Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spice Girls at the 2012 London Olympics Closing

You may not be athletic and may not be into sports, but if you are kikay like me then for sure you know Spice Girls especially if you are a generation Y baby.

Spice Girls performed at the closing of the 2012 London Olympics and it was evident that people really missed these girls!

Move over Girls Generation because Spice Girls is the original pop girl group!

I remember memorizing their every song, copying the way they dress and those killer elevator shoes and boots, and I even watched their movie "Spice World".

This pop group from the UK was loved by many girls because they have their own character.

There's the outgoing Sporty, the sexy Ginger, sophisticated Posh, the fierce Scary and the dainty Baby..

I loved them all but my favorite when I was in elementary was Baby spice! She's just so cute. I also used to suck Chupa Chups lollipop when I was young because of her!

The girls.... then...

and now.

Here's their performance at the recently concluded Olympics:

I really missed these girls! We all missed them, didn't we? We almost forgot about them because so many years have passed! But, I'm sure we're all glad to see them on stage together again. They are still so beautiful, talented and they were able to perform like how they did back then. It's like they never forgot how to do it.

I hope they get to perform for us together again and do some more shows and concerts. They were such an amazing group back then and it's really nice to see them perform again.

Which SPICE GIRL were you? Comment below! :)