Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SHINee 'Stranger' Inspired Nail Art

Another SHINee inspired nail art!

Have I been doing too many Shinee inspired tutorials? Forgive me. I just really like this group so I want to keep on creating videos inspired from them.

When they released their Sherlock album, they also released a song entitled 'Stranger'. They were on a music countdown show and they wore trendy black-and-white outfits during their performance.

Products I used in the video:

I forgot to include in the video, but for the third nail, I used a matte finisher I got from E.L.F.
If you can't find this, then I suggest just using any matte black nail polish that you have.

Here's the video:

I like the combination of black and white. It makes the design simple yet hip. My favorite nail is the fourth nail. The black face on a white nail and the crying heart-shaped eyes is just so cool.

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