Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trying 10 Exotic Filipino Food!!

One of the things on my Bucket List is to eat exotic food! I have been wanting to try stuff like frogs and bugs (salagubang) since a lot of people in Tarlac tell me it's good. 

When my sister, Karen, came here to the Philippines last November 2016, I decided it was time for me to finally taste those exotic food! I thought, as well, it would be more fun to share it on our YouTube channel since my sister has never tried any exotic Filipino food before.

Here's what we ate in the video!

Most of the food we featured in the video aren't really considered "exotic" here in the Philippines anymore! Crazy! Why?? It's because stuff like Chicken intestine, chicken feet, cow intestine and balot are sold in the streets and considered "usual"!

But my sister has never tried any of them before so I was excited for her to try them! As for myself, I was excited to try the frogs since I've never eaten them before. I also wanted to know if they actually taste similar to chicken meat.

Here is the video where we ate different EXOTIC FOOD! We were in Tarlac when we filmed it so it was just the perfect location!

We never would have done this challenge without the help of my cousin, Glenn! He helped us catch, buy, cook and prepare the snails, frogs, birds and field rats!!

I used to really love Tarlac. I have even planned that when I get richer, I'd buy a small lot there and build a small house where I could spend vacations and serve as my rest house. The place is really perfect. I love how simple life is. 

So simple that you could go to the field near your house and catch frogs and snails! It's also amazing how the skies and sunsets in Tarlac are always so lovely! Always so picturesque!

Let me take this chance to share this cute photo of me and Glenn's son, James. This photo was taken while Glenn was getting some snails for us. Those are surely edible snails, so don't worry about my health! hehe

Isn't James the cutest? He's so cute, you can tell he'd be so handsome when he gets older. I can see half of his features from his Dad, Glenn and half of his features from his Mom, Lovely. Soooo cute!

Okay, back to the frogs. They do taste similar to the taste of chicken meat, but more on the breast part. I wish there was a better way to cut them, though, so they won't look like frogs when served on the table. 

If you watched the video, you'd even hear Glenn's voice in the background directing us which food to eat first and which one to eat next. Here is a photo of us with her wife, Lovely! Ahh, I miss these 3 people. My sister is now back in Japan while Glenn and Lovely are in Tarlac.

So, that was our Exotic Food Challenge!! Did you enjoy the video? I hope you did!

I also want to know if you have tried any exotic food before! If you haven't yet, tell us which of the food we tried would you be brave enough to try as well. Hehe