Thursday, October 30, 2014

Asking Favors

I could use my fingers and toes but they still would not be enough to count how many friends and relatives I've asked to help me with this blog. I ask some of them to take my photos, go with me to a shoot, ask some to help me take my video, come with me to the mall to buy stuff... and a whole lot more!

Today, I asked my friend, Karen, to take my photos again for this post. Guess where we took these photos! hehe

Anyway, neon colors are so in trend these days. Had it been another year, this cardigan would have definitely gotten weird stares from people. Amazingly, I got no weird stares when I wore it to the mall yesterday! Hooray!

Denim Dress :
Neon Cardigan :
Floral Sneakers : Parisian

If you were curious about the story behind the title of this blog post then let me share a short story. 

A few posts ago, I told you that an acquitance of mine went to Korea. And you know how much I want to go to Korea... A few days ago, as well, I posted some photos of old Kpop stuff that I found in my room while cleaning. I posted it on Facebook and asked if anyone was interested. While she was in Korea, she commented and told me she was interested. So, I said she can have it. Right there, I remembered that she was indeed in Korea and there are 2 lip stains from Etude House that I really like but the first one got phased out here and the other one is pricey. So, I asked her if she could buy them for me there and I'll just pay her back when she gets back home. I mean, it's not everyday that a friend goes to Korea, right? And I could save 50% the price! She said she'll try. A few days later, she even messaged me and sent me a photo she took inside Etude store asking me if it was the right product. I said yes. I didn't send her any messages after that because I might disturb her vacation. A few more days and I saw her post that she was coming back. I was hoping she did remember to get the 2 lip stains that I kindly asked her to. Total amount should be about 12,000 won, about Php560 ($13) in the Philippines. I waited a week for her to tell me if she was able to buy them or not. I didn't want to send her a message first thinking she'd be too tired from the trip. So, I waited about a week. The other night, I messaged her on Facebook asking if she was able to buy them. "Nope. Sorry." She responded. I was confused because of the way she responded. So I said, "Naghintay pa ako. (I even waited...) lol. Okay, thanks!" To which she responded "What do you mean by that?" and then I responded with  "Naghintay lang kasi ako.. Buti tinatong ko. hehe Thanks nalang" (I waited. Glad I asked you. Thanks, anyway!) to which she responded "Sorry kung nag hintay ka. (Sorry if you waited) But in the first place, I'm not obligated to report to everyone if I did their favor. I have things to do in life besides taking favors." A few seconds later, she deleted me on Facebook.

I was so angry that she had to say those words. I mean, those are just 2 lips stains that cost $13! I wanted to burst my anger like the way she did. Knowing her, I know she had already posted negative words about me on her Facebook. I've seen a lot of her posts with negative stories and swear words about others. I wanted to do the same... but I held back. I just messaged my best friend and told her about the story. Glad she doesn't take sides and told me my fault and the other person's fault...

That's when I realized that the person could be right. I realized that I may be asking for too much favors from people. I expect a lot. The reason behind that is because, I also give a lot of favors. You need my help? Sure, I'd help you! You want me to braid or curl you hair or do your make-up? I'd do that for you. Need my styling tips or need someone to talk to? I'm here even in the middle of the night. You need to borrow my stuff? Come raid my room! I'd go to the moon just to help a friend. And the wrong thing about that is I expect people to do the same thing for me. I ask them to take my photos, to help me with my videos... without realizing that they are busy with their own life, too. I give a lot but expect a lot from them, as well. I was hurt by that person but later that day, I realized that I was wrong. I even had to re-think if I was able to sincerely thank the people that have helped me...

So, if you have somehow helped me with this blog like took a photo for me, helped me take a video, came with me to a shoot, came with me to the mall, read my blog, watch my video, borrowed anything from you, then let me sincerely THANK YOU. I realized that I should not be asking for too much favors from people, give what I can wholeheartedly, and never expect for them to do the same.

Thanks to her for teaching me a lesson today! And thank YOU for reading yet another long post! hehe

Have a nice day! Let us know if you've had a similar story.



Thanks to Karen for the photos! :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder Review

When I was younger, I used to think makeup was about stuffing and applying all you could on the face! The more, the merrier, right? I was wrong. Now that I'm older, I learned that most of the time, less is really more. Especially when it comes to our face. Naked is in! Or at least, nearly naked.

There is a certain "naked" eyeshadow line that is very popular so I was surprised when I found out that Revlon has also come up with a line of "naked" foundation products! If there is one thing that looks really awful on my flawed face is heavy/cakey foundation. It just looks unpleasant against my imperfect skin. I like foundations and powders that cover my imperfections yet still look barely-there. Let's see how these Revlon products work on my skin.

