Monday, February 25, 2013

Comfort Food

Manic Monday! Whew! They won't be calling it as such without any reason. It's the day of the week when we know we should be feeling ecstatic coming back to work from the weekend. But why do we often feel otherwise? It's probably because we still haven't gotten the hang of the new week ahead

Just like today, my day was really stressful!  Heavy work plus the bigoted distribution of work load makes me feel a little off. I know this is totally beauty and fashion unrelated, but who cares right? Food is food and everybody loves and need food! :)

Here I am on a Monday, stuck and stressed. And what's a stressed out and stuck girl do in the office in front of the computer? Yes, fantasize about food! lol!

We all have our comfort food. You know, that one food you always crave for when you get hungry, stressed out or depressed. I know most people only have ONE, but being the petite-frame-heavy-eater that I am, I have tons of comfort food. Here are some of them...
McDonald's French Fries! Who doesn't LOVE this?!
Mochi Ice Cream 

Cornetto Hazelnut Ice Cream

 These Chocolates, please!

Tender Juicy Hotdog

Crispy Fried Chicken
Philippine Mangoes

  Creamy Carbonara with lots of Bacon, Cheese and Parsley

Mango Refrigerator Cake that my Mommy makes!

Blueberry Cheesecake

These colorful and yummy Macarons!

There's this Chicken Pastel that one of my colleagues sells. It's really yummy!

These days, I find myself getting more into Korean food!

I do not own the photos. Credit goes to all the owners of the photos. Please don't hate me for using your photos. You must understand a girl when she is hungry and stressed out. :)

So that's my list of comfort food. I don't necessarily have to eat all of them at once, I'm not yet that gluttonous. haha! I'm really stressed out today and I'm hoping I could grab one of these yummy goodies when I head out the office tonight. 

How was your day today? And what is your comfort food? Let us know! I might have forgotten something.. :)