Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bee Happy with SHINee's Choi Min Ho

As some of you may know, the Korean cosmetic brand, Etude House, now has new endorsers and they are non other than the SHINee boys.

The moment I learned about this, I went ahead to the nearest Etude House in my place to get a hold of the items they are endorsing. When I got to the store, I was disappointed when the sales attendant told me they don't carry the Bee Happy line just yet. So, I waited patiently. :)

And look what I have now!~~

Etude House Bee Happy Queen Bee Hand Cream endorsed by
my Choi Min Ho.

In some posters, I see Min Ho holding the Queen Bee Hand Cream so that's what I purchased. I got it for Php278 or about $7.

So today, Tuesday, I went to Etude House in Megamall, again. And I got keyed up when I saw Choi Min Ho's life size standup posted in there!

I searched for the Bee Happy products and there were three pretty ladies in front of the rack so I had to wait for my turn patiently again.

I asked the attendant if I could have my picture taken with Min Ho but can you guess what she said? A big-fat-loud "NO." But, I just won't give up. I looked for the clerk and asked her. I told her that I really wanted to get the hand cream but I want my picture taken with Min Ho as well. She smiled at me and said "Yes. Ma'am. Sure!" and I was honestly happy. :)

So here are some pictures that the kind lady took.

(Excuse my face, ladies. I woke up late this morning so I didn't have enough time to put make-up on. I wasn't even able to get my hair done. Enough said, I look dull. How's that for a photo op with an ultimate crush?? lol!)

I just can't tell you how happy I am because of this picture. I know, it may seem childish for some. But only a true Shawol can understand another Shawol. haha. :)

I hope you all have a lovely and happy day like mine~



  1. hahaha, I'm a shawol and I can understand u really well, you're so lucky to have a etude shop near youre home.
    I live in Germany and can't buy etude things. Only by ebay ... but I hate ebay XDD
    so I must wait untill I visit a country where a etude shop is, :§§ and when there is a big unreal jonghyun, I'm going to take photos like a childish kid too ^^
    *sry for mistakes, my english skills are not that goog ;3

  2. hahaha...if m in ur situation also will do the same..LOLLLL..!!just stopped at etude house today but tooo bad couldn't find his big poster..but purchased the face cream..

    1. Hi! Do you live in the Philippines? There's a huge one in Etude SM Megamall and Etude Eastwood. :)


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