Here's how my skin looks without foundation, concealer or powder. As you can see, I have a lot of dark spots, acne scars and some active pimple spots.

1.) The first step is to apply the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation on my skin. It comes in liquid type of foundation so I found that it's better to apply using a foundation brush. Using a sponge to apply it would be a waste because it will absorb too much product. 

WHERE TO GET IT : Revlon shops and stalls or their website here 

PRICE : Php 525

Here's how my skin looks after applying foundation.

I think I may have the wrong shade, though, because you can clearly see that my face is in a different tone than my neck. But performance wise, I noticed that it was easy to apply, and doesn't cake. I also like that it goes from light to medium coverage, depending on how much product you apply. It did make my skin glow a bit but it's still on the matte type of foundation. I felt a little itching on my skin when I applied it (I have sensitive skin) but no breakout occurred when I washed my face later that day. 

2.) Step 2 is to set the foundation using the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. The powder comes with a little soft sponge. But it's fancy, in my opinion. For my skin type, I learned that applying powder using a dense sponge is better as it helps to absorb any excess foundation that I may have applied and it also helps to prevent creasing and caking of the powder.

WHERE TO GET IT : Revlon shops and stalls or their website here 

PRICE : Php 525

Here's how my skin looks after applying the powder. 

I am in love with the powder! I love powders that make my skin matte! I have extremely oily skin so I avoid powders that have shine on them. This powder was able to neutralize the lightness of the foundation earlier and it was also able to absorb any excess product. The only problem I encountered was that, because it's matte, it somehow made my skin appear dry and my lines visible. Other than those, I really love the powder! I will definitely use this powder often, even without the foundation beneath.

For a closer comparison, here's a collage going from my bare face to the final look.

I think the products are nice. They aren't very heavy but they were still able to conceal my spots and scars. I also like that both are build-able and could be used for a day or a night makeup look. I am also in love with the Nearly Naked powder. It's not very expensive so I will surely get another one when I hit the first one's pan!

Here is my final look!

Don't judge me. (lol) I am practicing how to apply make up! So, for this day, I decided to try Kim Hyuna's look. ^_^

What do you think of these products?


Vloggers United - Meet and Greet

Long-time readers and the people that know me in real life know that I'm really shy and reserved in person. I think it's because of my insecurities that I have become like this. I am friendly, though. I like meeting new people. But being in a group of people always forces me to either be at the back or at the side and just be quiet. That's why I rarely attend blogger and vlogger events. Heck, I even pass the amazing annual "bloggers united" where I could score branded and trendy pre-loved stuff of my favorite bloggers just because I'm too shy to meet them in person. I guess, I don't like being in awkward situations.  

But a few weeks ago, Paula invited me to attend their Vloggers United Meet and Greet. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know if I'd be free that day. But luck was on our side as I wasn't invited to any other event so I was able to attend.

I remember last year, YouTube organized a convention for all the top YouTubers in the Phillipines. ALL the big names that you could think of were supposed to be there. I, too, was supposed to be there. You can't imagine how nervous I was then. But when Paula mentioned that the attendees for her event are newbie vloggers, I became more excited. For me, meeting newbies and subscribers is really more thrilling. 

I talked a lot, didn't I? hehe Introductions are supposed to be short. Anyway, here's what happened at the meet up! :)

The event was held at Tramway in WCC, Shaw. When I arrived, some of the girls were already present, preparing for the event. They were pumping balloons and putting up decorations. Some were even doing their make-up! hehe

I was really impressed with the way they organized the event. It was well-thought-of. There were prepared prizes and souvenirs.

I knew we were going to an all-you-can-eat dinner, so I reserved my tummy and didn't eat lunch. hehe We had dinner first before we started with the program.

Don't you think it's funny how you get overwhelmed when you are at a buffet restaurant so you always end up eating lesser than what you thought you could? What's worse is that, the next day you end up regretting that you didn't eat as much as you could when you had the chance.

I don't know about you, but that for me that is definitely not my maximum eating level. I can totally eat more!! But I didn't. Sigh!

After eating dinner, we proceeded to self-introduction. Back when I was still a student, I'd always hate someone that would suggest that. I mean, people could just introduce themselves on their own, right? Why the need to do it in front, with all the eyes glued on you? But that changed when I became a teacher and a YouTuber. For each class that I had and for each video that I filmed, I had to introduce myself. So, I got well-versed with it. hehe

Paula also mentioned that she wanted me to have a small talk and give some tips to the fellow vloggers. I was really excited! I always give some tips and few advises on this blog but it's different when you give tips in person. I just think that hearing someone tell something from their own mouth gives a personal touch. I get inspired by books that I read, but I get inspired more by the talks and preaches that I listen to. 

