Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hi! This is the sequel of my "Why are you still single" diary entry.  I know this is an issue many will be able to relate to. If not, then let me just tell you how lucky you are.

Today, I'm going to talk about unrequited love... or infatuation, if you think love is such a heavy word.

I have always considered those people who have met their love at a very young age as lucky people. And even luckier if they end up marrying the same person.  I have always wondered how they were able to meet their love so soon without even having to go through rejection, disappointment and heartbreak. How lucky, those girls.

And then, there are those who wait. Those girls who don't meet their love right away. I'm not talking about those who have gotten into so many relationships at an early age. I'm talking about those who have been patiently waiting. Those who, in all honestly, have so much to give yet no one ever seems to notice how big their hearts are. 

I know how you feel because I, too, have been patiently waiting for that one true love God has promised. Let me tell you a short story. I've only had 2 boyfriends my entire life. First one when I was 20. Second one when I was 22. I broke up with the second one more than 4 years ago... and I have been single since then. The first few years, I enjoyed being single. Most especially when I started blogging. I had a new world and met new people. But now that I just turned 27 and not getting any younger, I'm now starting to think about my future. I don't want to grow old alone, you know.
There were a couple of guys I liked. But no matter how I fixed myself, tried to impress, acted nice and so on...none of them ever ended up with me. And then I realized one thing, maybe I was trying to hard!

This is my favorite song about waiting (Where are you - Natalie and Justin Roman)

So, if you are asking why you've been single for so long or why the person you like can't like you back, then this diary entry is just for you! :)

Possible reasons why you just can't attract that person :

1.) You are trying too hard. - Admit it. We girls like to impress. We like to look good to feel good. We love praises and compliments. So we try to fix and improve ourselves. We are lovely and beautiful the way we are...until we get attracted to someone. Then, we try just a bit too hard. Sometimes, you may not notice how trying to "look good" actually  depicts the purpose of it. Over-the-top clothes, too much make-up, being overly nice, being all over the place especially where that person is... And just about everything that we try to do just to get noticed. But what we don't realize is that while we try to impress, we also alter ourselves. Do you notice how comfortable you are with a man you are not interested with? And how conscious you get when you're around a man you like? When you are with someone you don't like, you are natural-you are yourself. But around someone you like, you try to impress, then you lose your natural self-which is your most beautiful version.

2.) You look for love. - As cliche as it may sound, never look for love instead let it find you. I know, this could get really frustrating, I know how you feel! What is "looking for love"? It's when you try to look at almost every guy as possible love target. You always get too excited about the idea of falling in love, rather than meeting the perfect love. Instead of looking for a boyfriend, why not look for a good guy friend? Someone you could talk to, share stories with, eat lunch with without waiting for those bells and sparks? Because really, everything starts with being friends. 

3.) You are not happy being alone. - If you are not happy being alone, then how much more do you expect someone to be happy with you? Men like women who are happy and confident on their own. Those who are confident, and those who know exactly who they are and what they want in life. Start by being appreciative. Appreciate your mom, your pet, your friends, you job, you talents, the music that you listen to... And then when you are truly happy, then you attract the right person for you.

4.) You focus on one person. - It could be a long time crush, a virtual character, a famous singer, that guy you sat beside to in Math class, that guy you often see at the elevator, or that guy "best-friend" of yours who has been in a relationship ever since forever. When you look at something so religiously, your vision gets focused on one subject- everything beside it just gets blurred. Just like in love. When you try to wait for someone to eventually like you, guess what?! They never will! You wait for months...years...but still nothing happens. Try to weigh your feelings and emotions. Do you really like this guy? Is he really worth it? Think it over. When you realize he is not, get over it and move on. True, there are lots of fish in the sea. You just need to be a smart and vigilant fisherman. :)

5.) You don't trust God enough. - I truly believe in God. I believe He has an amazing plan for me. Everything that happens in my life has a purpose. That guy I like who just passed me by? It could be because God knows he will just break my heart in the end. Just like how He plans your life! :) Have faith in God! God will never allow something to happen if it's not meant to happen. Maybe He wants you to take some time off, to enjoy yourself and improve yourself.  Maybe there are still so many things you have to accomplish before you settle with just one person. You just need to hand on tight and trust Him. His plans are even bigger than what you can imagine. :)

If you were able to wait until now, I am sure you will still be able to wait some more. The key here is just to believe and have faith that something better is waiting for you. Wait and believe. Until that perfect man God has created for you finds you. Then he's going to thank you that you sat still and waited for him! :)