Monday, November 5, 2018

MY CREEPY GHOST STORIES!!! | Halloween 2018

Do you believe in ghosts and other spiritual elements? 

Last Halloween, I decided to share my scary ghost experiences on YouTube. I do not have third eye and I do not wish to have to have it opened. But I've had quite a few real scary encounters which I couldn't forget up until now.

Since it was Halloween and I thought I'd make something else aside from the usual "Halloween makeup look tutorial", I decided to look back on some of my unforgettable experiences. I did however, try to incorporate a makeup look to the video by creating a simple vampire makeup. I was so excited to put on my special contact lenses, use my ultra white face powder and put on my recently bought velvet dress from Ukay-Ukay. (thrift shop)

What do you think of my look?


While the first two stories I shared in the video may be true or may be just products of imagination or mixed sounds or light reflections, the last story is the one that scared me at first and then pierced my heart after. 

However, being a Christian, I grew up believing in the bible. There is this bible verse that says "the dead know nothing..."

While we all have different beliefs and I would like us to respect each and every person's choice, I believe that the dead know nothing and they can not hear nor see us once they're gone. But what I believe in are the elements we sometimes like to perceive as ghosts of relatives or loved-ones may really just be evil spirits trying to scare us or confuse us. The best way to combat fear or spirits is really to pray and ask for guidance and protection from God. 

* * * 

How about you? Have you had any scary and unforgettable experience? 
What's your take on ghosts and spirits? Don't forget to comment on this post to share your story!

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