Before my introduction and my short talk, I asked the attendees first if they watch my videos. Only a few of them raised their hands. That got me alarmed. Like, okay. How am I supposed to get them to listen when they don't even know me? I thought that the nail arts and DIYs that I do don't help me as much. Hehe. I mean, how would you even recognize me if you saw me at the mall when all you see on my channel are my hands and my nails? Anyway, I proceeded with the short talk. I told them how I came up with the name RealAsianBeauty. Ah, that name! 3 years into blogging yet my name never fails to make me cringe. It's good, though, that always remind you how I came up with it. So, I talked about how they could be noticed out of the many, many YouTubers in the Philippines. I also talked about haters and bashers. Last, they had me to say the actress that I look like. 

BAAM. Kaloka or Kalokalike?! 
Sorry for the crappy photo, though. It was a joke my office mates and I had back in 2010!

A few more introductions then we proceeded to the games!

These girls are so hyper in person. I mean that in a good way! They are all so jolly, warm, cheerful and friendly!

I just think my acne is sabotaging me. Every time I'd attend a meet and greet with you guys, they'd all just pop out of nowhere. My skin was okay two weeks ago! :(

I failed to take photos with everyone but here are some photos that I took.
With Pie and Dolly.

With Kerry and Paula.

With Cathie and Eyz.

With Kate and Nix.

Family picture! ^_^

There is also this cutie boy, Dwayne, that has the same name as my nephew. So, so cute! I like kids that can play on their own without crying or whining but are still friendly to new people. Like me! I love kids!!! (Somehow, that made me miss my work as a Teacher to cute Korean kids... TT)

The gathering ended past 10 PM. It's really cute how parties and gatherings always end with long goodbyes and more group photos!

On my way home in the taxi, I was smiling and truly happy. Not everyone know when the program started, but that's not important. What's important is that we all went home knowing each other and bringing home nothing but a smile on our face. To be honest, I hate competitions. That probably is the reason why I'm scared to meet up with other more famous internet personalities. In real life, I know some people that are too competitive to the point where one would feel stuffy and suffocated. When I encounter people like them, I just put up my white flag. Surrender right there and then. When someone tries to prove me that they are prettier than me, I surrender. When someone tries to compete with me about being smart and popular, I surrender. I really find no point in debating and competing. I just admit that the other is greater and I'm lesser. That probably is the reason why I fear going to events. hehe But at that event, I didn't feel any competition or rivalry. Everyone was just happy, laughing and taking photos together. It's true, we are all "vloggers". No one is ahead. No one is behind.

Thanks to everyone I met that day! I would also like to thank those people that said they actually started Youtube because they have me as one of their inspirations. I was just a nobody when I was young, I keep telling you that. I was not pretty nor very popular in school. But having you guys now tell me amazing words like that makes me feel really grateful! THANK YOU!


Hah! I feel like I talked a lot in this blog post! If you are reading until here then let me thank you! Thank you for always keeping up with my stories. You are all like a friend that listens to me when I have no one to talk to. 

Also, I would like to give some words to aspiring bloggers and YouTubers who could be reading this blog post now.

A message to aspiring vloggers :

Don't worry about how you could be popular; worry about how you could be different. Being popular is one thing but being different is another thing. It's so easy to go with the flow and do what others are already doing. But in a world where younger and prettier bloggers and vloggers come and go, you should be thinking how you could stand out. There's a quote that I really like that goes : "To stay relevant, one must be irreplaceable. To be irreplaceable, one must be different." Everyone else is doing makeup and vlog videos, so how do you get noticed? Be different, I say! In my case, I am different because of my love for Kpop, my struggle with acne, and my interest in art and craft. A lot of people do nail art on YouTube so I started making Kpop inspired nails. Every beauty guru has clear and smooth skin, so I told you about my acne. Everyone paints their faces, so I paint on pots and papers. You see, it's all about imagination and the being open to possibilities. I'm sure you've heard of Game of Thrones, so I would like to share a quote from it that I like as well.

