Monday, June 19, 2017

Back To School Vlog : College Life in FEU!

Far Eastern University: one of the top universities in the Philippines, home of the Tamaraws and the place I am proud to call my Alma mater. 

8 years ago, I graduated AB Mass Communication at Far Eastern University. College is one of the most memorable phases in someone's life. For me, it was colorful and remarkable. I wore the green and gold plaid skirt from 2002 until 2009. (It's 7 years because I entered the university in 2002 but had to stop college for 2 years after my second year since we didn't have enough fund for my tuition. I had to work to earn money. After working for 2 years, I went back to FEU but I had to go be on the 2nd year again because of the change in syllabus. I finished in 2009.)

Kukurtinahin skirt was LIFE for us back then. For me, really, headband was life! Hehe

8 years after I graduated, I was invited to be a speaker at one of the events of my beloved institute - the Institute of Arts and Sciences. Back in college, I was never the "pabibo" or studious type. I am not a lethargic student but I am not the over-achiever either. Back then, standing in front of the class was a taboo for me, let alone in front of the whole batch. I had many insecurities when I was younger so standing in front made me anxious that I'd be exposing myself to scrutiny. 

But tables have turned. I can safely say I have come to a point where speaking in front of people makes me feel excited and gratified. I know how it feels to be insecure, unpretty and unhappy that is why I feel joyful each time I'm given the chance to share my own life experiences, hoping somehow I could give inspiration and hope. I am so honored I got the chance to do so at my alma mater! 


Blogging has become so popular now that some people, like me, do it as a full-time job. The Communication Society wanted me to impart my knowledge and my experience on how I went from Blogging as a hobby to Blogging as my bread and butter. 

I shared tips on how they could start their own blog and their own YouTube channel. I also discussed the difference between being a Blogger and being a Vlogger, the skills one needs to start an internet life, the pro's and con's of opening one's life to the public, handling bashers and haters and so much more! 

It was such a pleasure because the students were so engrossed with our topic. It was also flattering to know that some of them actually watch my YouTube videos. I also feel grateful each time I speak in front of students and they would show respect and would lend their ears. It just shows how well-bred they are and how effective the learning system in that institution is. 

After the seminar, I took the chance to rekindle my memories with FEU. I wanted to go around the campus to visit the buildings I used to have my classes in and the spots where my friends and I used to hang out. 

I met one of my batch mates in 2009, Francis. He is now a professor in the said university, imparting his knowledge to new breed of practitioners and teaching them Speech. I feel so happy for my friends and for my batch mates, especially now that we are taking our own roads towards what we really studied and worked hard for in college.

I asked him if I could sit-in in one of his classes so I could observe. That day when I visited, they did a familiar activity. He asked his students to recite Justin Bieber's Love Yourself as a speech rather than a song. I clearly remember we were also given the same task by our speech professor some 9 years ago.

After sitting in at my friend's class, I wanted to explore the campus so I asked Cathy to go with me. She is FEU MassComm Society's current vice president. 

A new work of art spotted inside the campus. I know for sure this wasn't present when I was studying there. I asked Cathy what this symbolizes and she said this is for the victims of unjust killings and those who have lost their loved ones in this battle that we have now against crime, corruption and drugs in the Philippines. 

Whew, such an intense thought for the green and serene surrounding of FEU!

Of course, who could ever forget the infamous HEPA LANE!!!

Hepa is short for HEPATITIS. This street is a "life-saver" for students who have little money as assorted to-go food are available : affordable burger, fish balls, litid, taho and other Pinoy street food! It is called so because one could acquire hepatitis because of the not-so-sanitized food preparation and serving. I clearly remember eating burgers, fish balls and mango with bagoong on this street! 

An added attraction, though, was the TAMS CAFE located inside the FEU gymnasium. It is a green-and-gold-themed cafe where they highlight the sports achievements of the university. They display the trophies and medals, they have photos of the popular alumni athletes, and of course, they serve food!

I am so proud of my university and I wouldn't live my college life any other way, even if I was the given the chance. FEU is so close to my heart. It is the place where I learned a lot, honed my skills and of course, met lifelong friends! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! 

