Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion DO's & DON'T's for Petite Girls

This is how short I am - standing next to a Christmas tree. :)

I am Asian and short. I think I stopped growing when I was in the 6th grade of elementary. I think I'm cute, though. :) Many people I meet always think I'm young because of my size. I think it's a compliment.

* * *

However, when it comes to fashion, petite women like me can not just wear whatever there is in the closet. There are important factors to remember and here are some of them...

  • Wear straight pants that cover your shoes. This will create the illusion of having long legs.
  • If you'd rather have your shoes shown, go for tight pants. Skinny jeans are perfect.
  • Wear asymmetrical skirts and dresses. The cut of the fabric will elongate a small frame.
  • Go for high waist jeans and skirts. They create the appearance of having longer legs. But be careful not to choose items that are too high because this will create the illusion of you having a super short upper body.
  • Shop for clothing with vertical lines. A blouse with a zipper accent in the center or a shirt with lines that are vertically printed.
  • Dress in monochrome colors. A top and bottom of the same color can make your body appear very nicely proportioned.
  • Wear nude toned stilettos or platforms. The nude color of the shoes add inches to the look of your legs.


  • Never wear capri or chopped pants as it makes you look really short. Think of the Hobbits from LOTR. Yes! They are wearing cropped pants!
  • Flared or bell bottom pants are no no! Never add volume to your bottom because you are putting accent on the wrong point.
  • Do not wear tops with screaming and bold prints.
  • Baggy skirts that have volume on waist are not flattering for petite woman.
  • Skip the trend of wearing chunky jewelry, large hats, overflowing ruffles and big bows. They make you appear really shorter and smaller.
  • Don't wear pointed shoes. Unless you want to look like a walking letter "L". Go for peep-toe shoes as they create illusion of having more height.
  • Ankle boots and black footwear make petite girls appear even shorter as they cut off inches to your height.
* * *

These are some pointers that we should remember in dressing up.

The rules are simple and if we just keep them in mind, I'm sure that being petite will never get in the way of being trendy and chic.