Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things I got for Christmas and New Year!

Hello, guys and girls! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I am back in Tarlac to spend more time with my grandfather(Lolo). They don't have internet connection so the only chance I get to stay connected with you guys is to go to our relative's house and connect to their wifi for a while. I miss you guys and I miss the constant posts and videos I make... but I know that if I miss this chance to spend more time with my Lolo, I will never have the chance again.

It's so weird that my grandfather is bed ridden, can't walk, can't stand and can't barely speak and open his eyes yet he's still able to teach me some lessons. Just this morning, I wept because I was so touched when I saw two barbers that came to our house to cut his hair and trim his mustache. I realized what a good man he was when he was still able that people still go out of their way like that just to do simple things for him like trim his hair. I realized that it's not about giving money or luxurious gifts that will determine how people will treat you when you get older. It's actually about how you treat them when you are still able. Now that my grandfather is weak, the only words I hear from people here in Tarlac are about how kind and good-hearted he was back then. It hit me. All the sincere good things and good deeds you do when you're young will be all be repaid sincerely when you reach your nightfall. I am so thankful that I was still given the chance to spend time with him. Even for a while...

There are really lots of things to be thankful for in this life! All you have to do is to feel from your heart and be truly grateful, always.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Some of them are material things... like these things I got for Christmas and for New Year. This post may be 15 days behind but better late than never, right?

Please watch the video here to see all the things I got :

I like all of them, but my favorites are the YouTube Tumbler from my Mom, the personalized Forever Flawless dog tag with my name on it from Forever Flawless Clinic and the Beauty Blender from my cousin in California, Em Em.

I remeber when I was still teaching Koreans at my old office... Koreans are generally busy and stressed most of the time. At times, I would speak to an adult student and he'd/she'd tell me about how stressful life in Korea is and how there's nothing to be happy about. I would always tell them to get a notebook and a pen and each night, write a thing or two that they're grateful for that day. At first, it could be hard to commit doing that, especially if you're not really that type of person. But it really helps to open your eyes, look around and appreciate the little things in life. For when years go by, we never know that those little things could be the great things that would really impact us.

It's a warm and sunny day here in Tarlac.Thanks for reading today!