Saturday, May 2, 2015

Manny Pacquaio (Philippines) Nail Art (Pacquiao Versus Mayweather)

The fight of the century is FINALLY happening! We have been waiting for this for the longest time, us Filipinos! You guys don't know how excited we were when we heard the announcement that the battle is finally happening! We are also nervous, of course. But in an interview, Manny Pacquiao told the Filipinos not to worry about anything because we aren't the ones going to be in the ring and go against Mayweather but him. He told us to just sit back, pray to God and trust him that he'll get through it. 

But we are still nervous. Nervous and excited.

To show my support to Manny Pacquiao, I decided to do a simple nail art using the signs, symbols and logos that are often associated to him.

Please watch the tutorial below :

I decided to draw a Pac-Man on my index finger since people call Pacquiao as Pacman. I didn't know Manny converted to Christian from Catholic so the rosary is now irrelevant. But for those like me that still don't know, the rosary would still be meaningful. Manny Pacquiao used to pray first before a fight. He'd always hold a rosary with him so I thought of drawing one on my pinky. The Philippine flag should also be included since he carries our flag and gives us pride each time he fights.. and wins! For the rest of the nails, I decided to just paint the tip in blue and in red to signify the colors of the Philippine flag. 

I have always admired Manny Pacquiao. Many people call him arrogant or "mayabang". I haven't met him in real life yet but I am sure that he is not. He is known here in our country to have helped a lot of people. He always looks back to where he came from and never forgets to help the people who helped him when he was still little. He has a LOT now but still keeps his feet on the ground. He seems like a nice person and is always genuinely happy to meet new people, especially sign stuff and shake hands with his fans. What a really nice person to look up to. His sport may be violent but he surely has a heart of gold. Truly a pride for us Filipinos!

Good luck, Manny! Win or Lose, you always, always make us proud! The fact that you are and have always been willing to face Mayweather is already courageous. If God still grants you the belt and chooses to make you us the winner, then that would be just our consolation. You are always an inspiration and a pride to many Filipinos!

Tomorrow, the WHOLE Philippines will stop just to witness Pacquiao's fight. 


Friday, May 1, 2015

How To Curl Hair Using Hair Iron

Curling hair using a hair iron has become so famous. It's actually a nice beauty trick to know especially if you want to save some bucks! Instead of buying a separate hair iron to straighten your hair and another curling iron rod to curl your hair, you can just use 1 device to achieve both the sleek-straight and cute-curls look!

I own quite a lot of hair products already. Some of them are really nice but expensive. Some of them are cheap but don't work quite well. I was so glad when I discovered a really nice flat iron! I am definitely keeping this in my beauty corner. 

The Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Styling Iron

I am not saying this just for the sake of promoting the product but this hair iron is definitely my favorite. Most irons I have used are either too heavy and bulky, damage the hair or trap and hurt the hair when you iron. This hair iron is so light, so easy to use, doesn't hurt the hair when you glide it and doesn't damage the hair as much as other hair irons! How amazing!

I have never felt this ease when styling and curling my hair! Good thing I discovered the Irresistible Me Hair Iron! It is so lightweight so my hands never feel sore even when I am doing the back area of my hair. It glides on smoothly on the hair and my hair isn't very damaged even though I have been using it for 3 months already. It is also very easy to use when curling the hair!

Watch the tutorial on how to curl your hair using a flat iron.

The Irresistible Me Diamond Styling Hair Iron is available on Irresistible Me's website HERE

There are so many ways to style and curl your hair but in the video, I decided to show the 2 most common hair curls : Inwards and Outwards.

The left side of my hair (the right you see on the screen), I did Inward curl. I like doing inward curl especially on days when I want to look dolled-up, girly yet a bit toned down. It is also good for people that want their face to look a bit smaller as in creates an illusion of having smaller face. Outward curl was done on the right side of my hair (the left you see on the screen). I like doing it especially on days when I want to look extra special. In my opinion, outward curls look extra glamorous and playful.

The Irresistible Me Diamond Styling Hair Iron is available on Irresistible Me's website HERE. Remember that you can get 10% Discount when you use my discount code IrresistibleKristine on their website HERE!

I hope you learned how to curl your hair using a flat iron through my short video.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Things That Cause Your Acne!

