Thursday, January 4, 2018

Contact Lens Guide for Dark ASIAN Eyes

Colored contact lenses transform any face and look in an instant. That is why celebrities and even YouTube vloggers resort to wearing them. They come in various colors, designs and sizes to match any skin tone, hair color, look and of course, natural eye color. 

I personally love wearing colored contact lenses. Even though I have almost perfect vision, I still wear them for aesthetic purpose. I love experimenting and trying various styles and colors, depending on my current hair color, my mood for the day and the look I want to go for. 

Here in the Philippines, there are only limited shops that sell contact lenses. Most of them only have limited styles while the others sell them for really high prices! But when I was in Seoul, Korea, I noticed they have a lot of contact lenses shops. They even have a lot of stores that only specializes in selling circle and color contact lenses!

I know what you are going to say next, we can't all go to Seoul to shop for contact lenses. Well, that is the reason why we have the internet, don't we?

I discovered a Korean online shop called COLORCL.COM. They specialize in contact lenses. What's good about this shop is that they are based in Seoul and all of their products are authentic, safe and Korea-made!

There are a lot of things I like about this online shop! 

  • I love that their products all fit the Korean standard in beauty.
  • I love the packaging of their lenses.
  • I love the fact that even though they are an online shop, they ship the parcel straight to your home. If you don't like going to the post office to claim parcels, you will get me.
  • I love that their items arrive to you in less than a week after ordering.
  • I love that they give Korean masks as freebies.
  • I love that their lenses are light, airy and comfortable.
  • I love how they have a lot of products on their shop therefore allowing me to have several styles to choose from.

To see how the contact lenses look on me, WATCH the vlog below.

CONTACT LENS SWATCHES (Dark Brown, Asian Eyes) 

I ordered 10 pairs of lenses from their shop. But if I must choose my favorite, I have to say it's the HENRY'S BLOSSOM in Cherry. I'm more inclined into using the uncircled lenses. But this pair of lenses, though circled, still gives natural vibe and decent color. Not overly dramatic, striking nor fake. 

*click the name of the lens for more information*

Their lenses cost around $15 to $30 per pair. I would say that is a decent price for a pair of contact lenses considering they are made and shipped directly from my beloved Seoul, South Korea!

If you liked any of their contact lenses I showed on this post, go ahead and check out their website COLORCL.COM! Like what I always say I will not recommend anything I do not personally like. And these lenses are really of great quality! 

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