Saturday, August 17, 2013

Personality Development and ENCHANTED Makeup Demo at Informatics College

New readers know that I am a nail, fashion and DIY YouTuber while old (and attentive) readers would know that make-up was what I really wanted to do when I started this blog and YouTube. 

I was invited to a Personality Development Training at Informatics College in Alabang to demonstrate how to apply make-up to some incoming college students. I was really nervous at first because it was my first time to speak in front about make-up. Gladly, the nervousness became eagerness and excitement later on. So here's what happened at the event!

The event was hosted by Summatrade, the maker of Enchanted cosmetics. Summatrade distributes cosmetics to some famous brands like Plains and Prints, Watsons, etc. They just recently launched their own line of cosmetics called Enchanted so they contacted me to demonstrate how to use their cosmetics. Thanks to Ms. Nadz for contacting me and trusting me! :)

Enchanted cosmetics by Summatrade. They now have their own line of eyeshadow, blush and lisptick!

Then the training/demo begins! Ahh, the feels of being inside the classroom again! It was back in 2009 when I last went inside an actual classroom! I never thought I'd said this but now I honestly miss going to school!

I was so nervous because the original plan was to demo it to 3rd and 4th year university students. When we got there, they told me my audience are going to be incoming freshman students! Yay! Younger audience means less expectations, less stress and just more fun!

I would like to thank the students for being so polite and behave the whole time. They were so attentive and they really listened to my talk. 

I first talked about the importance of make-up and how it transforms us and enhances our appearance. I also showed them an example of a basic make-up kit that contains the essential makeup. It was cute how they all said they just use Johnson's baby powder on their face! Ahh, baby soft skin! 

Now time for the make-up demo. The proctor in the room pre-chose a model for me. Thanks Jennifer for being so game and for not declining our request. :)

Oh! One fun fact! It was so cool how the students and I instantly jived the moment they found out I was an English teacher to Koreans and that I am also a K-pop fan like them! I always find it amazing how K-pop instantly becomes an ice breaker when I meet people for the first time! 

Seeing how all of their eyebrows are still untouched, I taught them the basics of eyebrow shaping. Of course, I didn't forget to remind them to keep their brows natural, nothing too thin and arch-y! 

They were really attentive! Though they're still very young, they still showed interest.

The talk was sooo fun that I forgot I only had 1 hour in hand. I had to hurry! Final touch was to braid my model's hair. 

Final look! I'm such a bad blogger for forgetting to take before and after photos! And our last photo is blurry! :( If you can't see clearly, we just went for a natural look. The students requested for an everyday K-pop look for their age, so I focused the look on the eyes: eyeliner, lashes and all. And simple looking pink lips. 

Thanks to Enchanted Cosmetics for this event!

After the event, my friend and I went to the mall. I would also like to thank my friend, Arrienne. She's like my blogger/event buddy! I always ask her to go with me to blog events. I would never survive an event without someone to come with me. So I am thankful that she always comes with me. Most especially to this event, I never would have survived it without all her help! :)

So that's my first-ever make-up gig! Yay! Now I'm wondering if I should start doing make-up tutorials on my YouTube channel as well? What do you think?