Have you ever slept with good skin and wake up the next morning with horrible spots on your face? They literally grew overnight! Have you? I have! In fact, that happens to me often. It even gets to a point where I'd have good skin in the morning and then have huge and red spots right in the afternoon. My pimple spots grow in an instant!
If you have experienced that but still don't know where you may be getting your breakout from then this blog post/video is for you!

Some of the known reasons why we get acne are hereditary, hormones, stress and dirt. But those reasons are quite known to many already. In the video, I decided to talk about unpopular/unknown things that cause acne!

Please watch the video here :

Some of the things that I mentioned in the video are : your cellphone, your make-up brushes and sponges, your pillow cases and towels, your hair and so much more!

Now that you know the possible causes of your sudden breakout, you can now at least try to avoid doing or using those things. I know it does get so frustrating how a good skin could become bad in just an instant! That is our dilemma, people with imperfect skin. (Sigh!)

Anyway, I hope you guys found the video helpful. 

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Better yet, send me an e-mail so we could talk privately.

Good night!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

BDJ Box April 2015 - Spring Into Beauty

Trends come and go but the beauty you possess is yours forever. Don't let anything stop you from being radiantly glowing! That's why, this season of getaways and adventures, the BDJ Box Team will help us maintain our beautiful aura - no matter where we are!

You know that I am a fan of the BDJ Box since Day 1. I know, too, that you guys always wait for the "unboxing" posts that I write. So, here is what BDJ gave me for the month of April.

The secret to getting that overall radiance is to enhance the beauty of natural skin for a lit-from-within glow by giving the care it needs. Achieve that fairer, soother and whiter complexion by exfoliating with the right cream. Put on some lotion to keep your skin hydrated and feeling oh-so-luscious. Sweep on a volumizing mascara to make your eyes pop! Use the highlighting palette on your cheeks and a bit on your lids to give you an extra sun-kissed glow. Lastly, top off your look and feel extra pampered with facial cream to help you score that subtle yet luminous skin you needs this season.

Pamper your skin with these MYCHOICE products!

1.) MyChoice Bubble Shower Salt Scrub 2-in-1 (full size) - Php 100
2.) MyChoice Hand and Body Lotion (full size) - Php 70
3.) MyChoice Anti Acne Cream (full size) - Php 350
4.) MyChoice Pure Herbal Soap (full size) - Php 55

Take care of your skin with these ASIAN SECRETS goodies!

5.) Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub (full size) - Php 120
6.) Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub Sachets

Beautify yourself with these lovely cosmetics from known brands!

7.) Revlon Highlighting Palette (full size) - around Php 600
8.) FS Cosmetics Lash Extravagance Mascara (full size) - Php 625
9.) Tony Moly Snail Foot Mask (full size) - Php 198

Expecting mothers also got a treat to keep their skin and their baby's skin fresh and pampered. 

Mustela products in deluxe sample sizes.

Awesome box, right? As always, everything comes down to just Php 580 if you subscribe to the BDJ monthly Box! ^^

I know you've been wanting to subscribe to the BDJ Subscription Box! Check out their website HERE for more information!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Avengers Nail Art (Thor, Captain America,Iron Man, Hulk)

I wasn't really into comic-inspired and superhero inspired movies but it changed when I watched The Avengers and fell in love with one character. Can you guess with who? Yes, LOKI! (hehe) That's why I was a little sad when I found out he wasn't going to be in this year's installment of The Avengers movie. Anyway, I am still looking forward to it which will be showing today! 

I did a nail art inspired by the main characters of the movie. I made sure the design was easy and simple so that anyone, even beginners, can still copy the design. 

I got the inspiration from their costumes. In the video, though, I used metal studs and rhinestones. I got them from a website called But if you don't have them, you can get a silver nail polish and paint some dots and a star to complete the design. 

Watch the tutorial here :

This is also my first nail art in a while. I'm happy that you guys still like my nail art and I promise I will make more again soon. Any requests or suggestions? K-Pop, perhaps? :)

I hope you like this nail art design!

Let us know if you've seen the movie and what you thought about it.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Renew Placenta Classic Herbal Soap Review

I have heard a lot about this Renew Placenta soap. I finally got a bar of it so I thought of reviewing it here. When I got it, I was already using a lot of products so I asked my Mom to use it instead. Just like me, my Mom also has problems on her skin, mostly dark spots and pigmentation. 

Before we get to the actual review, let me tell you first a few things about Renew Placenta Soap.

Renew Placenta is an Herbal Beauty Soap that promises to whiten and give an anti-aging effect to the skin.  It has natural placenta extracts that cleans, refreshes and whitens the skin. It also increases moisture and suppleness of the skin leaving it young, smooth and white.