Now that you know how to stand out, I'll now proceed to what you do when you make it. Rule #2 is to always be humble. Being 3 years on YouTube has allowed me to encounter a lot of people. A lot. Some good, some bad. Many readers often ask me how I get the time to still respond to messages. Okay, first, I'm not really a top-star to not have enough time on my hands. hehe And second, I am a fan, too. I have encountered some YouTubers and bloggers (some have more subscribers than me, some of them have lesser than I do) who could get a bit snob. I am a fangirl. I fangirl a lot. I admire people and I always make sure to voice it out. I like sending messages to people I like. And you know what broke my heart? Some of those people that I admired ignored my messages. Like, literally ignored. You know, sending a message to someone you admire is like a guy mustering courage to ask the girl he likes out. It's not easy and those that actually do it are quite brave people. So, when they ignored me, I thought they were busy. So, I waited. Until the waiting reached months and months. Man, the feeling of having someone you admire ignore you just like that was just heart-breaking. What's funny was that, some of those people have lesser subscribers than I do. My point is, no matter how small or big of a person you think you've  become, always look back and value the people that have helped you one way or another. From then on, I promised myself that I won't ever make you guys feel that same way I felt. A blog is not a blog without readers. And a YouTube channel is not a YouTube channel without the viewers. Always. Be. Humble. 

Third and final tip is to just have fun! Some people ask me... Some ask how they could get product sponsorship, some ask how they could get fans and a lot of subscribers. My answer? Don't look for them! When I started YouTube, I was not after the fans, the subscribers, the sponsors or the monetization. To be honest, I was just after that darn banner that you could personalize using the old YouTube layout. Back then, users could customize the channel and a lot of settings so I was really interested in doing mine. To be able to do that, one has to be a YouTube partner. To be a YouTube partner, one needs to have a certain number of views and subscribers. So, what I did was I kept making fun nail arts and some hair and DIY tutorials. You won't imagine how happy I was when I got my first 50 subscribers! Just have fun, don't force anything. When people see that you like what you're doing, they will keep coming back. That's for sure!


Ahhhh, it's already 2047, are you still with me?! Hah, that was a long post, wasn't it? Thank you for reading and I hope you were able to pick up a thing or two out of this blog post. As days go by, I come to know you guys one by one. Some through the comment box and some through personal meet ups. But no matter how I meet you or how I remember you, please know that I am forever grateful because you always go back to this humble website. A place where we all could be just ourselves. A place where I could be myself. THANK YOU!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Swatches and Review

A lot of the girly girls that I know use and like this Revlon product. It came out in the market a few months ago already but I haven't tried it yet. That's why I was so excited when I got a few colors in my mail just this week! 

This is one of Revlon's cutest innovations. I mean, a lip color on a stick?!

This newest Revlon product is a velvety matte lip color but feels like a balm on the lips.

They come in vibrant colors infused with a Triple Butter Complex that gives bold, beautiful lips. It's a burst of color with a balm-like feel. It comes in 10 shades, giving you a wide array to choose from! Find a color that would suit your look and mood best!

WHERE TO GET IT : Revlon stalls and shops or Revlon website

PRICE : Php 575 each

The colors that I got are 250 Standout Remarquable and 205 Elusive Insaisissable.

250 Standout Remarquable

This shade is my favorite among the 2. I have come to a point in my life where I realized that I love red lipsticks over the pink ones. (lol) I just love how reds make my appearance brighter, and my lips whiter. There are, however, some red lipsticks that don't compliment me. This is one of those that compliments me well. The formula is rich, creamy and pigmented. Glides smoothly on lips, too! 

205 Elusive Insaisissable

This shade is a pink shade that belongs to the brighter and bolder side. Perfect for days when you feel lazy to dress up but still need a pop of color on your face. However, I noticed that it was a bit tricky to apply as it could get streaky and could emphasize the lines on the lips.

  • Colors are pigmented
  • Smells and feels like a lip balm, if you like lip balm
  • Creamy formula
  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Glides one lips smoothly
  • No weird taste or scent

  • Smells and feels like a lip balm, if you dislike lip balm

It's always nice to try new products and innovations, especially if you are the experimental type. This lip color is nice in appearance and performance wise. It could just get a bit steep on the price, especially if you are a beauty-lover on a budget. Still a good product to try, though!

Thanks for reading today!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Easy French-Braided Ponytail Tutorial

"If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle." -Hillary Clinton

Starting this blog post with a quotation about hair just because I already stared at the computer for 10 minutes and came up with nothing. hehe It's true, though, that our hair is our crowning glory. Do you notice how a whole day could turn so bad just because your hair also isn't having a good day? I feel that, too. There are days when I'd squeeze too much conditioner so my hair would become sticky. Then, the rest of the day I would feel uneasy and irritated because of it. 

Every time I'd have a bad hair day, my go-to solution is to put it up into a ponytail.

Here's a twist to the regular ponytail that we know of:

This hairstyle is so easy to do! And it also looks so cute, don't you think?

