Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Only at FLAWLESS: The Harmony Between Medicine And Comfort

Having clear and unblemished skin has now become a social importance. Because whether we accept it or not, people see our physical features first, most importantly our face, the first time we meet them. That's why it is important to look pleasant and fresh. That why I always try my best to keep my skin clear.

However, I have to be honest and say that I wasn't blessed with perfect smooth skin. I often go to facial clinics to treat my skin. Recently, I had major acne breakout so I really need to find a good way to cure it. (
I will be posting another article about my skin. I will be documenting it for a month or two and let you know how I got rid of my acne. I will be including all the products I used and services I had.)

Fortunately, I found out that there is a good way to treat my skin and cure my acne. It's going to treat my skin best and give me comfort at the same time. It's going to be

* * *
Flawless is the leading aesthetic beauty clinic for face, body and medical services in the Philippines. It is also the only mass market beauty clinic managed by professional dermatologists with some 35 clinics across the nation.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic is quite possibly the most popular in its industry, thanks to its promise of delivering medically sound beautification services and products to the Filipino people.

Flawless Aesthetic Clinic has three major categories of skincare services that its loyal clientele have come to enjoy. You are familiar no doubt with its facial services: amazing facials with miraculous masks, unbelievable peels, and a large assortment of skincare products to fight virtually any skincare problem out there from uneven skin tones to premature ageing to acne and oil concerns. Flawless even has a facial that addresses the specific skin problems of men. Flawless also boasts a great collection of body services: the beloved Body Scrub and its siblings like the Body Salt Glow and Back Cleaning; and waxing services to temporarily remove unwanted body hair; the Flawless Laser Hair Removal, easily the most advanced type of semi-permanent hair removal in the Philippines; then services like Shape & Sculpt and RF to get you svelte and sexy. There are many more services under the aesthetic clinic's belt, but most important are its medical line: chemical peels to discourage ageing and encourage healthy skin; the Derma Roller and its infant sibling, Fractional Needling Therapy; Injectables; Electrocautery; even Botox. What makes Flawless so popular is that putting yourself in the capable hands of its friendly staff is the equivalent of putting yourself in the hands of a skincare master-or a skin professional.

Over the past few months, Flawless has released a new set of services into the discerning market's perspective: Fractional Needling Therapy, a great solution for ageing and scar removal; a selection of products from iSkin laboratories, which are specially formulated for Asian skin; and a series of skincare solutions using laser technology to penetrate into the dermis to fight skincare faults at their core. All of these new services are built on the premise of Flawless: it is powered by Skin Professionals. From thoroughly researched and medically developed products and services to trained medical professionals that staff every clinic, Flawless guarantees specific and targeted skincare solutions for virtually any skincare out there-away from the stark and clinical feel of a formaldehyde-smelling hospital, in the comfort of a mall or at a commercial center near your home.

At its core, Flawless is the perfect balance between comfort and medicine: it provides the ultimate in skincare technology from the most basic facial to the most medical of services, all developed with a thorough research team and careful attention to the possible effects on Filipino skin. Furthermore, the medical side is pushed by the professional team whose first concern is the comfort of their patients and the efficacy of the medicine being administered to them. Comfort-wise, it's easy to imagine why the concept works: you get treatment you'd normally expect from a cold clinical setting but in a homely and relaxed locale.

This year, Flawless pushes forth its message with fluency and simplicity: Flawless is powered by Skin Professionals. The premise behind this message is uncomplicated: everything under its roof, all its actions and all the products that it releases are governed by stringent attention to medical detail, ensuring high quality and the ultimate in safety to its loyal clientele.

Visiting Flawless, having that free consultation with the medical doctor, submitting your skincare concern to the gentle and capable hands of its well-trained aestheticians: it's the equivalent of putting your problems in the hands of a master. Comfort, compassion and the gold standard in medical skincare: that's something you don't get just anywhere.

I am glad I found out about this and I can't wait to finally try their services. I'll be updating this blog and posting an article about their services, so better stay tuned! :)

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