Wednesday, May 30, 2018

LÓREAL PARIS Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights | HAIR COLOR TUTORIAL

Do you like DIY coloring on your hair? I really can't remember the last time I had a full-color from a salon. Because of the growth of hair products in the market and the rise of online tutorials, consumers nowadays prefer doing things on their own. One of those things is coloring their hair.

I've tried couple of brands but this is the one I use at the moment - 
Lóreal Paris Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights

PRICE : Php 399 per box

WHERE TO BUY : Available at local drugstores like Watson's & Mercury Drug.
Also available at departments stores and online shops like Lazada

  • Protective Serum
  • Coloring Creme
  • Developer 
  • Comb Applicator
  • Conditioning Balm
  • Gloves

For this video,  I asked my friend to be my model so I could properly demonstrate how to use the Lóreal Ultra Lights. 

Here's the BEFORE and AFTER


It is important to note the condition of the hair before proceeding to hair coloring.
Is the hair virgin or rebonded? Has is been colored before? Take into consideration those things because those would affect the outcome of the color. Rebonded hair, when colored, may turn out dry, sometimes even damaged. It's not always because of the hair coloring product but because the hair structure of rebonded hair is thin and weak as opposed to natural, untreated ones. The color on the box may also differ when used on rebonded hair because the hair structure is different. The color will also be vibrant if used on thin and light-colored hair as compared when used on dark or black hair.

Luckily, my model has untreated, thin and light-colored hair so I only used 1 box. I was also able to achieve the desired color because her hair condition is healthy. 


Here is the result! It was a bit dark outside when we finished coloring and the lighting inside my room isn't as decent as natural sunlight. The hair color is much more vibrant and saturated in person.

Also because of the lighting I have, the color seems patchy and uneven. But I promise it looks better in real life. Also, have you noticed how colored hair appear more vibrant around 3 days after coloring? It is when the hair color really sets in that we see the true, vibrant shade of the hair.

Nonetheless, I really like the result. My friend also loved her new hair color!

PROs :

  • Product is affordable at Php 399 compared when going to the salon
  • This product lifts hair color up to 4X LIGHTER
  • No bleaching required
  • 1 box is enough to color medium length hair
  • Available locally at drugstores and department stores
  • Color doesn't shed not wash-off

CONs :

  • Because the product lifts up to 4X, it is best if someone applies it on you rather than doing it on your own
  • Product is not really suitable for rebonded hair
  • You may need 2 boxes if you have thick, long hair

Overall, this is a great product to try, especially if you are looking for something that would lift your hair color up the color scheme. The product is also from Lóreal, a trustworthy name in the beauty industry. I only suggest asking someone to help you apply it on your hair to achieve optimum and satisfactory result.

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