Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to spend money wisely

My mom always tells me how important it is to spend my money wisely and invest on important things. 

But let's admit it, it's really hard to resist temptation especially when Samsung Galaxy S4, MAC cosmetics, OPI nail polishes, Ipad II, Mango dresses and Balenciaga bags are just around the corner! As the younger generation,  we always tend to spend our money on the  things that won't last forever. Take my Canon 650D dslr as an example. I bought it July 2012 for Php 48,000; today, I went to Canon to find out it only costs Php 38,000! Boo. Please give me back my Php 10,000!

Yes, that's how fast the prices of things depreciate. That's why if you're earning money now, it's best to invest on things that will last longer than a year. Something that you can call your own and something that you'd be able to enjoy for years and years!

Why not consider buying your own home?

What we liked about PINE CREST is that it is situated right in the heart of the city: CUBAO/NEW MANILA! It is located along Aurora Blvd. in Cubao, right beside Robinson's Magnolia and across St. Paul's College in QC.

We also love the homey-vibe of the condominium. It actually feels like living in a townhouse rather a condo. I don't know about you, but I personally prefer to live in a place like this. High-rise homes make me feel sick..and sad, at that. 

Mediterranean inspired home. 

My Mom and I plus our pet, Fluffy, enjoying the cool pool on a hot day!

Now, let's go to MY HOME! ^_^


Very cozy bedroom!

I want this when I get a little more older.

But while I'm still hip and young, I'm choosing this bedroom! :)

Sooo pink and so me.


Since the 3-bedroom unit is waaay too expensive for our pockets, we chose this small yet cozy space. 

This is just their showroom. But would you believe this is only 24 square meters?! It looks so wide, not only in the pictures but also in real life. The interior designer did an awesome job! I want this interior!

I guess that's the secret, never put a regular-sized bed in a tiny space. Sofa-bed always does the trick!

We are still in the process of getting everything settled...but we do pray that God grants us this.. A place we can can call home. Something I can call MINE! Yay!

This post was not sponsored by Vista Residences. (How I wish! Free unit at Vista Residences! Who would say no?! lol) But if you are interested to invest in your OWN home, you may contact 0915-315-34-00 or 0918-399-58-19

While we are young, we should learn to spend our income wisely. Like what people always say, it's not always rainbows and butterflies. There will come a time rain will pour so you have to be ready for that. Gadgets and clothes and make-ups, you can buy little of those.. What matters is what you do with your money now so it can give you a better outcome in the future. :)

Get your unit now! Who knows, we could be neighbors one day. I'd do your nails and braid your hair often! lol