Saturday, March 10, 2012

Basketball Nail Art

Here's a simple nail art for all athletic people out there.

It doesn't matter if you are the player or you just watch the game.
Everybody loves basketball and I'm sure you will love this one, too!

Watch the tutorial here:

It's really that easy! :)

Some people ask me if they could change the colors and I say go right ahead. You can use the colors of your school or of your favorite team.

And where did I get the inspiration from?

If you know Jeremy Lin then you know exactly now where I got this from. He is one of the hottest issues in NBA these days and as an Asian, of course I am very proud of him and I wanted to show support by creating a nail art. I originally was going to paint one nail white with the number 17 in orange color... but I tried and failed THRICE so I decided to just skip it. If you can get it done on yours then I'm guessing it would be much cooler!

I hope you like this design!

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