Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to make Jjapaguri

If you are a fan of G Dragon or if you watch Appa Eodiga? a lot, then you've probably heard about the famous snack in Korea... JJAPAGURI!

Jjapaguri is a combination of Korean instant noodles Jjapageti (짜파게티) and Neoguri (너구리). Jjapageti is a black bean noodle, which is consumed dry while Neoguri is an udon noodle kind in a spicy soup. Mixing the two together produces awesome taste that everyone will surely love, at least in Korea. lol

I asked my friend to go with me to the nearest Korean grocery. My furry pet, Fluffy, also came with us! There are lots of Korean groceries in Manila, let alone in Ortigas, because it's one of the places Koreans stay at. 

Each packet costs around Php 30 to 40 pesos. Depending on how much Ajussi or Ajumma would sell it. ^^

  • Are you a K-pop fan? Yes? Then try it. At least you know what you favorite stars munch on when they're hungry.
  • Are you into Korean food? Yes? Then try it. You can't be a Korean food lover without having to eat what locals in Korea eat.
  • Are you in for some food adventure? Yes? Then try it. There's nothing more exciting than eating a food you have no idea what the taste is like.
  • Are you hungry? Yes? Then why are you still asking. Just eat the noodle! ^^ 


After a couple of minutes, your Jjapaguri is done and ready to be enjoyed! 

For those who are curious, here's my not so good food critiquing ability to tell you what the noodles taste like. :)
I was actually expecting intense taste, like something really spicy and really salty. But the taste turned out to be otherwise. I don't know, maybe it was just me or the way I cooked it but mine was really BLAND. The Jjapageti is also a bit bitter, so the taste was just a combination of bitter and spicy noodles. 

If you are Filipino, then you know how delicious our Lucky Me Pansit Canton is, right? As a Filipino, I'd say our Pansit Canton is more delicious than Jjapaguri. But it could just be me and my tastebuds. Koreans would probably say they prefer theirs over ours, too. But just for the sake of trying it, yes I'd say go for it. 

Have you tried Jjapaguri? Let us know! :)