 Also, I'm currently watching "It's Okay, It's Love" (괜찮아, 사랑이야). It's a Korean drama. Kind of old but I read a lot of rave about it so I decided to watch it, too. The first two episodes were boring, in my opinion. Also, I find it weird how the plot and the twists are so easy to predict. And the usual girl-meets-boy-and-they-fight-then-they-fall-in-love story. Gong Hyo Jin's character is also annoying. She was so sweet, funny and carefree in Master's Sun but in this drama, all she does is to shout and be mad at people. I hope her character gets better... But I'm only on the 5th episode so I shouldn't be judging too quickly, right? D.O., by the way! D.O. is like a breath of fresh air in that drama! Have you seen it? No spoilers, though! hehe

Thanks for reading today!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Do-It-Yourself (Last Minute!) Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming soon! Have you decided what you'll wear? If you haven't yet, then you are on the right page! 

Here are some character outfits that are so easy to put together. The best part is you won't even have to spend a lot because you may already have some of them in your closet!

Watch the video here :

What you need:
Blue Top
Yellow Skirt
Red Belt (optional)
Yellow Shoes
Red headband with a bow
Apple (optional)

Snow White, for me, is like the leader of all the Disney Princesses. If that even makes sense! hehe. She's the first princess that comes to my mind when I hear Disney. That or maybe because she's one of my favorites. Either way, her outfit is so easy to put together and to pull-off. 

MINION (from Despicable Me)

What you need:
Long Sleeve Yellow Top
Denim Jumper
Black Shoes
Big, Round Eyeglasses (white frame)
Helmet (optimal)
Black Gloves (optional)

Minions are so cute! If they were real, I'd have a dozen as pets! My dog, Fluffy, would definitely have such a fun time chasing them and playing with them. hehe Minion costume is also very easy to put together. Denim jumpers are very popular these days so this one should be very easy, especially if you don't have enough time to prepare.


What you need:
Polka dot Red Top or Skirt
Red Top or Skirt
Black stockings
Yellow Shoes
Minnie Mouse Ear Headband

Minnie sometimes wear pink, too. But her more distinguished outfit is the polka dots and red combination. It's cool how costume designers/animators came up with an outfit in 1928 that looks good until now! The things that you need for this costume are also very easy to find, perfect last-minute outfit idea!

Halloween isn't greatly celebrated here in the Philippines. We get too excited for Christmas that we overlook Halloween. Trick-or-treat isn't a very popular tradition, either. But we still enjoy dressing up every now and then.

I hope you have a fun Halloween!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Contact Lens Guide

The eyes are the window to the soul. So this All Soul's and All Saint's Day, don't forget to dress up your eyes as well when you wear your costume! (hehe)

I love wearing cosmetic contact lenses because I have natural deep brown (almost black) iris. It looks so plain, in my opinion. But what's so good about it is that whenever I wear color lenses, they truly stand out! However, there are some color lenses that I could not wear on a daily basis.

You ask why? Because they come in red, vibrant blue, and the likes!

That's why I decided to upload this contact lens guide for Halloween!

Watch the video here :

These contact lenses are perfect for Halloween because they will complete your look! Be it a scary, anime-like or a cute one!

CAT EYE LENS (buy it here)
This one used to scare the heck out of me when I was young. I'd see actors in scary shows with eyes like this and I would get so scared. Like, how does a human have eyes of a cat?! But now, I find them...cute? lol. 

BLUE CIRCLE LENS (buy it here)
Ever since Frozen went viral, anything that is blue always reminds me of the movie... and Elsa! hehe I guess one of the most envied eyes are the natural blue ones. This set of lens don't exactly look natural but they are costume lenses...  they make the eye color pop and make them look bigger!

GREEN CIRCLE LENS (buy it here)
If there's Elsa, of course, there has got to be Anna! If you want to dress up like her, then you'd surely need a pair of green color contacts! Some people look gorgeous with green eyes, but I think I look like a frog with them on! hehe Oh yeah, if you want to dress up as a frog, then you definitely need this, too!

RED ANIME LENS (buy it here)
I'm not really a fan of Naruto but I have a friend who is. (Hi, Denise!) She actually helped me pick this one! I wasn't paying attention well but she mentioned something about transforming... hehe But these lenses actually look good! If you are a Cosplayer then you definitely need this! 

This is the most wearable out of the 5 color lenses. I really like the effect it gives on the eyes! Puppies are cute, right? I'd say one would look like a cute puppy with these one.(hehe) It makes the iris appear so much bigger. Dolls have big, round, black eyes so you surely need this if you'd dress up as a doll this Halloween!

I hope you found this blog post helpful! 

All the lenses above were from
Remember that if you buy from the website, you could use the code REAL10 to get 10% off your purchase!

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