Thursday, March 29, 2012

How I turned 26 ♥

Today is the day I that I turn 26 years old.

Having a glamorous party, dining at a fancy restaurant or wearing expensive clothes don't make me happy on this day... The people close to my heart do.

Here's how I celebrated my special day.. :)

I met up early morning with my Korean student and her family. My student's name is Ecca. She's not really a student to me anymore, but more of a sister. And her family? My second family.

They told me not to put this photo up (because we were soaking wet for it was raining that morning) but I'm still gonna post it anyway. lol. I'm just gonna have to put it down when they discover this blog. ㅋㅋ

This family is really sweet. They even gave me gifts they bought in Korea before they went here in the Philippines last week.

Look what I got! 2012 SHINee calendar. ♥ Minho's even in the March page.

Then, I went to my office in the afternoon.

Let me show you what I wore on my birthday.

The outfit:

Top : Vintage
Skorts : Landmark @ Trinoma
Boots : Primadonna

After our shift, my friends and I decided to eat dinner at Shakey's.

And this is me, wishing before blowing my birthday candle.

Our dinner table.

The food...

My birthday cake...

And some more gifts given to me by my friends..

From Arrienne.

From Vabes.

And when I got home, my mom said "Oh, your friends gave you gifts? I also bought something for you but it's cheap.." and then handed me strawberries. Maybe my mom doesn't know, but I really appreciate everything she gives and buys for me, even if its simple or cheap. Thanks mommy, i love you! ♥

And this is how I celebrated my birthday. It's really simple but I really felt special. Thanks to everyone who sent their birthday greetings. And thank you, God, for adding another year to my life.