

That's why I prefer to use my SUN CELLULAR to connect to the internet on my phone! (THIS IS NO JOKE, I REALLY USE IT since that day I found out how fast their data service is that one time I went to Tagaytay with my Family) And since we're having long-weekend next, why don't we try their newest (and limited offer) GIGASURF99?!

Sun Cellular's GIGASURF99 offers :
-2 GB of mobile data
-Unlimited texts to all networks
-FREE YOUTUBE for 1 hour daily
-Plus FREE 1 GB data

What's even more amazing is that it's only for Php 99 and is valid for 7 days! Hurry though, because it's only available from June 9 to Jue 17, 2018!

Anyway, here are the TOP 3 reasons why I want to be fluent in Korean :


If you are a fan of Korean dramas but can't speak their language, then you perfectly understand the struggle of having to have your eyes quickly read the text and then look at the actual screen to see the actor/actress so you would understand their emotion. You must be a quick reader to be able to do this. If not, you'd have to choose between being able to read the text properly OR seeing the pretty faces and beautiful scenery on the show.


The last time I was in Seoul, I was so impressed how nice and accommodating locals are! I mean, I love the Philippines BUT I was totally blown away how polite, considerate and friendly locals in Seoul are. Each time I'd get lost or would have to ask something, they'd be 100% willing to help. It could be because they are that nice OR because I can speak Korean. Though my pronunciation is bad, I'm sure they appreciate that someone from East Asia can speak and understand their language. Hence, the next time I go back, I want to be fluent so I could talk to locals even more. It's not that Koreans can't speak English, but because I want to be able to immerse myself in the environment.


I understand it's NOT EASY to translate on the spot. I've heard from few who have tried translating that it's not easy and sometimes you could get mentally blocked and run out of words. But if I must spill my secret, this one is it. I want to be so fluent, I could be EXO or BTS' translator when they come here to have another concert. This one may be crazy but they say nothing is impossible if you just work hard, right? 

You just have to have a dream, get up then work hard for it and finally, BELIEVE that you will be IT. 

저는 한국말을 잘하고 싶습니다~
How about you? What is that something you've been wanting to try or been wanting to become?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

LÓREAL PARIS Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights | HAIR COLOR TUTORIAL

Do you like DIY coloring on your hair? I really can't remember the last time I had a full-color from a salon. Because of the growth of hair products in the market and the rise of online tutorials, consumers nowadays prefer doing things on their own. One of those things is coloring their hair.

I've tried couple of brands but this is the one I use at the moment - 
Lóreal Paris Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights

PRICE : Php 399 per box

WHERE TO BUY : Available at local drugstores like Watson's & Mercury Drug.
Also available at departments stores and online shops like Lazada

  • Protective Serum
  • Coloring Creme
  • Developer 
  • Comb Applicator
  • Conditioning Balm
  • Gloves

For this video,  I asked my friend to be my model so I could properly demonstrate how to use the Lóreal Ultra Lights. 

Here's the BEFORE and AFTER


It is important to note the condition of the hair before proceeding to hair coloring.
Is the hair virgin or rebonded? Has is been colored before? Take into consideration those things because those would affect the outcome of the color. Rebonded hair, when colored, may turn out dry, sometimes even damaged. It's not always because of the hair coloring product but because the hair structure of rebonded hair is thin and weak as opposed to natural, untreated ones. The color on the box may also differ when used on rebonded hair because the hair structure is different. The color will also be vibrant if used on thin and light-colored hair as compared when used on dark or black hair.

Luckily, my model has untreated, thin and light-colored hair so I only used 1 box. I was also able to achieve the desired color because her hair condition is healthy. 


Here is the result! It was a bit dark outside when we finished coloring and the lighting inside my room isn't as decent as natural sunlight. The hair color is much more vibrant and saturated in person.

Also because of the lighting I have, the color seems patchy and uneven. But I promise it looks better in real life. Also, have you noticed how colored hair appear more vibrant around 3 days after coloring? It is when the hair color really sets in that we see the true, vibrant shade of the hair.

Nonetheless, I really like the result. My friend also loved her new hair color!

