Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tangerine Tango

Today is 1-12-12. I thought the date was special so I wanted to remember it by dressing up nice, taking some pictures and posting it as an Outfit Of The Day on my blog.

Bright reddish-orange is the "it" color this year so I wanted to wear something in that shade.

Bright and color block pieces go well with earth-toned printed items.

For the hair, I just braided two sections then crossed them all the way on either sides to create braided headband.

I wore a gold locket necklace with some floral print. For the bracelet, I wanted to wear something that would compliment the tangerine top.

The skirt looks leopard-ish from a far but it's actually combination of tones of brown that actually looks like a camouflage print.

I paired the outfit with a nude wedge heels. Nude heels are my favorite this season and I am so thankful they were invented. I look so much taller in them! :)

Here are some more pictures of the outfit.. ^_^

The Outfit:

Top : Jewels
Skirt : Tomato
Nude Heels : Celine
Necklace : Forever 21
Bracelet : Flea Market

* * *

I posted these pictures on Facebook and I received so many LIKES on the album. I want to thank my friend, Elma, for taking such great photos of me. I also want to thank the great weather and the sun that didn't shine so bright today.