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


One of the perks of being an established blogger is that you get free products from sponsors and known brands. 

When I was just starting 6 years ago, it wasn't like this, really! I didn't receive any free item until I was on my second year, to be honest. I guess as years go by, we earn more trust from readers and from brands that's why the sponsors keep growing. And that is one of the many things I am thankful for.

Let me show you the FREE STUFF that I got for the months of APRIL and MAY. Unlike my other haul posts where I show a mix of skin care, makeup and clothing items, I decided to focus on just the makeup and cosmetics!

I don't mean to brag or to show-off on this post. I just want to give a bit of inspiration to whoever is reading this. I grew up poor. When I was in high-school, my classmates and friends all had cool stuff I couldn't afford. Hypo-allergenic powder in pastel cases, fruity lip gloss, etc. In college, I was able to afford some but they were unbranded, literally "tyangge" items! I remember buying tube concealer, lipice gloss and compact powder from a stall inside Isetann Recto near FEU!

Anyway, here is the video showing ALL the items! Enjoy watching!

Some of the items I featured in the video were from :


COLOURPOP (Birthday gift from my BFF)


NICOLE Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

SLEEK Makeup

What is your favorite brand or item among everything I showed in the video? 
Would you want to see a review or a tutorial? 
If so, please comment it on the description box so I could write it on my to-do list! 

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

All Dolled Up with CATHY DOLL | Blogger Event

Hey, guys! Welcome back! I'm not sure if I've mentioned to you that one of my favorite brands is Cathy Doll.
First of all, I love their cute packaging! Cathy Doll's layout and design really match my taste and my personality. Second, their products are affordable and effective. Third, they are one of the most generous brands when it comes to supporting bloggers.

Recently, Cathy Doll had a launching event and I know I just had to be there! Let me share with you what happened at the event.

By the way, I would like to apologize for the quality of the photos. I brought my Casio TR60 camera but the lighting in the restaurant was too yellow so all the photos appear yellowish and grainy. I hope I don't make your eyes hurt.

We were told to wear something BOHEMIAN. Well, I honestly didn't know there was a theme until the night before the actual event. Hehehe! So, I had to resort to what I already have in my closet. Here's what I came up with!

Everything thrifted and unbranded, guys! 
*Flower crown - Divisoria
*Lace Top with fringe - Tyangge
*Maxi Skirt - Hong Kong street market
*Sandals - St. Francis Square
*Boho accesories - all from Divi!

The event was held at Spatzle Restaurant inside Shangri-la Mall in Ortigas. 

We had a feast of their food! I especially liked their meaty, chewy sausage and their cream cheese dessert! The pasta and chicken were okay, but nothing really exceptional. 

But we didn't go there for the food. We went there to witness the launch of NEW CATHY DOLL products! Cathy Doll thought Summer is the best time to go NUDE so they came up with their newest "NUDE" babies such as matte lip creams, nude eye shadows and sculpting cream.

They also celebrated their 1st Anniversary in the Philippines! I love how bountiful Cathy Doll events are! This time, they even had a custom-made pink Cathy Doll cake! Everything on the cake is edible, even the makeup and the wobbly head of the doll! hehe

Thanks so much to Nikki of for inviting me to this event. Nikki is one of my blogger inspirations. I used to read her blog on nail arts and product reviews. I also remember how when I was starting, I had zero clue how to do product reviews. I would go to her blog first. See how she takes photos of the items and how she describes the products so I could start writing my own article for a review, too. Hehe It's so flattering how I am rubbing elbows with her now and also gets invited to events by her.

Of course, the day won't be complete without my blogger friends! You know them already! Hehe

Some of the Fluffies know that I am quite an introvert in reality. I don't have much friends either. So the people that I take pictures with and post on my social media, those people are really the ones I am comfortable with and who I am friends with in real life. 

This one, though, is quite special! I can't believe I am sitting beside Valerie Tan at blogger events now. I used to just see her on TV. She is also the sweetest, sincerest and humblest person on Earth. Every time we see each other, she's often the first one to say hi! Plus, she's a real beauty!

I love, love, love these girls! I am really comfortable with them and I like seeing them at events! Do you read their blog or watch their YouTube, too? 

