Saturday, November 28, 2015

How To Deal With Menstrual Cramps

Now that I am an adult, one of the things that I have come to learn is that there is a remedy to anything and everything and that not all pain and sickness should be remedied by immediately taking medicine. Let's take Menstrual Cramps or Dysmenorrhea as an example. Not every woman experiences this every month. I am one of the unlucky people that get this every month. Consistent. No if's nor but's. 

Today, I'll share with you some remedies I do when I get menstrual cramps on my red days.

Please watch the short video I did on how to deal with menstrual cramps. 
(I would appreciate if you would watch it since I spent days and days filming and editing the video.hehe)

One of the most effective way to relax the muscle and to ease the pain is by taking warm and fragrant tea. Warm drink relaxes contracting muscles in your abdomen area that causes the pain. While the fragrance and contents of the tea eases out the pain and stimulates the brain that gives your body the signal to feel pain.

Another great advice is to use the right pad. Using bulky and less absorbent pad will make you feel stuffy, uncomfortable and unrelaxed. The last thing you would want when you're on your period is to feel uncomfortable. Having your period already is uncomfortable. So, why make yourself suffer even more by using the wrong pad?

What are the characteristics of a right pad?

  • No stuffy feeling
  • Super absorbent
  • Thin / should not be bulky
  • Should not leak nor give you red stain
  • Should smell nice
  • Long enough to protect until the back area

Guess what? The new sanitary pad technology from Japan, the Whisper Skin Love, possesses all those characteristics! It is thin, super absorbent, no stuffy feeling, smells nice and is super long!

I remember before, I used to ask my cousins in California to buy me the pad that they use there because it's super thin and long. Now that Whisper Skin Love is here, I am happy to know that I can buy it and use it anytime I want without having to ask relatives from the US to buy some for me! The thought of it just makes me excited! Hehe Yes, super absorbent, thin and long pads make me excited! :)

So even when you are on your period, you can smile as brightly as me in the picture when you know that you are well protected, cared for and loved. The new Whisper Skin Love pad got us covered!

If you haven't tried any of the tips I mentioned in the video, I suggest trying them the next time you feel menstrual pain. They work, I promise!

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