Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I haven't uploaded any ootd post for so long that I forgot how I do it. I honestly had to check my previous posts to see how I put the credits and the links. Have you guys missed my "feelingera" outfit of the day posts? hehe

I've kept this dress in my closet for so long because I was saving it for a special occasion and also because this is a bit too revealing to be worn in my country. It's not that our fashion sense is outdated nor because we are too conservative but because there are just many annoying cat-callers on our streets! The last thing a woman here would want is a creepy greeting from a random guy. Geesh, there are just a lot of things I wish us Filipinos could improve or stop doing that just wishing about it already makes me sad.

Anyway, I finally wore it so I thought of sharing some photos! 

Leopard-print Maxi Dress - Sammydress.com
Heels - CMG 
Hat - Penshoppe
Sunglasses - Sunnies
Necklace/Rings - H&M (gift from SG reader,Mae)

I also recently turned 29! I don't know if I should be happy because I am getting older or if I should be sad because I AM getting older. They say age is just a number, though, so here I am embracing my numbers, literally! hehe

To be honest, I don't feel 29 yet. To some, I don't even look 29. But for me, getting a bit older doesn't only mean being out of the calendar, having saggy skin and having more stress and responsibilities. Getting older means being more wise and mature. I am 29 but I still play with kids and act silly sometimes because... why not? There are too many stressful things in our lives and for me, a good way of de-stressing is to get out of your zone every now and then. We are going to be "old" for the next years of our lives so why not do some childish and fun stuff while you still can? Life is short, anyway. ^^

I'm sorry, did I mumble throughout the post? I told you I forgot how I do this. I just hope I could meet my friends often again so I could force-ask them again to take some photos like this for me. I honestly missed my ootd posts, though a little "feelingera"! hehe Did you miss it too?

Thanks for reading!



Thanks to my friend, Flora, the photos!