Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10 Songs That Would Remind Me Of 2015

Do you believe that certain songs have power over our emotions? It's crazy how one song could take us back in time and connect us to the past. How and why does this happen, though? It's because when we hear a song, it stimulates our brain. Whatever it was we were feeling when we first heard the song, or whoever we were with when we were listening to it, stays on our brain. So when we hear it again, even after long, long years, the brain brings back emotions and memories from the past. 

2015 has been a crazy journey for me. Like a roller coaster! Started out well and smooth, then some fun loops of experiences and achievements happened, until it gave me a crazy-steep downfall! But I'd like to believe my 2015 was just one roller coaster ride at a theme park! Good news is, there are still a lot of equally fun rides to take!

I will forever remember my 2015. For all the achievements and victories, experiences I had, love I felt, places I've visited, people that came and people that left.  Here are 10 songs that would give me nostalgia and take me back to my 2015 when I hear in the future.

1.) Thinking Out Loud

2.) Whip / Nae Nae

3.) Worth It

4.) Dessert

5.) Twerk it Like Miley

6.)  See You Again

7.) Love Me Like You Do

8.) Ikaw

9.) Sorry Na

10.) Magkabilang Mundo

Some songs would remind me of fun events and certain people while some songs would remind me of pain and goodbye.  

Instead of the usual Year-End post I make each year, I decided to create this playlist. I'm going to leave something to your imagination rather than just laying out to you all the reasons why this is my 2015 playlist. And like what they say, music is enough to convey feelings and emotions. I hope you like it, though!

How about you? What songs would best remind you of you 2015?