WHERE TO GET IT : Mercury Drugstores and other Supermarkets in the Philippines

PRICE : Php 100 per bar

Honestly, I was expecting it would be a white or clear bar since the box says "placenta" but to my surprise, the soap bar comes in orange color, like a Papaya and Kojic soap.

My Mom has very sensitive skin so a simple scratching will lead to scarring. She has lots of dark spots and her skin is also starting to show signs of aging. It also doesn't help that she likes scratching her skin a lot so she often gets lots of scars.

Here's her skin BEFORE and AFTER using the Renew Placenta Soap: 

In the left photo, you can see that her skin had very dark spots, some seem to be fresh. She also had dark skin and some very visible pores. There are also lines around her eyes that make her skin look tired and old. 

In the right photo, 2 weeks after using the Renew Placenta Herbal Soap, you can see that the skin became lighter and tighter. It's also amazing how the fresh wound on the area near the mouth dried up and the dark spots and scars became lighter and less visible. Her skin also looks a bit younger now because it became supple and smoother.

I was actually impressed with this soap. I see my Mom use a lot of products to help her with her dark spots and scars. Few of the products she have used worked but some of them were just expensive and ineffective. I was impressed because the soap is inexpensive but it worked on her. I asked her what she thinks about the soap and she said she actually liked it!

She is still using the soap until now and I have seen that her skin became tighter and smoother. The dark spots are even more less visible now.

So, that's how the Renew Placenta Soap works. I have also recently gotten the complete set of this brand. I loved how it worked on my Mom so I will use the complete set on me and will update you guys on the result. Please stay tuned!
Thanks for reading our blog today!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I haven't uploaded any ootd post for so long that I forgot how I do it. I honestly had to check my previous posts to see how I put the credits and the links. Have you guys missed my "feelingera" outfit of the day posts? hehe

I've kept this dress in my closet for so long because I was saving it for a special occasion and also because this is a bit too revealing to be worn in my country. It's not that our fashion sense is outdated nor because we are too conservative but because there are just many annoying cat-callers on our streets! The last thing a woman here would want is a creepy greeting from a random guy. Geesh, there are just a lot of things I wish us Filipinos could improve or stop doing that just wishing about it already makes me sad.

Anyway, I finally wore it so I thought of sharing some photos! 

Leopard-print Maxi Dress -
Heels - CMG 
Hat - Penshoppe
Sunglasses - Sunnies
Necklace/Rings - H&M (gift from SG reader,Mae)

I also recently turned 29! I don't know if I should be happy because I am getting older or if I should be sad because I AM getting older. They say age is just a number, though, so here I am embracing my numbers, literally! hehe

To be honest, I don't feel 29 yet. To some, I don't even look 29. But for me, getting a bit older doesn't only mean being out of the calendar, having saggy skin and having more stress and responsibilities. Getting older means being more wise and mature. I am 29 but I still play with kids and act silly sometimes because... why not? There are too many stressful things in our lives and for me, a good way of de-stressing is to get out of your zone every now and then. We are going to be "old" for the next years of our lives so why not do some childish and fun stuff while you still can? Life is short, anyway. ^^

I'm sorry, did I mumble throughout the post? I told you I forgot how I do this. I just hope I could meet my friends often again so I could force-ask them again to take some photos like this for me. I honestly missed my ootd posts, though a little "feelingera"! hehe Did you miss it too?

Thanks for reading!



Thanks to my friend, Flora, the photos!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Arrival in Singapore + 1 Day in Malaysia

After more than 2 weeks, I am finally blogging my recent trip to Singapore and Malaysia. I'm sorry to those who waited for this. It's just that a lot of things came up so I didn't have the time to sit down and edit the videos and post the photos. Anyway, here are days 1 and days 2!

We went to Singapore on March 20. Our flight was at 2 in the afternoon. In as much as I didn't want to travel with Cebu Pacific ever again, I just couldn't resist because they offer their seats so cheaply that I just had to pray they don't lose my luggage again. I got my round-trip tickets from Manila to Singapore last December 2014. I forgot what promo they had at that time but I was able to buy them for only Php 7,500.

We arrived Singapore Changyi Airport at around 6 in the afternoon. Guess what! They didn't lose my luggage this time!! OMG, I had to suffer first because I stuffed all the important things in my carry-on bag. I also had to make sure my toiletries, undies and some extra clothes and favorite shoes were in it. So the bag was soo heavy!

