Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Flawless Day

Today was a really blessed day for me. I feel so happy and thankful for all the blessings, big or small, that I have received.
I wrote an article about Flawless (an aesthetic beauty clinic here in the PH) here.
Their PR officer, Ms. Regina Palma, contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I could feature them on my blog. She sent me a press release article and some pictures along with the e-mail. I reviewed the content and I loved it so I told her I would be honored to do so. This was my first time ever being contacted by a prestigious local company so I was really flattered.
The article was done and so Ms. Redge of Flawless PR Department told me she set a meeting with her boss and they told me to go to Flawless' clinic on the 5th floor of SM Megamall in Pasig.
What I liked about them was they were so kind. Ms. Redge even invited me to have lunch together with some Flawless officers but I told her she didn't have to do that. What I really wanted was to try their service and see for my self if it's really good.
So, I got there and the attendant had to check with her boss because she wasn't sure if I was the person her boss is meeting up with, and I wasn't sure if I was the person either. She called her boss and introduced me to her and I was really stunned when I saw her...

Me and Ms. Issa Fabregas - Marketing Officer - Flawless

She was really warm and nice and pretty. We sat down on this cozy and girlish chair at the lobby of their clinic. She told me about their latest services and recommended some good stuff that I should try. She was so friendly that I didn't feel intimidated or anything.

She also offered to show me around their clinic. I have gone inside some of the most famous clinics here but it was my first to actually get inside theirs. But I got too shy to ask if I could take a picture inside the clinic so no pictures of that.

Anyway, the clinic was great and the ambiance was stylish and sophisticated. The people seem friendly and warm as well.

I didn't have my treatment done yet just because I need to bounce to my office right after the meeting.

Ms. Issa even complimented the pink pants I was wearing. She was so cute because she even touched it. I told her it was vintage and it was my mom's when she was younger. She said my mom and I must have the same "petite" body frame.

After the meeting, Ms. Issa kept thanking me but I was the one who should really be thankful.

I was just expecting a simple facial as a gift from them and this is what they gave me...

They gave me Php 5,000 ($100) worth of gift certificates! How cool is that?!

Ms. Issa said I could also use some to spice up my blog and put some up as giveaway to my lovely readers. She was very clever for coming up with that idea..

Also, please stay tuned on this blog because I am going to tell you how my treatment with them went.

* * *

After the lovely meeting, I met up with my friend Arrienne and we had lunch together at KFC.

We strolled around the mall and look what I came back home with...

A lovely pair of heels from Primadonna.

Just gotta love 'em heels!

And that's how my lovely day went.

Comment down below and let me know about your day..