Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disclaimer : No copyright infringement intended. Some of the photos that I may have re-posted, re-blogged or have embeded on this blog may belong to another person/writer/photographer/blogger. I did not intend to steal any photos or videos that belong to someone else, I just merely re-posted them to share to my readers. If I have used any of your photos and you wish for them to be taken down immediately, kindly contact me at my e-mail address. Your image will be taken down ASAP. Thank you!


  1. heyyy..... will you mail new posts

  2. Hi i enjoy reading your blog :)
    You're beautiful inside and out! <3 :D

  3. Hello, I have an Asian friend who is starting to get used to doing braids - on others - however, would you generally recommend a product for Asian hair for it to stay in place? Or is it as easily kept as Caucasian hair?


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