My friends that work in Singapore were so nice! High-school friend, Marinel, picked me up at the airport and helped me carry my luggage and she also helped me book our bus tickets going to Kuala Lumpur. At around 7 PM, we met my college friend, Maricel. We wanted to save hotel money so we didn't book our hotel for that night since we were also leaving for KL. So, I asked her if she could keep our bags for us. We went to Makansutra to have dinner. They both were so nice as they really helped us and also treated us to dinner!

Here is the vlog for Days 1 and 2! Enjoy!

The crazy thing that we did was that we didn't have Malaysian money, not even Singapore money, when we went to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived Singapore so late at night that we weren't able to exchange money. We left Singapore at 12 midnight and arrived Kuala Lumpur at past 5 in the morning. We were kind of starving, tired and sleepy of course, but we didn't have money to buy food or train tickets. My cousin used her ATM and withdrew 50RM for us. That's about $14.

We then took the Monorail going to Batu Caves. Going to Batu Caves from our bus stop was so easy since there's a train that stops right in front of it. 

We got there at around 8:30 in the morning. There weren't too may people yet and the weather was cloudy so we didn't have hard time exploring the place.

Don't you think it's nice when you finally see in person places that you only see in pictures? Like this one!

What's also nice about the places in Kulala Lumpur is that they are free for anyone to see! 

Oh, when you decide to climb the stairs going up the cave, be mindful of the monkeys! They are lots of monkeys that roam in the area. Some of them are cute while most of them just stay there for the food. I even saw a monkey that grabbed a plastic bag with food in it from a lady. 

My cousin's friend told us to try some of the food they have. We were told Roti is nice. It's an Indian food, though. So we went to a restaurant in front of the Batu Caves. I didn't mind taking a picture of it since I was not expecting much. But from what I remember, it's in Stall number 10.

Remember we only had 50 RM? And we already used like 30 of it for breakfast, fare and water. So we were broke and hungry in the middle of a foreign country. (lol) We ordered this Roti Poratta for 5RM. We wanted to order 2 but we didn't have enough RM for it. We also ordered 2 fresh coconuts for 4RM each.
And that, my friends, would be the biggest mistake we'd ever make in Kuala Lumpur. We were thinking it wouldn't be delicious so we didn't want to risk. Plus, we thought we'd find another restaurant that sells it and would be tastier. But we were wrong! I loved the taste of Roti so much that I ate it 3 times that day. The second one was somewhere in Chinatown and the third one somewhere near Berjaya. The 2 got nothing on the first one. It was just so delicious and tasty! Actually craving for it now as I'm writing this blog post!

After eating, we decided to go to Chinatown. But when we were exiting the gate, I saw this statue so I wanted to take a picture of it. Little did we know that there's a hidden cave beside it! The entrance was for only 5RM.

I also saw this very inspiring quote/reading.
It says :
Whatever happened was good.
Whatever is happening is also good.

Whatever will happen, that also will be good.
What did you lose that you are crying for?

What did you bring which have you lost?
What did you create that is destroyed?

Whatever you have you have taken is taken only from here. 
Whatever you have given, is given only from here. 

Whatever is yours today, will belong to someone else tomorrow.
On another day, it will belong to yet another. 

This inevitable change  is the law of the universe 
and the objective of my creation. . 

That was so nice, I almost tear up while reading it!

So, the inside of the Ramayana Cave is so nice. The structure of it is so breathtaking. It is also filled with man-made decorations like statues and figures. 

This may sound creepy but sometime last year, I had a dream I was travelling with a female friend. I got lost and was trying to find my way back to her when I got lost even more and suddenly got inside a cave. The cave has yellow lighting and when I went in, I saw this tall cave with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. It was so beautiful that I was in awe, even it it was just a dream. 
I had no idea about the Ramayana Cave at that time nor have I seen it in pictures. But when I went inside it, I suddenly remembered my dream. And it was so creepy because I was travelling with a female cousin and the cave in my dream was 90% similar to the Ramayana Cave!

Anyway, there is a stairs that lead to the top of the cave. It's so steep and the steps are rather small so it was a little scary to go up. It was even scarier because we were carrying big and heavy bags that could sway and lead us tumbling down. So we held tightly to the stairs and made sure we don't fall... and die. hehe


After that, we went to Chinatown for some shopping. We passed by a Money Changer so my cousin and I exchanged $50 each. Yay! Now we have money to spend!

