Friday, December 15, 2017

Shooting a Commercial with Marlou aka Xander Ford! | FLAWLESS BULACAN

Would you like to know how deep my blog backlogs are? I could go as far as December 2016 and would still have tons to post with the same date stamp. 

Do you want a perfect example? Here is a blog of my shoot for Flawless with Maxene Magalona and Marlou Arizala. It was a Christmas campaign for flawless that dates back to 2016!!! On top of that, Marlou was still known as Marlou and not Xander Ford!!

As some of you may already know, I am a Flawless baby. I have reviewed, featured and endorsed some of their treatments many times. I was so happy when they featured me last year in one of their holiday ads.

The shoot was held at SM in Bulacan. I clearly remember that moment, though it was exactly a year ago, since my BF came with me to the shoot. 

That was also when Flawless celebrated their 15th ANNIVERSARY. Take note, however, that they are now on their 16TH YEAR!! Yay! Congratulations, Flawless!

Here is Maxene's backview before we proceed to the vlog video.

Getting myself done by a PRO MUA, always the best feeling!

Look who's behind the camera. :)

Here is one side of me most of you guys probably don't know - I ENJOY MY TIME ALONE. Not because I can't get along with others but because that is just really how I am. I am saying this because I noticed some viewers on YouTube tend to misunderstand this side of me. When I am at events with other Vloggers, they tend to think I distance myself... But that is just really how I am. I am somehow an introvert and more of an observer than a talker. Mostly a wallflower than a jester. We all have different upbringing and environment hence different attitude and character, right? :)

Though that side of me is misunderstood at times, I am still a very, very loyal friend. When I like you, that means I am comfortable with you and I trust you. Am I making sense now? Hehe

Anyway, here's our BTS! Flawless is really one of my favorite brands not only because they helped me improve my skin but also because everyone is just so kind and warm, even the CEO herself is. 

Oops, before I forgot! Selfie with some artistas! 

Now, do we want to touch the topic of Marlou's plastic surgery and image changing? I know for a fact his plastic surgeries were NOT done in Flawless. I also know he's been getting MORE hate after the surgery. I haven't met him since he changed his face and name but I just have to say the Marlou that I met was a funny and nice kid. I met him twice already. The first time, he was nice and funny. The second time, he was even the first to say "Hi, Ate Kristine."

It's a pity he had to resort to changing his whole identity and image... and we really won't know what is going through his mind. I am also not sure how much he has changed character wise. But I can just say that when I met him as Marlou, he was NICE.

See? He even modeled for my RealAsianBeauty T-Shirt!!! Hehehe

So, that's how our Flawless Christmas shoot went. We were in Bulacan around 6PM and left at around 6AM. Hehehe I felt soooo bad for my BF because he looked sooo sleepy but he held it up because he wanted to be there to support me.

I hope you guys have been following my ACNE STORY and my skin journey with Flawless. To READ MORE about my ACNE & SKIN, simply CLICK HERE to go to all of my acne-related posts. 

Happy holidays, everyone!

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