PROs :

  • Product is affordable at Php 399 compared when going to the salon
  • This product lifts hair color up to 4X LIGHTER
  • No bleaching required
  • 1 box is enough to color medium length hair
  • Available locally at drugstores and department stores
  • Color doesn't shed not wash-off

CONs :

  • Because the product lifts up to 4X, it is best if someone applies it on you rather than doing it on your own
  • Product is not really suitable for rebonded hair
  • You may need 2 boxes if you have thick, long hair

Overall, this is a great product to try, especially if you are looking for something that would lift your hair color up the color scheme. The product is also from Lóreal, a trustworthy name in the beauty industry. I only suggest asking someone to help you apply it on your hair to achieve optimum and satisfactory result.

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Friday, May 25, 2018


One of the things I enjoy doing is organizing small events and gatherings. Had I not been a blogger, I would most likely be working at an events company. I enjoy the process of putting things together and somehow enjoy the thrill of it. In December 2016, I had my first-ever gathering with my loyal supporters who I call as the"FLUFFIES". Click here to read more about that party. The gathering 2 years ago was small and simple yet was utterly unforgettable. 

This year, it was their turn to organize a small gathering for me to celebrate my birthday as well as our 2nd year together. We decided to pull a Coachella-themed party since it's Summer and the date of the party falls the same week as the Coachella event in the US. (Yes, we know Coachella is the name of the place and it's funny to use the name when ours is not even a musical event. But if we're happy then I guess the name isn't such a great deal.)

The party was held last April 22, 2018 in Quezon City. It was so refreshing to see familiar faces as well as new faces! Long-time supporters as well as newbies came to enjoy the event!

Because we could only offer a small place, we were only able to invite around 40 people. At first I thought it was too small but later realized it was just the perfect number for it allowed me to interact more and get to know each and every attendant better.

Everything was planned and made from scratch, of course with the help of the Fluffies. 
If you are new to this blog, the term FLUFFIES was first used back in 2016 by some of the most loyal followers. I never had any groups or names for my followers then until they mentioned they should start calling themselves "Fluffies" because they said I could lean on them when I need them most, as if they were my soft and fluffy clouds. Aww, isn't that just so sweet?

Anyway, if you want to see what happened at the event, be sure to watch the vlog below. I tried my best to document the whole party from start to finish.

An event would not be complete without small gifts or tokens for the attendants. But because we didn't have enough resources to provide our own, we were assisted by our ever-supportive brand partners! Here are our special partners for the event!



It was my first-time ever to be sponsored by a photobooth company. I've always imagined how it would be when a photobooth partners with me. I thought it would be so cool if we could have tangible photos we could take home after the party aside from the usual digital photos. Pictoglam made that wish come true!

I was actually happy and very much impressed with their service. Not only did they travel all the way from Paranaque to Cubao just to cater our event. But they also exceeded my expectation. The pictures all came out perfect! If you watch the vlog, I showed how their photobooth works. You will surely appreciate having them at your next event, party and special occasion!  


One of my long-time brand partners is Flawless. What I love about them is that they are always generous. They sponsored almost 50 pieces of Flawless Beauty soaps! I love it because they are always reachable and make sure they are present at my special events and occasions. Really, Flawless has been a huge part of my blogging career. I don't get paid to promote Flawless, though. Just in case you were wondering. Hehe


Because we wanted this to be more than your usual meet-and-greet, the Fluffies made sure we'd have more than picture taking. They prepared a short program and also organized few activities for the event. 


Ghelai, Paola and Belle lead the segment. They eagerly taught the attendants how to make a simple friendship bracelet. We thought it would be fit for the theme of the event since we went for the summer, Coachella vibe.


Before, they only saw my braids on YouTube and on Instagram. But here, they witnessed it live as I taught them few easy braids they could do on their own. At first, I did the braid on my own hair. But I realized it was hard to explain while braiding my hair at the same time so I decided to get a model from the crowd. I really think braids are prettier if you do it on someone with really vibrant hair color. It makes the braid look even more attractive.


You probably know I am not the most confident blogger there is on the internet. I've had my fair share of self-doubt, disbelief and insecurity. We thought it would be a great topic to share since we aren't always 100% confident about ourselves, are we? I didn't prepare my talk before hand as I was busy with other errands. But won't you agree a person with the most experience and emotion will always be able to deliver a great talk no matter how impromptu it is?

Aside from the usual loot bags, gifts, giveaways and souvenirs people get out of meet-and-greets, we wanted ours to be different. Material things go out of style or get broken. What we wanted to share with the attendants was something they won't be able to hold but something they'd be able to keep with them longer. Something that would inspire them. I hope my talk was able to inspire even a single soul.


