Sunday, August 18, 2013


A good worker, practical, determined and a builder who takes responsibility well. Those are the some of the words that define Debenham. Now you may think that I'm trying to describe myself here... To be honest, I got the title from the store where I took these photos at: Debenhams.

I went to a personality development workshop where I demonstrated how to apply make-up to some incoming college students. It was a lot of fun! After the event, my friend and I decided to unwind a little by going to my favorite mall (Trinoma!). It was already getting dark, raining outside even, so we just decided to take some outfit shots inside the mall. We were walking around, trying to find a good spot, when we saw how bright the path infront of Debenhams was, so we immediately snapped some photos even before their staff shoo us away! lol

So here's what I wore to the make-up demo event!

Leopard print cropped top (Forever 21)

Gold chain bracelet (Forever 21)          Slim gold belt (YRYS)         Boyfriend watch(Timex)

Skater / Round skirt (Thrifted)

Gold wings earrings (Thrifted)   Leopard, Studs and Gold Nail Art (by me!)

It was a little awkward to swing around while people were looking at me. And photo-bombers were unavoidable. But just for the sake of blogging, I'll take all the awkwardness and stares in. :) 

What do you think about this outfit?