I also met my college friend, Charmaine, who now works for Cathy Doll as a part of their Marketing Team! We used to just eat tusok-tusok along Hepa line back in college and now we see each other at brand events!

After the fun event, I hung out with Andy of You also know she is one of my closest friends in the blogging world. But, the few photos we took at the coffee shop are all blurry. But we just had frappe and few chit-chats then we grabbed Uber and Grab to go home. It's funny because her fare was around Php 645 while mine was only Php 175. Can you imagine how far she lives?

And the best part after the event? THE HAUUULLL!!!

Here is everything I got from the event! I just love everything, most especially their newly-formulated Nude Me Matte Lip Creams!!! They are so matte, pigmented and lasts longer than other lip creams! I can't wait to share the swatches on our YouTube channel soon!

I hope you enjoyed reading today, guys! I'm sorry I didn't vlog this event but I hope you look forward to the SWATCH video I will be uploading soon on YouTube.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CRAVE PARK in Marikina | Artsy FOOD PARK!

It may not show much in my pictures and on my videos, but I am really a FOODIE! I like discovering new places to eat and new dishes to try! The feeling of wanting to discover trendy places also became apparent when I finally had a BF. We go out on a date every weekend so we always want to explore and go on food adventure! 

We recently discovered CRAVE PARK in Marikina. It is the hippest food and art destination! With 18 food stalls to choose from, there's definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

Another thing special about the place is that they have murals done by local artists! I especially loved their colorful walls! It's such a perfect background for selfies, or even better on their own being so picturesque.

If there is one thing I want to say, though, is that the food park is quite a challenge to find as it is situated father than the neighboring food parks along that highway. 

Some people say I look good in this photo so I had to include it! 

SCHEDULE : Crave Park is open DAILY from Monday to Sunday. Operating time is 4:00 PM until 1:00 AM every Monday to Thursday and 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM every Friday and Saturday.

What I noticed is that they have quite spacious parking lot beside the actual food park. It's nice that they considered parking, which is definitely one of the difficult things when going to a food park, or going anywhere in general. Though, I failed to ask if they offer it for free or if you have to pay for it. 

Aside from the murals and paintings, they also have corners for selfies and OOTDs. 

Take this "broken bench" as an example. Because I am obsessed with anything Korean, I know that this was inspired from the famous bench in Namsan Tower Locks of Love in Seoul, South Korea!

I'm pretty sure this Love Lock Wall will be filled anytime soon!

After the "picture picture", it's now time for "eating eating"! I was actually invited by the owners of Crave Park to pay their place a visit. I went with my BF and we honestly thought we would be given about 3 or 4 free meals. But when we got there, we were surprised when we saw 3 tables pulled together to hold enormous amount of food waiting to be devoured by us!

It was a lot, I was so overwhelmed as this was my first-time to be invited by a food park. Though, I have to mention I was not paid to do these posts so I am free to say whatever I liked or didn't like about their place. 

CLICK PLAY to see the food park and the food that we had!

My favorites are :
*The Hungry Burro - Nachos Php 250
*Tamari - Laksa Php 185
*Archipelago- Ilocano Rice Php 185
*Seoul Kimbap - Kimbap Php 150
*Dabs and Popcorn -Three Cheese Php 108
*Wagga Wagga - Jerk Chicken Php 165
*Yobab's - Boneless Lechon Php 150
*Flat Bread - Smores Php 130

My BF and I were sure we wouldn't be able to finish all the food. I immediately regretted I didn't bring my family with me. Good thing, I called my friend who lives in Marikina to join us. She also brought her friend along so 4 of us enjoyed all the food care of Crave Park. 

What I liked most, aside from the food, are really the art and murals that they have.

If you want to go there, I suggest going when they open at 4:00 PM so you see the murals in daylight and so you could take photos of them. It is also nice to take photos of your food while the sky is still bright, don't you agree? However, the food park is an open area and there are no fans around so if you think it would still be hot and you'd just be sweaty while eating, maybe you can go after sunset.

Here is the map of the place to help you find it easily. 

Thanks for reading today and see you on our next FOODIE adventure!

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