Friday, August 3, 2012

2ne1 - I LOVE YOU Inspired Nail Art

2ne1 is one of the trendiest groups in the world of K-Pop. I like how they are never afraid to play with their looks and they always try to stand out and be bold.

They have a new song, I Love You. I watched the music video and they wore awesome outfits, as always.

Here's my take on their looks in the video.

I used their tops, blazer, dress and hair as my inspirations for the design.

Index - CL's Top

Middle - Minzy's Blazer

Ring - Dara's Ombre Hair

Pinky - Bom's Dress


Here are the things I used in the video.

Skin Food PK 202 Pink
Balck nail art brush

Caress Real Tan
Caronia Touch of Tan
Black nail art brush
After I was done with the video, I took some photos of my nails and I noticed that the darker brown print doesn't come out too much so I decided to top the prints with a darker brown polish.
I used NYX Chocolate Taupe

Skin Food PK202 Pink
NYX True Navy

NYX True Navy
NYX Between Mauve and Purple
Tony Moly RM04 Apple Miny
Caronia Sweet Surprise
LA Colors French White
Dotting Tool

Base Coat - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
Top Coat - Seche Vite

Watch the tutorial here:

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