Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My office mates were my photographers but now that I am a full-time blogger, finding (and bugging) someone to take my pictures have become a bit difficult. My cousin visited me one day so I asked her to take my pictures. I never knew how hassle-free it is to shoot on a Sunday! The roads are clear and there are only a few people on the road. We walked around my neighborhood to look for a good spot for the shoot.

We found this hidden spot a block away from my house. It's kind of forest-y, though. I originally wanted to take photos in front of a mansion because the gate was just so pretty. But the guard on duty told us to go away. lol. If I were blessed enough to live in a mansion and see people in front of my house, I would never shoo them away. It only means that they think my house is nice, right? Oh well...

Kind of reminds me of Lazarus and the rich man's parable...

Skirt :
Heels : CMG
Necklace :

What do you think of this outfit?


Thanks to Justine for the photos!