Saturday, July 16, 2011


*writing this now so that I never forget that this is one of the most devastating and dream-shattering days of my life.*

People who know me know that one of my dreams is to go to Korea. Not just because of K-pop, please. But because of their way of life, the culture, the people, the places, the weather, their fashion, their beauty, the food, the customs... and I can still go on and on telling you all the reasons why I want to go.

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So when my cousin and I talked about going to Korea together, I was really excited! Then came January 2013. I was surfing the net, as usual, opened my home pages: Facebook, Google and Cebu Pacific Air. There it was, everybody's reason for going to the site, FLIGHT PROMO! Cebu Pacific was on 75% off sale on all their seats! I quickly chose the dates, without even thinking, booked the flight and paid via credit card right away! Alas, ticket to Korea finally settled!

Next problem : Getting the VISA!

Korean Travel Visa Requirements :

  • Application Form 
  • 1 pc colored passport-size  photo
  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Employment certificate
  • Personal bank certificate
  • ITR (form 2316)

What I submitted :

  • Accomplished application form
  • 1 pc passport size photo
  • 4 years valid Passport
  • Employment Certificate
  • Bank Certificate
  • ITR
  • Property Ownership Certificate

I went to the Korean Embassy last week, with my hopes too high that I will be granted with Travel Visa since I submitted every single paper they needed. I was confident since I even added the property certificate which was not even listed; I thought that could help. My bank account wasn't too big, I had more than 50 but less than 100. Reading blogs and websites, many people said there really isn't any concrete reason as to how and why an application would get approved or denied. Many of them said it's just LUCK. So still, I went ahead and tried my luck...

Only to find out, 5 days later.. that..

my application will be DENIED.

I was butt hurt; AM still now. Because after all these years of eating Kimchi, learning the language, loving the culture, liking the people... When I finally had the guts to ask the country to give me permission to go to their main land, I get a big, fat NO.   

I've never liked anything so much like how I wanted to go to Korea. Well, aside from the usual: happy family, big house, health, wealth... you get what I mean! Going to Korea sounded more amusing to me than seeing the Eiffel Tower or running around the streets of the US. That's seriously how bad I wanted it. 

The reason :
MY JOB. I work as an ESL Instructor. Laymans term: English teacher to Koreans. I guess when they saw that I teach English to Koreans, they immediately thought I would escape to Korea and hide there then eventually work as an illegal teacher. Which is really sad. My job was the sole reason why I got into the whole Korean thing. Little did I know that it would be the same reason why I won't be allowed to go.

What I think
I think it's unfair; to have all your dreams shattered in just a snap! Everything's already set. I was so ready to walk the streets of Seoul. To make it easy for you to see the picture: I CRIED...buckets.

See the X sign on the upper left corner? That's the hint.

What I learned from this :
Never assume, never expect. I assumed too much. I planned everything too early! Which was wrong because having high hopes just means giving yourself a higher fall once you fail. 
Never depend on someone else. Before this, I had so many Korean people telling me they want to invite me to Korea and that they'd help me. But when I was already fixing the papers, none of the people really did help. I do understand that it's a big burden and too much responsibility. So next time, I know that when things go tough, I can only depend on myself and my family. 

Well, who knows, it could be NO or it could be a LATER. 

While I was letting all the sadness and the tears flow, at the back of my mind I was thinking maybe God has another plan, a greater purpose. I love God and I know God loves me, too. He would never hurt His child. He would never hurt us. He just wants us to wait, trust Him and learn to wait for the perfect time.

You maybe crying now but you gotta keep the faith in Him. To end this post, let me share one of my favorite quotes. This never fails to lift my hope and enlighten my spirit. :)


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