Monday, August 13, 2012

Real Flowers Nail Art

I was really excited to post this tutorial for you guys! I have tried to put salt, paper and so many other things on my nails. This time, I used FLOWERS, yes, real flowers!!

My mom was the one who came up with this idea. In our house, she has a small corner which she likes to call as her garden. She has some plants and a couple of pretty flowers. She always sees me do my nails and she is always my first audience/critic when I do my nails. One day, she told me it would me nice to have real flowers on nails! She taught about it over a month ago but since it's been raining for more than 2 weeks in the Philippines now, I couldn't do it because the flowers were all messed up. The weather was so perfect yesterday so I taught of finally doing it.

I tried it and it came out awesome! I really like it!

Here are the things that you will be needing:

  • Any color of nail polish that you like (Only remember to use colors that would contrast the flower)
  • Clear polish / Top coat
  • tweezers
  • small sponge (I got this from a clean dish washing sponge)
  • scissors
  • some TINY FLOWERS ❀ ✿

Here's the video:

I really adore this design. Thanks to my mom for the wonderful idea.

You may not like this because of how it looks in the photo and in the video, but trust me it's a lot better in person. I don't know why most of my works are ugly in the photo but really pretty in person.. Anyway, I really suggest you try this now! It's perfect for the summer season. Hurry while flowers are still blooming! Before you know it, it'll be Autumn and the flowers would be gone.

I hope you like this! Each time I create a nail art, I am always my own critic. I always try to come up with a unique and pretty design for you guys. I will try to come up with better ones in the future.

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Thank you for reading!


Disclaimer: Many people are commenting that I copied/imitated another nail guru's work. I don't know how to explain to you in a way that you would believe. My mom was the one who urged me to do this design. I did not see/watch/read any other guru's take on this design. If there is another guru who did this design prior to me, then please understand that it is just an honest coincidence. Thank you. :)