Fellow Filipinos reading this that have never gone to Kuala Lumpur may think that Philippines is just similar to KL. That was what I thought, too. But I was wrong. KL is so much cleaner and more organized that I just sighed. Even the markets are clean and the trains are more efficient. I wish people that manage the Philippines could manage our country more. It's so sad to see the country get left behind by our neighboring countries. 

I saw some tiny mangoes. I tried them but the taste was weird. It was crunchy and sour, it tastes like green apple, in my opinion. I still prefer my mango to be soft and sweet!

Surprisingly, it wasn't so hot in KL that day. But that doesn't mean we won't buy ice cream if we see one. We saw a stall that sells fruit ice cream so we tried it.

I had the heart-shaped Strawberry ice cream while my cousin had the Mango bar.

After shopping, we tried to find our way to the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers. I don't know why, but it was so difficult to find. People tried to help us but they kept on giving us wrong directions. We were so tired and hungry and we also needed to connect to the internet to ask my friend back in Singapore to call our hotel for us to inform them we'll be arriving late.

Free Wi-Fi is so rare in Singapore and in Malaysia. Like, why? In the Philippines, just stand near an eatery, a convenience shop or a fast-food restaurant and you'll immediately get connected. But it wasn't the case for us there. It was also difficult because we didn't activate our Philippine numbers for roaming so we couldn't access their mall and train station's Wi-Fi.

We saw another Indian restaurant and decided to grab another plate of Roti. I told you I was so obsessed with it! hehe
Surprisingly, the eatery has free Wi-Fi that doesn't require a pin or local number! Yay! We stayed there for about 30 minutes and tried to maximize the free internet use.

We finally got to the Petronas Twin Towers but it started to drizzle so we decided to go to the near shopping mall. I was looking for a Samantha Thavasa store but didn't find one. In the end, I bought a Shu Eumura Eyelash Curler for 65 RM. It was so cheaper there than here in the Philippines so I went ahead and bought it.

When the drizzling stopped, we went out to finally see the Towers! They were so tall! As if being a tiny Filipina isn't small enough, I looked and felt even more tiny standing in front of the towers! 

It's amazing how a building can be that beautiful and breathtaking. We took a million of photos and stayed there until 8:30 PM. It started to drizzle again but the people, including my cousin and I, decided to ignore the water and just enjoy the view.

If we only had booked tickets back to Singapore, we wouldn't have left KLCC so early. But we needed to secure bus tickets back to SG or else, we'd be stuck in KL with not enough money, lack of sleep, sticky body and hair and no hotel reservation. Too much were at risk so we left and headed back to the Berjaya bus station. The moment we left KLCC, fireworks started! We still saw it but it would have been a perfect sight if we were still in front of Petronas Towers.

We were able to buy bus tickets for 11:30 PM departure. We had 1 hour before the bus leaves so we decided to have dinner. Can you guess what I ate in Kuala Lumpur for the last time? Yes, Roti! hehe

We got back to Singapore at around 6 in the morning. I don't know why but the trip back was longer. When we got to KL, we didn't have their money. When we went back to SG, we didn't have their money as well. We were surely prepared for this trip! hehe Luckily, the man that sat beside me in the bus was Filipino. I approached him and asked him if we could exchange our RM to SGD. He said he only had 10 SGD and wasn't sure if it would be enough. We were dead tired so we just hailed a taxi. We asked the uncle driver if 10 SGD would be enough since we only had that. Thank goodness, the fare from the bus station to our hotel was only for $6!

We stayed at Victoria Hotel in Victoria Street. I'll tell you more about our hotel in the next blog post. I don't know why but I suddenly felt the tiredness I felt that day that I also want to finish what I'm doing and rest. It's 9 AM, though, I just woke up so it's weird that I feel tired already. hehe

Here's a photo of our room that I took.

That was our adventure in Malaysia! We survived Malaysia without sleeping, without taking a bath and without enough RM money! Haha

Oh, did you want to know how much we spent in Malaysia?
Bus ticket from SG to KL - $32 SGD (RM 82.53)
Transportation - RM 8.8
Cave Entrance - RM 5
Food - RM 39.90
Shopping - RM 105
Bus from KL to SG - RM 45
Total expenses in Kuala Lumpur : RM 286.83 ($ 78.95 USD or Php 3,518)

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