Saturday, July 14, 2012

Printed Paper Nail Art

Ever since I did the newspaper nail art using alcohol and newspaper nail art using water, I've been getting so many queries from people asking if there is any alternative to the newspaper.

And my answer is, YES there is another option!

Printed text on a paper!

What is so good about this option is that it allows you to choose and print your own text. Some people are hilarious and comment that if you use random newspaper you might not notice that you have the words "rape" and "kill" on your nails. So, if you print out your own paper, you can have the words "love" and "peace" instead. What a great alternative!

Here's what you need:

If you don't have alcohol, then please take note that you could also use water! Works the same and it's cheaper and more accessible.

Also, when I printed out my text, I changed the font to size 9 with the text style calibri. You also need to adjust the paragraph spacing. I changed mine to 0.01 spacing. The texts need to be really close together to fill up the entire nail.

Here's the video tutorial:

This design is so fun and easy and allows you to be more creative.

You could also print out your favorite quote, poem or dialogue from a movie or book.

Print out colors and images and watch them pop on the white background!

I have also thought of printing out Korean words and names and I will do that next time! I'm so excited!

Another tip, since the words tend to be backwards when transferred on the nails, you could also spell the words backwards so that it is readable when transferred onto your nails!

However, one thing that I noticed is that it doesn't stain too much on the nails. As you can see in this photo, the text is very light and almost unreadable.

So, how about you? Do you prefer to use newspaper or be extra creative and print out your own text? You decide! :)

* * *

And in line with this, I would like to share the poem that I printed out and used for this tutorial. This poem was taught to me by my mom when I was young. I really like this poem because it's so inspiring and enlightening. Read the poem below.

Thank you for reading!