Sunday, January 8, 2012

My New Camera : Canon IXUS 230 HS

I finally got my new camera! Yay!

A camera is very essential to any blogger or YouTuber. We need it to take photos and record our tutorials.

* * *

November 2011, my godmother from California told me she was coming home here in the Philippines for Christmas together with her daughter-my cousin. I asked her if she could get me a camera as a gift for Christmas and I was so happy when she said yes.

From June to November I used my old Canon Powershot SD750. I got it in 2007 and it was also a gift from my dad. That camera was very sturdy and if HD videos on YouTube didn't become a demand, then I never would have replaced it. I have dropped it million times and it never cracked or broke.

So, my godmother/aunt got me the Canon ELPH 100 HS (or Canon IXUS 115 outside the US) and this is what it looks like.

I really love this camera. It gives you clear pictures and films HD movies. I was so happy when she gave it to me.

Unfortunately, due to unknown reason, the camera suddenly broke. I did not drop it, scratch it, spill water on it or anything. The screen went blank the lens got stuck and the camera won't power on.

I went to Canon service center and they said they can still fix it but I'm going to have to pay Php 7,000 or about $162! NO WAY! It's about the same price of a regular camera and about half the price of a new high end one. I asked for people's advice and they told me it is wiser to just get a new one.

* * *

And so I did!

Now I have a Canon Powershot 310 ( Canon IXUS 230 outside US) and this time I will really handle it with care. My mom really loves me so she let me use her credit card BUT I still have to pay it with my own money. (lol!)

PRICE: Php 16,998 or about $395.

Expensive? For me, yes! I'm just glad they have a 12 months 0% installment term so paying for the camera wouldn't be as hard if I paid it in cash.

This is me trying out my new baby. The picture isn't clear, I guess I have to wipe the mirror first before I take another photo. ha ha!

These are the things you'll be getting..

The camera
Battery Charger
Manual and Software installer
USB cord
Hand Strap
4 GB memory card

They also gave me a camera case which was good.
A 2012 Canon Wall calendar and a black Canon Umbrella.

*There was a funny story to the umbrella. My parents went with me to the mall to buy this. It was raining today and my mom was the last one to get in the car. Her umbrella was a little torn so I laughed at her and told her I was going to buy her an umbrella just so she could stop using it. When we got to the store, the lady told me they were giving us a free umbrella as a gift, and my mom and I looked at each other and laughed. So, I bought a camera so that I could finally get her a new umbrella? Was that it? lol!

  • 12.1 MP means clear pictures
  • 3 inches screen for photo and video playback
  • It records HD movies for my YouTube channel
  • I got it in PINK! :)
  • 8X Optical Zoom
Heres a photo that I took to test the zoom. I was inside the Canon shop and I tried to take a photo of the store across from it. It was decent and there was no noise to the photo. It was still clear and vivid.

  • Made In China.
I don't want to sound racist but we all know how superb electronics from Japan are. This type of camera that sells in the US are made in Japan and I don't know why the ones that they sell here in the PH are made in China. :(

I also took a photo of the lady who assisted me. Thanks, May!

I'm really loving my new camera and I can't wait to finally record a video with it!

Stay tuned for the videos!