Saturday, May 21, 2011

My first nail polish haul

This is my first ever nail polish haul.. I just want to mention that this is not a collective haul. I bought all of these items at the same time. I got them from Watsons at SM Megamall. If you are also from the Philippines then you know where to find Watsons. :)

Because I will be doing more nail art tutorials in the future, I felt the need to get a hold of more nail paints.

So here it goes..

I bought 6 nail polishes from Caronia.
This is their "Summer Bliss" collection and I purchased all the colors
except for the red one. I just felt that the color wasn't really exceptional and I have other red nail polishes so I skipped on that one and replaced it with a bright pink.

Here's the list of the colors:
Bright pink- Claret
Orange-Sun Kissed
Yellow- Sweet Surprise
Pink- Baby Pink
Blue- On the Go
Purple- First Crush

These are so cheap. I got each bottle for only P30. :)

I can say that Caronia nail polishes have a good quality.
They may be cheap but the quality is okay.
The colors are so vibrant and pigmented and one coat of it would be just fine.

I also got Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat
and a Nail Hardener Base Coat.

P45 each

The top coat is really amazing.
I do nail art and when I use this, even several layers of polishes dry up quickly.
The only con is that it doesn't give shine so I suggest you use a clear nail polish on top of it.

The base coat does its job well, too.
It holds the polishes for a long time
and it doesn't make the polishes chip or break.
It also protects my nails. I notice that when I finally remove the nail polish I had on,
it didn't leave any yellowish tone.

I also got a basic black nail polish and a white one.

Black- Black Velvet
White- White Satin

Each bottles costs P30.

I don't like the quality of this product.
I mainly use these for my nail arts and the quality is not too acceptable.
It's gets too "thick" and I find it hard to apply on my nails.
Especially when I do detailed and small designs, it gets too thick that the design gets ruined.

I got the 24K glitters in Gold and Silver.

P26 each

The quality is okay.
It gives your nails sparkles which is really lovely.

But for the gold one, I noticed that when I apply it on top of a white polish, it kinds of change the quality and the 'whiteness' of the polish and somehow becomes yellowish.

The silver glitters is good.
I find silver glitters helpful in keeping nail arts last longer.
Glitter nail polishes holds it and it also prevents nails from chipping at the tips, especially if you have longer nails.

I found this really cool nail polish too so I went ahead and bought it.
It says Glow in the Dark but I have yet to try it on.
I thought it would be perfect for a Halloween nail art design.

I got it for P35.

I got these nail separators which I thought was also very cute.
It has heart designs which I totally adore.

P30 for one pack and it comes in two pieces.

I also bought a nail art kit for my nail art tutorials.
It's a kit that comes with 13 colors of rhinestones and I thought this would be perfect for more sophisticated nail art designs.

P89 per box.
Set includes 13 colors of Rhinestones, nail art sticks, rhinestone glue

I have yet to try this product.
I haven't used it yet for I still have a very cute design on my nails now and I don't want to get rid of it yet. ;)

So, I hope you enjoyed this simple haul.