Thursday, October 31, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Costume + Nail Art

Coming from a country where dressing up for Halloween is not really popular, I rarely put a lot of effort on what I'll be wearing. My mom did buy me a witch costume when I was in elementary, though. This year is different! I decided to dress up a bit more special. I decided to be Alice!

Where to get the dress : link here

Price : $42.70
I got the dress from a website called They have a lot of pretty costumes, dresses and lingerie. Even if Halloween is over, Christmas is just around the corner so I am sure you'll be needing something to wear by then. Check out their website for more items!

Since Alice's dress is too pretty, I decided to create a nail art design that would match the dress.

Also had a little too much fun injecting myself in these photos! 

Here's the nail art design I came up with!

Please watch the video :

What do you think?

It's so fun to dress up as someone else every once in a while! I wonder if I should dress up as a villain next? *bwahahahah*

I hope your Halloween party was a blast!