Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jewelry Haul + Giveaway (SouFeel.com)

Hi everyone, we have a little early Christmas gift for 1 lucky reader care of SouFeel.com!

SouFeel.com contacted me a few weeks ago and told me they would send me some early Christmas gift. I got more excited when they told me they would give some items to a reader, too. But first, let's see the items that I got from their website. 

Please watch the video! :)

What I got :
Sterling Silver Anchor Pendant Necklace - $17.95 (link
One Wing Gold Ring with Swarovski - $11.95 (link
Swarovski Crystal Leopard/Panther Ring - $15.95 (link)
Swarovski Phoenix Earrings - $12.95 (link)
Angel Wing Swarovski Earrings - $11.95 (link)
Water Drop Earrings - $11.95 - (link)
Open Heart Pave Stud Silver Earrings - $17.95 (link
Leather Charm Bracelet Chain - $19.95 (link)
Pink Heart Silver Charm - $13.95 (link)
Silver Charm - $11.95 (link)

* * *

Here are the giveaway mechanics :
1.) Subscribe to my YouTube channel, RealAsianBeauty
2.) Subscribe to SouFeel's YouTube channel, SouFeelJewelry
3.) Like SouFeel on Facebook, here
4.) Go to SouFeel.com and browse your favorite item
5.) Go back to this post and leave a comment below and tell us your favorite item/s. Don't forget to include your e-mail address so we can contact you! :)

Very easy! Giveaway is open International until October 20, 2103. You may choose 1 or more items not more than $60! :)

Good luck!  

Oh, don't forget that EVERYONE may use my 10% OFF discount code : BEAUTY10 on all items!