Thursday, September 19, 2013

Subspace Coffee House

Today is Chuseok (Thanksgiving) Day in Korea. I work at a Korean company and since clients are on vacation, we too got a one-day off! We go home late at night, when establishments are all closed and the roads are almost dead. So we took the opportunity to go out on a weekday and go to a place we've been wanting to go to- Subspace Coffee House!

If you love coffee and enjoy listening to Korean songs then this place is for you!

First of all, try to spot me in the first photo!

LOCATION : Subspace Coffee House is located at Unit 03, GF Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig

What you'll like about the cafe is that it is different from other coffee shops you know. Subspace has cozy and care-free vibe that will definitely make hanging out with friends or chilling alone more enjoyable. 

See for yourself! :)

Even from outside, the unique cafe decoration is visible. Intertwined wooden-chairs used as ceiling accent. They don't always have them, but when we came, there were colorful balloons hanging, too. 

I loved that every corner in the cafe is so photo-ready! I immediately thought "pre-nup" and "debut" photo-shoots! I found some on Google here and here

Every corner was prettily decorated. But I got excited the most when I saw these stuff!
I love how the owner has so much more Infinite stuff than those of other group's! I got really tempted to buy those albums and pin buttons that I know I will never ever use but I killed the idea when I remembered I need money for my One Great Step vvvvvip ticket!

Moving on, don't forget to bring a camera when you go here! I'm telling you, every corner is so photogenic you wouldn't be able to resist. Here's their newly painted mural. Try to find your bias' logo.

I really like restaurants and establishments that allow customers to take photos of their store/items. They are so smart that they know each photo is equivalent to free advertising. Free advertising for you, nice Instagram photos for us! lol

Time to order! 

They serve coffee, juice, waffle, and some pastry. They didn't allow me to take a photo of their menu, though, But you imagine the usual stuff already, don't you? :)

Short story! I used to research a lot about tourist spots in Seoul. On top of the list,always, is Coffee Prince Shop in Hongdae. But to the tourists dismay, almost all of them are saying it won't be a nice idea to go to the shop since it's already beginning to get old and messy plus the baristas and the manager aren't very nice and friendly.

Ha! How about our own version in Manila, then? I looove the baristas here! So polite, warm and friendly!  

I even requested for some Infinite songs. And guess what, they did grant my request! 9 Infinite songs the whole time we were there. Destiny, Man In Love, Still I Miss You, The Chaser, Because, Without You, Special Girl, 60 Seconds - Sunggyu, 60 Seconds - Infinite. My ears were soo happy! :) 

My friends told me to just listen to my mp3 since they know I have all the songs already. But I know you would agree when I say it's different when you listen to a song you like alone on your mp3 than when you hear it aloud in public and other people can hear it too, yes?

Too much talking, me! Here's what we ordered! I forgot the exact names and prices. But I did order Peanut Butter Latte(P145) and Cinnamon Donut(P50), which were all good!! My friend ordered the famous Big Bang Waffle(P170). Delicious, too!

I love how only one of them is a Kpop fan (not even Infinite fan) yet we all enjoyed and had a great time! It's really fun when your friends allow you to be who and what you really are without judging you. I was singing along to the songs yet none of them gave me a bad look. People are lucky when they find true friends! 

Tired of the usual crowded and plain coffee shops? Visit Subspace, too! I'm sure you will enjoy the place as much as my friends and I did! Will definitely be coming back. Who knows, you might spot me there sometime! They are open Mondays to Saturdays, 8 am until 11 pm.

All I can say is, Subspace is hash tag AWESOME! 

Thanks for reading!