Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunggyu 60 Seconds ( 김성규 60초 ) Nail Art

Another K-Pop inspired nail art! I think I'll start creating more Pop inspired nail arts from now on, what do you guys think? Would you guys be interested to see nail arts inspired from clothes and music videos? Please let me know! :)

So for now, we have Infinite's Kim Sunggyu's 60 Seconds inspired nail art.

Subjectively speaking, Kim Sunggyu is one of the best K-pop singers these days. He can go from being a bullied-leader one day and then become a charismatic and passionate singer the next day. He is also a good dancer, does well on variety shows and his voice is really good!

Having said those words, I think it's already evident that I am a Kim Sunggyu bias. hehe 

I've been wanting to create a 60 Seconds nail art ever since the music video and the single came out.. But my camera broke, you know that already, so I can only release this nail art now. Better late than never!

Here are the inspirations for each nail: 

THUMB : Sunggyu's red hair

INDEX : Piano keyboard

MIDDLE : Vintage clock / 2:04 time

RING : Sunggyu's black, white and red striped collar

PINKY : Black leather jacket with silver studs

Here's the tutorial:

Honestly and biasedly speaking, this is my favorite nail art creation as of the moment. (I'm trying to estimate myself if I will ever stop liking Gyu, If I stop liking him in the future then this nail art won't be my favorite anymore. lol)

I hope you like this design!

Just in case you're wondering why I keep making so many K-pop inspired nail arts, here are some of my reasons:

1.) Originality - Nail art is really in trend these days, so the probability of creating the same design as the other artist is really big. When I make Kpop nail arts, no one ever mentions I have the same design as someone else.

2.) Uniqueness - The inspiration is always endless. Hair, clothes, pants, background, car, music video, name all that you see in the video, as long as you can draw it, then your nails will be awesome!

3.) Audience - So many people are into K-Pop these days. If you haven't listened to at least one K-pop song, I am asking you now WHY? Kpop is truly amazing, you just need to listen to the right genre and right band and you'll never be disappointed. Anyway, I noticed that I get so many views and compliments when I create such nail arts so I decided to just keep doing it.

Do you agree with my reasons or you'd better see my blog with cute nail art designs? Please let me know!