Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cyber Bullying

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a short diary entry here about how I feel right now.

I started writing blogs and making YouTube videos more than a year ago. I really enjoy what I'm doing and I am happy that I am doing something sensible and productive during my spare time. I am thankful for all the people who appreciate what I do and to my family and my friends and people on the internet whom I haven't met personally, who continue to encourage me and tell me that they like what I do. I am also honestly thankful to people who give me constructive criticism. Because they allow me to improve where I am lacking.

But, what I honestly don't get are people who are rude-on the internet.

When we were younger, we were taught to be kind and to treat our neighbors with respect and kindness. We've all learn that in elementary school. But I really don't get people who hate on other people's work.

I mean, I do admit that what I do is far from perfect. I also cringe when I read and watch my videos-it just still doesn't seem right and I always feel the need to improve myself everyday.

When I upload videos or write blog entries, I get comments from nice and sweet people telling me they liked what I did/wrote and I am always thankful to nice people. People like you are one of the reasons why I keep doing this and why I plan to continue doing this in the future. So, thank you really! :)

But then again, there are people who aren't even brave enough to state their real name and put up their face's photos, who criticize others so easily. I often get comments that I copied, imitated, and worse STOLE, someone else work. I mean, if they only watch and read closely, then they would notice the credits I put- and I do that when I honestly got the idea from another guru. But, then there are people who bash and say harsh words on some of my videos that I truly did not copy from anyone else. I mean, it won't harm to put rightful credits to people if they really deserve it. But just because you like a guru doesn't mean you can say bad and hurtful words on the part of that person just because you thought her work was stolen-when it actually was not.

Here's an example of how I get cyber-battered..
This person commented on my video "Stop copying cutepolish and other gurus!" I responded to the person and explained that I did not copy what the person did and that's what the user responded to me. I don't understand why many people on YouTube think it's okay to bash, insult and hurt other people just because they are on the computer and their identity is well kept. I ask now, would you be this mean and insult people who are in front of you? I doubt it.

I really don't understand why I need to explain my self to people who are always accusing me of copying/imitating/stealing.. What happened here was my mom told me that flowers would look great on nails, so I did it. It came out awesome so I uploaded the video. After 15 minutes, some people were commenting that cutepolish already did that design and that I stole the idea. I AM NOT SUBSCRIBED TO HER CHANNEL nor do I watch her videos so I honestly don't know what she's up to.

Also, isn't it unfair on my part? Just because she is famous, all the rest of nail artists who upload videos are just her imitators? A subscriber told me that cutepolish also did the same nail art design 1 month after I uploaded it. Did people comment on her video saying that she copied my work, no no one did. Because they taught that design is generic and she could have gotten it somewhere else.

Also, if there's a nail artist that I really admire, its IHaveACupcake. On some of my videos, I mention that I got the idea from her. But how come none of her fans ever tell me insulting words? It's really when you are innocent that you get attacked...

If Michelle Phan has a video on smokey eye look and Bubzbeauty has a video about smokey make up tutorial, do we say they copied one another? No, we don't. Because people could get ideas anywhere and it's just a coincidence that they uploaded videos with the same concept.

I really get hurt because the reason why I do videos is because of you viewers. SO, when the viewers hate on me I get emotional and I break down.

I also get sad when people leave hurtful comments here on my blog. I just wanted to make this blog an online place where girls could pick up something about beauty and fashion. I wasn't in any way trying to put myself up or have anyone to hail me. I often get comments from people saying they didn't like what I did or it wasn't good enough for them.

When I started this blog, I first used my real name as my YouTube's username and the blog's domain. But I wasn't getting any views just because the name was not easy to remember. Then I came up with the user name Real Asian Beauty. That name is not trying to describe me or refer to me, but to all the women in Asia who are beautiful in every way. I adore Filipina's Morena beauty, the not so perfect yet pretty nose, the big eyes and black hair. The Korean, Chinese and Japanese people's porcelain like skin. I like the olive and caramel skin of Thai people and those from India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the likes... So, to sum it all up, it wasn't all about me but all the features of women that I like. And then, some people hurt me by leaving comments that I am not beautiful enough to carry the name of my blog. And that's really hurtful and down right rude.

But this is not an explanation..nor am I trying to judge the people. Because I think judging the people who judge, is also being judgmental. I just had to let it out. And I hope people, especially on the internet, could be a little nicer and respect each other. We all have our right and freedom of expression... but I was taught that our freedom of expression ENDS where the freedom of others begin.