Thursday, July 19, 2012

Assymetrical Aztec

I haven't uploaded an outfit of the day post in a long time. I guess it was because I was really busy the past few weeks. You may also know already that I had a really ugly acne breakout. And it's true that beauty starts with having a clear skin. If you have clear skin, you can go even without make-up or trendy clothes on. So, when my face looked unbearable, I also lost my appetite to dress up. I'm glad my acne is now gone and so my love for fashion and my self-esteem all came back. :)

Here's a short post showing what I wore today. I went to a TV show media launch today with some of my friends. And I thought it was a perfect timing to wear this skirt I bought about 2 weeks ago.

This skirt is not branded and also not expensive. I bought it The Landmark in Trinoma (my favorite shopping mall!) The Landmark is also my favorite department store because it is big and it's got everything you need. I don't get too excited when I go to other department stores because they all carry the same stuff. But it's different when I go to my favorite. Once I enter the entrance, I know that I'll be bringing home some stuff as The Landmark has so many great, unique and inexpensive things!

This particular skirt, I got for P230 pesos! How crazy! I have seen a lot of mullet skirts in colorful and in tribal prints, but none of this kind. So, I immediately bought it.

As we get older, we become more practical. I don't know about you guys, but I am honestly not into expensive things these days especially if I can get the same item in lower price.

Here are more photos of the outfit...

None of the items I'm wearing were expensive or branded but just in case you wanted to know here's where I got the stuff from:

Top : St. Francis Square
Skirt : The Landmark
Belt : YRYS
Bracelet : my friend's online shop
Shoes : Janeo

And that's my outfit of the day. Thank you for reading!