Everyone went to the party well-dressed! I was actually happy to see them all dolled up and glamed up! I love how they put their outfits together. Right then, I wished we were at an actual garden so the place would match their trendy outfits. The least I could do was prepare a small token and give it to the best outfit of the day!


I've mentioned it was my birthday, too, so the girls prepared a surprise for me. It was so touching because they played the guitar, sang and then handed me flowers and gifts and a cake! I never expected anything else since the effort they put to make this party possible was way enough for me. I was truly moved but I just held back the tears because I wanted to be really happy than sad. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charyse, Dea, Belle, Ghelai, Paolo, Cha, Shane, Anne and Anna for the effort they put in to for this event. These are the people who went out of their way to help find a venue, buy things needed, finalize guest list, decorate the place, distribute food, etc. I know they have their own stuff, own priorities but they gave time for this. For that, I will always be thankful. 

This was the cake they gave me! Isn't it too cute to be eaten? Well, I ate anyways! hehe

I surely enjoyed the gathering. I hope the Fluffies enjoyed it as much as I did!

I also came with my Mom, Tito Alex, our pet Small and my friend Flora. My boyfriend didn't make it to the event, though. But I am still grateful to him because he used to inspire me at events and motivated me to keep going and continue this internet journey with you. He was the one who inspired me to keep going during those few times when I wanted to quit... Hence, I am still here and you are still reading this blog post. Hehe

These are the gifts I got from the sweetest followers in the whole internet world! Hehe
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really don't expect anything whenever we hold events and gatherings so please don't feel burdened by this. However, I am grateful people take the time to remember me by preparing gifts. No matter how big or small is, I truly appreciate!

If you want to be a part of our next gathering, be sure that you are following me on my social media channels because I post event updates there. If you are far but would still like to show your support, you can always do so by SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube channel. Each and every SUBSCRIBER I have is valued and appreciated. Every event, every milestone is because of YOU!

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

VICE COSMETICS Phenomenal Liquid Lipstick Swatches (NEW SHADES!) | Mother's Day Special

One of the trendiest brands these days when it comes to lip products is Vice Cosmetics. The brand features contemporary lip products that makeup enthusiasts will truly like.

I have to be honest, though, that when Vice Cosmetics launched, I WAS NOT A FAN. I reviewed their products and was not quite happy with the quality. You may read that review HERE

Thankfully, they released new shades of their lip products. I was hesitant to try them at first because I kept going back to the formula and quality of their original lip items. But to my surprise when I tried the new ones, they were improved formula. Their Liquid Lippies are now super pigmented, extra creamy, glides easily, not overly drying unlike the first ones and stays on lips longer.

The news shades of the Phenomenal Liquid Lipsticks are : Kyemerut, Sisteraka, Cheverloo, Kerstofyan, Chenelyn, Hanash, Ravaaan and Achuchuchu

PRICE :  Each lippie costs Php 195 each

They also released new shades of the Good Vibes Matte Lipstick 

The new shades I have are ; Eklavu, Chururutz, Aura, Chukchak, Bonggacious, Havey, Ekzal and Severe

PRICE : Each lipstick costs Php 195 each

Just like the liquid lippies, you will also like that the lipsticks are creamy, pigmented and glides on smoothly on your lips! They are not as long-lasting as the liquid lippies, but they aren't as drying, which is better, especially now that it's summer!

While it is true we should be thanking and appreciating our Mothers everyday, Mother's Day is still deemed special as it's that one day of the year where we get to treat them extra special. Vice Cosmetics challenged my Mom and I to do this #MakeItUpToMudra video where my I apply lipstick and basically just bond with my Mom using their products. Gladly, my Mom was up for the challenge!

Truly, we learned first about makeup not on YouTube, but through our Mom's who we used to get ready and apply makeup before rushing to work. They were our first beauty gurus, don't you agree?

Here is our video, first ever official appearance of my Mom on my channel, using Vice Lipsticks!

How did you like our video? It was actually more than an hour total raw video but I had to trim it down to less than 10 minutes. We hope you like our little fun and also got few tips when it comes to lipsticks,

As a gift for Mother's Day, Vice gave my Mom a bouquet of pink flowers! How pretty?!

Overall, my Mom liked the quality of the lip products she tried. I think this was a sweet gesture of Vice to think of asking some bloggers to do this for our Mom on Mother's Day.

If you are looking for an affordable Mother's Day gift for your Mom, THIS MAY BE IT! They're super affordable plus comes in many shades to fit any lifestyle, skin tone and personality.

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