Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Got Married : Leeteuk and Sora

I was never a fan of We Got Married just because I didn't get it at first. I guess I was just never a fan of unreal situations.

Until one night while browsing random videos on YouTube, I came across a suggested video from KBS channel entitled "Leeteuk We Got Married". I never knew he was in the show so I got curious who his partner is so I clicked the video and was only planning to watch the sole 3 minute video. But, I ended up watching episodes 1 and 2.

This is the first ever WGM that I've ever watched and I'm glad the first experience was good! Though one more to admit, I was also never a fan of Leeteuk. I watched Super Junior concert before and I do see him on Strong Heart, Star King and 5,000 questions but that was it. But when I started watching this reality show, I just found myself wanting Leeteuk more and more... I think he's an eligible man. From how I perceived him on the first few episodes of the show, he was caring, responsible, gentleman, has a great sense of leadership, humble and super funny. Since watching this show, I found that I like Leeteuk more these days than I did before.

Kang Sora is also super adorable. I like how a 22 year old woman was able to get along with a man 7 years older than her. I'm sure, many Super Junior fans would have been devastated and hateful if the wife was another pretty woman. But seeing Sora, her face is a typical pretty woman that you often see. Honestly, she kind of looks like Lee Young Ae (for me). So, I guess many fans were able to watch Leeteuk with her because she doesn't look aggressive. She may be in front of a famous star but she knows she's a woman and she knows her limitations. She has this way of being lovable and attractive but not in a bad way, which I think many ELF's are thankful for.

I really love this couple and I enjoyed watching from episodes 1-19...
What I like about this now is that it feels like a real love setting, only it isn't real.

Here are some of my favorite moments of the couple! I felt my body shiver while watching the scenes!

However, I was a little disappointed because the couple wasn't able to sustain the "chemistry" they had at the beginning. I was really hooked when I watched episode 1 because the awkwardness between Lee Teuk and Sora was rather cute than boring. I liked how LeeTeuk kept on gazing at Sora secretly and how he looked like the nerves all over his body sparked each time SoRa's skin would touch his.

I am an impatient watcher. Right after watching a few episodes, I was really hooked with the couple so I wanted to know what will happen in the latter episodes. I found these photos and I was really excited!

MBC's employees had a strike so the show was canceled for a couple of months. When they filmed new episodes in June 2012, I felt like the situation reversed.So they took a break and they actually filmed those episodes when they came back in June. But while I was watching, I didn't feel the same emotion I had when I was watching the show before.

hen they returned after a couple of months, I felt like LeeTeuk became more confident of himself, I'm not sure it it was scripted , though.

You see, I am from the Philippines...and from where I'm from men woo the women forever, even after marriage. It's not like their ego is taken at risk, but that's just how we were raised. Women are pampered by men. So, when I learned about the Korean culture that even in a relationship, man is still higher than the woman I was suddenly held back. I then reconsidered my plans of marrying Choi Min Ho in the future. (lol) I guess it's culture and we really can't blame anyone about that. That's how Koreans were raised and how us Filipinos were raised and I'm sure Americans and French have different norms, too. But that's just my honest opinion.

Episode 24, the couple went on a trip to an island. I can't help but notice LeeTeuk's body languages. He walks ahead of Sora, he doesn't even open the door for her anymore and the urge to hold her hand wasn't there anymore. And those things were the exact same things I watched the reality show for!
The show is getting too scripted and unreal as it goes on. They also filmed their wedding pictures recently, which is a bad sign in the history of WGM.

When a couple shoots their wedding photos, it embarks the near end of the couple's season.

Leeteuk and Sora have filmed 27 episodes so far and I don't know if I should be glad or sad. I was really into the show that I spent 5 nights watching and rewinding the episodes until 5am. But too bad they were not able to sustain it. I still have 3 episodes to go until the 27th episode and if the couple will stay for a few more episodes, I hope they can sustain the closeness and the chemistry they had back then.

While watching the show, the two gave me chills at first because they had a really good chemistry so I secretly wished Leeteuk would fall in love for real with Sora. Sora seems to be a really good woman, just perfect for a Hallyu star group leader. But now, I just wish they would film more episodes and that they end the show while still having the same chemistry and the same emotions coming from Leeteuk like before.

This leaves me into a conclusion that culture is still one thing to be considered when it comes to love and relationship. Korean men and Filipino men are totally different. I have an ideal concept of love and marriage and I think I will not be able to handle a man like Leeteuk. Though I started to like him because of this show, it is also because of this show that I started disliking him. But, when I watch him sing and dance, I still like him. I guess Leeteuk and I have this love-hate relationship.

I hope the couple can give the viewers a good ending.

Watch full English subbed episodes here.

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UPDATE (9-16-12)

Hi, guys! So I finally got around to watching (and eventually finishing) this series.

I am happy to say that after taking a rest for about 1 month from watching this show, I was refreshed and the happy feeling of watching the couple finally came back. There's something about Sora that is so lovable. Usually, fan girls hate a woman paired with their bias. But, Sora is truly different.

My friend was right when she said A WGM couple would leave the show soon once they have their wedding photo taken. True enough for this couple, they ended right after 5 episodes of airing the photo shoot. I feel sad that it ended. I admit, it got lame and boring in the middle of the series, but it was a really good one. And this is my first ever WGM experience, so I thank the couple for giving me a good one. I feel sad that it had already ended. The fans of this couple must have suffered a lot I mean, first the shooting was delayed for about half a year. They could have given us more episodes to watch but because of the delay, we were only able to see 31 episodes.

Leeteuk was right when he said they could have done more, but couldn't because of the time. Teuk is getting busy promoting their 6th album Sexy, Free and Single and Spy.. While, Sora is getting more famous so she gets more jobs and movies. I wished they could have filmed this when they were less busy, say SuJu was on a promotion break or something..

However, their goodbye's didn't seem real and not too draggy. I hope it's because they know they will still be seeing each other after the show, during their free time, just the two of them and no cameras rolling. Sigh. I wish Lee Teuk and So Ra becomes a couple for real.

Lee Teuk once mentioned in Strong Heart that he will be joining the military soon and that he will marry the woman who will wait for him for 2 years. So Ra seems a very loyal woman. I know this is so cheesy and such a cliche to wish for two reel partners to be real partners, but I truly, sincerely and honestly wish they end up together in real life!

If I really like a drama, I watch it twice or even 5 times! I am for sure going to watch this series again, soon! I can't wait to smile and laugh again!

Thank you, Leeteuk and Sora, for that short yet sweet We Got Married series!

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Have you seen this show? What do you think? Are your opinions the same as mine? Let us know! :)