Monday, November 11, 2013

Wear Your Color Proud : My Experience

2 weeks ago, L'oreal Professional announced a very exciting news! They are giving me and 1 lucky reader a hair color make-over! They are giving this to me along with 9,000 more Filipinas who could Wear Their Color Proud!

As always, fruit machine random name picker is my assistant! :)

So, me and my reader went to Tony and Jackey salon in SM North Edsa! 

I apologize if the Korean guy is actually staring at you. Didn't see him there when I took the photo.

Busy busy salon!

I've always admired the Koreans for their trendy hair. Not the ahjumma perm hairstyle, ok? lol. Maybe it's because I'm so exposed to the Korean wave that's why I got to appreciate their unique taste in fashion and beauty... But yeah, if you are into Korean beauty, you'll love Tony and Jackey because all their stylists are Koreans!

So here's my lucky winner, Lyzette. She even came to SM North all the way from Paranaque. Thanks! :)

It's her first time ever to color her hair.

Also struggling with my camera as my lens' auto focus feature decided to break. Oh well, good excuse to finally get the 50mm lens that I've been delaying to buy, don't you think?

Korean stylist doing Lyzette's hair.

First timers! Here's an advise you must take by heart! If you have dark/black hair and want to have brown hair, always pick a color that your mom won't allow! (lol!) I mean, pick something like an intense brown or close to blonde color. The color won't show up really well if you pick a dark tone!

Lyzette was too excited to pick her color...maybe even scared? lol. She picked a really dark tone. :( I wish I could have urged her more to pick a really lighter shade. But, I guess she's happy with it! :)

* * *

Now, my turn!

So here's my hair prior to the coloring. My stylist was a bit angry that I had my hair cellophaned. Turns out, coloring hair using cellophane is not very good and totally unflattering because it's uneven and makes hair super dry. No wonder, my hair is so ugly! :)

One of my hair role models is definitely Camille Co! I love her choices of hair colors! I know I have a photo of her on my phone. But when I was looking for it to show to my stylist, it was not there anymore. So, I just picked the lightest shade.

They are using L'oreal Professional products on us. Not sure about the exact shade but this is #13 from their color guide.

My "ombre" hair.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of my stylist. You'd think I was taking a photo of my hair, but I was just really trying to take a photo of her.

윤아씨 너무 예뻐요! ㅋㅋ I'm such a fan girl, it's not even funny anymore! :p

They have this awesome mirror with screen that I don't even know how to describe!

They gave me the keyboard... and you know which site I visited, right? 

Done with coloring. Now, Yoona is styling my hair.

Yay! No more ugly black roots!

Our newly colored hair!

And with my pretty Stylist, Yoona. I think she kind of looks like Iwa Moto, doesn't she?

I'm so happy with my hair color! I also like the hairstyle that Yoona did on me. She asked me what I wanted. I told her to just do what she thinks would look best on me. And she did this!

To be honest, it's very rare that I walk out of a salon feeling really pretty and contented. Most of the time, I would be depressed because the stylist cut my hair way too short, made my hair really dry due to chemicals or just wasn't able to get the hair color or style that I wanted. But when I walked out of Tony and Jackey, I felt so pretty! haha! I even texted my friends and asked if anyone wanted to go out since I felt it was such a waste to go home looking like this. My friends love me as none of them was available that day. So what do you know, I just went home! haha

I'm really happy with my hair color! Now, I can wear my color proud! Yay!

* * *

November 11-15 is Wear Your Color Proud Week!
Loreal Professional Ph together with their partner salons are offering a 1+1 hair color promo! From November 11 to November 15 2013, enjoy a new hair color for you and for 1 friend for the price of 1! Visit Loreal's partner salons to know more about their promo!
  • Tony and Jackey
  • Bench Fix Salon
  • Le Salon
  • Regine's
Or visit their Facebook page for more information!