Monday, May 13, 2013

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Synthetic Professional Makeup Brushes

As some of you may already know, I wanted to be a Youtube makeup guru. Until the acne breakout I had last year. Now that my skin has finally cleared up, I am reconsidering the idea of uploading makeup tutorials on YouTube. Yay! And a good way to start that plan is to own a good set of quality makeup brushes.

I've been wanting to own a set of brushes that will last me a long time. I'm glad I finally own one that offers everything I need to achieve a full makeover, starting from the face, eyes and down to the lips.

This is the Sedona Lace 12 Piece Synthetic Professional Makeup Brushes. Sedona Lace's newest 12 piece synthetic brushes that are incredibly soft. It is an animal-friendly line that works equally as great as natural haired brushes. The brushes offer superior application and the brushes are great because they absorb very little product therefore waste is greatly reduced.

Get your own set of Sedona Lace 12-piece Makeup Brushes HERE.

Sedona Lace Makeup brushes are available online. They also ship internationally. They accept credit cards, Paypal, money orders and personal checks. For more questions, please click HERE. 

It comes with a sturdy brush cup holder to protect your delicate brushes from dirt. The brush cup holder could be separated in two cups to hold all 12 brushes.

It's a great idea to store your brushes neatly. It is also very convenient because you can put all your face brushes in one cup and then the eye brushes and smaller ones in the other cup.

The pink and purple bristles not only look stunning but are also practical in camouflaging any makeup staining.


This large, luxurious tool is the perfect powder brush. It is extremely soft and the compact head of bristles is perfect for applying setting powder or dusting bronzer for a sun-kissed look.

This brush is made of strategically spaced bristles that provide a sheer application of color. Use it to apply pigmented blushes for the perfect amount of cheek color.

This classic foundation brush is perfect for applying cream and liquid products. The flat, smooth edges provide a flawless application of color.

This angled brush is the perfect shape to fit the hollows of your cheeks and easily apply contour color or bronzer. It also doubles as a blush brush.

This brush has a classic multi-purpose shape for applying everything from shadow to concealer. Use it flat to pack on color or use it on it's tip to fit into tight corners.

This brush is great for both applying eyeshadow color as well as blending it out. The angled edge fits well in the outer corner of the eye to create depth and dimension to any eyeshadow look.

This brush may doouble as a liner tool and brow shader. The bristles are dense enough to fill in sparse eyebrows but the head is small enough to provide a precise lip liner application.

This larger shader brush allows for quick application of color. Use it to smooth eyeshadow primer in a few quick strokes. This also makes for a great concealer brush.

This domed shade brush is perfect for blending btoh cream and powder eye shadow. It is also fantastic for blending concealer. The tapered edges virtually erase makeup lines, leaving a perfectly flawless surface.

This pencil brush is vital for smudging and blending out eyeliner for that perfect smokey eye look. Use it to rim the entire eye with color for a dramatic, sexy smokey eye.

This brush contains dense, short bristles which provide ultimate control in packing on eye shadow color. It is funadamental brush that is essential in everyone's brush collection.

This liner brush is perfect for a classic, winged eyeliner look. Beginners will love this larger liner brush because the bristles are dense and easy to control.

If you want to purchase your own set of Sedona Lace Makeup Brushes, be sure to visit their website

Video review/demonstration and Makeup tutorial soon!