Friday, February 10, 2012

Majolica Majorca Volume On Mascara Review

Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour
Volume On Mascara

I am a big fan of mascaras. I could go out my house even without blusher or lipstick.
But I really can not skip applying mascara on my lashes.
Bloggers and YouTuber's have been raving about how great this mascara is. So I went to the nearest shopping mall to purchase the item and put it to test.

Where to get it:

For local readers, you can buy this product at your favorite SM department store.

The packaging:

The packaging is so cute! The whole concept looks like a "Gothic princess" and the black and gold label with pink detail is just so endearing.

The price:

Majolica Majorca Volume On Mascara costs P795 (Philippine Peso) or about $19.

How to use:

Majolica Majorca claims that this mascara will enhance the appearance of your lashes, but only if you apply it properly.
If you try it for the first time you may get disappointed as it tends to clump.
They key is to know the correct way to use the comb.

First: Use the fine side to the comb.
This will give your lashes lengthening effect.

Second: Use the wider bristles.
After you have perfectly applied the first coat, re-coat using the wide side.
This will give your lashes VOLUME.

Here are some photos showing how my lashes went from being thin and dull to thick in just minutes.


After curling my lashes using my favorite curler, I then carefully applied one coat of the mascara. And here's how it will look after you have completed Step 1.

One coat

I did the left side first to show dissimilarity and improvement.

Two coats

In this photo, I have already applied two coats of MM's Volume On mascara.

Notice how bright and open my eyes have become after applying the mascara.


And here's the final look.

I applied two coats on both my eyes, keeping in mind the Steps 1 and 2.
I also applied liquid eye liner on my upper eye lids
and white eye liner on the lower lids.

After 7 hours, here's how my lashes look.

After 7 hours

After doing this review, I went out and headed to my favorite facial center.
The result would have been different if I wore a different mascara on my lashes.
During the day, I did not re-apply or re-curl my lashes, just so you know.
By just looking in this photo, who could tell that I have had the mascara for 7 hours already?
It looks like I have just applied them on, and that is really amazing!

  • For local readers, SM department stores carry this hence availability is wide.
  • No need to order online and pay for shipping fee.
  • Resilience is high. If you are listless in checking yourself in the mirror every now and then, this product is perfect for you.
  • Comes with a dual sided comb. Thin side for a more natural look. Wider bristles for a more dramatic look.

  • It gives a really strong black shade, therefor creating a more voluminous effect.
  • It doesn't have weird or stingy scent.
  • No eye irritations occurred.


  • If not properly applied, eyelashes could get clumpy and might look like "spider legs".
  • Dries on the lashes fast, so when you commit a slip-up, correcting it might be a little hard.
  • Only comes in one shade, which is black. So I think that would be a con for people looking for colored mascaras.

What I can say about this product:

I have to say that I like this product.
I am the kind who always freak out when I check my self in the mirror and
see that I look like a panda, and have been looking like that for quite some time.
I don't have sensitive eyes but my eyes get teary sometimes therefore, my eyeliner and mascara often smudge hence giving me the "panda" look.

I was impressed when I tried this for the first time and when I got home and checked my self in the mirror, I was daunted to see that it did not smudge, at all! And what's more? It held the curl and lasted the whole day!

Majolica Majorca delivered their claim when they said it's volumizing and long-lasting. It does lengthen, volumizes and does hold the curl the whole day.


I highly recommend this mascara to girls who have thin and short eyelashes.
I also recommend this to girls who have hectic schedules are are always on the go. Amazingly, two coats of this mascara will last you the whole day and you won't have to check yourself in the mirror again.


In general, I have to say that I like this product and it's really a good buy.

I am happy with this product and I am definitely purchasing it again.

I'm giving this product 4/5. :)

How about you? Have you tried this product?
Comment below and let me know what you think.