Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5 Beauty Products I Regret Buying

Have you ever bought something you thought you really like while you were at the store but end up regretting ever buying it when you get home? How about buying something just because it was hyped on the net, suggested by a friend or simply because you couldn't resist the nice sales attendant? 

I don't have a lot of beauty and make-up products simply because I can't be too adventurous when it comes to my skin... but I still have some products laying around in my bedroom that I wish I never bought.

Here are some of them :

I hope you were able to watch the video so you could have seen how the products actually work and why I don't like them.

I'm not really a big spender when it comes to make-up. I'd rather spend more bucks on items that really work instead of having hundreds of a kind that don't work at all. I just have a few that I really love and often use. ^^

How about you? Are there any makeup or beauty products that you regret buying? Share them with us!