Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spice Girls Nail Art

The Spice Girls performed at the closing of the recently concluded 2012 London Olympics. It was really nice to see them perform as a group again, I'm sure we've all had flashbacks of our younger days.

So, I thought it's the perfect time to create a Spice Girls inspired nail art.

The girls, at the time of their fame as a group, all wore flashy and trendy outfits. Many girls imitated the way they dressed, their hairstyle and maybe just about everything it takes to be a Spice girl.

Here are my inspirations:

Sporty has a black cross tattoo on her left arm.
Baby loves wearing pink.
Scary is best known for wearing leopard print cat suits.
Ginger always wear a skimpy Union Jack dress.
Posh is mostly seen in sophisticated little black dresses.

From the song Lady is a Vamp, there is a line there that goes a little like "Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty, yes, now that's your lot. We're the Spice Girls, ready to go..." So, I used that line to decide the order of the girls when I paint them.

Here's what I used in the video:





Base coat & Top coat

I've decided to just post everything I used in the video here on blog rather than inserting them in the video on YouTube just because I think it eats too much of your time.

Anyway, here is the video...

I was nervous about the Union Jack nail. It was my first time painting a flag on a my nail so I didn't know if I'd be able to pull it through, but I did. hehe. Also, some commented that the two thinner lines don't actually meet the two thicker crossed lines. I'm sorry if you are from London and I drew your flag incorrectly. I figured it out right after I filmed the video, I noticed the X lines don't actually meet the + lines...

I hope you like this design. We sure missed the Spice Girls! Which Spice Girl was your favorite?

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Thank you for reading!