Monday, February 22, 2016

Korean Beauty Products Haul (Althea Korea PH)

I love Korean products! Some of the many reasons why I like their products are their wide range of choices, product contents, effectivity and packaging!

I discovered an online shop that recently launched here in the Philippines. It's called Althea Korea. It is an online shop that is currently operating in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. They just recently launched here in our country, by the way! What you will surely love about this shop is that they ship their products straight from Seoul, Korea! That makes their prices cheaper compared to other online shops. You can also be sure that the products you are getting from them are authentic!

Here is my haul video showing the products that I got straight from Korea!

What are the PROs of shopping online?

  • You get to buy stuff without having to step outside your home.
  • You can also go shopping even if you have a lot of things to do. (Overtime at work. Stuck in traffic,etc)
  • Most online shops offer Free Shipping.
  • Since you are already on the internet, you can read blog reviews first before actually buying.
  • Most parcels will be sent directly to your home! Now, that is hassle-free!

You will enjoy all the things I mentioned above if you shop at Althea Korea.

They offer Free Shipping to their customers. If you also sign up on their website on their opening month, February 2016, you will get 300 Free Shopping Credits. That is like P300 more for you to let you buy few more products! They have a lot to offer their buyers this month but I am so forgetful so kindly check Althea Korea's website HERE for more information about their products and promos!

Which among the products I showed are you most curious or excited about? I have already tried most of them and they were impressive! I also filmed another review video so please stay tuned!

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