Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nail Polish Mini Haul

One of my favorite places to shop for nail polishes is Market Market's department store. Their nail polish section is not so big but they have wide array of colors and various brands.

If you are from the Philippines and if you happen to live near Taguig area, then I suggest that you check this place out.

So, I went there recently and got some more nail polishes.
I am a beginner in making nail art tutorials and I don't wanna invest in high-ends mail polishes yet. So, I want to collect cheap brands first. One of my favorite Philippine drugstore nail polish brand is Caress. The colors are great and the quality is also very satisfactory.

And here are some of the items that I got:

* * *

I purchased four from the Regular line.
Regular meaning the color is matte and it's not shiny, shimmery or anything.
Just plain solid color.

Colors: (left to right) Pears, Real Tan, Touch of Tan, Diamond Gay

Pears is a really pretty matte yellow nail paint. Unlike other yellow nail polishes, this one is super matte almost very sheer. I like that it's sheer so when you apply it on, it won't make your nails look like they are screaming 'mangoes' if you know what I mean. :)

Real Tan is also very sheer but has a pinkish/salmon undertone so I don't know why they called it Tan.

Touch of Tan is a lighter brown. Since I have dark skin tone, I won't be using this as a solid paints on my nails since it will definitely make my hands look darker. Instead, I'm going to use this for making Donuts or Rilakkuma nail arts.

Diamond Gay is a really pretty gray and also very matte. Unlike most gray nail polishes which make hands look darker, I tried it on as a solid nail paint and it looked amazing!

Next, I got these from their Frosted line.
These are glossy and shimmery and could be used for night outs or to a party.

Colors: (left to right) Silver Frost, Iced Latte, Gold Edge, Blue Stocking

Silver Frost is a metallic silver and I think it will make nails look futuristic or a little 'Lady Gaga-ish'. lol

Iced Latte is a pretty glossy mocha tone and it's perfect for girls with fairer skin tone.

I also got three shades from the Glazed line.
These nail polishes are very glittery and I think glitters are very pretty.
But the colors are not very flattering on my skin tone.

Colors: (left to right) Glaze Candy Cane, Glaze Chestnut, Glaze Pink Lace

I haven't tried these yet so I can't give any feedback and review. :)

I saw this pretty glittery nail polish which is also from their Frosted line.
It's perfect on top of any plain nail polish or on top of cute nail arts.
It has round glitters and also has long glitters which I think look like confetti.

Color: Disco Fever

I've been looking everywhere but I couldn't get a hold of perfect blue and green nail polishes. The kind of color that is perfect for the summer season and also perfect for cute nail art designs. I saw these cheap ones and I bought them just because each bottle only costs Php 14.00! :)

Colors: (unknown)

Since, they are so cheap you can't expect too much from them.
The texture is very thin and the color is very sheer. I had to apply 5 coats to achieve the perfect shade that I wanted. Nonetheless, the colors are still good and I have used these in some of my tutorials and they were fine.

* * *

That has been my drugstore nail polish haul for today.
Until next time!