Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year + Giveaway (closed)

Happy New! It's the first day of 2013! 

I can't believe 2012 just flew like that. But honestly, 2012 was one of the best years of my life. So many things happened and so many blessings was given to me this year. I started taking blogging and YouTube-ing seriously in 2012, and the effort has surely paid off. I also met so many wonderful people, went to beautiful places and so much more. I am also sure that 2013 will only get so much better. I am looking forward to a fruitful and blessed year.

And what's a good way to start the year than having a small giveaway to a lucky reader?

I once blogged about Lazada.com.ph here. Now, Lazada is giving away a small New Year's gift to 1 lucky blog reader. 

The gift is a P300 voucher of any item/s of your choice from LAZADA PH

How to win:
(Since it's the first day of 2013, let's make this super easy, shall we?)

1.) Comment on this blog post - 
     Your new year's resolution + your e-mail address.

*The e-mail address is needed so I can contact you in case you win.

Good luck!

Happy New Year!

I hope you continue to read this blog! Cheers to a more fruitful 2013!



  1. My New Years resolution is to sleep early and have a healthy lifestyle..
    email: gizzele_11@yahoo.com

  2. My New Years resolution is
    - to get to my goal of 125lbs by the end of 2013 :)
    - Have my studio set up.
    - Be more fashionable as much as I can.
    - Have more patience in learning html and website lay out making LOL
    - Have a healthier lifestyle not just for me but for my family as well :)

    Ang dami lang LOL :)

    Happy New Year Kristine! :)

    email: alicemate1989@gmail.com

  3. My New years resolution for year 2013 are:
    > spend time wisely
    > spend money wisely
    > to be more optimistic and realistic
    > to take care of my hair
    > study harder

    Happy New year ;) God Bless and more power !
    email: an.mc_osias@yahoo.com

  4. Magsimba regularly~

  5. Your new year's resolution..

    ✯ mas maging business minded para maging productive financially this year para hindi lang puro palabas yung pera :)
    ✯ para naman sa health, i'll eat less rice and will do my best to avoid fatty foods :D

    e-mail address:

    ✯ tickledtwinkle@gmail.com

  6. Hi Miss Kristine!! ^^ Did you have a great vacation?

    I have lots of new year's resolution, but I plan to list only few so that it wont be that hard to achieve it!lol!
    My top 5 new year's resolution:
    1.) To lose weight! I'm 45 kg and yeah it's light but my body has many flabs! Perhaps I have to workout to remove the extra baggage on my body :(
    2.) To have better grades. We just had our Prelim exams and I know I did bad. So this year, I aim to get better grades!^^
    3.) To blog more! I have been inactive in the blogging world ! So this year, I want to atleast blog once a day!
    4.) To be unlazy. Seriously, laziness is blocking the road in achieving my dreams!lol
    5.) last but not the least, to find work and save money We are in a generation where poverty is visible! As much as possible, i want to earn money!

    email a: starfinitee@gmail.com

  7. word for the year 2013: POSITIVITY
    I'll make sure to do things right this year: my work, my lovelife, life with my family


  8. my new years resolution is to eat healthy foods and save money

  9. My new years resolution is to start building up this healthy lifestyle I want. I don't want to loose weight or look cute. I just want to eat healthy, excersise more often; I want to BE healthy. Next to that I want to spend more time with my family and friends. I've been kinda shutting down myself for social interactions. I'd rather watch TV all night, than go out with my best friends. Doesn't that just sound ridiculous? Yes, I really want to change & I believe I can do this!
    Email" shainejayme08@gmail.com

  10. My new years resolution is to change my other attitudes. Because I am a chocoholic I will lessen the chocolates that I am eating always and Maybe I will avoid to eat much of it. I want a healthy lifestyle. Of course I will now really focus to my studies and no more leisure. I want to be with my family,enjoy life the fullest and meet new friends. When it comes to fashion I want to learn more, I want also to be an independent person, so that i will not always rely to somebody, so that I can stand on my own. I will really change and this changes I know it would be better. I want to be positive and Cross fingers for the 2013!!! :D


  11. My new years resolution is....;
    Too get my youtube channel kickstarted and my blog with more consistent post :)


  12. Hi Tine-tine! Happy New Year!

    My new year's resolution is to save money and to give time for myself to relax and to enjoy. ;))


  13. my new years resolution is to be happy

  14. my new year's resolution would be saving a lot because we don't when will the rain pours.


  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. sorry for the first one...its because of my slow connection >.<

    happy new year..:)

    my new year's resolution is to sleep early and save a money for me and my family..:)



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