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MYRA Vitamin E Benefits on ACNE Prone Skin | RealAsianBeauty Acne

As someone who has acne-prone and imperfect skin, I perfectly know how difficult it is to deal with skin issues. One day, skin is clear and glowing then the next day, it's rough and dull. People who have dealt with acne will understand the struggle.

One of the advices I give to people who seek for my help regarding skin is that they should ALWAYS START FROM WITHIN. 

Starting from "within" means treating the acne where it is actually coming from and to also live healthy and stay healthy. Aside from getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and eating the right foods, it is also important we indulge our body to vitamins and minerals.

One of the MOST EFFECTIVE vitamins when it comes to helping the skin get better and become glowing is MYRA VITAMIN E 400 IU. It has many important roles in helping keep our organs and tissues well-functioning and maintaining our health. 


MYRA VITAMIN E is the leading brand of Vitamin E here in the Philippines. 
It helps the body produce red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body. It boosts the immune system therefore helping us fight infection and others. Also, vitamin e is an important antioxidant that helps stabilize free radicals. When we are exposed to these toxins (or sunlight), it could lead to skin aging. 

Daily intake of Myra Vitamin E may help avoid some diseases and it may also prevent skin degeneration. In lay man's term, taking Myra Vitamin E may help in achieving our ultimate dream of having clear, radiant and glowing skin!

To show you a true-to-life transformation, here are my Before and After photos:

Before taking MYRA Vitamin E, I could say I looked like sh*t. My hair was dry, my skin was rough and it looks so bad. You will also see acne-breakout going on. 

After finishing 1 bottle of the Myra Vitamin E, here's how my skin looked. Yes, in the photo, I did my brows, applied mascara and some lip tint. But my skin is 100% bare. Though my acne scars are still visible, you will notice that my hair appears healthier, my skin has that unexplainable glow and the acne breakout somehow lessened. You will notice that there is a certain kind of glow. Like, the glow of being sincerely happy and extremely in love. (If you like cheesy lines, that's for you!)

If you are a first-time reader, allow me to give you an overview of my skin. I used to have extreme acne-breakout. You can read more about it if you go to my ALL ABOUT ACNE blog section. Anyway, my skin was so bad, it looked impossible to heal. So, if you compare my skin before and then my skin after taking MYRA Vitamin E, you will see how greatly it has improved!

For more details about my MYRA VITAMIN E experience and 
to see my skin in motion, please watch the video below!

Here are other things you want to know about MYRA VITAMIN E

Each Myra E 400 IU 30 capsules cost Php 355 per bottle. 

Each bottle comes with 30 capsules which you can take 1 a day. To allow the vitamin to take full effect on the body, take it before bed time with luke warm water. Doing so will allow it to be fully absorbed by your body while it regenerates while you're sleeping.

Myra E's first function is to act as an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals in the body. It could help you by giving you cleared and glowing skin but it does not directly whiten the skin. 

Certain vitamins are good for pregnant women. But high dosage of it may be harmful to pregnancy therefore it wise to avoid it.  

Overall, I am really happy with how MYRA VITAMIN E helped me achieve cleared skin and a glowing complexion. For only Php 355 monthly, I would say this is a pretty good skin maintenance, especially if you are dealing with acne and other skin conditions. 

My last advice would be to take lots and lots of water with it. Water is the universal solvent and trust me when I say that there is nothing water can't do.

Don't forget to check out MYRA VITAMIN E's website for more info about their products. Check out my unique link and feature on their website HERE.

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