Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's My 2nd Anniversary At Work!

Exactly two years ago, I was in the kitchen helping my mom out prepare food for her birthday. My mom's birthday is September 23 but she always makes it sure to have the food done a day before her special day. So, I was frying some egg rolls when I received a call on my cellular phone. The person on the other line was the HR manager of the company I have previously applied at a week before that day. She told me to report to the office immediately. Hesitant as I was because I didn't want to leave my mom on that special day, I half heatedly left home and reported for duty.

And two years after, I was still doing the exact two things on this same day. Helping my mom out for her day tomorrow and working for the company I have learned to love for two years.

I am an ESL Instructor and I teach Koreans. I have fallen in love with these kids and they are adorable.

I remember my first few weeks at work, I was always excited to go to the office and you couldn't imagine how loud and perky my voice was back then. I'm not saying that I am less excited to work now but as a first timer, I thought these kids were real life Korean drama actors so seeing them and actually talking to them was really a lot of fun!

These kids are sweet and smart. And as I have grown with them, I have also come to learn their culture, way of life and their language.

I have been studying Korean (
한국말) for over a year now and I could not say that I am the best Korean speaking non-Korean but I could safely say that I am not afraid to be in Korea alone now. I could understand them now and I can read, write and speak level 2 Korean. (lol) :)

In my 24 months as an Online Teacher, I have realized t
he naughty things I did to my teacher back then. I always didn't want to listen to my teachers and made them mad to death when they reprimanded me for some shallow things I did.

I have realized now the passion that my teachers had back then, and I a
m now experiencing the joys of being a teacher.

The first type of classes that I handled were home based. Students were at their own homes and we study thru the computer. These were the first students that I had and I was so attached to them back then and I even cried when their term ended.

Some student were kind enough to show their pets to me...

I also taught a couple of adult students.

Then, a new account came to our company so we had new students. This time, I handled one-on-one home-based classes.

I taught university students who were about the same age as me.

Then I had these naughty, noisy yet lovable academy classes!

In my two years of teaching, I have not only taught them how to speak English but they have also taught me...

I was not patient back then. I easily get mad and though I loved kids I wasn't really good at taming them. They have taught me that respect is not always based on fear but it's also based on the affection you give them that's why they respect you. Some students are too naughty and teachers think they may lack a lot because if you just get to know them well, they are actually treasures! Some children become rebellious when you come too strong that's why you should use gentle methods on them and you will eventually discover that they could actually be the best students. Some students bully weak students but I have come to realize that these students need more affection and care and understanding from the teacher.

But then again, there were also mean and rude students who really get on our nerves and we have tried everything to tame them... I also realized that the values should be taught at home and start teaching children moral values when they are young so that they get used to it as they get older.

At the end of the day, it's not just about how you teach them but how much they learn and grow as you educate them.

I really enjoy my job and I'm happy when I see them gradually improve as I teach them.